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  1. The Best Undercounter Ice Maker

    Undercounter Ice Makers: Who Offers What

    The undercounter ice machine provides some great benefits for the smaller cafe, bar, and also in the home or office. These ice machines provide ice on smaller scales, and this article will be examining the benefits of some of the undercounter ice machines with greater production rates. We will be comparing four of the larger models from Ice-o-matic, Hoshizaki, Scotsman, and Manitowoc. The four selections will be assessed based on a variety of criteria, and you will be able to see exactly what you are receiving from each brand. The four models to be compared are the ICEU300 from Ice-o-matic, the CU3030 from Scotsman, the QD-272 from Manitowoc, and the KM-260 from Hoshizaki.

    These air cooled, undercounter ice machines each offer the greatest 'pound per day' production from their selected brand. There are however, many factors that go into choosing the right undercounter for you. Some areas offer rebates for ENERGY STAR qualified machines, so that could influence your decision. Others perform less reliably when the temperature increases, so you may not always receive the ice production you desire. Bin capacity should also play a role in your decision, as this will be the maximum amount of ice you may have readily available at any given time. The ice maker will make ice until the bin is full, then it will stop until more room is available in the bin again. The following graph illustrates the aforementioned ice machines and how they stack up against each other.

    Brand Model Maximum Production Loss (lbs) in Stress Bin Capacity Hourly Prod & Prod Rate In High Temps* Height Water Use (Gal/100 lbs) Energy Star
    Ice-O-Matic ICEU0300
    12.875; 9.5
    Scotsman CU3030
    10.4; 9.0
    Manitowoc QD-0272
    11.7; 8.5
    Hoshizaki KM-260BAH
    11; 8.3

    * Denotes the per hour production rate of each ice machine in ideal conditions, followed by the per hour production rate when water and air temperatures increase.

    As we can see, Ice-O-Matic provides the greatest production per day in terms of ice when conditions are ideal, (air is 70°F and water is 50°F). However, when under stress (assumed when the air is 90°F and water temperatures reach 70°F) its production drops dramatically, by 26%. The Ice-O-Matic bin however, does hold the greatest amount of ice at 112 pounds, but it again sees some drawbacks as it uses the greatest amount of water, at 32.9 gallons per 100 pounds of ice created.

    Scotsman's large undercounter offering is the CU3030, and it produces an above average amount of ice at 250 pounds per day. When under stress, production only falls by 13%, to 217 pounds. The bin is not far behind Ice-O-Matic with a 110 pounds capacity. Best of all, Scotsman's ice maker is from their Prodigy® line of ice machines. These ice machines use far less water and electricity than their competitors, and is evident when we see that the CU3030 uses 18 gallons of water per 100 pounds of ice created.

    Both the Manitowoc and Hoshizaki undercounter ice makers are similar in terms of production, production under stress, and bin capacity. Manitowoc's QD-272 also uses a good amount of water for their ice creation, 32 gallons per 100 pounds of ice created. This is not as efficient as Hoshizaki, but none are nearly as efficient as Scotsman when it comes to water consumption.

    This information in no way makes one brand better than the other overall. This is simply a comparison of four specific undercounter ice machines from the top brands in the commercial ice machine industry. Manitowoc's Indigo™ cuber heads offer great advancements in technology, while the stainless steel evaporator in Hoshizaki's ice machines lasts incredibly long, and requires less service and maintenance than others. Ice-O-Matic offers the longest warranty in the industry, and Scotsman's Prodigy ice machines are incredibly conservative with regards to your utility consumption.

    At, we urge our customers to take time like this to find the ice machine that is perfect for their business. An undercounter ice machine from Scotsman may be your best bet based on the information provided here, but if you need a cuber head, perhaps one of Manitowoc's Indigo™ ice machines will suit you better. Of course, you can also forgo the research process entirely, leave the creative chart making to us, and give us a call for the most in-depth information around. We're here to find you the best ice machine possible.

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  2. Water Filters for your Ice Machine: What They Do and Why You Need Them

    One of the most common questions we receive at Ice Machines Plus is in regards to water filters. “What do they do, and why do I need them?” are the most common inquiries posed by curious ice machine owners. Adding a water filter to your ice machine will do much to improve the quality of the ice produced, by reducing foul odors and tastes. The water filter also sifts out microscopic sediment and debris that may exist in your water, and will minimize the wear and tear on your ice machine. If you have ever seen a water filter after months of use, you will realize exactly why they are a good investment for your ice machine.

    If you’ve ever had the privilege of hiking in the forest or mountains, you are aware that you can see some beautiful, breathtaking sights. From exotic animals to unbelievable landforms, there is no limit to the wonders that can be found. You may have also noted the brooks streams that wind through the mountains, appearing so clean and clear that you almost feel like you could drink from them—almost. While these beautiful bodies of water may look drinkable, many remain still filled with sediment, bacteria, and in some cases chemicals. These particles may remain unseen by the naked eye, but these are the exact reasons why you should have a water filter for your ice machine. Unseen troubles like these may cause the most problems.

    For the same reasons we rinse our fruits and vegetables, we should also filter the water being used in our ice machines. Not only is it more hygienic, but the water filters greatly improve the quality of ice produced, which in turn is better received by customers. Ice should be simple, cold, and flavorless, and should not alter the liquid in which it resides. To provide the highest quality ice, water passes through these filters, and the microscopic organisms that cause water to taste “off” are removed. You wouldn’t serve your customers low quality water, so why would you consider serving them low quality ice? Ice that is free of sediment and minerals also freezes faster, as there are fewer impurities in the water itself.

    Extreme example of used water filter next to a clean one

    Lesser known by the average ice machine owner is the fact that low quality water can have serious negative effects on the life of your ice machine. If untreated water is left to run through your ice machine, scale and slime may build up internally. When these contaminants build up, production may lag and become less consistent. Some larger units may require up to three water filters depending how much ice they make and how much water they use. Water filters will decrease maintenance and repair costs as well. Information has also been released reporting that the majority of ice machine problems are related to poor water quality. In some cases, mineral deposits have even caused the compressor to fail completely.

    Everpure Water Filter System      With a water filter like those from Cuno and EverPure, your ice machine can live a full, healthy life producing high quality ice for your guests. In some cases, water filters are required for the machine’s company to honor their warranty. Ice o’matic on the other hand, extends their warranty on their ice machines when a filter is purchased and replaced every six months. This is a clear testimony to how much of a difference a water filter will make on your commercial ice machine. Generally, all ice machine filters should be replaced every six months, though some may require a change sooner or later depending on water quality.

    Hopefully this article provides some insight into the importance of a water filter for your commercial ice machine. An ice machine water filter is a great investment for your ice machine’s sake, and for the sake of your customers. Get the most out of your machine, and provide the highest quality ice around with a new water filter for your ice machine.

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