1. Raw Bar for the Summer - the Best Oysters for every Taste

    Thinking about installing a raw bar? It's a great, upscale investment that is a visually appealing and appetizing anchor to your restaurant floor.
    Pick an ice machine that will make beautiful, crushed small ice to show off your oysters, and make sure you do your research on types of oysters before you buy - there are plenty to chose from!
    East coast oysters are higher in salinity (brinier) and tend to be larger, with a smoother shell. West coast oysters are smaller, with more jagged edges and a delicate, sweet flavor. No matter the coast, the flavor will depend drastically on the specific area from which the oysters are harvested. Therefore, offer your guests a variety of choices. East or west coast is up to you, but seasonality should come into play - oysters are best in the cooler months. Additionally, if you are based out of Cape Cod, or Washington well - it just makes se
  2. Protecting your online reputation: what you need to know

    We live in a digital world. Your customers will be posting their pictures and opinions of you on Instagram, Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more! While we hope that everyone is a fan, it's easy to have issues (or unhappy customers) who can hurt your reputation and influence whether future customers frequent you - or your competition.

    Even though it's time consuming and sometimes no fun at all, it's very important to protect your online reputation. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of your game:

    1/ DON'T offer free items to make the problem go away. It's easy to respond to a negative review with an offer for a free beverage, meal, heck, anything to make the customer happy. But it's a much better idea to find out WHAT the problem was and try to fix the issue and apologize (if warranted). That way, you are improving the success of your business and guarding

  3. Sushi for all!

    Sushi isn't just for traditional Japanese restaurants anymore. From French to haute cuisine, restauranteurs all over the country are experimenting with adding a sushi bar to their restaurant line up. And why not? Crude has long been a staple of fine dining, and the knife and flavor techniques used for sushi are a great showcase of talent for many chefs. Just make sure you're using the right equipment when handling delicate, raw materials - we have an excellent line of Hoshizaki cases to keep your sushi cold and fresh.

  4. The joys of Spring - Shaved Ice Season is almost here!

    With the spring season well underway, the hot weather is almost upon us once again. People, young and old, are seeking their summer favorites such as burgers, watermelon and most importantly, shaved ice! With the shaved ice phenomena trending as one of the season’s best cool-down treats, be sure to stock up on ice at all cost as well keep your ice machines fresh and ready for what the summer may hold. For those more concerned about the treat itself, the wait will be soon over. Nothing completes a hot summer day more than some shaved ice.

  5. Ice-O-Matic GEM0450A Ice Maker

  6. Scotsman CU1526SA-1 Small Cube Undercounter Ice Machine

  7. Ice-O-Matic EF250A32S Undercounter Flake Ice Machine

  8. 7 Lucky Cocktails for St. Patrick's Day

  9. Empura E-49F Commercial Reach-in Freezer


  10. Manitowoc Neo UY-0140A Half Dice Undercounter Ice Machine

    Half-cube style ice is effectively a very popular style of ice. Situated in size between full-cube ice and nugget ice, you get a bit of both worlds. Half-cube ice means more ice per container, resulting in more liquid displacement, saving you money. Since it is larger than nugget style ice, it melts less quickly than this style, resulting in less dilution.

    The Manitowoc NEO UY-0140A Half Dice undercounter ice machine will produce up to 132-lbs of ice per 24-hour period. The built-in storage bin will hold up to 90-lbs of ice, ensuring that you will always have ice on hand for your guest's needs.

    More about the Manitowoc NEO

    The NEO UY-0140A measures just 26 inches wide and 38.5 inches tall with the legs attached. This means that it can fit easily under most commercial counters, but it can also function as a stand alone model. The unit requires only a 115-volt power source,

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