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  1. Prepare the Patio with an Outdoor Ice Maker

    It may not feel like it depending where you live, but summer really is right around the corner. April is here, and soon too will suntans, summer days, and weekend barbecues be here. The sights, sounds, and smells of summer events are a mere moment away, and unless you have an outdoor ice maker, you probably aren’t adequately prepared to host a proper party! What separates a excellent event from an average one is often the quality of the food and drinks, and no one ever raves about a party that serves a warm margarita on a hot summer day. To properly prepare you or summer, we decided to highlight the best outdoor ice makers available at Ice Machines Plus so you can find the right one for your next event.

    All of the following ice makers have been approved for outdoor use: Ice-O-Matic’s popular GEMU090, Hoshizaki’s AM-50BAE and C-100BAF, and U-Line’s BI95, BI98, CO29, and the ADA15IMS. They are available in different sizes (some are meet ADA height requirements), make varying amounts of ice, and create four different ice styles.  Finding the right outdoor ice maker should be a simple task after reading these reviews. Not a reader? We tried to sum up this article in the image below if that's more your preference.

    Ice Makers Approved for Outdoor Use

    Ice-O-Matic GEMU090

    If you’ve searched for an undercounter ice maker in the past, you may be familiar with the Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 already, as it is one of the more undercounter ice makers available. This ice maker creates Ice-O-Matic’s Pearl Ice (also called nugget ice), the same ice served at fast food chains like Sonic and Zaxby’s. It is soft, chewable, and has the ability to retain the flavors of the beverages it cools. Nugget ice also blends easily, making it perfect for frozen summer beverages. Ice-O-Matic’s GEMU090 makes up to 85 pounds of ice per day, and stores 22 pounds in its self-contained bin. It requires only a water line and a 115V outlet to create ice. The GEMU090 also measures less than 34 inches tall and less than 15 inches wide. It takes in and releases air from the front so it requires no side clearance, making it easy to find room for the GEMU090 to operate, whether placed inside or outside.

    Hoshizaki C-100BAF*

    Like Ice-O-Matic’s GEMU090, the C-100BAF also creates nugget style ice (called cubelet ice by Hoshizaki). Its dimensions are almost identical to the GEMU090 as well, but the Hoshizaki C-100BAF provides a few unique benefits that Ice-O-Matic’s outdoor ice maker does not. The C-100BAF creates more ice per day, at 92 pounds. It also creates ice slightly more consistently when air and water temperatures increase – an extra benefit if you live in a warmer climate. The C-100BAF is most famous for its door overlay system, as the door can be affixed with custom cabinetry of your choosing. This allows customization options for those who own this outdoor ice maker. Hoshizaki also provides a C-100BAF that complies with ADA height requirements, measuring less than 32 inches tall.

    Hoshizaki AM-50BAE*

    It terms of style and stature, the AM-50BAE is identical to the C-100BAF. The AM-50BAE can be outfitted with the same custom cabinetry, and an ADA qualified model is available. The difference between the two is the style of ice created. The AM-50BAE makes elegant gourmet ice (called top hat by Hoshizaki), and can create up to 55 pounds of this ice per day. The bin stores 22 pounds of ice when filled to capacity. This ice is hard, slow melting, and unlike nugget ice, is comprised almost entirely of water. In the freezing process, nearly all air and impurities are eliminated- leaving you with solid, high quality ice cubes (hence the name gourmet ice). This ice is a great option as it lasts long and melts slowly so as to not water down your beverages. Gourmet ice is the best choice for scotches, whiskeys, and other spirits that are enjoyed “on the rocks”.

    *Hoshizaki models available with the door system are labeled with the suffix –DS. ADA approved models are labeled with the suffix AD. An ADA approved outdoor ice maker with a door system show the suffix –ADDS.

