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  1. The Car Wash of Dishwashers: The Conveyor Dishwasher

    champion dishwasher Dishwashers come in all shapes and sizes for commercial settings, but one type stands out if you need a constant stream of clean. That type is the conveyor dishwasher. Think of it like a car wash for dishes. Dirty racks go on one end, clean dishes come out the other ready for reuse.

    Some units are quite small, while others are very large. The size you’ll need depends on how many racks per hour you need to wash and whether you want additional components like a booster heater or a drying unit. One of our smaller units, the Fagor FL-200W-NB, can wash up to 150 racks per hour and is insulated for sound so it can be used in larger bars and restaurants. However, it does not have a boo

  2. Keep it Clean with Water Filtration

    Steamer Oven Open Water filtration systems are responsible for taking out the mineral deposits and filter out impurities.  Having pure water in the kitchen heightens the flavor of the food and also lowers the corrosion on the parts.

    For instance, one machine that bakeries use often is a steamer oven. By introducing steam at the right time in the baking process, loaves puff faster and get a good crust. But if those steam vents start to become blocked, the oven won’t get steam and the loaves could burn. It could also create a dangerous situation if the relief valve is also clogged.

    What could clog these vents? Mineral deposits in your water, that’s what! If you live in an area with hard wate

  3. Get a Combo!

    Sushi plate Most ice machines come in two main pieces. There is a head unit that actually makes the ice, and a bin that collects it. This lets customers decide how big of a bin they need for their business. But sometimes you just want an all in one unit that handles both ice production and ice storage.

    Enter our ice machine combos. Whether you’re looking for a standard bin or a hotel ice dispenser, our combination models come in every major brand. We’ve got Ice-O-Matic, Hoshizaki, Scotsman, and Manitowoc combo cubers ready for your kitchen or hotel lobby.

    For instance, take the ENERGY STAR rated ICE806FA Air-Cooled 897 LB Full Cube Ice Machine combined with the CD40030 dispenser from Ice-O-Matic. This machine combination can pump out 897 pounds of ice every 24 hours, 37 pounds an hour! This dynamo only uses 5.

  4. If You Know Nothing About Commercial Ice Machines, Know This

    Ice_machine_easy_combo_shop Commercial ice machines, like cars, have moving parts within them that can break down and otherwise cause hassles for you and your coworkers.  And, like cars, there are people out there who can take them apart and put them together blindfolded.  Others, not so much.  Here’s what you need to know about ice machines even if you know nothing about ice machines

    It comes with an owner’s manual

    Owner’s manuals are like gold in some places because they outline the little differences between one machine and the other.  They also provide recommendations on cleaning schedules and more.  Reading the owner’s manual will truly make the difference.

    Weird noises aren’t good

    Just like in your car, if it’s making

  5. Warning: You're Losing Money If You Are Not Using the Right Ice Machine

    Rusty Ice Machine That ice machine chugging away in your business could be secretly costing you money. It’s true! Want to know why? Excess energy and water costs. Here’s what you need to do to make sure your machine works well for you:

    1. Unmaintained machine

    All machines require periodic maintenance. If your machine hasn’t been serviced in a long time then it could be working much harder than it needs to. Notably, scale buildup can make a machine work too hard, and will eventually break the machine if it isn’t cleaned. Take out that owner’s manual and look through the recommended maintenance schedule.

    1. Wrong-sized machine

    Do you look in your ice bin and see a glacier at the bottom that you never touch with your scoop? You may want to consider tr

  6. Need it Quick? Try our Quick Ship Program

    Quick Ship Box Sometimes, a piece of equipment gives up the ghost and you don’t have time to wait a week or two for it to arrive.  There’s just no way that you can be down for that length of time, because every day without it means lost revenue.  Fortunately, there are shipping solutions which can quickly get your new ice machine to you. 

    We created our Quick Ship program here at Ice Machines Plus because we understand your need for speed.  For certain models in our lineup, we can ship the equipment to your business with 48 hours, subject to certain restrictions.

    This program is only available to addresses within the lower 48 states. Orders have to be placed before 2 PM Eastern. Orders placed after that time will ship out the nex

  7. Key Points for Ice Bin Buying

    bin image - not ice One of the confusing parts about buying an ice machine is that the ice machine and the bin are normally two separate components. The reason for this is that different industries have different needs for storage.  An establishment which is fairly low volume needs a bin with less capacity than its higher-volume counterparts.

    When ordering a bin, you need to make sure that the ice machine you choose is compatible with it. A seal is formed between the machine and the bin to preserve the ice. The wrong combination could be costly.

    Another thing that differentiates a bin is whether or not an anti-microbial treatment has been applied to the surface. Some bins also have UV lights for additional protection. An ice scoop

  8. Sanitize Your Ice Machine: Your Life Depends on It

    Sanitize Your Ice Machines We’re seeing reports of another ice machine at a VA hospital that’s testing positive for Legionnaires’ disease.  This time, it’s in Tampa at the CW Bill Young VA Medical Center. 

    A 64-year-old man died of pneumonia and also tested positive for the disease at the center.  The VA has mentioned that the man died of medical complications.  The hospital itself cannot confirm that the patient was exposed to the deadly bacteria while at the center.

    The VA and other hospitals do routine testing for the bacteria that causes Legionnaire’s disease in order to prevent such an outbreak from happening.  It takes vigilance and a clean water system to make sure that these types of incidents don’t happen.

    At the VA, there were

  9. Try Nugget Ice in One of these 200+ Smoothie Recipes

    Smoothie Recipes There are several things that you can slip into smoothies, and nugget ice is one of the best.  No calories, takes up significant volume, and chills all at the same time.  And, if you’re using nugget ice in your smoothies, you’re already starting with a product that people love.

    Smoothies and slushies are really good for the summer months, but you can also find them around in the wintertime.  Very little can beat being inside and slurping on a wonderful slushie while watching the snow outside, in a warm room of course. 

    We’ve brought together several selections of smoothies that can call for nugget ice instead of regular cubes.  Experiment with the quantity until you find just the right b

  10. It Warms Our Heart to See that Luxury Hotels Think About Ice Machines

    Luxury Hotel with Ice Machines What makes a hotel special? What makes clients come back again and again to revel in your version of hospitality? Casey Obie Barrett, VP of Obie Companies, believes that he has what it takes to provide a special experience to guests.

    The Inn at 500 Capitol in Boise will be the flagship, the feature which sets the bar for the other amenities in the hotel.  “It’s the attention to detail.  It’s the little things that you wouldn’t really think matter, and they all add up.”

    That’s the key, and this type of attention to detail goes right down to their ice machines.  Staff will be filling up bags of ice so that customers do not have to hear patrons trying to get ice on their own. 

    “We came to Boise becau

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