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  1. Ice-O-Matic Releases New HIS Undercounter Ice Machine

    Ice-O-Matic HISU050 compared to ICEU070To clarify, Ice-O-Matic is offering a new undercounter ice machine to both males and females, but Ice-O-Matic has labeled these new units with the acronym “HIS”. (HIS stands for Horizontal Ice System- All of the ice machines in the HIS Series feature a horizontal evaporator plate). Similar in construction to the ICEU070, HIS ice machines from Ice-O-Matic offer many of the same benefits, but create a different type of ice cube – standard, full size cubes. (The ICEU070 makes gourmet cubes). HIS undercounter ice machines take in and release air from the front of the unit, so there is no side clearance required, which allows this ice machine can fit seamlessly among other appliances or bar equipment. HIS undercounter ice machines from Ice-O-Matic are the newest way Ice-O

  2. Manitowoc Koolaire Ice Machines- Simplified Ice Making

    Those familiar with Manitowoc know how reliable and complex ice machines from their Indigo Series are. For some though, these ice machines may seem too complex to achieve what boils down to a relatively simple objective – making ice. The Indigo Series has been renowned for its technological features, programmable ice making, and up to the minute diagnostics and reports. With the introduction of the Koolaire Series, Manitowoc has scaled back the “bonus features” to offer a simplified ice machine – one that features only three basic control switches – “On”, “Off”, and “Clean”. There is no guesswork with Koolaire ice machines. They are another exceptional option, adding to Manitowoc’s already stellar line of reliable ice machines.

  3. Your Restaurant Social Scene Just Got a Lot Bigger

    But first, this- If you're wondering, "Why am I about to read a blog post from an ice machine company regarding social media and the restaurant business?", let us explain. Most of us here have worked the majority of our lives in the bar and restaurant industry. With the development of our content and social media department at Ice Machines Plus, we are now able to share firsthand knowledge of the industry, and regarding the way we've seen social media grow not only in the foodservice industry, but in ours as well. (Many of the mistakes we note in this article were learned first hand.) Now, we hope to pass on a few of these lessons so your social campaigns can be more successful. Whether you need new restaurant equipment, or tips for a bit of added exposure in the social media world, we hope our site will be of some assistance.

    Social Media: Reshaping the Restaurant Landscape

    The days

  4. A Quiet Ice Machine is Key for Hotel Guests' Rest

    Do Not Disturb Sign on Door KnobWhile recently browsing hotel reviews, we noticed a recurring trend coming to light - a lot of people are unsatisfied with their overnight hotel stays due to the noise created by an obnoxious ice machine! The negative reviews were varied – some complained about room cleanliness or poor room service, but the ice machine was the number one culprit when it came to ruining guests’ sleep time. Whether it was from a whirring condenser, the clanging of a malfunctioning machine, the sound of ice dropping in the middle of the night, or the noise made by people accessing ice - a room next to the ice machine was often conducive to a poor night of rest.

    For most hotel and motel owners (save for ski resorts and those in more temperate climates), the summer months bring the greatest influx of visitors. This is the

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