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  1. Ice Bucket Challenge Numbers

    Like you, we’ve been watching the ALS ice bucket challenge spread like wildfire around the Internet. People have been challenging their friends, neighbors, celebrities, and even orange traffic cones to take the challenge.  They’re complying, too (well, we haven’t seen the orange cone video yet).  Judging by the number of Youtube videos, over 1 million people have taken up the challenge.  

    This is incredibly encouraging news, because not only does it draw attention to a degenerative disease, it also means that more than one countertop ice maker out there is working a little more to make perfect cubes of ice.  Yes, there are some people out there who are putting ice in their ice buckets to make it extra cold! We wondered just how much ice has been used in all those bucke

  2. The Benefits of an Ice Machine Filter

    Most of the time, the ice in your restaurant stays unnoticed, like the owner’s manual of any small appliance.  When something goes wrong, the ice in your ice machine takes center stage.  By installing a water filter, you’re taking a positive step to keep that ice maker away from the spotlight.

    What do water filters do?

    3M Cuno ICE145-S Ice Machine FilterWater filters remove the particulates and chemicals which remain from the main water supply.  These chemicals might include chlorine, fluorine, sand, and dirt that might have dissolved in the water.

    A water filter might be considered an optional attachment to some, but to many restaurants, it’s an essential piece of equipment.  Here are six benefits of using a commercial ice filter.  

    Your ice is cleaner and tast

  3. Give Your Manitowoc Ice a Tan

    We have been amazed with the rise of health inspections mentioning ice machines that have mold, dirt, slime, and other material in them.  This is especially shocking when we know that the newer machines like the Manitowoc ice machines have a wide range of features and attachments that make cleaning a snap.

    Give your Manitowoc Ice a Tan

    We are firm believers in cleanliness, as clean surfaces not only extend the life of your Manitowoc ice machines, but they keep your restaurants away from the negative spotlight that health inspectors can give.  While they don’t automatically come attached to the Manitowoc Ice machines, we’ve found that the Luminice Growth Inhibitor leaves the ice in the bin cleaner and fresher.

    Luminice Growth Inhibitors are installed directly into your Manitowoc ice machines so you don’t have to worry about where you&rsqu

  4. What Can You Expect from Scotsman Ice Countertop Ice Makers?

    Each variety of ice machine serves a definitive purpose and function.  The modular machines are the stand alone workhorses that you’ll find on hotel floors and in commercial kitchens.  Undercounter machines can be found in many bars, as they are perfect for bartenders to just grab a scoop of ice to put into their bar blenders.   Countertop ice machines bridge the gap between the front and back of the house.

    Scotsman Ice makes incredible countertop ice machines.Ice Cubes  Because of the company’s devotion to quality and longevity, this company has become one of the major players within the ice machine industry.  What can you expect from Scotsman ice machines?

    Convenience for the user

    Countertop ice machines are traditionally smaller than modular ice machines because they are designed to fit

  5. What’s wrong with this Crazy Ice Machine?!

    Ice machines are often taken for granted, right up until they go on the blink.  No ice can mean drinks aren’t served.  No ice can also mean that a hospital patient might not get that soothing relief for their tonsillectomy.  Ice machines need to be working at all times and any down time has to be minimized.   Waiting for a repair person to come out can be excruciating.  Companies like Manitowoc Ice know this and have come up with solutions to lower the down time and keep the ice flowing.

    Commercial Ice Machines get an Upgrade

    Manitowoc ice machine You have most likely seen the error messages on printers when they’ve run out of paper or are low on toner.  Ice machines can be a lot more complicated than printers, so Manitowoc Ice has started installing diag

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