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  1. Why Prevent Legionnaire's Disease In Your Ice Machine?

    Legionnaires - 022715 - v1 Sanitizing your commercial ice machine is incredibly important, not just because an unsanitary ice machine is a target for health inspectors, but it is also a breeding ground for Legionnaires’ disease.  We’ve learned about several ice machines which tested positive in the Northern Arizona Veterans Affairs Health Care System

    Legionella bacterium cause Legionnaire’s disease, which is a type of lung infection or pneumonia.  It got its name from an outbreak which happened at the American Legion in 1976.  Most cases, however, are isolated and happen without much publicity.

    If you believe that you’ve got Legionnaire’s from a tainted wat

  2. Ice-O-Matic Hotel Ice Machines

    Hotel Regardless of whether you’re running a huge hotel or a tiny motel, your guests need ice.  It’s estimated that the average hotel ice maker produces at least 5 pounds of ice per guest per day, but do your machines measure up to fulfill the needs of your customers?

    The Ice-O-Matic Hotel Ice Makers really make the grade. They can produce anywhere from 300 pounds of ice for the tiny hostel environment all the way up to the ice machines which make over 900 pounds of ice per day – something that’s great for the long hotel floors.  There’s something for everyone in between, too.

    With a stainless steel design, the hotel ice makers made by Ice-O-Matic are not only easy to clean, but they readily fit the hotel ice buckets

  3. Making Craft Soda with the Ice-O-Matic GEMD270A

    Cherry Soda Our creative ingenuity knows no bounds, especially when it comes to new things to eat and drink.  Admittedly, we’re tired of using our ice from the Ice-O-Matic GEMD270A for just plain old commercial soda. Then we got an idea. Why not spice things up a little bit with some homemade sodas?

    Like the big commercial soda makers, homemade soda is made from a soda syrup. If you can make a simple syrup, you can make a soda. You can also buy commercial soda syrups.  We’re fond of making it ourselves and getting our hands a little bit sticky.

    For commercial syrups, pour some syrup at the bottom and mix in enough club soda to your tastes. The more soda water, the less sweet it will be. You can also add other ingredients or add beautiful gar

  4. Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines for Quick Serve Restaurants

    IceOMaticIce-O-Matic ice machines are at the top of their game for being the ice machine for health care, grocery stores, and churches, but they’ve also got a product line especially suited for the quick serve restaurant industry.  This is the ‘ground and pound’ part of restaurant service, where ice is paramount to customer satisfaction.  For larger locations, it’s not unheard of to have two or three machines on the floor because of their quiet-running brutal efficiency.

    The Ice-O-Matic ICE0500HA, is a half cube ice machine that crunches and tastes just a little better than the full cubes.  It fits neatly on top of its bin which can accommodate almost a full day’s worth of production.  These two pieces of equipment fit toget

  5. Ice-O-Matic's GEM0650A Ice Maker: GEMU090's Bigger Brother

    ice-o-matic-gem0650a We’ve talked a little bit about how Ice-O-Matic’s GEMU090 machine is the perfect pearl ice machine for doctor’s offices, waiting areas, and other areas where keeping clients happy is at a premium.  The GEMU090 is great for the smaller applications, but what about a restaurant ice machine or an ice machine for buffets?

    For larger restaurants, a GEM0650A might be just the thing for providing perfect drinks to your patrons. It provides up to 740 pounds of pearl ice every day, which makes it a great option for mid-volume restaurants.  Many pounds of ice can be stored in the separate bin for use throughout the day. Here’s what you get

  6. Ice Machines Plus Scratch and Dent

    Scratch and Dent Have you ever wondered what happens to equipment that’s gotten a bit scratched from the manufacturer? We have a big sale! We sell it at a reduced scratch and dent price. For that, we’ve created the Scratch and Dent Outlet at Ice Machines Plus.

    All of the machines that find their way to our scratch and dent outlet are new, but they’re being sold as is.  Most of the time, the only thing that excludes them from our normal inventory are cosmetic issues. If you don’t mind a little external wear and tear, you can have a new working ice machine for cheaper than new that will work just as long as a new one.

    For example, right now, we have Scotsman HD22B-1 120lb Hotel Ice Dispenser available for $1,679.  That’s a significant savings

  7. Scotsman CU1526SA: Commercial Ice Machine Dynamo

    Full Cube Made by Scotsman Undercounter Ice Machines When you’re looking for a commercial ice machine for your bar that doesn’t take up a lot of space and doesn’t require a lot of hassle, it’s time to consider the Scotsman CU1526SA.  It doesn’t appear like much, but it still packs a lot of power within its small frame.

    At just over 2 feet wide, it’s easy to find a place to put the Scotsman ice machine.  It stands, with its 6 inch legs, at close to four feet, which makes the ice inside just within reaching distance for a busy bartender. There’s no need to provide clearance in the back or on the side, as the exhaust is done from the front.

    The machine pumps out 150 pounds of i

  8. Illinois Man Creates Self-Service Ice House

    Ice House Could self-serve ice machines become the next trend for the consumer and convenience store market?  Zachary Beatty of Morris, IL believes so.  He’s taken the first steps to get his ice house zoned and regulated. 

    The building itself is 9 feet wide by 26 feet long and 15 feet high.  There is not only an ice machine in the building, but a mechanized way of dispensing 20 pound bags of ice right into customer coolers.  Water will also be offered from the small house at 25 cents a gallon.

    What he’s hoping is that the boaters who are coming up the Illinois River need to ice down their fish.  Beatty also believes that people from around the area will come to the self-contained ice machine to pick up their ice for parties and other events.

    What this demonstrates is the fact that people with

  9. Commercial Ice Machines Make Great Charitable Donations

    scotsman cu1526sa-1a When people give to charity, they think more about curing cancer, stopping dangerous diseases, and generally changing the world.  In reality, a lot of charity goes to the installation of ice machines, repairing buildings, and other practical things which make the lives of those who work to help others better. 

    Commercial ice machines make great charity items because they are not necessarily the first thing that people think about. The lack of that machine can be a sore spot for many organizations.  Let’s take a look at the Delaware Hospice. A local community-centered organization called the Rose Colored Lasses helped them out by donating money to their cause. 

    “Last year’s donation enabled the center to purchase a c

  10. Reminisce With a Metalfrio Milk Cooler

    Milk Cooler Some of the best memories that we have of school revolve around lunchtime in the cafeteria.  Getting to spend time with friends, talking about the day without having to think about the subjects learned in class, and finally getting a meal to prepare us for the second half of the day are just some of the memories. We also remember reaching into the school milk cooler and pulling out a little carton of whole milk, ready for drinking.

    Sometimes, there would even be chocolate milk.  And, while the carton would offer that paper flavor, the milk would be so soothing and satisfying if we got to it while it was still cold.

    Now that we’re adults, we don’t have time to truly romanticize the School Milk Coolers that we once delved into with tiny little fingers.  Times have changed, and technology has advan

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