    U-Line BI95,BI98

    These two ice machines are a good fit for those that require lesser amounts of ice on a daily basis as the BI95 creates around 23 pounds of ice per day, and the BI98 creates 25. These outdoor approved ice makers make U-Line’s signature crescent ice – which is similar to the ice made in most refrigerators at home. They are similar to each other in size as the BI95 measures less than 25 inches tall and the BI98 stands just three inches taller. Both of these outdoor ice makers meet ADA height requirements. The biggest difference between the U-Line BI95 and the BI98 are their storage capacities. The BI95 holds up to 12 pounds of ice when filled to capacity while the BI98 can hold an entire day’s ice creation at 25 pounds. The BI95 and BI98 require only a 110V electrical outlet to operate, along with a water line. Both are very conservative when it comes to electrical and water use as well, requiring only three gallons of water to make 25 gallons of ice. The door of the BI95 and BI98 is field reversible as well, allowing you to make adjustments if a change is ever required when the ice maker is in your possession. The BI95 and BI98 are available in either a black or white vinyl textured cabinet, to fit in with or stand out from existing appliances.

    U-Line CO29

    The CO29 from U-Line provides two great conveniences in an outdoor environment. Not only is it an ice maker, but it also provides 2.1 cubic feet of refrigerated storage space. This way, all of your ice and refrigerated goods can be stored conveniently in one place. You are no longer required to retreat to the house for cold food or beverages. The CO29 uses the same amount of water and electricity in the ice making process as the previous U-Line models, but it makes only 18 pounds of ice per day, and stores 13 when filled to capacity. If you’re looking for an outdoor ice maker with the added convenience of a built in refrigerator, the U-Line CO29 is an excellent choice.  It is available in black or white vinyl, and stands 28.5 inches high while measuring just under 21 inches wide, allowing it to fit easily in areas with spatial limitations.

    U-Line ADA15IMS

    While the U-Line ADA15IMS makes up to 25 pounds of ice per day, and can store 25 pounds of ice in its self-contained bin, it is a bit different from the BI98. The ADA15IMS is available with a stainless steel wrapped door for added protection against wear and tear. A black vinyl model is available as well, with a field reversible door, as the stainless steel door of the ADA15IMS must be designated as left or right before it is purchased. Like many U-Line models, the ADA15IMS does not require a drain to operate effectively, simply a 110V outlet, and a water supply.

    Caring For Your Outdoor Ice Maker

    If you own an ice maker approved for outdoor use, it is important that you take care of it properly. Your outdoor ice maker should not be left in direct sunlight. Heat from the sun will reduce your ice maker’s ice making capabilities, and can also wreak havoc on the plastic components of the unit. An elevated, cool, dry, shaded area provides a far better area for operation, as water or puddles can also cause machine malfunction. The water line that carries water to your ice machine should also be protected from direct sunlight, and should provide UV protection. It should also be rated to carry potable water safely. Ice-O-Matic recommends the use of copper tubing. If temperatures fall below freezing and your ice maker is forced to operate consistently outside the specified temperature ranges listed in your owner’s manual, serious damage may occur, and often this damage is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Most outdoor ice makers are designed to operate between 50 and 100 degrees, although ice production levels may fall when air temperatures increase past 70 degrees and water temperatures rise above 50 degrees.  The information provided above will help you make sure your outdoor ice maker lives a long, productive life.

    With summer fast approaching, be sure to place your order before the first heat wave. Relaxing in the shade or by the pool on a warm afternoon is complemented perfectly by the ice from your own personal outdoor ice maker. Give us a call for more information regarding these outdoor ice makers, or any other ice makers for your home.

