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  1. Is Your Restaurant Ready? Winter is Coming...

    Those familiar with the Stark family from Game of Thrones know their words well - “Winter is coming” - and know that it is spoken like a warning, an alert to prepare for the harsh winter ahead. These words are often better received in the restaurant world. Usually, winter in the foodservice industry means one thing: an increase in business. People are cooped up as the days get shorter and daylight wanes away. Eager to escape, many find themselves at the local pub, bar, or restaurant more frequently than in the summertime. Combine this with the return of football season and the holidays, and most in the foodservice industry will realize an uptick in business in the coming months.

    With an increase in business on the horizon, there is no time better than now to make sure that all of your commercial restaurant equipment is up to par, and ready to handle an increased workload. We compiled this guide that notes some of the problems that may befall major key pieces of e

  2. If It Must Be a Water Cooled Ice Machine, It Must Be...

    Water in GlassNowadays, water conservation is more important than ever. With a little research, you can find that around 780 million people lack access to improved drinking water supplies and 2.5 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation.¹ Those of us with access to clean water would be mindful not to waste such a precious resource. In the past, we’ve noted that water cooled ice machines are not only an expensive idea, but a wasteful one as well. Water cooled ice machines keep their condensers cool by using water and running it over the condenser and then purging it from the ice machine. In a single day, the largest water cooled ice machine may run through over 5,000 gallons of water or more when operating at maximum effort. That number adds up very quickly, especially if the ice machine is in use every day.

    We u

  3. Five Appliances to Consider for Your Next Semester

    It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter. Nights are a little cooler, and summer vacation is winding down. This can only mean one thing – No, not that football is almost back, but that the new school year is on the horizon. In order to ready yourself or your college student for the upcoming semester, we compiled five of our most popular items that will fit perfectly in the dorm room, frat house, or college apartment. Whether you need an ice machine for your “up-all-night” events, or require a compact refrigerator for your dorm room, Ice Machines Plus has something to suit you perfectly.

    Ice-O-Matic GEMU090GEMU090- Nugget

  4. A Closer Look at Ice-O-Matic

    Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine LogoIce-O-Matic is an ice machine company based out of Denver, Colorado. For over 60 years, they have been producing quality commercial ice machines for use in homes and businesses across the country. There is more to Ice-O-Matic than simply ice machines however. They are involved in the Green Releaf effort, in partnership with American Forests. They are the only company to offer ice machines with "Top Air Discharge", which we will elaborate on later. Their ice machines offer more ice per dollar spent than any other ice machine company in the country, and they also offer the longest warranty in the industry! If your interest isn't mildly piqued, you may want to check your pulse... Continue reading to find out what separates Ice-O-Matic even further from the competition.

  5. Embrace the Ice Machine, Bag the Bag Buying.

    Say No To Bagged ice Did you know that it costs more than twice as much money to create pennies and nickels than the actual penny and nickel are worth? This seems a bit unreasonable – we’re in the midst of one of the worst financial crises in recent memory, yet no one can figure out that if it costs more to create a product than the product's actual worth, then we should probably find a new means of completing the process – or eliminate it altogether. Rather than get your blood boiling over something you can’t control however, why not seek an alternative solution in an area over which you have more control, and also save yourself some money over time – with an ice machine that eliminates your need to purchase bagged ice forever.

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