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  1. Chinese Ice Festival Sculptures Dazzle Visitors

    Chinese Ice FestivalWinter in cold climates can be, well, monotonous. White, white, white, everywhere you look. White snow and ice, barren trees, gray skies. When there is no color, a landscape can be a little depressing.

    In Harbin, the capitol city of Heilongjiang province in northeast China, they are attempting to brighten the landscape with dazzling ice and snow sculptures. Tourists and visitors from all over the world arrive to the coldest part of China during the winter season. They come to see the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival.

    The exhibit uses colored lighting and sn

  2. Hoshizaki AM-50BAE

    AM-50BAEIf you are a top end bar or club serving only top shelf drinks, you do not want just any type of ice. You want gourmet style ice. Gourmet style ice melts slower so as not to dilute the drink and only requires one or two cubes to chill the drink of choice.

    A great choice for this style of ice is Hoshizaki's AM-50BAE ice machine. It produces Hoshizaki's signature top hat style ice. This ice is perfect for those aged drinks most connoisseurs choose to drink.

    Because the machine uses almost pure water and minerals are filtered out during the ice making process, top hat ice is crystal clear and will not add any tastes to the drink it is placed inside. Because of the style of ice produced, the machine is not meant for full bar

  3. Spinning Ice Circle Forms on Lake

    Spinning Ice CircleIn Brainerd, Minnesota, there's a phenomena occurring that has residents and people across the country captivated.

    A rotating circle of ice has formed on Upper South Long Lake and it is drawing crowds as well as thousands of views courtesy of a video posted on Facebook.

    The explanation for this naturally occurring rotating sheet of ice is simple, according to climatologist Peter Boulay. Boulay is a climatologist for the Department of Natural Resources. Water from the Nokasippi River, which is moving faster than the lake ice, is not free

  4. Scotsman AFE424A-1A Undercounter Flake Ice Machine

    AFE424A-1AThe type of ice that a business needs will vary greatly by the type of business that ice is serving. Bars, restaurants, hospitals, and hotels all require ice to run a successful business. However, the type of ice machines needed will depend on the needs of the business and the clientele.

    For hospitals and buffet style restaurants as well as groceries and markets, a flake ice machine is a necessity. For these businesses, consider the Scotsman AFE424A-1A Undercounter Flake Ice Machine.

    Flake ice has its uses as it can cover the most surface

  5. Stay Safe Walking on Ice with these Tips

    Slick IceRestaurants that don't have their drink dispensers connected to an ice machine head have to fill it manually. This can be dangerous if a worker spills ice onto the floor. As the weather gets colder we need to be reminded how to handle icy situations. Spilled ice cubes are easy. Just sweep them up, mop up the water, and put up a caution sign until it is dry. But what about outdoor ice?

    An article from The Star Press has some handy tips on how to walk safely over ice if you cannot avoid it. First, when you walk don't put your hands in your pockets. This reduces your balance. Squat slightly and walk flat-footed with yo

  6. Plymouth Ice Festival Shows Off Talent

    Ice SculptureWe’ve been talking about ice, ice sculptures, and the fun that you can have with ice for quite a while. While a lot of the ice that will be made at the Plymouth Ice Festival won’t be made by a crushed ice maker or a commercial ice maker, the sculptures will be crafted by true artisans of the field.

    Some of the best chilled events include cross-country skiing and live entertainment. The event has been going on long enough to be considered one of Plymouth’s signature events. “It really ha

  7. BB-8 Ice Molds are on their way

    BB-8Fans of the Star Wars saga are no doubt familiar with ice. It goes without saying that they would be. The first part of the movie The Empire Strikes Back takes place on a frozen planet called Hoth, after all. With the new movie breaking box office records, it stands to reason that merchandising would be integral to the machine.

    One of the characters in the new movie, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, lends himself perfectly to being turned into ice cubes. BB-8, the spherica

  8. Crescent Ice from Hoshizaki

    Crescent IceWe’ve talked a lot about full cubes, half cubes, ice sculptures, and flake ice, but we haven’t spent much time talking about the crescent ice that you can get from Hoshizaki ice machines. The crescent ice cubes are just the thing for those who want something a little bit out of the ordinary to serve their patrons.

    This crescent ice machine has a low profile, allowing it to fit in tight places like under stairwells and between other machines. Simply attach a bin to it, and you’re good to go. In the air cooled machine, there is also an antimicrobial agent protecting it from the natural growth of bacteria and fungus.

    The machine itself is vigilant, as well, employing the EverCheck Alert System. The Evercheck alert system beeps w

  9. The History of Ice Machines

    Early Ice MachineWe recently discussed the history of the ice cube tray. Now we're going to get into the history of the actual ice machine. The ice machine has made drinks cooler, made transportation of chilled meats, vegetables, and other perishables possible. It is an important invention that has its beginnings in the 1840s.

    The first patent for an ice machine was granted to John Gorrie, a physician, in 1851. However, he had built the first successful model of his invention in 1942. However, Gorrie's plans to manufacture and sell the machines were met with derision from Frederic Tudor, the “Ice King,” who did not

  10. A Brief History of Ice Cube Trays

    Ice Cube TraySome inventions can be traced to an exact time and place. Others, we are unable to name the exact time, place, or person that invented the item. One such mystery is that no one knows exactly who invented the ice cube tray.

    In 1844, an American physician named John Gorrie needed a way to cool his patients who were suffering from yellow fever. So, Gorrie set about making a refrigerator to cool the air for his patients. Since his patients were also drinking iced drinks, some historians believe Gorrie may have

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