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  1. Ice-O-Matic's GEMD540: Slim, Sanitary, Pearl Ice Production

    Whoever said, “you can’t always get what you want” could not have been talking to the ice chewing fanatics, because with Ice-O-Matic’s GEMD540, you can get exactly what you want. Ice chewers everywhere will be overjoyed at the fact that the GEMD540 produces over 500 pounds of chewable Pearl Ice on a daily basis, and dispenses this ice effortlessly into almost any sized container. The GEMD540 also features a water dispenser, so if you’re more of a “traditionalist” who believes ice was meant to keep your liquid cool, you can receive both ice and water from this countertop Pearl Ice producer from Ice-O-Matic.

    Pearl Ice from Ice-O-Matic   Ice-O-Matic ice machines are well known for their exceptional ice making abilities. Their cube producing ice machines often produc

  2. Manitowoc RNS-12AT- Changed Name, Still the Same


    Manitowoc's RNS-12AT: New Name, Same Great Ice Machine


    Change is inevitable, even in the world of ice machines. We’ve seen ice machines come and go, seen some make improvements, and some fall by the wayside (including the Scotsman NU130 RIP). With Manitowoc, the SN-12AT has now been reintroduced with a new name. It is now known as the RNS-12AT. Basketball fans have seen Kobe Bryant change his number and continue to be a great basketball player. Prince changed his name to a symbol and continued to produce hit music for years. While Manitowoc’s change is not as drastic, it is still worth noting, as we continue to field requests for the RNS-12AT by its old name.

    We know nugget i

  3. Manitowoc’s ID-0322A – THE Ice Machine for the Small Cafe

    There is one thing that remains consistent across the foodservice spectrum, and that is the need for ice. No matter how small your café, restaurant, or bistro may be, ice remains one constant requirement. For smaller establishments, a small but capable ice machine is required, and one of the most capable ice machines is Manitowoc’s ID-0322A. This ice machine from Manitowoc was made to service the “little guy”, for the corner café, or for the mom and pop shop that prides itself on serving the best breakfast in town. Undoubtedly, Manitowoc’s ID-0322A will serve the ice needs of smaller establishments, and do so with some of the most advanced technology available to date.

    Small Cafe: Perfect for the Manitowoc ID-0322A   The ID-0322A from Manitowoc will provide the perf

  4. Scotsman’s MDT3F12: Flake Ice For Health Care

    Flake ice is an amazing thing. It is easily one of the most versatile ice forms available, and in health care facilities, it provides some excellent benefits. Scotsman’s MDT3F12 – a countertop flake ice machine – is perfect for use in small clinics, hospital cafeterias, and especially in elderly care facilities. Flake ice melts quickly, cooling liquids faster than any other ice. In doing so, choking risks are greatly reduced. It can also be used for treatment of bumps and bruises, and makes a great ice pack as it is molded easily and it conforms well to the contours of the body.

    Scotsman’s MDT3F12 is unlike most countertop ice machines, because it makes flake ice. You can find ice machines across the spectrum that produce nugget ice, cubelet ice, or standard ice cubes, but countertop flake ice machines are less common. The MDT3F12 from Scotsman also has an extremely high production rate for a smaller ice machine. It makes nearly 400 pounds of flake ic

  5. Scotsman’s MDT5N40A: Nugget Ice 24/7

    The MDT5N40A Provides Nugget Ice 24 Hours a Day

    Neon 24 Hour Sign, for Round the Clock Ice Making   Working in hospitals and other health care facilities can mean long, grueling hours at times. Overnight shifts mean you are required to stay up through the night, and must still be able to perform difficult duties flawlessly. In times like these, it pays to have an ice machine that will work around the clock as well. This way, if you need to rehydrate, or maybe pick yourself up with a nice iced coffee, you can have quality nugget ice from Scotsman at your fingertips with the MDT5N40A.

    Just as you are required to work through the night, so too will the MDT5N40A from Scotsman. This countertop ice machine makes up to 523 pounds of nugget ice in a 24 hour period. That breaks down to over 21 pounds per hour from a Scotsman ic

  6. Flake Ice from the Manitowoc RF-0399A Keeps Products Cool

    Years ago, I worked as a vendor for a minor league baseball club, selling everything from foam hands to hot dogs and sodas. With each pass through the stadium, a different piece of equipment was required to make the job easier, while it catered to the fans as well. The foam hands were all contained on a stick-like contraption. The hot dogs had a special carrying case to keep them warm and prevent the buns from drying out. The soda carrying case was a bit simpler, but it required a stop at the Manitowoc flake ice machine to ensure that the soda was kept ice cold on its trip from the refrigerator out into the hot summer sun.

    Manitowoc provides a variety of flake ice machines for any application, but for our minor league stadium, the RF-0399A worked perfectly. With the Manitowoc RF-0399A, we had a flake ice machine with the ability to produce up to 330 pounds of flake ice per day. This flake ice machine was placed in the central concession stand so it was always easily accessib

  7. Manitowoc’s QY-0174A: In Stock and Ready to Rock

    Manitowoc Ice Machine Logo

    The QY-0174A is one of the most popular undercounter ice machines Manitowoc has to offer. The QY-0174A offers versatility, with the ability to operate in both commercial locations or in residential areas. Because of its size, and with no minimum clearance requirements, this undercounter ice machine is desirable when you do not have a lot of space to fit an ice machine. Sub-counter ice making is a requirement for those who wish to operate a quality bar in their home, especially for those who like to entertain friends and guests. Manitowoc’s QY-0174A will help you accomplish that feat as well.

    The QY-0174A from Manitowoc is perfect for personal use. It can create up to 180 pounds of Manitowoc’s half-dice cubes every day. The self-contained bin, when filled completely, will hold up to 80 pounds o

  8. Scotsman's MDT5N25A: Nugget Ice For Everyone!

    The MDT5N25A from Scotsman   In the office or the cafeteria, you won’t find many huge commercial ice machine and bin combinations that are so common in the bar or restaurant. Usually, it is not necessary to have as much ice production in your office as it is for the popular nightclub. Ice is, however, quite a convenient commodity to have on hand, especially if it can be had without the bulk and noise of a larger commercial ice machine. Enter the MDT5N25A from Scotsman. With this ice machine from Scotsman, you can have all of their famous nugget ice in a convenient, nearby location.

    With the MDT5N25A from Scotsman, you’re not getting one of the huge ice machines (some can measure over seven feet tall), you receive a smaller countertop ice machine that does not demand a great amount of space in your br

  9. Hoshizaki Ice Maker Reviews

    Hoshizaki logo   After receiving so much praise and feedback for our Scotsman ice maker reviews, we decided to extend our review section to include Hoshizaki ice makers as well. Hoshizaki provides ice makers unlike any other in the business. They are the only brand that offers the unique crescent ice cube, a hard, slow melting ice type that keeps liquids cool while melting slowly. Hoshizaki is also the only brand that includes a stainless steel evaporator plate in most of their models. This prevents flaking, and wear and tear on the evaporator, allowing it to last longer

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