  2. The Manitowoc QM-30A and QM-45A – Intimate Ice Making in a VIP Setting

    Vodka on Ice in VIP AreaManitowoc is well known for their large ice machines. Their Indigo ice machines are some of the most popular, advanced ice machines available to date. Less is talked about regarding Manitowoc’s undercounter ice machines however, and the QM-30A and QM-45A deserve some consideration. These two undercounter ice makers are excellent for special purposes. They are not suitable for the larger bar or restaurant, but rather for those with small-volume ice needs. In fact, the QM-30A and QM-45A are better suited for ice making in more private, intimate settings. The QM-30A and QM-45A are perfect ice machines for small offices, break rooms, or private suites. If you own a nightclub with a VIP area, both of these ice machines will suffice for small-scale ice making. If you offer bottle service, providing an ice machine in each section will increase your popularity among your guests.

    An individual ice machine like Manitowoc’s QM-30A or QM-45A will give guests direct access to the ice they require. They will not have to beckon for service, or for refills of their ice buckets. While these two Manitowoc ice machines are similar in terms of dimensions, they produce ice at different rates. The QM-30A makes 60 pounds of ice per day in ideal conditions while the QM-45A creates up to 95 pounds of ice per day. Both have the ability to hold 30 pounds of ice in their self-contained bins.

    Front View of Manitowoc QM-30A QM-45AIf you choose to offer one of these Manitowoc ice machines for your VIP guests, the QM-45A would probably be the best option. Most bars and nightclubs notice an increase in air temperature as the night progresses, which can lead to a decrease in performance from your ice machine. Since the QM-45A makes ice at a faster rate than the QM-30A, it would be more suitable for a warmer environment, and produce more ice in less than ideal temperatures.

    These two Manitowoc ice machines both create Manitowoc’s standard dice cube. Dice cubes resemble standard playing dice, and are hard and slow-melting – exactly what you want in good mixed drinks. Since they melt slowly, they are less likely to water down the beverages they cool. Both the QM-30A and the QM-45A are air-cooled ice machines from Manitowoc. They were also both designed with a flat, right-angle plug, so they require even less space to operate when compared to other models. These Manitowoc ice machines were designed to save space, and make ice without being in the way.

    If you’re looking for small-scale, intimate ice making, consider these two Manitowoc ice machines. The Manitowoc QM-30A and the Manitowoc QM-45A will provide quality ice for private suites, offices, and break rooms. Your customers, guests, and employees are going to want and need ice. Give it to them with either one of these excellent undercounter ice machines from Manitowoc.

  3. Medical Science… On Ice, with Flake Ice from Ice-O-Matic

    Canteloupes Laying on a Bed of Flake IceIce has evolved greatly from being simply frozen water. It's not just for beverages anymore, and can be used for many purposes. We display our food- fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables, over beds of flake ice. We use it to calm and soothe physical injuries like bumps and sprains, and we also use it to store perishable items that must remain at colder temperature. Ice-O-Matic has been at the forefront of self-contained flake ice machines for years. Their EF Series provides a flake ice machine that is an all-in-one machine. These units are built sturdily, and are efficient and durable. Not only are Ice-O-Matic ice machines great for providing ice for beverages but they are ideal for applications in medical labs and health care facilities. Flake ice is easily malleable and can be transported and used for various applications, so a self-contained flake ice machine is a great asset to those in the medical field.

    Ice-O-Matic’s self-contained flake ice makers are designed for carefree operation. That means accessing and transporting flaked ice from the machine is simple and sanitary. Along with the efficient operating system of the machine, undercounter units require very little attention and care. These flakers are also very easy to keep clean. With built-in insulation in the walls of the storage bin, ice is preserved for longer periods of time at suitable temperatures. Flake ice makers from Ice-O-Matic are constructed for maximum efficiency in the use of space, with models ranging from 32 to 48 inches wide. At 41 inches tall, ice machines from the EF Series are designed to fit in height restricted areas, allowing them to act as undercounter machines, or to remain as stand-alone units. The Ice-O-Matic Harvest Assist feature allows the machine to produce ice 24/7 without overflowing the bin and it also uses less electricity. There is also no air filter to change and the flake ice extrusion process rids the machine of excess water, making EF Flakers some very efficient ice machines.

