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  1. The Scotsman NU130: One Last Chance!

    Scotsman NU130 Undercounter Nugget Ice MakerIf you’ve been looking for Scotsman’s most popular undercounter nugget ice machine lately, you probably haven’t had much success. That’s because Scotsman discontinued production of the NU130 about six months ago. While they have not been producing any new NU130s, Scotsman DID make an interesting discovery while doing some spring cleaning a few days ago- the discovery of a few unsold, untouched NU130s. And Scotsman was good enough to us at Ice Machines Plus to let us offer them for sale on our site. Our quantities are extremely limited (in the single digits), so if you’re looking for an NU130, you’ve got to act as quickly as possible!

    The NU130 rose to stardom as Scotsman’s nugget ice increased in popularity. This ice has been around for more than 30 years now, gaining fans in every corner of the ice industry. Nugget ice became popular in hospitals and health care facilities – affectionately being referred to as “hospital ice”. Quick service restaurants like Sonic and Zaxby’s may not have realized how popular nugget ice would become, but when they added nugget ice to their beverages, they found that their popularity increased exponentially. (Note: If you want to see how popular nugget ice is, do a Google or Twitter search for “Sonic Ice”). With Scotsman’s NU130, you can have nugget ice in your own home, office, break room, or café – essentially anywhere you want it.

    Scotsman NU130 Inside ViewWhile the Scotsman NU130 was designed to service commercial establishments, it still makes an excellent addition to the home. It was designed with long-lasting commercial quality that is not found in many, lower quality, residential ice machines. The NU130 is small in stature, standing less than 35 inches tall, and no wider than 15 inches. These measurements allow it to fit almost anywhere you require ice, even outside as the NU130 is approved for outdoor use. The NU130 can create up to 125 pounds of nugget ice in a 24 hour period- the most of any undercounter nugget ice maker. This makes the NU130 the most desirable undercounter available (which is why we know our supply will not last).

    Buy Your Scotsman NU130

    The Scotsman NU130 will definitely not be around for an extended period of time, and we’re (fairly) certain that there will not be any more miraculous discoveries or hidden troves of this undercounter ice machine found in the future. So if you want an NU130 for your home, office, or business, you must act fast! Check out the NU130 from Scotsman on its product page, or give one of our sales representatives a call. They will be happy to help you with your purchase, or to find a suitable replacement for the Scotsman NU130.

    If you are in the unfortunate crowd, and once again missed the opportunity to purchase one of Scotsman’s NU130s, do not worry – you are not alone and you have other options. Ice-O-Matic, (who is owned by Scotsman) offers the GEMU090- an undercounter ice machine identical in size and stature to the NU130. The only difference between the two is that the GEMU090 produces less ice per day at 85 pounds. Otherwise, the GEMU090 from Ice-O-Matic is nearly a carbon copy of the NU130. Scotsman provides a few countertop ice maker dispenser options that produce nugget ice in greater quantities too. The MDT2C12A and MDT5N25A are essentially “do-it-all” ice machines that make ice, dispense ice, and dispense water. They both operate via a sensor as well, making them very sanitary options if the ice machine will be used by a multitude of people.

  2. Hoshizaki’s DCM-270BAH-OS: Hands Free Ice Dispensing

    Hoshizaki DCM-270BAH Hoshizaki’s DCM-270BAH-OS is the perfect ice machine to have on hand in any health care facility. This ice machine and dispenser combination will not only make and dispense ice, but it does so without the operator being required to touch the ice making unit at all. This OS model (an upgrade from the DCM-270BAH) allows users to receive ice directly from the ice machine without being required to touch a button or lever like other ice machines and ice dispensers do. Hoshizaki uses an LED remote sensor to sense when a user’s container is present. It will then dispense ice or water accordingly.

    Even though cold and flu season are behind us, it is still important to prevent the spread of germs and disease, especially in hospitals and health care facilities. Having an ice machine that can help in this prevention is a great benefit. Since no one is required to touch the DCM-270BAH-OS from Hoshizaki, there is less a chance of cross-contamination from your ice machine. Generally, areas where groups of people congregate tend to harbor the greatest amount of germs. It would be foolish to let your ice machine become one of those places, especially with the technology present and available with Hoshizaki’s DCM-270BAH-OS.

