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  1. Supermarkets Get Health Inspections Too

    Supermarket Health InspectionsRestaurants aren’t the only places that get inspected by the health inspectors. In fact, it’s any place which serves food. And, those delicious pieces that fall from the nugget ice machine are considered food. This means that ice machines all over the country, including in your supermarket, are getting inspected for health violations.

    One Giant Foods in Pennsylvania learned this the hard way when they were recently inspected. We encourage everyone to read their ice machine manual to learn when their ice machine should be cleaned, but there are places out there which don&rsq

  2. What Separates Your Convenience Store from the Rest?

    Circle KPeople will shop at your convenience store for a number of reasons. The first, of course, is your location. Are you indeed convenient to the people you’re serving? But, how do people make the choice between one convenience store and another if it’s just as convenient to go to both? It honestly comes down to the little things.

    One of the convenience stores in our area serves a dynamite pizza, and they get plenty of patrons coming into their location because the food is just top-notch. Another thrives on having two types of countertop ice dispensers. They have a nugget ice dispenser and a full cube ice dispenser available so that their customers have the choice.

    In fact, a countertop ice dispenser can be paired wi

  3. Does Your Bar Cater to Designated Drivers?

    Designated DriverBartenders are responsible for mixing alcohol, ice, and other mixers together to create the perfect drink experience. And yes, some of the more creative mixologists are using their ice machines and blending some fantastic drinks, but what about the designated drivers out there?

    The current message is to drink responsibly and have a designated driver, but the driver doesn’t get better choices than the ‘same old, same old’ soda, in most cases. All of that pent up creativity combined with mixing prowess is wasted or lost.

    Fortunately, this issue has been recognized by mixologists, and they’re starting to do something about it. They’re handcrafting soda syrups to use with their drinks, and they’re startin

  4. Is Your Bartender Judging You?

    BartenderWe found out in a story posted on (who sourced their information from Reddit) that bartenders believe that you are what you drink. Yes, your bartender could be judging  you based on your drink order. Here's some of the things they revealed.

    If you tell the bartender to "make it a strong one", then you’re in for an interesting night. The bartender will view you as being cheap and annoying. If you want more alcohol, order a double instead and be prepared to pay for a double, and don't second guess the bartender's skills.

    If you’re getting up and ordering a Midori sour, then you’re viewed as a lightweight and possibly underage. However, if you order a strong drink like a Manhattan, you might be seen as someone who just wants to get drunk quickly. 

  5. Chip Warmers a Must for Mexican Restaurants

    Chip WarmerWhen you go to a Mexican restaurant, the first thing that you expect to be treated to is a bowl of chips and salsa. It’s become such an expectation that it becomes a strange experience when the restaurant doesn’t serve it, or they charge for the experience. Regardless of whether they charge or give it away, you can be pretty sure that there is a Carter-Hoffmann Bulk chip warmer somewhere in the back.

    Busy restaurants don’t play around with a single bag. They make gallons of chips and salsa for their patrons, pushing it out the door like it was nothing – in fact, there are restaurant

  6. Manitowoc Ice Machines

    Manitowoc Ice SnowflakeIn the recesses of any restaurant, you’re most likely used to seeing the huge Manitowoc ice machine along with its bin. It stands there like a majestic beast, proud, tirelessly providing full- and half-cube ice for your patrons. Large or small, these machines keep up with the demands that are placed on them.

    For instance, space is always at a premium within a restaurant. Everything past the front/back demarcation line becomes a work surface, and it’s often never enough. With a 22” wide space, the Manitowoc ice machine and bin don’t take up that much space. They go t

  7. The Cornelius CHD22P1

    Cornelius CHD22P1Cornelius ice machines. You rarely hear the name Cornelius without it being associated with the beverage dispensing industry, but their ice machines are paving the way for new innovations. Their company was built on strategic engineering advances. Cornelius' hotel ice machines are not only compact, but they are easy to maintain.

    Take, for example, the IMI Cornelius CHD22P1. It’s perfect for the smaller hotels who need to have an ice machine, but don’t need the HUGE amount of firepower that the larger hotels have in their ice machine. Just because it’s a lower volume doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have the great qualities that all of the Cornelius ice machines have.

    • IceValet Hotel Ice Dispenser

    • Pus

  8. Refrigeration Regulations Changing

    RefrigerantThe designs of ice machines and refrigerators are changing to reflect the new regulations for refrigerants which are coming down the line. With each change in the rules, the ice machine makers and refrigerator makers of the world have to follow. The Hoshizaki Ice Machine makers are not exempt.

    Unfortunately, “Like a lot of people, we’re in a little bit of a holding pattern. We have some concepts about the volatility of R-290, not only from the perspective of the service technicians who will be working on the units, but also as far as shipping and transport… We all want sustainability and a better planet, but we need to make well-thought-out choices, too,” says Barbara Harrison, director of customer support at Hoshizaki (in a press release dated July 10th, 2015).

  9. Ice-Powered Central Cooling Makes Appearance Again

    Ice BearBefore the use of Freon and other chemicals, actual ice was used to cool buildings. The basic premise was that you have a giant condenser which froze the ice, then a series of fans which would distribute that cool air around the room after it was refrigerated. In fact, this was something that was used in ancient times.

    Enter Ice Bear. This unit runs off of solar power and creates a huge block of ice for the air conditioning unit. It makes the whole operation run cheaper because cool air is piped into the building without having to run compressors. In other words, they use the fans to make the magic happen.

    So, there’s solar powered units right next to the air conditioning units. And, the biggest question b

  10. Omcan Triton 17137 Ice Shaver

    Omcan Triton 17137Today, we’re going to take a look at the Omcan Triton 17137 Ice Shaver. This is a powerhouse ice shaver if you’ve got bucket or three of ice that need to be shaved down for your customers. Let’s say that you’re making some of the alcoholic smoothies that we’ve talked about, or you’re just making something similar to a snow cone or snow ball.

    With as much volume that this can put out, you can just set this wonderful tool in your workspace and go to town. Got a bucket that you need to push through? This one does 2 liters at a time, a perfect thing for your patrons.

    There are knobs available to adjust the thickness of the ice, as well as a nice plastic chute which can keep your ice in check while it’

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