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  1. Hoshizaki's KMD-850MAH Provides “Penguin Power” for your Soda Dispenser

    Hoshizaki Ice Machine Penguin Logo

    Having experienced the reliability of Hoshizaki’s ice machines in many facets of my life, I know there are few better in terms of power and capability. The KMD-850MAH from Hoshizaki makes up to 786 pounds of ice in a 24 hour period, so you can have ice for your soda dispenser at all times of the day. If you own a convenience store, the around-the-clock ice making power of the KMD-850MAH is exactly what you need, producing on average 32 pounds of ice per hour.

    When I was a growing up, I was always asking questions. If I were a cat, I would be long gone by now. Incredibly curious, I think that 'Why?' and 'How?' were two of my favorite three letter phrases, so when I inquired as to how the ice machine and soda dispenser in the mall’s food court operated, a detailed explanation simply would not suffice. After mom did a decent job explaining the way ice is dispensed, I then noted, maybe the little penguin on Hoshizaki ice machines actually lives inside, and helps push the ice out into our glasses. Of course, that answer was foolproof for a six year old, but today I realize far better how Hoshizaki ice machines operate, and that ice machines like the KMD-850MAH are far more desirable for their ice making capabilities and reliability, rather than their “penguin power”.

    The KMD-850MAH measures 30 inches wide, and is a great fit on any 30 inch soda dispenser, and is compatible with any of Lancer’s 30 inch dispensers as well. Lancer has had a solid reputation for years, providing beverage dispensing systems around the world, and remains a perfect companion to Hoshizaki ice machines like the KMD-850MAH. This ice machine produces Hoshizaki’s staple, the crescent ice cube, a hard, slow melting, moon-shaped ice cube that melts slowly while steadily cooling beverages. These ice cubes tend to last longer than the smaller cubes produced by other ice machines. The stainless steel evaporator that is standard in the KMD-850MAH ensures more reliable ice production, and resists wear and tear over the life of the ice machine.

    While reliable production comes standard with Hoshizaki’s KMD-850MAH, so too does conservation of resources. This Hoshizaki ice machine is ENERGY STAR qualified because of the way it sparingly uses water and electricity. In some areas of the United States, your business can qualify for government rebates with the use of ENERGY STAR qualified ice machines as well as other ENERGY STAR qualified products. For the same Hoshizaki ice machine, but with even more consistent production and less water use, consider the Hoshizaki KMD-901MRH, a remote air-cooled ice machine.

    If your business needs a high quality ice machine for your soda dispenser, there may be none better than the Hoshizaki KMD-850MAH. If you do not require the nearly 800 pounds of ice produced a day, and need more or less, there is still a Hoshizaki ice machine that will suit your business. You can find the widest selection of ice machines and ice machine accessories at Ice Machines Plus. Put some “penguin power” in your business with a Hoshizaki ice machine.

  2. Hotel Ice from Manitowoc’s SPA160 Dispenser: No Room? No Excuses!

    Imagine your guests showing up to your quaint hotel or motel, and politely asking where the hotel ice machine is located. What kind of answer will you give? “I'm sorry. We couldn’t find any room, so our establishment does not have a hotel ice machine.” That will hardly suffice, and while the smaller bed and breakfasts, motels, and hotels do have to work with limited space, there are options available if you want a high quality hotel ice machine and dispenser. The SPA160 from Manitowoc for example, measures only 22 inches wide, and accepts any 22 inch ice machine from Manitowoc, allowing your guests to have the hotel ice they sorely desire.

    Manitowoc Ice Machine on SPA160 Hotel Ice Dispenser   Since hotels and motels come in all shapes and sizes, Manitowoc has created a hotel ice dispenser to accommodate these festablishments. The SPA160, aside from its narrow features, is equipped with Manitowoc’s patented rocking chute dispenser system, so the user can simply push the chute for quick and accurate dispensing of ice. The SPA160 also features an oversized sink area, and an oversized drain pan so to allow larger containers access to the hotel ice, and to catch any ice overflow that may occur.

