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  1. How do you Purify your Water?

    Water PurificationThere are plenty of ways that you can purify the water that goes into your patron’s drinks. For commercial purposes, you want to use one of the water filter systems which attaches right onto the pipes. In fact, this is probably required by your local health code! Dirty water leads to dirty ice. While tap water might be clean, if your water isn't purified you'll end up with cloudy cubes.

    For home use, you can get clean water by using a point of use water filter. Think about this like a filter that’s attached right to the tap. The reduction of contaminants is impressive, with many of them reducing 99.99% of all pathogens, volatile organic compounds, and other items. No more chlorine!

    You can even filter the water that

  2. Chicken Recall Due to Bad Ice Machine

    Poultry RecallHoly cow! Or should we say ‘holy chicken!” Sanderson Farms has had to recall over half a million pounds of chicken because it was fouled with metal shavings. Not only that, but during the production run, the ice machine malfunctioned, causing the chicken to be shipped with less than favorable temperatures.

    Officials aren’t sure how the meat was tainted with the shavings. These boxes were set to go to Georgia and Louisiana. There were warnings of this tainted meat issued to customers and they were asked to bring any chicken related illness to the attention of Sanderson Farms as well as seek medical attention.

  3. Grime in the Ice Machine

    GrimeWe’ve been reading the restaurant reports again. This time, we’re taking a closer look at a couple places in Denver who had scads of violations from their unannounced health inspections. There were a combination of things contributing to the terrible health inspection, but mostly it was a result of not cleaning and maintaining the equipment.

    “There was excessive grime and dirt on the ice chute in the ice machine,” said the inspector. The inspector also noticed that there were hundreds of dead flying insect carcasses on a sticky trap hanging over that ice machine. Does this go back to the concept that restaurant owne

  4. Does Ice Selection Drive your Choice of Convenience Store?

    Convenience StoreWe have one person at the office who has admitted it, and there are most likely several more. They will go to a convenience store specifically for the ice that they serve out of their ice machine and dispenser. You see, they’re absolute fanatics about the nugget ice that they can get.

    Now, the crazier part is that there are distinct differences between the nugget ice. One nugget ice cube dispenser is not like the other one, if it’s from a different brand. Most of the customers that go into the store will just know that there are differences in the crunchability, but those who are in the ice game can tell the difference between Scotsman and Follett ice machines.

    Mom and Pop convenience stores everywhere know t

  5. The Importance of Shocking Produce for Freezing

    ShockingWe just passed the first day of fall, and that means farmers and gardeners will be in a rush to get their harvest in before the end of October when the first frosts hit and kill their plants. This is the time for major food preservation, whether that is canning, pickling, or freezing produce.

    Freezing produce is one of the most cost-effective and best preservation techniques there is, and yes, you will need some ice to do it. If you are going to freeze vegetables then you will need some ice. Why? Ripening. They will continue to ripen if you don't stop the process.

    The way to do that is to blanch and shock the plant. Say you're doing string beans. First, remove the string,

  6. Legionnaire's Breaks Out in VA Home

    BacteriaLegionnaires’ Disease is a serious affair, especially when you’re looking at an outbreak happening at the Illinois Veterans Home. Recently, the director of Veteran’s Affairs came out and spoke about the outbreak.

    Erica Jeffries recently spoke about the Legionnaires outbreak at Quincy. 12 people have died, and 45 people have been diagnosed with the disease. In response, the director has been focusing her efforts on prevention. It is a water-bourne disease, so the water systems at the Veterans Home have been flushed.

    Since August 21st, people at the Illinois Veteran’s Home have been flushing the water system, sanitizing water tanks and cooling towers. They

  7. Over a Hundred Sickened due to Ice Machine

    Harmful ContaminantsWe all love the feeling of having a new ice machine at our facilities. Seeing the machine, whether it’s a Scotsman ice machine or a Hoshizaki ice machine, perform at its best is a sight to behold. To keep it running, the biggest priority is to make sure that it’s well maintained and cleaned – as has been proven again and again that contaminated ice can cause problems for everyone, from schoolchildren to the elderly.

    Anyone who consumes ice from a contaminated machine runs the risk of getting sick. It's a serious probl

  8. Hospital Denying Patients Ice?

    Follett Ice MakerHospital ice. We never really thought about the costs of hospital ice and hospital ice machines until we read this article about a hospital in Cambridge denying ice to its patients to save money. The hospital itself blamed budget cuts on the need to eliminate ice from water jugs that are given to patients.

    So, patients are no longer able to get ice in their water jugs, even though having that ice helps the medicine go down. Will the Follett Nugget ice machine at the end of the hall go by the wayside? There are plenty of people who aren’t so sure that the removal of ice from the water jugs was a great move.

  9. The Manitowoc ID-0322A SPA-160 Hotel Ice Machine

    ID-0322A-SPA-160Hotel ice machines are the tireless workers in the hotel. They’re consistently providing ice to guests, day or night, and with the proper attention and maintenance, they can run for a very long time. Today, we’re going to talk about a Manitowoc hotel ice machine, the ID-0322A SPA-160.

    This ice machine is a little marvel, producing and dispensing up to 335 pounds of ice per day, perfect for a long floor of guests. Remember that there’s the possibility that not all of your guests will want ice, and if they do, they won’t want it at the same time. Since it produces more than 10 pounds of ice per hour, you’re doing very wel

  10. What Makes an Ice Machine ADA Compliant?

    ADA15IMB-00The Americans with Disabilities Act has been a savior for the rights of disabled people. It mandates many improvements to equipment and buildings to allow handicapped people to have the same access as non-handicapped people, among other provisions. Some restaurant equipment is certified to be ADA-compliant including ice makers.

    What makes an ice maker ADA compliant? Let's take a look at the U-Line ADA15IMB-00 as an example. This machine is quite small at only 32” high and just shy of 15” wide. The machine opens from the front. The small dimensions make it easy for someone in a wheelchair to get ice from the ice maker.

    This ice maker would be a great addition in a home. It needs no drain line and only holds 25 pounds of ice, which is more than eno

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