    With Hoshizaki’s DCM-270BAH-OS you will receive a good amount of ice production on a daily basis, as the DCM-270BAH-OS can produce nearly 300 pounds of cubelet ice (similar to nugget ice) every day. The entire unit is enclosed with a durable stainless steel exterior. This will keep the internal machinery safe from damage from external causes. The LED sensor is also kept safe in its own protective housing which keeps moisture out, in order to prevent electrical shortages. Internally, the auger is constructed of stainless steel, which will ensure years of reliable ice production.

    Hoshizaki Cubelet IceThe cubelet ice produced by the DCM-270BAH-OS from Hoshizaki is soft and chewable, making it a great choice for patients, as well as the staff of your facility. As it is softer, it will minimize potential choking risks. It also melts a bit more quickly than standard, larger ice cubes, cooling drinks rapidly. When beverages are finished and only the cubelet ice is left, the ice will also retain some of the flavors of the drink that was just consumed.

    Hoshizaki’s DCM-270BAH-OS can be left to sit on a countertop on its own, or can be used on top of Hoshizaki’s SD-270 stand. The stand however, is not included with this Hoshizaki ice machine. One thing that is included however, is the peace of mind that your ice machine will not contribute to the spread of illnesses and sicknesses around the office. For a sanitary ice maker and water dispenser, consider the Hoshizaki DCM-270BAH-OS.

  3. Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines Now Ship Faster

    Ice-O-Matic LogoThere are so many reasons to buy an Ice-O-Matic ice machine that Ice-O-Matic didn’t really need to give you another one. But they did anyway. While Ice-O-Matic already offers the best warranty in the ice machine industry, their ice machines make more ice than their competitors, and their ice machines sell for the lowest possible prices, Ice-O-Matic now offers a “Quick Ship” option, available with the purchase of any of six of their most popular ice machines. This means you spend less time waiting for your ice machine to arrive, and more time enjoying Ice-O-Matic’s high quality ice.

    The “Quick Ship” option is offered solely by Ice-O-Matic, and guarantees the buyer that their ice machine will arrive within 48 hours of purchase. Customers must select it at the time of checkout. Ice-O-Matic charges us a $50 fee for the quick ship service, and while others have sought to make a profit, we Ice Machines Plus decided to offer it to our customers at no extra charge. Here, you pay what we pay. The $50 fee remains as is, so you can get your ice machine at a lower price, and at a faster rate than you would if you were to shop somewhere else! The Quick Ship option is not available from all online retailers – only a select few who have been chosen exclusively by Ice-O-Matic. We are proud to be one of those retailers.

    The following ice machines and bins are included in Ice-O-Matic’s Quick Ship program:

    All of these ice machines are air cooled and are available to make either Ice-O-Matic’s full cubes or half cubes. The bins both measure 30 inches wide, so if you wish to place one of Ice-O-Matic’s 22 inch ice machines atop these bins, a conversion kit is required. Conveniently, if you wish to purchase more than one of these items, there is no additional charge. The rate is $50 per customer, per location. If you were to purchase an undercounter ice machine, an ice bin, and an ice making head, the quick ship fee would remain $50.

    While the Quick Ship option is an excellent way to speed up the delivery of select Ice-O-Matic products, there is a small bit of fine print. First, the Quick Ship option is available only in the 48 continental United States (sorry Alaska and Hawaii). Certain rural areas with limited access will also not qualify for the Quick Ship option. Otherwise, the Quick Ship option is essentially guaranteed. Your payment will be refunded if your ice machine does not reach you within 48 hours. These are the final “addendums” that may cause the delivery of your ice machine to be delayed:

    • Shipments that are placed after noon (12PM) or before holidays or weekends.
    • Delays caused by acts of God (Snow, tornado, flood, etc.)
    • Unforeseen/Unpredictable Events (Satellite falls from sky on delivery truck, Ice machine stolen, etc.)