    The SPA160 is compatible with any 22 inch ice machine from Manitowoc. For best results, an ice machine that produces Manitowoc’s half dice cube should be utilized, as half dice cubes tend to dispense more easily, and are less likely to clog or jam your hotel ice dispenser. This assures an even, smooth flow of ice to all of your guests. Manitowoc ice machines in the hotel are a great choice, especially those from the Indigo® Series, which are programmable, and can be programmed to create a set amount of ice on any given day. This allows you to lower your water and electrical consumption, as you can tone down the ice machine’s production during the slower seasons.

    Small Motel Requires Smaller Ice Machine

    If you still need a good amount of ice, consider the Manitowoc IY-0524A, an air-cooled ice machine from the Indigo® Series that can produce around 500 pounds of ice per day. Generally, a hotel or motel requires five pounds of ice per occupied room. The SPA-160 hotel ice dispenser has the ability to hold 120 pounds of ice in its self-contained bin, so your ice machine will continue to make ice until this bin is full, and you will have 120 pounds of ice reserved for your guests’ use. Half dice cubes are smaller as well, so more will be able to be fit in the reserve area.

    If you run a smaller hotel or motel, you have to make certain that your hotel ice machine and dispenser will be able to fit and operate appropriately. Consider this skinny combination from Manitowoc: the IY-0524A on top of the SPA-160. Measuring 22 inches wide, and providing almost 500 pounds of half dice cubes every day, this combination will provide plenty of hotel ice for all of your guests, while operating quietly and efficiently. Manitowoc hotel ice dispensers and ice machines are an excellent fit in the hotel, and larger models are available if you require greater production. Remember, Ice Machines Plus is your headquarters for everything ice related.

  3. The Secret of Nugget Ice from Scotsman

    While most people tend to ignore the ice that is served in their drinks and the ice used to keep food items fresh at the grocery store, a significant number of consumers crave- and even demand- a specific type of ice from Scotsman called Nugget Ice. Scotsman came up with the original Nugget in 1981. Their goal was to provide the healthcare industry with an alternative to the standard shaved ice (now known as flake ice). Soon after, people in hospitals began to rave about the nugget ice, and it wasn't look before restaurants took note and began offering nugget ice in select beverages.

    Nugget Ice from Scotsman

    Everybody who loves nugget ice knows that it is softer and easier to chew than most other kinds of ice. Usually, when a consumer has finished their beverage, large, hard ice cubes remain in the glass or cup. Many people cannot resist chewing that ice, but it offers much less satisfaction than nugget ice. The reasons people chew ice are varied. Some people chew ice simply for the satisfaction of chewing ice. Some ice chewing can even be controversial (addiction to ice chewing even has an official medical name: pagophagia), but with nugget ice chewers, people chew ice because these nuggets have the ability to absorb and retain some of the liquid of the beverage they once enjoyed. Hard ice cubes are not always the best for chewing. That makes Scotsman's nugget a relief to consumers who like are tired of hard, crunching ice cubes.

    Besides meeting the cravings of customers, there are several other benefits of having Scotsman nugget ice rather than other types of ice for your business. Scotsman's nuggets for example, are smaller in size so ice can fit in any given container. More ice means higher liquid displacement in a glass or cup, which lowers your cost on beverages per sale. There are many small cube and crescent ice makers available in the industry, with medium to high liquid displacement, but Scotsman's nugget ice has a the highest liquid displacement of all providing a nice benefit for your business.

    Still, other ice types simply can't compete with the feature for which nugget ice is most known. The process of molding the nuggets includes tiny spaces in the ice where a beverage can be absorbed, allowing the nugget to carry the flavor of the beverage it is in. So when the drink is gone your customers who love to chew ice are now able to chomp away on the nuggets, and they will receive a pleasant surprise with the taste of their beverage, and also satisfy their ice chewing cravings.

    The nuggets also cool drinks more rapidly than other ice types because nuggets are composed not only of ice, but also a bit of very cold water. Nugget ice is approximately 80% ice and 20% water. For this reason, nuggets are considered a "wetter" ice. Now when the nuggets share a glass with a beverage, the liquid's temperature immediately starts to break down the nugget, releasing the cold water from the ice. The cold water disperses more quickly throughout the beverage, lowering the temperature more evenly and smoothly. Other typically harder ice cubes have to change from frozen water to cold water before it can spread through the beverage to lower its temperature.

