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  1. Make your Catering Easier with This

    Food Truck When you think about catered events, you might think about the food, the drinks, and the entire glorious affair.  What you might not think about is are the ice machines which can make or break that party. It’s crucial to have enough ice on hand for your high-value affair so that the shrimp can be chilled, the salad looks just so, and the rest of it comes off without a hitch.

    If your catering company has a ‘home base’ for its operations, where it cooks and then brings things onto the site, then it’s possible to install a Scotsman Ice Machine right on the premises so that ice is right there on the spot.  A catering ice machine can turn ordinary parties into rip-roaring shindigs.

    You bring the control back into your hands.  There’s no need to worry about where you’re going to get the ice on the client’s site – because all you have to do is bring it with you in safety buckets.  Or, it can also be brought over in some of the convenient bags which you can purchase. It’s all about keeping the clients happy, and the party happening.

    Take a few moments to think about the morale that will be gained by your team just by having an easily accessible ice machine on your gigs.  

  2. Is your Ice Scoop Scratched?

    ice-scoop There is an essential accessory to every ice machine. Most people never even think about it until it’s missing. It keeps ice from becoming dirty. It fills bins and glasses without complaint. We’re talking about the humble ice scoop.

    If you’ve been reading our blog, you’ve read many articles about what happens when employees scoop ice with their hands. That causes bacterial infections that could dirty the entire bin, make your customers sick, and give your restaurant a black mark on a health inspection. Scooping ice with a glass is almost worse. Ever try to find broken glass inside of a bin of ice? It’s impossible to get it all. The whole batch must be dumped so the bin can be cleaned.

    One of the brands of scoop we sell is Browne Foodservice. They come in several different sizes and materials, have a finger grip handle, a round bottom, and a lovely polished sheen. They can be considered the best utilitarian ice scoop for the job.


    Take a look at your scoop. Is it made of plastic? Is it starting to scratch? Are you afraid it’ll break one day when you’re filling the ice bucket? Try a metal scoop instead from Browne Foodservice. And don’t use your hands!

  3. Blend ALL the Drinks with the Vitamix 5201

    vitamixIf you own a bar, you already know you need ice. You also need a blender and only the best will do. If you have a very busy bar, you may have had to placate a customer while the blender is occupied, or juggle multiple blender jars. Wouldn’t it be great to just mix up those 10 daiquiris all at once?

    Now you can! Today we’re talking about the Vitamix 5201. Vitamix is a well-known commercial blender brand. These blenders can chew through ice like its nothing with its 4.2 HP peak output motor. This is an extra-large model that can blend 1.5 gallons, yes gallons, at a single shot! That’s 192 ounces! It also comes with a 64 oz. blender jar for smaller jobs.

    The Vitamix 5201 has a variable speed dial so bartenders can blend their drinks and smoothies to the consistency they prefer. The blender comes with an accelerator tool to help with dense ingredients, and a removable lid plug to add additional ingredients during blending. The blades are made out of stainless steel and clean easily.

    With this blender, you can handle all the drink orders your customers throw at you. Visit our web page to learn more about this blender and the rest of our Vitamix lineup.

  4. Presto Equipment at Ice Machines Plus

    presto Ice machines are our main business, but we have plus in our name for a reason. We deal in several other kinds of restaurant equipment for our customers. Today, we want to highlight our Presto brand equipment. We sell Presto meat slicers and commercial mixers.

    No deli or sandwich shop could get away without owning a slicer these days. Adjustable meat slicers let restaurants slice meat to whatever thinness they need off of a larger hunk. Meat slicers also work well for many cheeses, though this depends on the cheese and the model. They are essential pieces of equipment for anyone who handles sandwich meats. We carry Presto’s 10” model and 12” model, plus a deluxe 12” model.

    Presto is also a well-respected brand for standing mixers. Any restaurant that needs dough needs a large-sized mixer for mixing it in large quantities. Presto has 10 quart, 20 quart, and 30 quart models and we carry them all. All models come with a bowl guard, a wire whip, a flat beater and a dough hook. All models that we carry are planetary mixers and are gear driven, not belt driven.

    The Presto mixers and slicers stand for high quality and a dedication to making sure that the prep for your restaurant is carried off without a hitch.  From huge bowls of food to giant slices of meat, Presto can handle it all. 

  5. Metalfrio Bar Refrigerators

    Metalfrio Metalfrio has been making refrigeration equipment for over 50 years.  They’re a well-respected worldwide brand.  These masters of refrigeration have been making many sizes of undercounter bar refrigerators for years, and we’re very thankful for them.  They’re a must for any barkeep who wants to keep their beer and condiments chilled.

    Metalfrio sells many types of bar refrigeration, and we sell two main types from their lineup. The first is a bottle cooler. Bottle coolers can fit under the bar or at the back of the bar. They’re designed to keep beer and wine cooler bottles cold and secure. All models have lockable doors and a removable bottle opener and lid catcher. They’re great for storing bottles of alcohol that every bar has but doesn’t need a fancy display for. We sell 50” and 65” varieties.

    Back bar coolers are meant to go against the back of the bar under the liquor. There are two main varieties. One has solid stainless-steel doors and the other has glass doors. The glass door models can form an attractive display case to show off special items and help barbacks find what the customer needs. The solid ones are good for bars that don’t have an undercounter refrigerator. They can store their gear behind them without putting it on display. We offer Metalfrio’s 11.8, 15.8, and 19.6 cubic ft. models in both solid door and glass door.

    All of these models have 8 ft electrical cords that work with normal 120v outlets. No fancy plugs necessary! Check out our store catalog page for more information about our Metalfrio models.