    While shipping on Ice-O-Matic ice machines is free to commercial locations, there are a few charges that the buyer may incur if the ice machine is going to a residential location, or if liftgate delivery is required (due to the nature of the truck provided). Aside from that, utilize Ice-O-Matic's Quick Ship option to get your ice machine faster than ever. If your business needs ice to survive, there is no better option than Ice-O-Matic's Quick Ship option. Look for this logo on Quick Ship approved ice machines:

    Ice-O-Matic Quick Ship Icon

  4. True’s GDM-72: Make Your Customers Want It!

    True GDM-72 Glass Door MerchandiserThere is a certain art to influencing the impulse buy. Whether you aim to make your customers purchase something on a whim in your convenience store, gas station, or corner store, one thing is true, you want people to buy more, and think less. My Achilles heel comes in the form of a certain strawberry banana sugary beverage. When I see it sitting behind the door of a glass door merchandiser like True’s GDM-72, I just have to have it. True is the number one manufacturer of glass door merchandisers in the entire world, so if you need the best, you turn to True. The GDM-72 is a staple in stores across the country, and you would do well to prominently display your most popular items in a glass door merchandiser like this one.

    Perhaps I gravitate toward my favorite beverage because it reminds me of my the vacations of my childhood, buying these drinks two at a time and drinking them as we walked to the beach. When you place products in your glass door merchandiser, you are promoting them in a certain light that appeals to customers. The feelings evoked by them will cause your customers to make a purchase that they may not have intended to make in the first place. I know there have been more than a few times I’ve walked into a store to get gas, only to walk out with my favorite beverage (even when I’m not thirsty).

    The GDM-72 is the largest glass door merchandiser available from True. It is a three door unit that offers 72 cubic feet for storage. Twelve adjustable PVC coated shelves allow you to store a great amount of products of various sizes. This way, you can fit anything from 12 ounce cans to gallons of milk, or two liter bottles of soda. The GDM-72 is also one of True’s glass door merchandisers that features a bottom mounted compressor. This causes the floor of the cabinet to be elevated, allowing you to place more products in clear view of your customers.

    What makes the GDM-72  even more desirable is the advanced door system that it provides. The doors of the GDM-72 feature a patented, integrated door light which shines brightly on every product inside the merchandiser. The doors are self-closing, and are insulated with the latest energy efficient technology, ensuring that every product stored inside the GDM-72 remains safely stored and at the proper temperature. The T-8 light bulbs used are energy efficient, and last longer than standard bulbs, so they need to be replaced far less often. The True GDM-72 glass door merchandiser is also ENERGY STAR qualified due to its efficient operation.

    Whether potential customers enter your store with a goal, product, or service in mind, True’s GDM-72 will help influence their decision to buy, and to buy more. The GDM-72 is recognized as one of the most popular, reliable glass door merchandisers available today. Whether your customers want it or not, make them want it more with the GDM-72 from True.

  5. Cheap Ice Machines (That Don't Sacrif-Ice Quality)

    Save Money with Cheap Ice MachineIs money a bit tight? Has your business been struggling a bit lately? Have you been putting off the purchase of a new ice machine due to monetary issues? You’re not alone in dealing with struggles like this, and replacing your old ice machine may not seem feasible, but if you’re looking for a reliable, cheap ice machine, without looking to sacrifice quality or ice production, you’ve got to give Ice-O-Matic a bit of consideration. Ice-O-Matic ice machines are the least expensive when compared to the competition, and a new ice machine is a far better option than throwing money into costly repairs of an old, outdated unit.

    Ice-O-Matic Mission StatementIce-O-Matic’s most recent campaign saw them boasting that their ice machines provide “more ice for the price” (Full Image on left). Not wanting to believe without seeing, we did a bit more research. The results were not overwhelmingly in Ice-O-Matic’s favor. Ice-O-Matic ice machines, when compared to others in the same class (i.e. 500 pounds per day ice production) were significantly cheaper than the competition. Naturally, if you look at ice machines in a similar price range (say, ice machines that cost around $2,000.00), you would see that Ice-O-Matic’s would produce more ice than all other ice machines in that price range.

