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  1. The Scotsman NU130: One Last Chance!

    Scotsman NU130 Undercounter Nugget Ice MakerIf you’ve been looking for Scotsman’s most popular undercounter nugget ice machine lately, you probably haven’t had much success. That’s because Scotsman discontinued production of the NU130 about six months ago. While they have not been producing any new NU130s, Scotsman DID make an interesting discovery while doing some spring cleaning a few days ago- the discovery of a few unsold, untouched NU130s. And Scotsman was good enough to us at Ice Machines Plus to let us offer them for sale on our site. Our quantities are extremely limited (in the single digits), so if you’re looking for an NU130, you’ve got to act as quickly as possible!

    The NU130 rose to stardom as Scotsman’s nugget ice increased in popularity. This ice has been around for more than 30 ye

  2. Hoshizaki’s DCM-270BAH-OS: Hands Free Ice Dispensing

    Hoshizaki DCM-270BAH Hoshizaki’s DCM-270BAH-OS is the perfect ice machine to have on hand in any health care facility. This ice machine and dispenser combination will not only make and dispense ice, but it does so without the operator being required to touch the ice making unit at all. This OS model (an upgrade from the DCM-270BAH) allows users to receive ice directly from the ice machine without being required to touch a button or lever like other ice machines and ice dispensers do. Hoshizaki uses an LED remote sensor to sense when a user’s container is present. It will then dispense ice or water accordingly.

    Even though cold and flu season are behind us, it is still important to prevent the spread of germs and disease, especially in hospitals and health care facilities. Having an ice machine that can help in this prevention is

  3. Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines Now Ship Faster

    Ice-O-Matic LogoThere are so many reasons to buy an Ice-O-Matic ice machine that Ice-O-Matic didn’t really need to give you another one. But they did anyway. While Ice-O-Matic already offers the best warranty in the ice machine industry, their ice machines make more ice than their competitors, and their ice machines sell for the lowest possible prices, Ice-O-Matic now offers a “Quick Ship” option, available with the purchase of any of six of their most popular ice machines. This means you spend less time waiting for your ice machine to arrive, and more time enjoying Ice-O-Matic’s high quality ice.

    The “Quick Ship” option is offered solely by Ice-O-Matic, and guarantees the buyer that their ice machine will arrive within 48 hours of purchase. Customers must select it at the time of checkout

  4. True’s GDM-72: Make Your Customers Want It!

    True GDM-72 Glass Door MerchandiserThere is a certain art to influencing the impulse buy. Whether you aim to make your customers purchase something on a whim in your convenience store, gas station, or corner store, one thing is true, you want people to buy more, and think less. My Achilles heel comes in the form of a certain strawberry banana sugary beverage. When I see it sitting behind the door of a glass door merchandiser like True’s GDM-72, I just have to have it. True is the number one manufacturer of glass door merchandisers in the entire world, so if you need the best, you turn to True. The GDM-72 is a staple in stores across the country, and you would do well to prominently display your most popular items in a glass door merchandiser like this one.

    Perhaps I gravitate toward my favorite beverage because it reminds me of my the vacations of my ch

  5. Cheap Ice Machines (That Don't Sacrif-Ice Quality)

    Save Money with Cheap Ice MachineIs money a bit tight? Has your business been struggling a bit lately? Have you been putting off the purchase of a new ice machine due to monetary issues? You’re not alone in dealing with struggles like this, and replacing your old ice machine may not seem feasible, but if you’re looking for a reliable, cheap ice machine, without looking to sacrifice quality or ice production, you’ve got to give Ice-O-Matic a bit of consideration. Ice-O-Matic ice machines are the least expensive when compared to the competition, and a new ice machine is a far better option than throwing money into costly repairs of an old, outdated unit.

    Ice-O-Matic Mission Statement

  6. The Best Ice to Pack Your Cooler- From a Flake Ice Machine

    Flake Ice in GlassIf your work or play takes you outdoors, you’ve probably had to pack a cooler at one point or another. Maybe it was for a picnic in the park, or maybe it was for a long day on the construction site. You may have also been disappointed with the performance of the traditional ice pack that simply does not keep your products cool enough for a long enough period of time. I can recall trips to the beach in the summer where, if you didn’t finish the food in the cooler by 2:00 p.m., the cooler became more like a greenhouse than anything else. If your employees work outdoors in continuous heat, or perhaps on a construction site, packing a cooler properly is essential every day, and there is no better ice to pack a cooler with than flake ice.

    You can stuff as many ice packs as you like into a cooler to try keep its content

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