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  1. Ice-O-Matic’s MFI0800A Saves the Day when the Power’s Away

    During the major October snowstorm about a year and a half ago, the bar at which I was employed offered use of our ice machine to our customers, as many were left without power for up to two weeks. We would fill coolers with ice for our customers and do our part to help out those who had lost power and could not store their perishable, refrigerated goods. While we had an ice machine that produced standard ice cubes, a larger flake producing ice machine would have been best for storing refrigerated products. An ice machine like Ice-O-Matic’s MFI0800A would have been ideal as it can produce nearly 800 pounds of flake ice on a daily basis.

    Hurricane Sandy Home DamageLast year’s east coast snowstorm was followed by Hurricane Sandy, which left a trail of devastation in its wake on the east coast. Recently, tornadoes in O

  2. Top 10 Worst Things to Find in Your Ice Machine

    1. Slime

    Slime in the Ice Machine GraphicThose from Texas are undoubtedly familiar with the late Marvin Zindler’s weekly report of foodservice establishments that had slime in their ice machine (Sliiiiiime in the ice machine!). Even after Zindler’s passing, slime in the ice machine continues to be a problem for bar and restaurant owners and can be terribly harmful to a business. This may define the business's overall character and speak volumes to how clean and sanitary the rest of their establishment may be. On a simpler level, it also sounds gross. No one wants to eat or drink at a place that is reported for having slime in the ice machine!


     2. Mold

  3. Scotsman Hotel Ice Machines and Ice Dispensers: Few Do it Better

    Whether you choose to accept it or not, the following is true: The ice machine is one of the most important parts of the hotel, and can positively or negatively affect the outcome of your guests’ stay. If your hotel ice machine frequently runs out of ice, or keeps your guest up all night by rattling and clanging through the ice making process, you can undoubtedly expect to see your name listed among the various “Do Not Stay” Lists on travel websites across the internet. The web has given travelers the ability to better communicate and share personal insight regarding the hotel and motel industry. It would be foolish to let a bad review caused by your ice machine deter guests from booking a room at your establishment.

    Fortunately, Scotsman provides ice machines that Bad Reviewoperate quietly and hotel ice dispensers which also keep noise to a m

  4. A Bar Glass Washer Does More than Wash Glasses

    A few days ago, I spent some time visiting a friend who was tending bar at a small, downtown pub. While it was nice to catch up, I was still keen to observe the place, noting what type of restaurant equipment was being used (a couple of back bar coolers, one from True, one from Beverage Air, a Hoshizaki ice machine and ice storage bin, and an ice well were all noted if you were interested.) While all of these fine products are available at Ice Machines Plus, I was more concerned with whatwas missing from the bar – a quality undercounter glass washer.

    Dry Cracked FingersWhen the bartender began washing glasses by hand in the three bay sink, she put on disposable latex gloves – something I found to be a bit odd. When I inquired, she noted that the hot water and chemicals in the water wreck her hands, causing them to crack, drying them out, a

  5. Complete Your Kitchen Redesign with Four New Appliances

    Whether you’re building a new home or simply redesigning your kitchen, there are a few appliances that deserve some consideration due to their quality and the services they provide. Scotsman’s CU50 is one of the best in-home ice makers on the market if you desire high quality, elegant, gourmet ice. U-Line’s beverage centers and refrigerators are a great complement to your personal bar or recreation room, and for the wine aficionado, no home is complete without one of U-Line’s expertly constructed wine captains. The best part about these appliances is that they combine style with functionality, and will fit in (or stand out if you desire) with any existing cabinetry or appliances you may already have in your home.

  6. Buying an Ice Machine for Your Snack Bar

    little league snack barWith spring in full bloom, the sound of batted balls, popping mitts, and competitive chatter has filled the majority of baseball and softball diamonds across the country. The beginning of America’s national pastime signifies the end of winter, and the start of longer, warmer days. This also means that it’s time to dust the cobwebs out of the old concession stand, and fire up the grill or griddle for business once again. You may also require a new ice machine for your snack bar so you can serve those delicious, ice cold beverages on hot summer days.

    If you run a concession stand or snack bar, the challenges you face are a bit different from those in a commercial restaurant. You may close up shop during the winter, and most of your equipment is probably used seasonally, which could help or

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