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  1. Three Things to Keep your Ice Machine Running Well

    Ice Machine MaintenanceOne of the easiest ways to discover that you need a new ice machine is to think back and see if you can remember the name of the technician who last fixed it. If you’re able to remember them, and then you’re able to remember the name of their family members and where they were the past weekend and you’re not friends with them, then maybe it’s time to think about replacing your ice machine.

    Ice machines, like other equipment, wear out over time. There are some things which you can do to keep them running just a little bit longer, and here are a few of them.

    Let the machine breathe – By giving your ice machine a little bit of air on all sides, you are helping it properly function. If there isn’t clearance, then it has to work harder and can potentially give out faster.

    Check for leaks – Your ice machine has a water intake line, and sometimes wear and tear can cause it to leak. Any leak that you might have would be a loss of both water and power.

    Clean and sanitize – Take out your owner’s manual and investigate the ways that you can keep your ice machine clean. Get in there and clean it yourself or get one of your handy on-call technicians to do it for you, but make sure that all of the parts are properly working.

    These three tips will take you far, but while you’re looking in your owner’s manual, you’re bound to get more ideas about how you can keep those ice machines clean and running smoothly.

  2. Do you Love Buffets?

    Sushi BuffetWe love buffets. Yes, we have that one person on our staff that doesn’t touch buffet with ten-foot poles, but we usually leave them back at the office when it’s time to go to the sushi buffet just down the road.

    One of the best parts about the sushi buffet is that they don’t only have at least 30 kinds of sushi rolls available, but they also have a small fleet of large chafing dishes at the end of the line, each housing some greater delicacy than the last.

    It was wickedly breaded tempura vegetables the last time. The breading was so delicate that it made for a sublime experience. You’ve most likely had them when you’ve had that piece of deep fried chicken that just hits the spot. Tempura runs a fine line between being heavenly and dreaded.

    But honestly, those chafing dishes also bring the ‘special’ sushi rolls. These are gargantuan rolls that are reminiscent of dim sum meeting its more glandular cousin. Like deep fried rice balls that have teriyaki and fish and sauce and… they’re heavenly morsels which are hard to describe – morsels which might break the camera.

    Then there’s the ramen noodles. As we have discovered, nothing can beat ramen noodles when they’re prepared right and with the proper vegetables. Aah, buffets.

    So, tell us about your favorite buffet? Are there things which make you sigh with happiness when you think about your favorite one? We’d love to know in the comments.

  3. Keep your Scoop Safe

    Ice ScoopIce scoops need respect. Why? They're a big route for contamination of your ice machine if they are used incorrectly. The same measures which you taken to protect food from contamination should be taken to protect the ice from contamination.

    Ice scoops not only help people dig for ice, but they also keep people from touching the ice directly if used right. Some models have hand guards to allow deep digging into your ice bin, but all care should be taken not to touch ice while using a scoop.

    These scoops should be outside of the machine rather than stored inside. Condensation can collect on the handle and drip into the ice bin if it is stored inside. Keep it outside. There are special racks you can buy to keep them near the machine.

    Ice scoops can also be the reason that your restaurant doesn’t get a perfect score on its inspection. “Scoops were not stored properly…” is a common complaint from inspectors all across the country. The other complaint is that people will occasionally use other items as ice scoops when the ice scoop is made for the purpose. “Bowls were being used as scoops.”

    So, remember when you’ve got an ice machine, you also need to keep the scoop safe. Your scoop is the point of contact between your hands and your ice. Make sure it stays clean.

  4. Boil Order? Throw Out your Ice

    Boiling WaterOwning an ice machine can be a serious responsibility to communities throughout the country. We have recently been going through a series of floods and other disasters, and one of the biggest needs to have on the scene is clean ice and clean water.

    When a storm happens, there are occasionally the boil water alerts – which means that there’s the potential for contamination coming through the water lines, so everyone should boil the water before using it. This includes for soda, for drinking water, for cooking and more. The ice machines need to be taken out of commission, too.

    If your neighbor’s area is without power and yours isn’t, then that makes the perfect opportunity to use your ice machine to bag some ice and bring it to your neighbor. They need fresh water to be able to survive, if they haven’t found a way to get out of the situation that they’re in.

    This suggestion also goes for those out there who have an ice merchandiser. Power going out and boil water advisories make a great chance to be compassionate and kind to your fellow man. What do you think?

    Restaurant ice machines and hotel ice machines produce great ice, ice which is needed to be a Good Samaritan.

  5. Water Sommeliers?

    Water SommelierFor years, people have been using the powers of wine sommeliers for good. After all, who knew what would happen if you paired the wrong wine and food together? You have white wine winding up with a steak, and then it becomes impossible to tease out the heavenly flavor to its fullest extent. Then, you might have heard of mustard sommeliers. They’re doing the same thing for artisan mustards everywhere. And there’s also tea sommeliers. It was bound to happen… water sommeliers.

    Yes, water sommeliers. If the envelope gets pushed even further, then one receives a customizable collection of waters that are piped in to the ice machines. Would you like your ice made from the stream in a rainforest, or would you like your cube fashioned from the polar ice melt. Every sip of water has its own specific flavor. The water in Dallas, TX tastes different than the water from Atlanta, GA, for instance.

    When you take the water that you choose for drinks and other items to the next level, you suddenly make water part of the menu. There are water tasting menus out there, because each water has a subtly different flavor. But then you have ice… ice which is valued because of the impurities that are naturally found within it. And, those naturally happening impurities are all in a day’s work for a water sommelier.