    Health care facilities may vary in the type of care they provide, as some provide hospice and rehabilitation care. Many health care facilities use ice with their patients every single day. From preventing the swelling of an injury to transporting organ donations from facility to facility, flake ice acts as an important tool in a health facility's care kit. It is part of the caring and healing process, just like bandages and medical tape. Flake ice is soft and can easily be compacted into various shapes, and it will not bruise or damage the products with which it comes in contact.

    Undercounter Flake Ice Machine from Ice-O-Matic EF SeriesMedical laboratories conduct many research and testing projects throughout the country. Their work is extremely beneficial to the patients they are striving to help, and to the future of medicine. These medical laboratories use all kinds of equipment and supplies, and that also includes ice machines. With a self-contained flake ice machine like the Ice-O-Matic EF Flaker, these laboratories can keep medical materials and testing substances at their desired temperature. They can also store items at a cool temperature for later use. They use the ice to preserve certain things, and this allows them to conduct their research on a reasonable schedule.

    Having the right ice and ice machine on hand helps the medical staff thoroughly focus their attention on the work they are trying to achieve, and not their ice machine’s performance. A medical laboratory that has a flake ice machine can transport test items and medical substances from place to place easily with this long lasting, soft, malleable ice. Ice-O-Matic's self-contained flake ice machines are great for medical laboratories because they can fit in undercounter locations, require little care, and use energy efficiently. Flake ice itself is a perfect fit for the kind of work performed in medical laboratories.

    At, we offer a large range of self-contained flake ice machines from Ice-O-Matic that produce anywhere from 100 pounds to 1,000 pounds. offers Ice-o-matic’s self-contained flake ice machines and flake ice headsat competitive prices, and most are available with free shipping. Our representatives are here to answer any questions you may have. Unlike others, we have a full staff waiting to help you, so when you call you can talk to a real, breathing person, not a robot or machine.

    Flake Ice in Hand
  4. Ice Machine ENERGY STAR Partners Announced for 2013

    Energy Star LogoENERGY STAR has announced their award recipients for 2013, and many of the results are not surprising- not in the world of ice machines at least. Hoshizaki, Scotsman, and Manitowoc all took home accolades and acknowledgements this year. Hoshizaki and Scotsman were both named ENERGY STAR Partners of the Year, while Manitowoc Foodservice earned the “Sustained Excellence Award” for their continued commitment to, and production of ENERGY STAR qualified products. This is an especially celebrated year for ENERGY STAR, as 2013 marks their 20 year anniversary of setting the standard for energy efficiency across a wide array of spectrums.

    Over that 20 year period, ENERGY STAR estimates that their program has saved the American population over $230 billion and prevented over 1.8 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases from entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Scotsman estimates that the use of an ENERGY STAR qualified ice machine can save a business up to 15% on their energy costs, or approximately $170 a year, which adds up quickly over the lifetime of an ice machine. Scotsman’s Prodigy units are known for their conservation, using significantly less water and energy than other ice machines, making Scotsman a preferred partner of ENERGY STAR. Currently, Scotsman offers 35 ENERGY STAR qualified ice machines, with 26 of them meeting the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Tier-2 rated performance criteria. These ice machines go further- exceeding the energy standards set forth by ENERGY STAR.

    Hoshizaki was also named an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for their continued efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create more environmentally friendly products. As of today, Hoshizaki offers ice machines, warewashing equipment, refrigeration equipment, along with a variety of other products. As an ENERGY STAR partner since 2003, Hoshizaki is dedicated to the continuous improvement of their energy efficient products, both for their customers’ and the environment’s sake.

