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  1. Follett's Satellite Fill System is More Sanitary

    R400WIf you’ve ever worked in a fast food restaurant or sat in one long enough, you’ll see a worker lugging buckets of ice to fill the ice dispenser. It’s a tedious job, and woe to the worker that spills the bucket! What if there was a way to change that?

    Follett Ice Machines do have a feature that can help. Follett has a special technology called RIDE that makes ice transport a snap. Their ice machines can sit on top of a dispenser and drop ice via a gravity feed like a traditional ice machine, or they can sit remotely and push ice through a tube directly into the dispenser.

    The benefits of the RIDE system include:

    • Sanitation – no one has to touch the ice. It goes straight from maker to dispenser. Fewer parts to clean.
    • Less noise – The compressor is the loudest part of the ice machine. The noise
  2. When do you need a Remote Condenser Unit?

    remote condenser Have you heard the expression “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”? Sometimes a kitchen environment is way too hot for an ice machine. The hotter the area, the harder the machine has to work. At a certain temperature the ice machine just fails, and a busy kitchen can reach that temperature quite easily.

    The way to cool it down is to draw in cooler air from another source. If an ice machine must be present in the kitchen then that air must be drawn from outside. Remote condenser units are the answer. They help keep the machine cool enough to make ice even in the hottest of environments. However, installing one requires the help of an HVAC expert for siting and installati

  3. Ice Merchandisers are Ubiquitous

    ice merchandiser Ice merchandisers are ubiquitous.  You can find one of them outside so many drug stores, convenience stores, and inside grocery stores.  They’re sometimes right next to the propane tanks, ready for customers to come and take out multiple bags.  Have you ever thought about them being used as accident buffers, though?

    In Lubbock, TX, an ice machine merchandiser took the hit from an out of control vehicle.  It was speeding, and jumped the curb, heading through a CVS parking lot.  Police say that the car hit the curb before it plowed into the ice merchandiser. 

    The best part about the

  4. How Bartenders Raise Their Game

    bartender bar When we think of bars and bartending, it’s only natural to think about Tom Cruise in Cocktail (for the trendy set) or Guinan from Ten Forward (for the more geeky set).  In both cases, going to the bar offered a relaxing experience to the people who set foot through the doors.  Bartenders serve as the focal point for the bar; they're the people who are responsible for making sure every aspect of bar is in check and on point.

    This means that it’s no longer simply about the alcohol and the mixer that gets put in the drink.  To rise to the necessary experience, one might try introducing gourmet ice cubes into the mix, introducing new handcrafted bitters into the mix, or rethinking

  5. U-Line Ice Machines have Style and Sophistication

    u-lineU-Line products are known for their sophisticated yet classical look. They’re not a cold grey stainless steel box. They’ve got style. They’re like the Apple of the ice machine world. Their specialties are undercounter ice machines, refrigerators, and beverage coolers. They’ve been making them for over 60 years.

    One of the advantages of U-Line’s models is that they are modular, especially the 3000 series. One of the problems of siting an ice machine is finding one that will fit in the space you have. U-Line’s 3000 series comes in 18, 24, and 36 inch models, but these can be combined in different ways to fill any available space.

    One of the great things about combining two units is that you can have separate temperature controls for each side. Need one temperature for beer and chilled mugs and another for w

  6. Fogel Ice Merchandisers

    ice merchandiser We’ve talked a lot about interior ice machines on this blog, but what about those giant machines you see outside of gas stations filled with bagged ice? Yes, we sell those too here at Ice Machines Plus. Today we’re going to talk about Fogel USA, one of the major suppliers of this type of ice machine.

    The Fogel name has been around since 1897, and has one of the most extensive line of refrigeration units on the market. We have chosen to focus on their ice merchandiser machines, which is the technical name for those ubiquitous white ice refrigerators that you see in stores and gas stations. There are two main varieties sold, indoor ones and outdoor ones. The width of the machine is another thing that differentiates machines.

    Since these machines are meant for selling pre-packaged ice, it’s i

  7. Get your Griddle Going

    griddle A griddle may seem like a strange thing for an ice machine company to sell, but we do have a modest selection of other cooking gear here at Ice Machines Plus. We like being a one-stop-shop for our customers. We sell Empura brand gas griddles.

    What do you need to look for in a griddle? First, there is the choice between electric and gas griddles. We only sell gas griddles at Ice Machines Plus. They are much easier to control than an electric griddle.

    Second is the plate thickness. The thicker the plate of a griddle, the longer it stays hot and the more evenly it will cook. However, a thicker griddle does take longer to heat up. Thick-plate griddles are great if you are cooking a lot of frozen ingredients. Thin-plate griddles do heat faster, b

  8. Miami Restaurant Fails in Ice Machine Maintenance

    fly dirty ice machine A violation for mold in the ice machine is usually a symptom of the larger problem.  There are some restaurant managers out there who believe that their time and money should be spent in other areas or on themselves rather than keeping everything clean and safe. If we take a look at a Miami place, there are multiple violations, including an ‘accumulation of black/green mold-like substance in the interior of the ice machine.’ 

    The inspection system was set up so that restaurants could provide safe, tasty food to the public. Every employee, including the manager, needs to play their part in cleaning of the restaurant. Cleaning keeps places in business, and keeps a bad reputation

  9. How to Avoid Ice Cream Headache

    ice cream headache You can’t make ice cream without ice, or at least cold. A home ice maker has a bin for ice and rock salt and an inner vessel that holds the mix. A little churning and you get ice cream. But what happens if you eat ice cream too fast? You get something called a brain freeze.

    The technical term for this is a cold-stimulus headache. It can happen if you drink or eat too much of anything cold too quickly. Scientists believe that it happens when something cold passes quickly along the roof of the mouth. The blood vessels shrink in response to the cold, then expand rapidly after swallowing. This change triggers a nerve response.

    Your cheeks turning red on a cold day is a similar response. The cold shrinks the vessels in your cheeks, your body warms up and they expand larger than usual. This turns them

  10. What to look for in a Hotel Ice Machine

    hotel ice What do you look for in an ice machine?  It all depends on how you’re going to be using that machine.  If you’re putting an ice machine into a restaurant, you probably want pounds and pounds of cube ice at your disposal.  If, on the other hand, you’re in a hospital, your ice machine might dispense flakes.  For hotels, the needs are a little different.

    Hotel ice machines need to be able to accommodate everyone on that particular floor.  Larger hotels put the ice machine near the elevators so that there’s an equal distance getting to it.  The other reason is that there is already noise for the guests across the hall from the elevators and that a little more won’t diminish too much more fr

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