    So what is the secret to Scotsman's nugget ice, its softness, its flavor absorption, and the rapid cooling? The secret of the nugget is the way it is made. Nugget ice starts out in a vertical auger evaporator cylinder of the ice machine. Cold water is run through the evaporator cylinder and begins to freeze on the inner wall. The rotating auger blades then cut and scrape the slushy flake ice that is building up and simultaneously transport that ice upwards through the cylinder. The ice reaches the top opening of the auger cylinder and is forced out by the presence of more ice moving up from below by the rotating auger blades. This is where the "nugget magic" happens. Normally, that ice would just fall from the top of the auger as loose, slightly wet ice clumps of various sizes, and would resemble flaked ice, Scotsman places a head-cap like device over the top of the auger that restricts the exit of the wet flaked ice.

    Scotsman MDT40A Countertop Nugget Ice Maker and Ice Dispenser

    The head has smaller openings of a certain size placed at various points so the ice flakes are pushed through by the ice behind it. The narrow openings essentially compress the flakes together, forming discrete, soft ice nuggets that tumble into the ice bin below. The ice nuggets retain their shape but are easily broken down by chewing without damaging teeth.

    Ultimately, Scotsman's nugget ice has become more than just a type of ice. Nugget ice has a huge following, and Scotsman has gladly provided online social media for the fans to connect to their favorite ice.

    For some fans, Scotsman Nugget ice – the "nug" – is the only ice. At Ice Machines Plus, we have a great selection if you're looking for Scotsman nugget ice maker heads or countertop nugget ice makers. These include the MDT5N40A- a countertop nugget ice maker and dispenser, and nugget producing heads, like the Scotsman N1322A-32A, which can produce over 1,000 pounds of nugget ice per day! Consider a nugget ice maker for your business, and start reaping the benefits of nugget ice.

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  4. The KML-631MAH from Hoshizaki: Keeping Your Athletes Hydrated

    With the school year once again upon us, we see the rise of autumn sports from the youth all the way up to the collegiate level. In high school, this was my favorite time of year. The afternoons became cooler, and our high school’s soccer and football teams always began with promise and expectations of success. I recall my freshman year, lugging the team’s water cooler (as all freshmen had to do at some point) down to the practice field or onto the bus for away games. While it was never fun, it was tradition, and it was required to keep our team hydrated.

    Hoshizaki KML-631MAH Low Profile ice machine   Our high school was rather large, one of the biggest in the state. So, to provide enough ice for all of our athletes, we needed a larger ice machine. When gym class was held outside, we also filled our coolers for quick and convenient hydration. With the KML-631MAH from Hoshizaki, you can meet all of your athletes’ ice making needs with an ice machine that produces up to 575 pounds of ice in a single day. Hydration is a key element to success in sports, and also necessary for healthy athletes. In late summer and early fall, athletes may still be performing in warm to hot weather, so it is even more important to have ice to keep their water cool.
    Water cooler on Fence
    Hoshizaki’s KML-631MAH will provide reliable, consistent ice production. This is because Hoshizaki provides a stainless steel evaporator plate for all of their cuber heads. The KML-631MAH is no different. A stainless steel evaporator plate will resist corrosion and scale buildup. Evaporators in other ice machines may chip, peel, or flake over time, but this is far less likely with the KML-631MAH from Hoshizaki. Because they resist this wear and tear, production is far more consistent in Hoshizaki ice machines.

    Hoshizaki ice machines like the KML-631MAH provide a long-lasting, solid, crescent cube, perfect to last and keep water cool for the duration of the match, game, or class, inside the water cooler. The exterior of the KML-631MAH is constructed of durable stainless steel, to ensure that your ice machine does not break down from wear and tear. As an air cooled model, this ice machine does not require water to keep the condenser cool. The water that this ice machine consumes is simply used for making ice. This Hoshizaki ice machine is also one of Hoshizaki’s low-profile models, and it measures only 26 inches tall, allowing it to fit in any locker room or office with height restrictions.

    Just as athletes must remain hydrated, they must keep cool as well. With the KML-631MAH from Hoshizaki, you can provide ice for water coolers, and also have ice on hand to treat minor bumps and bruises received during activities. Hoshizaki ice machines provide many options in the locker room, and should be considered heavily for your school. Just be sure to assess your ice requirements beforehand to find the ideal ice machine for the locker room.