    Ice-O-Matic ice machines do indeed provide more ice for the price. Beyond that, their benefits do not cease however. Acquire an Ice-O-Matic ice machine with a remote air cooled condenser, and your unit will produce ice more consistently. Since the condenser can be placed outside or on the roof of your building, the ice machine will not suffer as great a loss in ice production when temperatures are high, as they would be in a hot, stuffy kitchen. Your ice machine will not have to work as hard to create ice, since temperatures will not increase as they would in a hot, poorly ventilated area.

    If you’re looking for a cheap ice machine, consider one from Ice-O-Matic as a viable, low-cost option – not a low quality replacement. Many of Ice-O-Matic’s air cooled and remote air cooled ice machines are Energy Star qualified as well, due to their efficient use of water and electricity. In using resources conservatively, these Ice-O-Matic ice machines do not cost as much to operate either. (If cost of operation is a very big issue for you however, consider Scotsman’s Prodigy cuber heads which use less water and electricity in the ice making process than any other ice machine provider).

    In terms of commercial quality and value, Ice-O-Matic provides the best of both worlds. If a new ice machine still seems like an improbability, consider making use of our ice machine leasing program, which will allow you to acquire a new ice machine without having to set aside a great amount of money right away. There are plenty of ways to provide your business with a new, inexpensive ice machine – so you can stop throwing away money on parts or service for your dated unit. If you’re looking to buy a new, cheap ice machine, consider Ice-O-Matic for the perfect balance between price and performance.

  6. The Best Ice to Pack Your Cooler- From a Flake Ice Machine

    Flake Ice in GlassIf your work or play takes you outdoors, you’ve probably had to pack a cooler at one point or another. Maybe it was for a picnic in the park, or maybe it was for a long day on the construction site. You may have also been disappointed with the performance of the traditional ice pack that simply does not keep your products cool enough for a long enough period of time. I can recall trips to the beach in the summer where, if you didn’t finish the food in the cooler by 2:00 p.m., the cooler became more like a greenhouse than anything else. If your employees work outdoors in continuous heat, or perhaps on a construction site, packing a cooler properly is essential every day, and there is no better ice to pack a cooler with than flake ice.

    You can stuff as many ice packs as you like into a cooler to try keep its contents cool, but none will match the preservation and chilling capabilities that flake ice bring to the table. Unlike your standard ice pack, flake ice molds easily around the contours of the items in your cooler. You can lay a bed of it directly on the bottom, or pour it over the top to completely coat the cooler’s contents. Flake ice, when compacted, melts very slowly, so you can be confident in its ability to last and keep your items cool and fresh all day. (Think of it like the compacted snow that the plow leaves in front of your driveway versus the soft fluffy stuff that melts easily).

    Undercounter Flake Ice MachineFlake ice is most commonly seen in the supermarket, often seen in seafood and produce displays. It is used because it is the most trusted, sanitary way to display your perishable items without the risk of spoiling. These locations commonly use large flake ice making heads that can produce thousands of pounds of flake ice on a daily basis. For smaller scale uses, an undercounter flake ice machine should suffice well. These undercounter flake ice machines can make up nearly 500 pounds of flake ice per day, making them ideal when packing lunches for a school field trip, for day camps, and for smaller businesses whose work involves being outside in warmer weather.

    With a quality undercounter flake ice machine like those provided by Ice-O-Matic, Scotsman, Manitowoc, and Hoshizaki, you can have flake for a day on the construction site, or a day at the beach. For the fisherman, flake ice is versatile as it can be used to ice your catch right away- from the water to the kitchen or fish market. Some fish markets may benefit well from the larger flake ice machines that produce a ton of ice a day, allowing their fishermen ice for storage on the boat, while storing ice on hand for seafood displays. Flake ice is incredibly versatile. It can go anywhere and keep anything cool, and while it is not ideal for drinks, it certainly can be used to cool beverages too. Heck, you can even make homemade snow cones if you desire.

    Flake ice cools better, cools more completely, and lasts longer than the best ice pack. Nothing works better to keep your products cool and to keep your perishable goods fresh. If you’re tired of spoiled food, and want a better option to keep your goods cool, consider the flake ice machine selection offered by Ice Machines Plus. With the ability to produce anywhere from 200 to 2,000 pounds of flake ice per day, you’ll be sure to find the best flake ice machine for you or your business.

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