With the holidays in the rearview, now is a great time to consider some household repairs or additions that could benefit you in the future. You can finally start thinking about improving the patio or pool area by adding a machine that creates the country’s favorite ice. Maybe your refrigerator ran out of ice during your New Year’s Eve party, and you had to leave and scramble to find a store that hadn’t yet shut for the year. Or worse, maybe your guests were left without ice for the remainder of the evening. Maybe you simply love chewing on ice, and are partial to the chewable nuggets that can seemingly only be found or bought at the local quick serve restaurant.

Thankfully, many of your ice related issues can be solved by one simple, undercounter ice maker – the Ice-O-Matic GEMU090. Need up to 85 pounds of ice produced every day? The GEMU090 can help. Want to assure that you have ice on hand for parties, special occasions, or social get-togethers? Th