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  5. U-Line’s 3018WC: Stockpile Your Winter Wine

    Every September 23rd, we are reminded that unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. The days begin to get shorter, we see less sunlight every day, and the nights become a little longer and cooler. This is the time to make sure the fireplace is working properly, collect your firewood for the fall and winter months, and start stocking up your wine collection for the upcoming months. Nothing beats curling up by the fireplace with a loved one and a glass of wine, and with the 3018WC from U-Line, you can have perfect storage of your wine, with a lavish wine captain that holds and properly stores up to 31 bottles of wine at a time.

    U-Line's 3018WC with Woodern Overlay   U-Line’s 3018WC is the perfect wine captain for use in the home. Not only does it have a great storage capacity, but it is one of the few wine captains available that also provides perfect wine storage temperatures for every bottle of wine it contains. The 3018WC from U-Line features the U-Select™ Control, which allows operators to select the temperature at which they desire their wine captain to store its contents, in essence mimicking the temperature and effects a wine cellar would have on your wine.

    The 3018WC is from U-Line’s 3000 Series, which has received much praise for its technological advances and features. This wine captain makes use of convectional cooling, which operates identically to a convection oven, circulating cold air around the interior of the unit. This allows the wine captain to consume less energy cooling down its contents, and ensures equal cooling from top to bottom inside. Every wine bottle inside is also easily viewable with the 3018WC’s LED theater lighting. U-Line's Stainless Steel 3018WC

    U-Line's 3018WC was not designed solely to store wine either. The 3018WC features two wine racks that have a larger diameter, allowing for storage of champagne bottles as well, if desired. This wine captain was designed to meet your needs in every facet of its production. The adjustable toe kick allows for seamless installation, while the adjustable legs ensure a level installation as well. In addition, U-Line’s 3018WC wine captain requires no additional clearance on the top or sides to operate properly. Some appliances require up to an additional eight inches on each side to operate, which can make allotting space for them quite difficult.

    In terms of design, the 3018WC is available both in a stainless steel model, or can also be outfitted with a custom overlay provided by the consumer. The overlay option allows your wine captain to blend in with (or stand out from, if you desire) existing furniture and appliances. A U-Line 3018WC with a wooden overlay adds a touch of style and elegance to any room in which it resides, while the stainless steel U-3018WCS-00 may prove to be more durable against wear and tear. Whichever you choose however, the 3018WC from U-Line is a great choice for proper storage of all of your wine. Find your perfect wine captain today, and learn just why the 3000 Series has gained such notoriety among U-Line fans.

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  6. ENERGY STAR Ice Machines: Saving You Money While Saving the Planet

    Energy Star Logo   Depending on how familiar you are with ENERGY STAR and ENERGY STAR qualified products, you may or may not know exactly what they are or what they can do for your business. When I first learned of ENERGY STAR, I had a vague understanding of what their goal was- I figured they simply tested products that would be less harmful for our environment and that kept greenhouse gases and resource use to a minimum. But the ENERGY STAR program does so much more than just give back to the planet. They work to provide the most efficient products that will save you or your business money on your cost of operation.

    In 1992, the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States put the ENERGY STAR program in place, with the goal of reducing greenhouse emissions. The first products tested and labeled were computers and monitors and three years later, ENERGY STAR began rating office equipment and residential heating and cooling products. Today, ENERGY STAR has grown into a global force, with over 60 different categories, and over 5 billion ENERGY STAR products sold. Combined, families and business have saved almost 230 billion dollars, and kept greater than 1.7 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas out of the atmosphere.

    Scotsman Prodigy Ice Machine Earth Logo   At, we are dedicated to offering a great selection of ice machines that have been approved by ENERGY STAR. These ice machines will help conserve energy and generally, cost much less to operate. They all must either meet or exceed ENERGY STAR’s strict standards. Scotsman Prodigy ice machines for example, are qualified because they require significantly less water and electricity to operate, yet they create the same amount of ice as competing models. Efficiency is key when it comes to ENERGY STAR.

