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  1. What Your Ice Machine Company Isn't Telling You

    Ice Machine SecretsShopping for major appliances can be a stressful process. When looking for a new commercial ice machine, some of the stats and features presented can be filled with overwhelming jargon or nonsense. At times it may be like trying to understand a foreign language. While most companies do not try to mislead the consumer, some of the information presented may not be understood easily by those who are reading it. For example, every ice machine is rated based on the amount of ice it has the ability to create in a 24 hour period. Very infrequently will an ice machine actually create the exact amount of ice that is listed in its name or description however. There are various factors (quality of construction, external temperatures) that affect each ice machine differently. Indeed, sometimes you can learn more fro

  2. Countertop Ice Makers: Know Your Options

    Author's Note: When I look for any new product, I always like to compare my options and get as much information as possible. While customer reviews are helpful, I find that opinions vary too often on the same product. This article reviews the facts about the four most popular countertop ice makers on our site, how they perform, and the price at which they are currently being sold (subject to change). This is to help you make the most educated choice possible, and if you have any further questions, please call us, email us, or leave them in the "Comments" area below.

    When it comes to finding the right countertop ice maker for your hospital or health care facility you have quite a few options. Every major ice machine provider has some sort of countertop ice maker to offer, but no two are exactly the same. We created this p

  3. With the Scotsman CU50, Less is More

    Woman in Hammock Reading By PoolYou know those warm summer weekends where everything seems to fall perfectly into place? The yardwork is finally done, the shade trees are in full bloom, and the kids have been shipped off to camp for the week. All of a sudden, you find the time to stir up a conversation with old friends, or find yourself relaxing in the sun in your hammock, on the patio, or by the pool. What could sour this moment? If, by the time you make your way from your ice maker to your lounge chair, your ice cubes have succumb to the warm air, and melted away in your glass, leaving you with a watered down, less than desirable beverage.

    On warmer days, it can be difficult for certain ice cubes to survive in your glass for a long period of time. You may find yourself cramming glasses full of cubes fresh from your current i

  4. How Well Do You Know Your Ice Machine?

    man in the ice machineAs far as you are probably concerned, your ice machine simply sits in the corner all day and continuously pumps out ice. But how well do you really know that magical machine that turns water into crystal clear cubes? If you are a bar or restaurant owner, your ice machine may be the cause of frequent headaches, costly repairs, and extended maintenance. Not all ice machine related topics need be boring or cause a headache however. That's why we created this short, 15 question quiz. While you may know some of the answers, we'd bet you can't get all of them right without a little help from Google. Find out just how much you know about the ice machine world, and acquire some new information in the process.

    If you are in the market for a new ice machine, you should take this quiz just to be aware

  5. Getting Back to Basics with Ice-O-Matic (and Golf!)

    Learning Golf SwingFor those involved in the sports world, it is common knowledge that the most basic and the simplest instructions are often the most important to follow before moving on to advanced tasks. Before you learn to snap hook your 3-iron (intentionally) around a tree, you learned to keep your head down and follow through on your golf swing. Before you learn how to hit a curveball, you learned simply to keep your eye on the ball in your backyard. In a race, you learned that a steady pace with a sprint at the finish would win far more races than those who emptied their tank in the first few legs. While it is advantageous to continue to train, learn, and evolve, no one succeeds at anything without first mastering the basics and fundamentals of the game. Ice-O-Matic and their ice machines are the epitome of this statement, and they have truly m

  6. Breathe Deep, Thanks to Ice-O-Matic and Green ReLeaf

    Ice-O-Matic Green ReLeaf IconRecent studies have shown that climate change is occurring at an incredibly rapid rate, and the effects of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are having an increasingly negative effect on our planet. The warming of the earth’s oceans is creating more devastating storms and contributing to coastal flooding and immense damage. In an effort to offset their global footprint and assist in the reforestation of the world, Ice-O-Matic created the Green ReLeaf program in association with the American Forests’ Global ReLeaf program. If your business has a “green” initiative, check out Ice-O-Matic and what they're doing to help the environment.

    American Forests was founded in 1875 when a few progressive minded folks in Chicago noted how rapidly cities were growing, and realized that America’s re

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