  6. You're Gonna Need a Bigger Bin

    Cornelius We have many different ice machines here in our catalog, but sometimes a company needs a machine that’s a little more special. Something that doesn’t just make ice, but makes a LOT of ice. Like enough ice for huge institutional settings like schools, prisons, or hospitals. We have just the machine for you.

    The IMI Cornelius CCM1448WF2 Nordic Water Cooled 1458 Lb Full Cube Ice Machine is the machine for you. This is one big ice machine head. This low-noise, compact unit can pump out 1,458 pounds of ice every day. Every day! You’re gonna need a bigger bin.

    It is a water-cooled unit, so you may need to check your local restrictions on whether or not it can be installed. However, because it is water cooled you can install it in many places an air cooled machine can’t go. The oversized condenser doesn’t need filters, so there’s no need for regular changes. It’s also only 26” x 48” x 24” in size. It is made of stainless steel and Agion antimicrobial protection coatings.

    If you need all the ice you can handle, get this big boy installed today. The IMI Cornelius CCM1448WF2 is a solid machine that can give you the cubes you want.

  7. Celebrate Earth Day!

    Earth Day In honor of Earth Day, we’re going to talk a little bit about conservation.  While you might be looking for the perfect restaurant ice machine, it’s important to remember that every ice machine uses quite a lot of water for its operation, which means that there are always opportunities to save water.

    Get ENERGY STAR Equipment

    If you’re not on board with ENERGY STAR equipment, you’re not on board with saving money.  The EPA set up this program in order to save carbon emissions, rewarding manufacturers of this equipment with incentives which go beyond saving water.

    Repair Your Leaks

    If you’ve got this slow, drippy leak that you’ve had forever, is there a reason that you’re keeping it around?  The water is pouring out of your pipes, and what you’d spend on a plumber is eclipsed by the amount of water that you’re wasting.

    Pack Your Dishwasher

    Just because you’ve got a few dishes does not mean that you have to immediately wash them.  Wait until the rack is already full before you turn on the dishwasher, whether you’re running an undercounter dishwasher or a conveyor dishwasher.

    Reuse Water when you can

    If there’s a way to use water for other purposes, do it.  The water which we have is precious, and should be used as the tool that it is – not simply used once and then discarded.

    Don’t Thaw Under Running Water

    While it’s one way to defrost food, putting food under a stream of running water isn’t doing anyone any favors.  Especially when you’ve got the ability to use rethermalizers or other equipment.  A little planning goes a long way in this instance.

    For this Earth Day, make a commitment to saving water for your restaurant.  By doing so, you are not only helping the planet, but helping yourself to saving money. 

  8. Ice Machine Considerations

    chewable ice There’s no denying our love for ice machines.  We believe that they should be installed everywhere, from church ice machines to hospital ice machines.  When we see the new schools going up in our area, you guessed it, we think of school ice machines.

    When you’re thinking about what kind of ice machine you should get, you should think about the volume of ice that will need to be served. Fortunately, the larger volume ice machines that you need are usually not that much bigger than the other volumes, so you’ll be able to fit it into the necessary space. 

    The second thing, right after the volume that you’re after will be your budget. The question is whether you can get some ice versatility.  In other words, is it possible to get what you need on a limited number of machines?  What types of ice do you need?

    That brings us to the third question.  What type of ice do you need?  For the drinks that you’re serving by the boatload, you’ll most likely need cube or half cube.  For those bumps and bruises, you might resort to having a flake ice machine rather than a pellet ice machine.

    Ice machines are incredibly versatile, and they play a fantastic role in soothing the savage hearts of the students.  Cool them down, make them happy, and celebrate the day. 

  9. Do you Like to Chew Ice?

    Chewable Ice Some people just love to chew ice. Other people might find the sound annoying, but they can’t help themselves. It may seem like a compulsion. It may surprise you to know that this habit has been documented for at least 400 years! Medical texts from the 1600s talk about women who had compulsions to chew on cold things like snow.

    Dentists say that chewing on ice can be damaging to the teeth, and that’s what set Scotsman out on a quest. Scotsman wanted to develop an ice that was soft enough to chew without damaging teeth. In 1981, they figured out how to make soft pellet ice with a new type of machine. This type of ice has a higher liquid water content than cube ice. The extra water makes the ice much easier to chew. It also cools things quickly, but melts much faster, than normal ice.

    If you have ever been to a Sonic drive-in restaurant, you’ve had this kind of ice. In fact, many people call this kind of ice Sonic ice. Pellet ice is also popular in hospital settings because ill people have an easier time chewing or sucking on it. It is also more difficult to choke on pellet ice.

    If you’re considering pellet ice for your business, we have a wide range of machines to choose from. Check out our selection today.

  10. ENERGY STAR and Easy Cleaning - The Scotsman CU3030MA-1

    Full Cube Made by HISU Undercounter Ice Machines Energy conservation is a crucial topic for any restaurant or bar that wants to maximize their profits. The more ice you can make for any given quantity of electricity and water, the better, right? The ENERGY STAR program is a good place to start looking for an energy efficient ice machine. To get an ENERGY STAR label, a machine has to undergo rigorous testing to check its resource consumption.

    Here’s an example of one of our ENERGY STAR-compliant machines. The Scotsman CU3030MA-1 is an air-cooled undercounter ice machine that can pump out quite a lot of ice. The machine can make 250 pounds every 24 hours and can hold 110 pounds in its integrated storage bin. It has a self-contained air-cooled condenser. And it’s ENERGY STAR Certified. The machine uses a mere 18 gallons of water and 8.5 kWh of electricity to make 100 pounds of ice.

    It also has user-friendly features. It has auto-alert indicator lights to tell users when something is wrong. The top lid and door remove quickly for easy cleaning. It also uses Scotsman’s WaterSense technology to purge water after every freezing cycle.

    This small machine is excellent for anyone that needs a lot of ice on a small footprint.

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