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  1. Hoshizaki's KMD-850MAH Provides “Penguin Power” for your Soda Dispenser

    Hoshizaki Ice Machine Penguin Logo

    Having experienced the reliability of Hoshizaki’s ice machines in many facets of my life, I know there are few better in terms of power and capability. The KMD-850MAH from Hoshizaki makes up to 786 pounds of ice in a 24 hour period, so you can have ice for your soda dispenser at all times of the day. If you own a convenience store, the around-the-clock ice making power of the KMD-850MAH is exactly what you need, producing on average 32 pounds of ice per hour.

    When I was a growing up, I was always asking questions. If I were a cat, I would be long gone by now. Incredibly curious, I think that 'Why?' and 'How?' were two of my favorite three letter phrases, so when I inquired as to how the ice machine and soda dispenser in the mall’s food court operated, a detailed ex

  2. Hotel Ice from Manitowoc’s SPA160 Dispenser: No Room? No Excuses!

    Imagine your guests showing up to your quaint hotel or motel, and politely asking where the hotel ice machine is located. What kind of answer will you give? “I'm sorry. We couldn’t find any room, so our establishment does not have a hotel ice machine.” That will hardly suffice, and while the smaller bed and breakfasts, motels, and hotels do have to work with limited space, there are options available if you want a high quality hotel ice machine and dispenser. The SPA160 from Manitowoc for example, measures only 22 inches wide, and accepts any 22 inch ice machine from Manitowoc, allowing your guests to have the hotel ice they sorely desire.

    Manitowoc Ice Machine on SPA160 Hotel Ice Dispenser   Since hotels and motels come in all shapes and sizes, Manitowoc has created a ho

  3. The Secret of Nugget Ice from Scotsman

    While most people tend to ignore the ice that is served in their drinks and the ice used to keep food items fresh at the grocery store, a significant number of consumers crave- and even demand- a specific type of ice from Scotsman called Nugget Ice. Scotsman came up with the original Nugget in 1981. Their goal was to provide the healthcare industry with an alternative to the standard shaved ice (now known as flake ice). Soon after, people in hospitals began to rave about the nugget ice, and it wasn't look before restaurants took note and began offering nugget ice in select beverages.

    Nugget Ice from Scotsman

    Everybody who lov

  4. The KML-631MAH from Hoshizaki: Keeping Your Athletes Hydrated

    With the school year once again upon us, we see the rise of autumn sports from the youth all the way up to the collegiate level. In high school, this was my favorite time of year. The afternoons became cooler, and our high school’s soccer and football teams always began with promise and expectations of success. I recall my freshman year, lugging the team’s water cooler (as all freshmen had to do at some point) down to the practice field or onto the bus for away games. While it was never fun, it was tradition, and it was required to keep our team hydrated.

    Hoshizaki KML-631MAH Low Profile ice machine   Our high school was rather large, one of the biggest in the state. So, to provide enough ice for all of our athletes, we needed a larger ice machine. When gym class was held outside, we also filled

  5. U-Line’s 3018WC: Stockpile Your Winter Wine

    Every September 23rd, we are reminded that unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. The days begin to get shorter, we see less sunlight every day, and the nights become a little longer and cooler. This is the time to make sure the fireplace is working properly, collect your firewood for the fall and winter months, and start stocking up your wine collection for the upcoming months. Nothing beats curling up by the fireplace with a loved one and a glass of wine, and with the 3018WC from U-Line, you can have perfect storage of your wine, with a lavish wine captain that holds and properly stores up to 31 bottles of wine at a time.

    U-Line's 3018WC with Woodern Overlay   U-Line’s 3018WC is the perfect wine captain for use in the home. Not only does it have a great storage capacity, but it is one of the f

  6. ENERGY STAR Ice Machines: Saving You Money While Saving the Planet

    Energy Star Logo   Depending on how familiar you are with ENERGY STAR and ENERGY STAR qualified products, you may or may not know exactly what they are or what they can do for your business. When I first learned of ENERGY STAR, I had a vague understanding of what their goal was- I figured they simply tested products that would be less harmful for our environment and that kept greenhouse gases and resource use to a minimum. But the ENERGY STAR program does so much more than just give back to the planet. They work to provide the most efficient products that will save you or your business money on your cost of operation.

    In 1992, the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States put the ENERGY STAR program in place, with the goal of reducing greenhouse emissions. The first products tested and labeled were computers and mon

  7. Scotsman’s C0322 on the B222S Bin: Doubling Up from the Undercounter

    Scotsman C0322 ice machine on B222S Stainless Steel Bin   When you make the decision to add an undercounter ice machine to your establishment, you usually do so because of the size and convenience that an undercounter ice machine provides. Eventually however, you may require an ice machine with a greater output, and a bin with a greater storage capacity. Scotsman's C0322 on top of the B222S bin is essentially the next step up from Scotsman's undercounter ice machines. With an increase in production and more storage room for your ice, you will find the production you need with this cuber head from Scotsman's Prodigy® Series. This ice machine will increase your ice output, and the B222S bin will allow you to store twice as much ice as Scotsman's largest un

  8. Hotel Ice from Manitowoc: The IY-606A on the SFA-291 Ice Dispenser

    Manitowoc ice machine on hotel ice dispenser   With winter around the corner, the smaller mountain towns are on the verge of a temporary population spike. If you have a hotel or motel located in these areas, it may be time to do some “autumn” cleaning, fixing up any problems, making sure your establishment is staffed well and prepared to handle the increase in guests, and also important, making sure your ice machine is capable of producing enough ice for all of your guests needs. The hotel ice machine is one of the staples of the stay, and without a reliable ice machine like the IY-606A and a dispenser like the SFA-291, your guests’

  9. Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machines: A Spotlight

    Indigo Ice Logo

     Manitowoc Ice was not just "thinking inside the box" when they designed their Indigo ice machine. They designed these ice machines to "think inside the box", as well. Manitowoc introduced its Indigo Series of ice machines at the NAFEM Show in March of 2011, and these ice machines continue to be renowned in the ice machine world for their brilliance. Indigo ice machines combine intuition and innovation to Manitowoc ID-0452A Indigo Ice Machine

  10. The Ice-O-Matic GEMD270: No Diamonds, Get the Pearl Ice!

    Ice-O-Matic GEMD270 Pearl Ice MakerThe GEMD270 from Ice-O-Matic provides the delightful Pearl Ice® from a countertop ice maker that can fit just about anywhere. No matter what your preference for precious metals or jewelry is, there is something we can all agree on- that the best ice for your beverages is definitely Pearl Ice® from Ice-O-Matic. This ice, better known as nugget ice, and also known as chewblet ice, just may be perfect for use in beverages. It is soft and chewable, and effectively cools drinks. This ice performs most capably however, when the liquid is gone entirely, At this point, the ice has saved the flavor of your drink and you are left with a glass of frozen, chewable pearly treats.

    With the GEMD270, Ice-O-Matic h

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