    Go to a more luxurious location and you might have a choice about where your ice originates, rather than through your county’s water line.


  6. ADA-Compliant Ice Machines from Follett

    ADA ComplianceIce machines can come in many heights, depending on how much ice it can produce in a day. The general rule is that the more ice that it produces, the bigger it is, because it has to have a larger compressor to accommodate the larger volume. What about ice machines which are specifically created to cater to those in wheelchairs and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act?

    ADA machines are usually undercounter machines. They are large enough to produce a hundred pounds or more a day of ice, but they’re engineered to be easy to access and clean. For example, the Follett 7UD100A ADA 125 pound 14.5” wide air cooled nugget style ice maker and water dispenser (say that all in one breath! ) mas made so that individuals, regardless of their height, could have ice and water on demand.

    This little ADA machine can store up to 7 pounds of ice which is more than enough for residential use, or perhaps for use as a college dorm room ice machine. You can have several pounds of chewblet ice on demand throughout the day. The exterior is easy to clean, being crafted out of stainless steel.

    The coolest part about this ADA approved machine is the push button dispensing. You can not only have ice on demand, but it’s at the push of a button.  

  7. One Size does not fit all with Ice Machines

    One Size Does Not Fit AllDifferent institutions need different types of ice machines. For instance, a church ice machine might need to have medium volume and a large bin which would be perfect for storing the ice when it wasn’t in use. The restaurant ice machine might need something that has a larger volume which can handle a high ice turnover. What’s one of the reasons our ice machines by industry page was prepared.

    In the perfect ice machine world, one size would fit all, and everybody would be happy. That isn’t the case at all. For instance, could you see one of those huge hotel ice machines taking up residence as an undercounter bar ice machine? Or, can you see that your hospital would be using only flake ice for its many patients?

    As mentioned, the volume for a church is different from a quick-serve restaurant, which is different from a hotel. Hotel ice machines need to have a dispenser so that the little ice tub can fit underneath the nozzle. Cube, flake, nugget? Where do you turn? Take a look at the ice machine buying guide and find out.

    The one thing that all of these ice machines need is to be cleaned and maintained. Check your owner’s manual to find out the requirements of keeping your ice machine happy.

  8. The Scotsman ID250B

    ID250BVersatility. That’s crucially important to the operations of ice machines. It’s necessary to have an ice maker and dispenser which are working in perfect harmony to create the ice bliss that one is searching for. The Scotsman ID250B delivers just that. With a 250 pound capacity, and the ability to work with flake, cube, or nugget ice, this might be just the perfect dispenser for your business.

    This countertop machine is designed to sit on your countertop with a nugget ice machine or a cube machine on top. The ice flows down and can be kept in a 250 pound bin – that bin was designed with users in mind.

    At 30” wide, the ID250B is the perfect width for your counter space, not taking up too much, yet large enough to get everything done. It makes a wonderful addition to your convenience stores or other small stores, as it has a visually attractive front piece.

    The countertops on this machine protect against flooding, which means that you’re not going to have an emergency in the middle of the night. You can keep it running, day or night, and the machine thrives on it. So easy to run, customers can run it themselves.

    So, if you’re looking for a buffet ice dispenser or a convenience store ice dispenser, think about the Scotsman Ice Systems.

  9. Ice Machines as Civil Grease

    City BuildingThere are uses for ice machines everywhere, not just in the commercial sector. They’re sometimes necessary to help clients feel at ease when they’re talking over the big deals, or in this case, they’re sometimes required by a city’s recreation department to help a city’s residents.

    City Commissions from all over the country decide the very basics of their city’s structure. They decide who serves alcohol throughout their city, and they make sure that the public services such as police, fire, and emergency services are working at their best.

    They also get to choose whether parks departments are able to purchase ice machines. Indeed, these city commissions have control over the functions of their city. Sometimes, the ice machines themselves go to replace ice machines which have served their time and have simply come to the end of their proverbial rope. In other cases, they are to be placed in new buildings.

    Ice Machines Plus works with cities everywhere to help replace their ice machines. We are fully equipped to make the process as easy and as pain-free as possible, and that there’s no red tape in getting the ice machine, whatever the style, from our warehouse to its ultimate destination. As a GSA partner, we’re able to work worldwide with federal agencies to get them the proper equipment that they need.

  10. Legionella Outbreak from Ice Machine

    Legionella BacteriaLegionella bacteria paved the way for Legionnaire’s disease at the Super 8 Motel on College Street in Lacey, Washington. The motel did the right thing, closing the doors and taking certain security precautions to prevent any further outbreaks.

    There were a total of three cases of Legionnaires’ disease reported over the course of five days, all of them linked to the hotel. Once the third was reported, the hotel went into action, voluntarily closing.

    Before reopening, the water system needed to be treated, with a critical eye turned toward everything which has water associated with it, including the ice machines. After a flush of the system, the people who were in the hotel were allowed to go back to work again, pending that they kept an eye out for possible symptoms.

    These symptoms include headaches, coughs, diarrhea, and more. Legionnaires is effectively a form of pneumonia. To keep the bacteria from invading the system, better filters and a better cleaning regimen needs to be put in place. Cleaning and vigilance are where Legionnaires’ disease gets stopped.

    Hotel ice machines are easy to clean, and though it requires some effort to do so, it’s definitely better than the alternative of shutting down the entire hotel because the water system is infected.

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