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  1. True One Section Work Top Freezer

    TWT-27FIn the kitchen, it’s necessary to use every possible surface available to you. If you’re preparing a common dish, why not have the ingredients close to you? And, what if most of those ingredients need to stay frozen? Well, the solution might be a True One Section Work Top Freezer.

    There are several styles of work top freezers, but the True version is made with stainless steel, has 2 shelves for easy access, and keeps your materials at 10 below (F). The stainless steel makes for easy cleaning, so you’re not having to fight at the end of the shift to get your work surfaces cleaned off.

  2. Insinger GW-40 BarMaster

    GW-40When you’re running a busy bar, you don’t have time to wait for your bar back to bring you more glasses. The customers are depending on you to come up with the goods within seconds, not minutes. The way that you can solve this quandary is to have an Insinger GW-40 BarMaster 40 Racks Glasswasher under your bar.

    This sweet dishwasher has quite a number of advantages working for it. The biggest thing is that you can just put the rack in and you get clean glasses in a flash. You just put the full rack in, wait a couple of minutes, and then you’ve got clean glas

  3. More Dirty Ice Machines

    Dirty Ice MachineAs you know, one of our favorite pastimes is to read about restaurant violations involving ice machines and talk about them here in this forum. Ice machines are so easy to clean that it’s unthinkable that cleaning would go by the wayside. And it's so important for safety too. Yet, it still happens.

    In a PA diner, there was build up in the ice bin causing a violation. This build up could have been anything, but most likely it was the slimy film that forms when a bin goes several days or weeks without cleaning. Some models of ice bin do have antimicrobial coatings to help prevent this, but they still need to be cleaned and sanitized according to the owner's manual.

    In a Rome, GA restaurant, there was a dust accu

  4. The Scotsman N0422A-1

    Nugget IceYour restaurant is planned from the ground up, yet there are many restaurant owners out there who will accept just any ice machine in their place. The type of ice that you serve in your drinks could be a differentiating factor.

    For instance, we’re quite fond of the Scotsman N0422A-1 Air Cooled 420 LB Nugget Ice Machine. Yes, that’s its formal name. In reality, this particular Scotsman ice machine is a workhorse which produces pound after pound of delicious, crunchable ice.

    Let’s take a look at some of the features of the N0422A

    • Produces up to 420 pounds of nugget ice per day.

    • Air-cooled cond

  5. Using Ice Safely at Home

    Home Ice MerchandiserDid you know that 80% of the ice that people buy from bags is purchased between Memorial Day and Labor Day? This is the unofficial summer season, and it's the busiest time for ice producers. Most Americans buy an average of 4 bags of ice a year. It's mostly used for cooling down drinks and and food. However, misuse of bagged ice can mean it's also used for spreading food poisoning around.

    We've talked about how the FDA considers ice from ice machines to be food. The FDA also considers bagged ice that is produced in one state and sold in another to also be food, and ice producers take that very seriously. But the end user also must be diligent. Here's what to do with bagged ice to keep you and your family safe:

    * Always use a

  6. How to Keep Cool in Summer

    Keep CoolThere are some days where it’s so hot that even the best ice machines can’t cool you down. We’re getting closer and closer to those ‘dog days of summer’ where all we want to do is sleep and wait until fall. We’ve found some ways to keep cool, though.

    1. Use your ice machine

    No, don’t do a header into the bin, but you can tie a bag of ice to your fan and let the fan blow cool air on you. Another way to use a box fan is to put an iced bit of cheesecloth over it and do the same thing.

    1. If you can, dress light

    Some folks don’t have the ability to dress in sho

  7. Ice Cream Shop in Gaza brings Joy amidst War

    Ice Cream ShopIce, ice cream, laughing children, and peace to a land, that’s what the ice cream man of Gaza brings to his customers.  The owner of an ice cream shop, the Kazem Ice Café, Ashraf Abushaban makes all types of cold treats.

    At its heart, food brings hope, and there’s very little hope being spread around right now in certain parts of the world.  Hopefully, with every ice cream that is sold, there is a little bit of peace.

    Ice machines and specialty ice machines might not be much, but they are neutral in the world of war.  “They’re so used to war,” Ashraf says, “Gelato and the beach are maybe the only way to express their feelings.”  Maybe

  8. More Food Violations in Illinois

    Walk-In CoolerRounding out the week, we’re going to talk a little bit more about refrigeration units and the types of health code violations that one can receive if they fall into disrepair.  This time, we’re going to Illinois.

    Proper food storage is incredibly important, as one restaurant learned.  Some of the violations that they accrued were ‘observed raw shrimp stored in a True cooler directly over ready to eat salsa’ and ‘cartons of raw eggs stored over sour cream, juice, and ready to eat dips in cooler.’ 

    Storing things properly in the walk in coolers or freezers is of utmost importance   There are so many restaurants which receive violations because they’re not putting t

  9. Store your Ice Scoops Right!

    Ice Scoop StorageToday’s discussion about ice machines comes from Texas.  We’re looking at some of the health reports that have come out involving ice machines and the things that people do to them.  There’s nothing that saddens us more than seeing an ice machine that takes away from a restaurant’s perfect inspection score.

    One restaurant in Yorktown received a score of 55 (out of 100) based on several demerits.  There was a note to the restaurant owner to ‘store ice scoop on clean, sanitized surface’ and ‘Clean the ice machine.’  That’s two demerits right there which could have been avoided if there had been proper sanitizing procedures taking place on a continuing basis.&

  10. Ice Machines Help Injured Athletes

    Athletic InjuryHospitals, urgent care centers, and doctor’s offices aren’t the only places which need ice machines in order to keep up with the steady demand of injuries.  No, sports fields and stadiums also need to have great ice machines on hand to assist with any injuries that happen.

    Yes, there are some experts who say that icing an injury for long periods of time can impede the healing of the injury.  What’s also said is that a ‘brief application of ice or cryotherapy to dull pain after an acute injury continues to be recommended” (PHS Chiropractic, 2015)

    That means that there’s no small need for

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