    While you may assume that any product that uses a small amount of our disposable resources may be ENERGY STAR qualified, this is not the case. The product must use these resources conservatively, but must also not sacrifice quality or performance. If you compare two ovens that use a reduced amount of energy to bake a batch of cookies, but one does it twice as fast (in the case of some convection ovens), then this one is likely to be ENERGY STAR qualified. ENERGY STAR is constantly tweaking and updating their standards as well, setting the bar higher and higher to ensure that they continuously represent only the most efficient products and appliances.

    All in all, ENERGY STAR rated appliances will save your business money and keep your cost of operation down. There's a reason so many manufacturers vie for qualification among ENERGY STAR's ranks. These products are being sought out more and more by consumers, and ENERGY STAR's brand notoriety has grown monumentally over the past 20 years. Another perk that owners of ENERGY STAR appliances enjoy is that some local utility companies provide additional rebates for the use of ENERGY STAR qualified products. They will actually give you money back for using ENERGY STAR qualified products. You can find companies that provide ENERGY STAR rebates on ENERGY STAR's website. The next time you are looking to purchase a new ice machine or commercial restaurant equipment, be sure to look for ENERGY STAR qualified appliances, for your sake, and the sake of the planet. 

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  7. Scotsman’s C0322 on the B222S Bin: Doubling Up from the Undercounter

    Scotsman C0322 ice machine on B222S Stainless Steel Bin   When you make the decision to add an undercounter ice machine to your establishment, you usually do so because of the size and convenience that an undercounter ice machine provides. Eventually however, you may require an ice machine with a greater output, and a bin with a greater storage capacity. Scotsman's C0322 on top of the B222S bin is essentially the next step up from Scotsman's undercounter ice machines. With an increase in production and more storage room for your ice, you will find the production you need with this cuber head from Scotsman's Prodigy® Series. This ice machine will increase your ice output, and the B222S bin will allow you to store twice as much ice as Scotsman's largest undercounter ice machine, the CU3030.

    The biggest issue you will run into with this ice machine and bin combination from Scotsman is its size. If you have gotten used to the compactness of your undercounter ice machine, this may seem like a big issue, but the C0322 and B222S are not exactly the goliaths of the ice machine world. Both measure only 22 inches wide, which is actually eight inches narrower than Scotsman's undercounter CU3030. Combined, this ice machine and bin combination stand 63 inches tall so, while they will not be able to fit under the standard bar counter any longer, they do not require a great amount of space in which to operate.

    The C0322 will produce up to 356 pounds of ice per day when conditions are ideal. This ENERGY STAR qualified Prodigy® ice machine is from Scotsman’s pristine line of ice machines. Prodigy® ice machines tend to use much less water and consume less electricity than standard cubers, allowing owners to save money on their utility bills. The B222S bin can hold up to 242 pounds of ice, a great increase over the storage capacity of any undercounter ice machine. If you need greater ice storage, you're definitely going to need a capable bin.

    The C0322 is from Scotsman's Prodigy® line, so it is held to some of the highest performance standards in the industry. These ice machines from Scotsman feature the AutoAlert™ system that keeps owners and operators up to date regarding the ice machine's status. The AutoAlert™ system will alert users when it is time to clean and descale the ice machine, and communicate operating status, making the C0322 from Scotsman one of the easiest ice machines to operate and maintain.

    Scotsman has available the C0322MA with a storage bin, which creates medium cubes, and the C0322SA with storage bin which creates smaller ice cubes, about half the size of medium cubes. Both of these ice types are top choices for sodas, mixed drinks, and any other variety of beverages, as they melt slowly without diluting the beverage in which they reside. When placed on top of the B222S bin, you will receive reliable ice production on a daily basis, and double up what your undercounter could be expected to produce. Consider this smaller ice machine and bin combination if it is time to upgrade from your undercounter ice machine.

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  8. Hotel Ice from Manitowoc: The IY-606A on the SFA-291 Ice Dispenser

    Manitowoc ice machine on hotel ice dispenser   With winter around the corner, the smaller mountain towns are on the verge of a temporary population spike. If you have a hotel or motel located in these areas, it may be time to do some “autumn” cleaning, fixing up any problems, making sure your establishment is staffed well and prepared to handle the increase in guests, and also important, making sure your ice machine is capable of producing enough ice for all of your guests needs. The hotel ice machine is one of the staples of the stay, and without a reliable ice machine like the IY-606A and a dispenser like the SFA-291, your guests’ stay may be a lot less satisfying.

