1. What is a Kegerator?

    Kegerator - Draft Beer CoolerOfficially, they’re called draft beer coolers.  Their much-more fun name name is the kegerator.  Kegerators perform one of the most important functions within the bar: keeping draft beer cold for patrons. 

    Now, we understand that there are some places that still like their beer on the warmer side, but here in the US we’re definitely fond of the chilled suds. Nothing can beat the tastes you can get from craft beer on tap.

    Having a kegerator on hand makes it easy for your bar to choose from one of the many thousands of craft beer available on tap.  If you’ve got no idea which ones you should

  2. How to Clean your Ice Machine

    Details can make or break your business. Customers want fresh, beautiful product, and cloudy or funky smelly ice cubes certainly won't impress them. You've invested in top of the line ice machines, so keep them running cleanly and beautifully, producing crystal clear ice

    First off, make sure you are cleaning your machines often enough. Your ice itself will be a good indicator when things needs to be taken care of. If it's cloudy, soft, or has any type of a strange aroma or taste, take action immediately! A good rule of thumb is every three months of so, but that depends on your volume so don't ignore the visuals signs and take appropriate action

    Get nickel free ice cleaner and a soft cloth to wipe down your machine

    Step by step, follow the instructions below:

    Turn off the ice maker and make sure it is unplugged.
    Turn off the water s
  3. Brunch - How to Create the Perfect Spread

    It's Mother's Day - the perfect day for brunch. Fun, relaxed, and usually involving an adult beverage (or two!) brunch is a Sunday favorite. Here are some tips on creating the perfect spread:
    For a buffet style brunch: fresh and simple is best! A raw bar, like the one pictured above, is a really lovely touch, but make sure you have the proper ice and refresh the spread often to keep things fresh and cold. Including an assortment of jams, jellies, and spreads to go with your pastries is also a nice touch. Another buffet tip - a Bloody Mary bar is a fun and interactive talking point to anchor your brunch spread!
    For a full menu brunch: a variety of choices is best to please your guests. Choose some sweet, some savory, and some traditional lunch items (sandwiches, cheeseburgers, etc) to make sure everyone can get what they want! Eggs benedict is an easy favorite an
  4. Different Ice Sizes for your Cocktail Needs

    Ice is one of many things in life taken for granted. Yes, there many different forms of ice such as shaved ice, cubed ice, dry ice, and so on but there are many different uses. One of the best way to put your ice to best use is dropping a few cubes inside of your favorite summer cocktail.

    The type of ice used can either make your beverage of choice, a hit-or-miss. Serving the best possible ice possible starts with the quality. Be sure to use high-quality water such as filtered water as opposed to tap water from your home’s facet. Ice cubes made from poor quality ice tend to melt quickly resulting in watered-down drinks.

    If limited dilution is your preference, be sure to use large rock cubes. This is perfect for whiskey lovers. A large, square cube is sure to impress your customers. If you're looking for something with 'wow' factor - try a perfectly spherical cu

  5. Vintage Cocktail Recipes to Try

    Customers have a new appreciation for the old: especially when it comes to cocktails! Here are some fun old school recipes to try behind your bar:

    1. Corpse Reviver #1

    1 oz Applejack
    1 oz sweet vermouth
    Pour into cocktail shaker with glass, stir well, and then strain into cocktail glass.

    2. Bee’s Knees

    .75 oz lemon juice
    .75 oz of honey simple syrup
    Add all ingredients to cocktail shaker, shake well and then strain into rocks glass. Garnish with lemon peel or twist.

    3. Mint Julep

    3 fresh mint leaves
    1 tablespoon mint simple syrup
    1 oz bourbon
    1 fresh mint sprig
    Crushed ice

    Place mint leaves and mint simple syrup in a chilled julep cup. Gently press leaves against cup with back of bar spoon to release the minty aroma. Fill the cup as tightly as you can with crushed i
  6. How Flake Machines Can Make You Money

    Flake IceWe’ve talked about flake ice machines before, and we thought that it was high time that we talk about them again. This time, let’s look at owning a flake ice machine from a money making standpoint. How can you make money from your flake ice machine?

    First, let’s talk a little about flake ice. It’s like snow, really. Easily packable, put into the fish displays, wrapped around produce, used to chill the salads in the salad bar, and a bunch of other uses. It is also the best type of ice that you can use for creating cold packs, because it easily molds to the shape that you need.

    But how can your flake ice machine make you money?


  7. Perfect Beach Leftovers

    It’s beach season-- at any moment, the great weather might call us seaside. With no time to whip up the perfect lunch, what can we grab from the fridge that’s already beach-perfect?

    Make something for your customers that will be great tonight, and tomorrow, too. Or have a to-go item that’s so beach-friendly, beachgoers will stop by your restaurant before the lunch rush to get their favorites.

    Fried chicken
    Leftover fried chicken is the perfect beach food. Cold, savory, and satisfying-- it’s a classic. Keep it simple, or give your customers a flight of dipping sauces for the road. If you’ve got boneless wings around, try wrapping them in collard greens for an easy-to-eat and easy-to-love wrap.

    Fruit and Veggie Skewers
    Nobody wants to hack a melon apart in between subathing. Ball up cantelope, watermelon, or whatever other fruit is in season i
  8. Five Slushy Cocktails For Summer

    It's finally hot outside. Celebrate with the type of drinks which are perfect for patio season. We are talking frozen drinks of course. Although they were out of style for a while, 'ironic' frozen tiki style drinks are making a come back. The more elaborate and quirky, the better. Here are five of our favorites to wow your customers with during the hot summer months ahead:

    Simple and yummy! And for the Big Lebowski generation - definitely ironic. Combine Milk, Kailua and Vodka with ice. And you're done!

    Margaritas are pretty standard - but spicy margaritas offer a fun twist and are perfect for the summer months! Fresh mango puree, a little bit of chili paste (adjusted to your heat preference), agave syrup, tequila, and ice is all you need

  9. Throw Back Thursday - Antique Ice Machines

    The ice machine has come a long way since its inception in 1880! The first ice maker was produced and patented by in 1844 by John Gorrie as a device to cool down his patients. The first patented ice maker for food was filed by John Gorrie in 1851. Far from the large machines of today, early ice makers relied on relied on a mechanical compressor and, of course, no electricity. Only very small amounts of ice could be created by the earliest machines

    Before the invention of the ice machines, freezing water was harvested from lakes and rivers when available. This meant, of course, that only those living in cold climates would ever have refrigeration, and then only for several short months out of year. Home ice machines did not begin to be popular until the 1920s, when improvement to technology and the advent of electricity in virtually every household allowed this once lu

  10. Hot Dessert Trends in 2016

    Sometimes, your customers want something cold and sweet. And when they do, make sure you're giving them cutting edge options - the world has moved on from flourless chocolate cake and creme brûlée. It's totally OK to keep the classics on the menu, but stay on top of these upcoming flavor profiles to give them something that just maybe they haven't seen before:

    1/ Fusion. The 'cronut' may be a bit played out, but at the same time, it's a cool idea that customers will respond to well. Put a cake and a pie together, or a cookie and a brownie. How about an ice cream sandwich with unusual cookie combinations? Don't be afraid to be playful and give your hybrid a fun, quirky name when you have finished your creation.

    2/ Extreme milk shakes. Originally hailing from Australia, an extreme milk shake is an instagram worthy and fun focal point of your dessert lis
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