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  1. 4 Ways a Commercial Ice Maker Makes Sense for Busy Bars

    Efficiency can make or break a busy bar.  Patrons want their drinks fast and ice-cold.  Fresh ice has to be kept on hand at all times to make drinks. Melted ice can be a real buzzkill for customers and bartenders.

    This is where the bar-back enters the scene.  Several times a night, they will run buckets of ice from the modular commercial ice maker in the back up to the front of the house.  This is in addition to all of the other duties that they perform through the course of their job.  A TON of stress gets put on the bar-back to make sure that the whole operation runs smoothly.  

    During rushes, a bar-back sometimes can’t get the ice to the bartender fast enough.  Drinks whiz off of the bar into patrons’ hands at lightning speed, and the bar-back has to constantly go back to get ice. An under-counter Manitowoc ice machine might be just the thing that your bartender needs. With one of these machines, ice is instantly available from a commercial ice maker and the bar-back can focus on other important work.

    An under-counter commercial ice maker drives efficiency (and takes some of the load off of your bar-back).

    The fresh ice from the Manitowoc ice machine allows your patrons to fully experience their drinks. 

    manitowoc ice maker

     Clean, strong drinks are extremely important to customers, and proper ice plays a big part in this.  If they believe that they are getting more of a value, they will pay more and tip better.  

    With a smaller commercial ice maker in the front, the bar-back can spend more time expediting patrons’ orders, clearing glasses, cutting and creating garnishes, and cleaning the bar. You’re taking excuses for bad tips off of the table because the bar runs more efficiently.

    The bar-back trains under the bartender, learning how to be a bartender themselves one day.  If they’re getting ice all the time during the busy times, they don’t have time to observe their mentor.  A Manitowoc ice maker will give your bar-backs more time to observe the bartender at work.

    Here’s the most important advantage of having a Manitowoc ice maker under the bar: bartenders can get drinks faster to patrons.  When the patrons are happy, they tip more, and good tips make for happy bartenders who are more passionate about their work.  

    We’ve found that the best setup for busy bars is to have an under-counter ice maker at the bar and a modular ice maker in the back.  Everyone has access to ice, and the bar can run like a well-oiled machine.  If you’re finding that it’s taking too long to get a drink at your bar, consider that under-counter ice machine.  It really can make all the difference.

  2. Take Your Drinks up a Notch with Ice O Matic Ice Machines

    Bartenders, like all artists, constantly search for the latest and greatest in their craft.  They are bastions of innovation, striving to find that extra ‘something’ which will wow their patrons and increase their own income.  Recently, the more modern bartenders have been turning their creative eye toward ice and their commercial ice machine.  

    Ice can make the difference between ‘meh’ and ‘wow!’ for a patron.

    A bartender’s commercial ice machine is more than merely an appliance.  That Ice-o-Matic under counter ice machine might be responsible for delivering a cube which turns an ordinary night into magic.  It’s the bartender who makes it happen, using care, creativity, and passion to deliver the experience as well as the drink.

    New drinks are crafted all the time.  Substitutions which change the entire dynamic of the drink often get made.  For example, a bartender might decide to use flake ice instead of cubed ice for their next venture, transforming a normal Jack and Coke into something which feels completely different on the palate.   It’s all about elevating the libations toward the experience that they strive for. .

    Some bars are small enough to warrant only one commercial ice machine.  Others require an under counter Ice-O-Matic and need a modular ice machine in the back to pick up the slack.  Whatever it takes to keep the magic going.  The magic of delighting patrons doesn’t stop with a single appliance.

    Will an Ice O Matic commercial ice machine handle the new creations?

    Of course!  ice o matic has several styles to fit the needs of bartenders everywhere.  Each commercial ice machine has different a different style and capability.  Does the drinkmaster want to devise a flake ice sculpture?  How about cocktails?  Neither are a problem because there’s an ice machine that can handle the load.

    The ice that a bartender uses in a drink can make or break the flavor, appearance, and overall ‘feel’ of the drink.  Because of this, they are constantly experimenting with ice and consistently on the search for the perfect cube to completely make th experience.  More traditional bartenders work hard to elevate the old stand-bys to encourage their patrons to go ‘wow.’  Whether the drink was just created yesterday or around for hundreds of years, the ice served from the Ice-o-Matic commercial ice machine makes a difference.

    With the rise of molecular gastronomy, bartenders are taking drinks to entirely new alchemical levels.  For example, there are some very fancy new drinks that use techniques like dehydration or spherification.  Traditional bartenders are also turning to the nuances of ice to elevate old standards. Whether new or old, the ice served from the ice o matic commercial ice machine makes a difference in the cocktails people drink.  

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