    The IY-606A from Manitowoc is a great ice machine to sit atop the SFA-291 hotel dispenser. The IY-606A produces half dice cubes, which are excellent for a variety of reasons. Since half dice cubes are half the size of the traditional dice cube, they tend to dispense more easily from the SFA-291, minimizing the risk of a jammed or clogged machine, and allowing ice to dispense more consistently. This ice also works well for a variety of applications, whether it is used in beverages or used for storage of items that need to be kept cool. For an ice machine that produces the same amount of ice, but produces the full dice cubes, Manitowoc offers the ID-606A.

    In terms of production, the IY-606A produces up to 635 pounds of ice per day, enough to fulfill the needs of a 100 to 120 room hotel or motel. Generally, five pounds of ice is required per occupied room. The SFA-291 can hold up to 180 pounds of ice in its self-contained bin, so even if ice use is elevated at a certain point of the day, your dispenser will have plenty of ice on hand to meet the requirements of your guests. On slower days, the IY-606A can be programmed to create less ice, so your guests will always have fresh ice on hand, not ice that has been sitting in the storage bin for days. Indigo™ ice machines have many other features that set them apart from their competitors as well.

    The SFA-291 hotel dispenser was designed to accept containers of various sizes, so you can fit anything from a cup or glass, to a larger ice bucket. The clearance in this area is 10.5 inches, so larger containers can be fit. This dispenser features Manitowoc’s patented rocking chute dispenser, where the chute is simply pushed to allow ice to dispense.

    Manitowoc’s IY-606A is an ENERGY STAR qualified ice machine that exceeds the standards set forth by ENERGY STAR. On top of the SFA-291, you can outfit your hotel with an energy efficient ice machine and high quality ice dispenser. The SFA-291 also dispenses water as well, creating a “one-stop shop” for your guests that require both ice and water. Be sure to strongly consider Manitowoc ice machines when you need an ice machine and hotel dispenser in your hotel or motel.

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  9. Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machines: A Spotlight

    Indigo Ice Logo

     Manitowoc Ice was not just "thinking inside the box" when they designed their Indigo ice machine. They designed these ice machines to "think inside the box", as well. Manitowoc introduced its Indigo Series of ice machines at the NAFEM Show in March of 2011, and these ice machines continue to be renowned in the ice machine world for their brilliance. Indigo ice machines combine intuition and innovation to Manitowoc ID-0452A Indigo Ice Machinecreate an ice machine that is as close to artificially intelligent as possible. You can always spot an Indigo ice machine from Manitowoc by the white snowflake with the blue background, and the small indigo screen in the corner. Next time you go to a mall, food court, or convenience store, take a look at the ice machine featured. Chances are, you've seen and used a Manitowoc ice machine from their Indigo Series already. With their advanced technology and state of the art design, Manitowoc ice machines are a great addition to any establishment.

    Indigo Ice Monitoring

    With Indigo, ice making is uncomplicated. State-of-the-art diagnostics provide constant monitoring of the refrigeration systems. That information is used to improve energy and water management, to organize cleaning schedules, to maintain ice quality, and to prompt for service. Internal information about the ice making process will help you set ice production levels on a weekly or even a daily basis. This way, you can increase or decrease your ice machine's production based on need. Indigo ice machines communicate all of this to you on an illuminated, easy to read and understand, external display screen on the front of the ice machine.

    Indigo Ice Machines are Clean

    Indigo ice machines aren't just known for their communication system either. Indigo raises the bar on the standards of cleaning as well. Manitowoc has designed the equipment to be easier to clean. They have also incorporated technology to help inhibit slime growth, lime deposits, and mineral scale. Finally,system accessories have been made available to increase the protection of your ice machine.

    For example, Alpha San® antimicrobial protection is built into the plastic components of the ice machine’s interior, including the water distribution tube, evaporator frame and the ice and water probes. This decreases growth of micro-organisms and the frequency of manual cleaning. The optional accessory LuminIce Growth Inhibitor recirculates air inside the ice machine over a UV light, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms. The patented AuCS® automated cleaning system (available on larger ice machines) ensures the ice machine is cleaned when scheduled, initiating a cleaning cycle (for lime deposits and mineral scale) or a sanitizing cycle automatically based upon a setting of 2-, 4-, or 12-weeks.

