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  1. Get Hospital Ice at Home with the Ice-O-Matic GEMU090

    Hospital Ice over Hospital SignFor those of us who have spent time in the hospital, the experience is often unpleasant. Days and nights may be spent doing nothing more than lying in bed, and unless you’re a fan of all-you-can-eat Jello, the food is usually sub-par as well. If there's one thing people look froward to during a hospital visit, it would definitely be the hospital ice that is served. This ice- for those that don't know- is usually soft, chewable, and delicious. It is usually the most missed part of peoples’ stay at the hospital (unless you really enjoyed your sponge bath). And now, you don’t need to call 911 to have access to this ice all the time. You can have hospital ice (which is also called nugget ice or Pearl Ice) in your own home with the Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 undercounter Pea

  2. Manitowoc Ice Machines: The Best Ever?

    Manitowoc Ice Machine LogoThese days, everyone wants the best. We’re a country overwhelmed with rankings and standings, numbers and figures, and how much better one person, team, or product is than another. All we need to do is reference NCAA collegiate athletics, where we see power rankings, AP rankings, and coaches’ rankings used evaluate who is the best week after week. People obsess with being number one, but in the world of ice machines, Manitowoc ice machines have consistently outdone their competition year after year and they don’t show any signs of relinquishing the top spot any time soon.

    If you compare a Manitowoc ice machine to any other ice machine, you may be able to find a lower price from the competition. You may be able to find an ice machine that makes more ice as well. But with a Manitowoc ice machine, the quality and

  3. Manitowoc LuminIce Growth Inhibitor: Cleaner, Better Ice

    Manitowoc has received countless accolades for their ice machines over the past years. They have continued to expand on their excellence in the ice machine world. Manitowoc Indigo ice machines have revolutionized the way in which ice is created, allowing ice to be created faster, and more efficiently than in the past. These same Manitowoc ice machines can be further accessorized by the lesser known, but increasingly important LuminIce Growth Inhibitor System. This system helps keep your ice machine cleaner for longer periods of time, minimizing the growth of bacteria and mold, while helping prevent the dreaded slime in the ice machine. Your ice machine may face problems due to poor water quality, but the quality of your ice can also suffer if the interior of your ice machine is not treated properly. Manitowoc’s LuminIce system works to combat these issues.

    You’ve probably heard the saying, “a rolling stone gathers no moss”. If we take

  4. High Temperature Dishwashers: The Basics and Benefits

    Washing Restaurant Dishes by HandIf you’re stuck in the Stone Age of dishwashing – i.e. still scrubbing with a sponge and washing dishes by hand – it may be time to consider your alternatives. Commercial dishwashers provide great benefits to any kitchen that serves food in large quantities on a daily basis. Not only does a high temperature dishwasher clean your plates and glasses, but it does so in a fraction of the time that a person could be expected to perform the same task. High temperature dishwashers also do not require dishwashing chemicals to be added to the water, so there is no chance for soap or chemical residue to be left on newly cleaned dishes and glasses.

    What is a High Temperature Dishwasher?

    A high temperature dishwasher is exactly what the name suggests -  a dishwasher that uses water th

  5. Manitowoc Remote Air-Cooled Ice Machines: Cool and Quiet

    The effect of continuous, oppressive heat on the human body is astounding. Excessive heat has been shown to increase stress, decrease productivity, and there is also a correlation between the crime rate and an increase in heat in many areas. Your Manitowoc ice machine reacts similarly, showing an inevitable decrease in production when the temperature of the air and water used by the ice machine increase. With a standard air-cooled Manitowoc ice machine, the problem may be cyclical, as the air released by the ice machine may be warmer, causing the temperature of the room in which it operates to increase.

    Manitowoc Ice Machines Provide More Consistent Production

    Manitowoc ice machines that are air-cooled, like all air-cooled ice machines, will increase the temperature of the room in which they operate, especially if it is smaller and without proper ventilation. This increase in temperature may cause your Manitowoc ice machine’s production to fall as well, but t

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