    Manitowoc Best in Class AwardManitowoc was not to be outdone by their competitors this year, earning the ENERGY STAR Award for Sustained Excellence. Manitowoc has been part of ENERGY STAR’s program since 2001, and boasts a gigantic selection of qualified products – over 550. Leading the way are their Frymaster and Manitowoc Ice brands, with one out of every three Manitowoc ice machines sold being ENERGY STAR qualified. The Sustained Excellence Award is the highest honor available from ENERGY STAR, and recognizes Manitowoc as one of the most progressive companies around, demonstrating leadership in the continued search for, and creation of energy efficient products. Manitowoc's Indigo ice machines are continuously highlighted for their conservative use of resources during the ice making process.

    This year marks an especially distinguished occasion for ENERGY STAR, as they celebrate 20 years of energy conservation, and pursue an endless commitment to creating and promoting efficient products, homes, buildings, and businesses. ENERGY STAR offers rebates in some areas for qualified appliances too. You can check whether any of your appliances qualify for this rebate on the official ENERGY STAR website- When shopping at Ice Machines Plus, be sure to consider an ENERGY STAR qualified ice machine if at all possible. It truly makes a difference for all parties involved- and even those that are not.

  5. 5 Tips to Keep Your Ice Machine Performing Well

    1. Clean and Sanitize Your Ice Machine Regularly

    Clean and Sanitize Ice Machine RegularlyAs with any major appliance, your ice machine will require regular care and cleaning. Ignoring this can cause irreparable damage to your unit, allowing slime, mold, and scale to build up inside the machine. Aside from the damage this can cause, it is also unsanitary for those consuming the ice produced by your machine. An ice machine that is not cleaned regularly may produce foul smelling ice that alters the taste of the beverages it cools. Some smaller, self-contained undercounter ice machines require you to simply push a button to initiate their cleaning cycle, while larger ice machine and bin combinations require slightly more complicated measures to provide a proper cleaning. While it may be a headache at times, cleaning and sanitizing your ice machine is something that should never be ignored.

    2. Go with the Technological Flow

    Manitowoc's Indigo TechnologyFor those born in the United States in 1960, the average life expectancy is around 69 years. For those born in 2010, the average life expectancy is around 79 years.[1] That means that today, American-born children can expect to live nearly 10 years longer than someone born 50 years ago. Medical and technological advancements are among the reasons that people are now living longer lives. With your ice machine, new technology is responsible for an improved design, and an increased life expectancy. Scotsman and Manitowoc ice machines have evolved to the point of near self-management. These ice machines have the ability to monitor their own operation, with the ability to visibly and audibly alert owners if the unit faces any problems. Data can also be transmitted remotely and viewed at a remote location. This way, a licensed professional can assist and fix the unit, should it ever run into any problems. All of these technological advancements help catch issues early before they become more serious, costly problems. In turn, they help keep your ice machine running strongly for longer periods of time.

    3. Consider the Surrounding Environment

    This aspect is often ignored by first time ice machine owners. They may order an ice machine with production rates listed around 500 pounds of ice per day, and then find that their ice machine makes 75% of what they expected because it operates in a cramped corner of a 100° kitchen. The way in which your ice machine’s condenser is cooled plays a great role in the consistency of your ice machine’s performance too. If your ice machine is going to be located in a warmer environment (the kitchen for example), you should consider a water cooled or remote air cooled condenser to provide more consistent ice production. An ice machine that is asked to regularly produce ice in extreme conditions, with little room for ventilation, will be under far more stress than one that operates with proper clearance, and in ideal temperature conditions (70 degree air, 50 degree water). Take great care to ensure a suitable operating environment for your ice machine, as this will improve the quality and consistency of the ice created, and increase the life expectancy of the unit.

    4. Select a Suitable Water Filter and Replace It Regularly

    Used and New Water Filter Next to Each OtherYour ice machine does not necessarily require a water filter to operate and create ice. By the same token, you are not required to bathe or brush your teeth daily either, but it sure makes a difference that you do. Adding a water filter will greatly improve the quality of the water used by your ice machine. It will filter out dirt and sediment, and improve the quality of ice that is created with harder water. Unfiltered and untreated water also tends to cause more internal problems for your ice machine, and can lead to slime and scale buildup in your unit as well. Generally, your water filter should be replaced every six months, but those forced to make use of inferior water may be required to change their water filters more frequently. The size of your ice machine’s water filter usually depends on your ice machine’s daily ice output, as machines that produce more ice use a greater amount of water in the ice making process.

