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Scotsman’s F1222A: A Super Ice Machine for the Super Market

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[posted October 16, 2012]

There is a lot that goes into running a successful supermarket, and there are a lot of details that go unnoticed by shoppers and customers. Product placement is important, as are weekly specials, deals, and coupons. While not many stop to admire the carefully laid fruit displays, or wonder how often the flake ice on the fish is replaced, these issues are all taken into account on a daily basis by the owners and operators of the supermarket. Flake ice plays a huge role in the supermarket’s ability to safely and sanitarily display fish, as well as some fruits and vegetables. To get a great amount of flake ice on a daily basis, an ice machine like the F1222A from Scotsman is a “must have” appliance.

While customers and consumers may not realize the importance of a reliable flake ice machine in the supermarket, it should be noted that without one, different measures would have to be taken to store certain food products. Some, especially fish, would not be able to be displayed, as they would have to be stored away from potential buyers, behind a refrigerator or freezer door. Flake ice, and a quality flake ice machine are required to show the world your fresh fish or produce, without exposing them to potentially harmful or dangerous temperatures.

The F1222A from Scotsman is perfect if you need a lot of flake ice on a daily basis. The F1222A can produce over a half ton of flake ice in a 24 period- around 1,100 pounds in ideal conditions. This breaks down to about 45 pounds of flake ice created per hour. One of the nicest things about the EF1222A is its conservative water use. Flake ice machines in general do not use a lot of water, and the EF1222A is no different, requiring only 12 gallons of water to create 100 pounds of flake ice.

Scotsman’s cube producing ice machines usually receive more attention and accolades than their flake ice machines, but it should be noted that the F1222A is also from Scotsman’s Prodigy line of ice machines. These ice machines are equipped with Scotsman’s Auto Alert indicator lights which warn ice machine owners of any potential problems with the machine, and also communicate to users when it is time to clean, descale, or sanitize the machine, which keeps maintenance of the ice machine very uncomplicated. Other optional features allow you to program the production rates of the F1222A for up to a week in advance if you should desire these additional features.

Flake ice plays a large role in the supermarket for proper storage and display of certain perishable food items. For the larger supermarkets, a larger flake ice machine is required. That’s why Scotsman’s F1222A makes the most sense. If a greater amount of ice is required, two of Scotsman’s F1222As can be placed atop the same bin, allowing for double the amount of flake ice produced. Consider the F1222A from Scotsman or one of Scotsman’s many other flake ice machines if you require flake ice for your business.



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