    For more control and convenience, a simple push of a button begins the cleaning process and the digital display shows a countdown timer for how much time remains in the cleaning cycle. Indigo ice machines have the ability to monitor the process, and the ice machine then returns to ice production mode automatically once the cleaning cycle has finished.

    Indigo Ice is High Quality Ice.

    Ultimately, Indigo is about making the best ice - the amount that you need, when you need it. Manitowoc’s revolutionary acoustics-based ice-sensing technology accurately measures ice thickness for consistent cube formation. Patented air-assist harvest technology speeds the ice harvest cycle, lowering overall energy use for same amount of ice produced by other machines. Customizable daily and weekly ice production levels give you the confidence that ice will be on hand during your peak business hours, while an optional Bin Level Control is available to monitor bin fill level so that production will be shut off when you don’t need ice, saving energy and water.

    The water probe monitors incoming water quality and an ice clarity feature adjusts water usage to improve ice quality in hard water situations and finally, a water filter minder ensures continuous filtration of incoming water by tracking the optimal time to change your water filter cartridge. Manitowoc knows ice machines, and all you need to know is that ice machines from the Manitowoc Indigo Series will provide quality, great-tasting ice whenever you need it.

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  10. The Ice-O-Matic GEMD270: No Diamonds, Get the Pearl Ice!

    Ice-O-Matic GEMD270 Pearl Ice MakerThe GEMD270 from Ice-O-Matic provides the delightful Pearl Ice® from a countertop ice maker that can fit just about anywhere. No matter what your preference for precious metals or jewelry is, there is something we can all agree on- that the best ice for your beverages is definitely Pearl Ice® from Ice-O-Matic. This ice, better known as nugget ice, and also known as chewblet ice, just may be perfect for use in beverages. It is soft and chewable, and effectively cools drinks. This ice performs most capably however, when the liquid is gone entirely, At this point, the ice has saved the flavor of your drink and you are left with a glass of frozen, chewable pearly treats.

    With the GEMD270, Ice-O-Matic has allowed their customers to attain Pearl Ice® in the home, office, or café. No longer must one travel to get this ice, as the GEMD270 can be fit just about anywhere. Measuring only 15 inches wide and 35 inches tall, this countertop ice maker from Ice-O-Matic has earned the opportunity to be called one of the best Pearl Ice® makers available on the market today. It is great for iced coffees and soft drinks, and also ideal in health care facilities as the soft ice prevents choking by residents.

    For a small, countertop ice maker, Ice-O-Matic’s GEMD270 is perfect. Not only is it a compact model, but it has an excellent output in a 24 hour period. The GEMD270 can produce up to 273 pounds of ice in a single day. That is more ice than some Ice-O-Matic cuber heads can produce! This rate breaks down to about 11.4 pounds of ice per hour. Since the GEMD270 holds 12 pounds in its self-contained bin, it requires just over an hour to fill it completely. It is no surprise that this Ice-O-Matic ice maker produces at such a great rate. Almost every Ice-O-Matic ice maker outperforms its closest competitor in terms of daily ice production.

    Pearl Ice from Ice-O-MaticThe GEMD270 is also incredibly sanitary. The spout is removable and can be cleaned easily, and this countertop ice maker operates via a sensor as opposed to a button or lever. This means there is almost no risk of cross-contamination as the operators’ hands are never required to touch the ice maker. That makes this Ice-O-Matic model one of the most preferential in schools, offices, or healthcare facilities- the places where germs and bacteria are most easily transmitted from person to person.

    On top of all of these features, the GEMD270 also dispenses water as well, making the water cooler or drinking fountain obsolete. The sink area was also designed to accommodate larger containers, almost any cup, glass, or pitcher can be filled. The GEMD270 from Ice-O-Matic fits well just about anywhere you could require a countertop ice maker. The Pearl Ice® produced is an all-around favorite, and if you have never tried it, you will quickly find yourself a fan. Consider the Ice-O-Matic GEMD270 in the home, office, or any health care facility.

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