    5. Consider the Ice Machine Warranty

    Good Warranty on Your Ice MachineTo get a grasp on the life expectancy of any new product, one must simply check the warranty. If you were to purchase a new car that boasted an ‘amazing, limited, six month warranty’, you would expect that something was amiss with the situation. The standard warranty with most cube producing ice machines is as follows: 3 years parts and labor coverage on the entire ice machine, 5 years parts and labor on the evaporator plate, and 5 years parts on the compressor. Ice-O-Matic takes their warranty a step further, providing 7 years of coverage on the evaporator plate with the purchase of an approved water filter, and when you replace it every six months. This is currently the longest warranty available in the commercial ice machine industry, and it speaks volumes about the confidence of Ice-O-Matic in regard to their ice machines. It also shows the difference an appropriate water filter can make in the life expectancy of your ice machine.

    If you’re going to be investing in a new ice machine, you should take measures to assure that you get the most out of it. Even though the latest and greatest technology may be just around the corner, it does not mean that your ice machine cannot live a long, fulfilling life. With these tips, you can ensure that your ice machine will continue to produce ice reliably for years on end.


  6. Turbo Air Premiere Series: Go Pro for the Best

    If you were to take up a new sport or activity, it would probably be wiser to buy used equipment before spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on top of the line gear. The same theory often works when buying your first house or apartment. Hand-me-down goods and furniture often perform just as capably for first time home owners as brand new appliances. In other areas however, it makes little sense to purchase hand me down equipment. I would be a bit nervous if I was scheduled for an organ transplant and saw that a rusty, antiquated refrigerator was being used to keep my new liver “safe”. Certain appliances simply will not suffice as second hand goods. That’s why, when you need the best in refrigeration, you can turn to the Premiere Series from Turbo Air.

    Turbo Air Premiere PRO-50R Double Door RefrigeratorThe medical field is one area where second hand goods are not the most ideal. In the hospital and the surgeon’s world, there is very little room for error. Nothing can be left to chance. For this reason, many hospitals choose refrigerators from the Turbo Air Premiere Series for the highest in quality and reliability. Turbo Air Premiere Refrigerators take great measures to ensure that their contents remain at the proper temperature. Refrigerators from the Premiere Series feature a digital temperature control system, displaying the temperature conveniently just above eye level. This is a desirable feature when you will be in the vicinity of the refrigerator for an extended amount of time, but Turbo Air also keeps you alert when no one is around- a feature that not only saves money, but could save lives.

    If your refrigerator was to shut down or malfunction with no one around, this could spell disaster for the hospital, and in the past, this would account a great loss. Turbo Air however, has found a way to counter the effects of an appliance shutdown. If something minor happens, such as the door being left open for an extended period of time, Premiere Refrigerators will emit an audible alarm to warn users of the issue. If your refrigerator stops working when no one is around, it can be programmed to transmit data remotely, via a computer or text message to the owner’s phone. This greatly minimizes the chance of product loss in case of a machine malfunction. It does not matter what kind of business you operate – if your refrigerator shuts down, you will be in for a great loss. Turbo Air’s alerts greatly reduce this chance.

    Turbo Air Premiere Refrigerator 6 Split DoorsAside from the safety and security provided by Turbo Air’s Premiere Series, their top-selling refrigerators are all also Energy Star qualified. The Super Deluxe refrigerators which they provide are some of the most conservative in the industry, as reported by Energy Star in independent studies. For even greater amounts of energy conservation, Turbo Air offers Split-Door Refrigerators from the Premiere Line. These refrigerators allow users to access products on upper or lower levels by opening only one of two, four, or six split doors. So conservative and efficient are these split door refrigerators that, within the first year of ownership, the amount of money saved on energy costs is often enough to pay for the entire unit itself! (It helps to place labels on the doors as well, to eliminate the guesswork that could hinder your search for a product.)

    When you want the best in refrigeration, you must at least consider Premiere Refrigerators from Turbo Air. The Premiere Series is at the top of its class in both refrigeration and design. These refrigerators are some of the few that make use of a full stainless steel interior and exterior, and also employ stainless steel shelves, which provide added durability, allow for easier cleaning, and will never peel or flake like lower quality PVC coated shelves. Turbo Air Premiere Refrigerators are top of the line. If you can’t risk a refrigeration malfunction, you can’t risk being without a refrigerator from the Turbo Air Premiere Series. When your refrigerated products are essential for other people’s well-being, nothing can be left to chance. With a Premiere Refrigerator, it never is.

  7. Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machines: Best for Hotels and Motels

    For hotel and motel owners across the country, there are a few certainties that can be expected every year, depending on the type of establishment you run. A ski resort sitting in the mountains of Colorado, can expect more visitors in the winter months, when the mountains are covered with snow. A hotel in famous Atlantic City, New Jersey, you will see an influx of guests in the warm summer months, when people flock to the famous boardwalk. Your location and the services you provide will greatly dictate the time of year when you are happily displaying the “No Vacancy” sign outside your establishment.

    Hotel No Vacancy Sign
    A Full Hotel Makes a Happy Hotel Owner

    While the ebbs and flows of your hotel’s occupancy become more predictable over time, there are certain lesser known actions that can be taken to save your business money. Obviously, you can cut back the amount of staff during off peak months. There is simply not the demand to warrant a full staff. Another way to save money – and not just during the off-peak season – is with a Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machine, one of the most advanced ice machines available for use in the hotel and motel industry.

    Manitowoc Indigo Ice Screen Making IceWhen on vacation, most guests will require ice at some point during their stay. When occupancy is low, there is no need for your ice machine to work and waste energy by producing ice nonstop. While there are major seasonal highs and lows, there are highs and lows throughout the week as well. The weekend warriors often pour in on Friday and stay until Sunday, which will cause ice requirements to elevate. On Monday and Tuesday, the ice requirements may fall dramatically. That is where Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machines prove their worth. These ice machines are programmable, so you can have your ice machine make ice – or stop making ice – when more or less is required.

    Manitowoc 22 Inch Hotel Ice Machine Manitowoc 22 Inch Hotel Ice Machine and Ice Dispensers are Great for Those with Limited Space

    Most Manitowoc Indigo ice machines are Energy Star qualified, and all of them are designed to be more energy efficient, but with the ability to program exactly how much ice you desire based on your occupancy, you can figure to save even more money than you would with a standard Energy Star ice machine. As fewer people can find the means to afford a vacation, it has become even more important to find a way to cut spending and save money whenever possible. Programming your ice machine to create less ice during the week, or during off peak times will save you thousands of gallons of water per year, and keep your electrical bill lower as well. Not only will utility costs decrease, but your guests will also be pleased to know that they are receiving fresh ice every day, not ice that has been sitting in your storage bin for a week.

    Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machines require a storage bin or a hotel ice dispenser to accompany them. If your hotel features a small bar in the lobby, Manitowoc undercounter ice machines make a suitable alternative to the large ice machine and hotel ice dispenser combination units. The largest undercounter can also create nearly 300 pounds of ice per day- enough to suitably run a smaller bar. Indigo Ice Machines are a great fit just about anywhere, and they are especially favorable if your goal is to limit the cost of ownership and provide fresh ice to your guests at all times. Follow the link to view  our selection of Manitowoc hotel ice dispensers to go along with your Indigo Ice Machine.

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