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  1. Alcohol Ice Cube Machine Available Soon

    Alcoholic BeverageThose who love their beverages 'on the rocks' all know the one big drawback. Eventually, the ice melts and dilutes the beverage. For high-end bars and restaurants, this can be mitigated somewhat with an ice machine that produces a type of ice that is larger, denser, and melts more slowly. It's generally referred to as 'gourmet' ice. However, one inventor hopes to make this problem a thing of the past entirely.

    Louisville inventor Jason Sherman has developed an ice machine that makes ice cubes from any alcohol based liquid.

    Sherman's company, Beyond Zero, will be soon selling a

  2. First Responders Train for Ice Rescue

    First RespondersWinter brings with it frozen lakes and ponds. In turn, this also can bring the fun of ice skating and ice fishing. It can also bring with it tragedy when someone falls through the ice.

    Big Bear Lake, located in San Bernadino County, California, is beautiful when covered in ice. There's only one problem. Daily fluctuating temperatures can cause the ice to not be as strong as it looks.

    This past Wednesday, first responders in San Bernadino County took part i

  3. Scotsman C0530SA-ID200B Countertop Ice Machine & Dispenser


    Scotsman Ice MachineFast food and short order restaurants are increasingly allowing their customers to use self-serve dispensers for drinks and ice. Convenience stores have also allowed customers to purchase ice-cooled beverages for years. These kinds of businesses have one need in common: countertop ice machines and dispensers.

    Scotsman covers these business needs with their Scotsman C0530SA-ID200B combination ice machine and dispenser. The bundle is made up of the Scotsman C0530SA ice machine and the ID200B ice dispenser, requiring the KBT44 installation kit to mount the two together. All are inclusive in this bundled package.

    Capable of producing 525 lbs of small

  4. Ice-O-Matic ICE0320FA-IOD150 Countertop Ice Machine & Dispenser

    Ice-O-Matic Ice MachineThere are times when a business requires ice to be served to its customers. Convenience stores and some fast food restaurants are self-serve when it comes to drinks that fill cups. For this, they often require countertop ice machines and dispensers.

    Ice-O-Matic has you covered in this business need. The ICE0320FA-IOD150 is a combination machine available for purchase. Included in the purchase is the ICE0320FA ice machine and the IOD150 ice dispenser which is mounted upon the ice machine head.

  5. Slimy Ice Machines!

    SlimeRestaurants face health inspections to make sure that they are clean and ready to prepare and serve food to customers. Inspectors look for a number of things that could possibly be violations, and the ice machine is often one of the things inspected. Inspectors expect a clean, sanitary machine. Sometimes, they find slime and mold.

    The Fulton County Health Inspector recently paid a visit to Joy Wings & Deli restaurant on Campbellton Road in Atlanta. They found a number of serious violations, causing t

  6. Icy Life Hacks

    Scraping IceWith the recent news of record amounts of snowfall in the northeast, everyone is preparing themselves for the arduous chores of shoveling snow and scraping ice off of their windshields. Automobiles have come far in their time, but they still do not hold good friends status with the ice and the cold, which can produce dangerous conditions for your vehicle, from tires to windshields.

    One time consuming chore for automobile owners is the task of scraping ice off of windshield glass. It can take 20-30 minutes from your morning, so you must either wake up earlier or dismiss other chores to accomplish this task.

    Here are three life hacks to assist you in accomplishing this task no one wants to do so that you can spend your time doing other, more enjoyable things instead.

    Prepare your vehicle for winter weather. We winteriz

  7. Snow Ice Cream

    Snow Ice CreamIn the northern hemisphere, it's that time of year. It's time for snowmen, snowball fights, and the detestable chore of shoveling snow. Snow, however, can be used to make a delightful winter treat: ice cream.

    If you want to make snow ice cream, using freshly fallen snow is best in this endeavor. Setting out bowls to catch fresh white powder is the best way to accomplish this chore. However, if you are concerned about cleanliness and hygiene, you can also use shaved ice. Avoid packed, hard snow, as it will not work as well as the fresh variety.

    To make this fun, delicious ice cream, you'll need the following:

  8. Why is Salt Necessary for Ice Cream?

    Melting IceSalt. Salt is used in mixtures to melt snow and ice on our roadways to make them safer during winter weather. However, it is also used to make that delicious dessert and treat, ice cream. It can seem like a conundrum. How can something that melts snow and ice be used to make something that is frozen, like ice cream?

    It turns out that salt doesn't literally melt snow and ice. It does, however, lower the temperature needed to keep ice solid. Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and adding salt to water will actually lower that temperature, depending on how much salt is added.

    When it comes to ice cream, the sugar and fats needed for this delicious concoction actually interfere w

  9. Turbo Air TIDC-47G Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet

    Turbo Air Ice Cream Dipping CabinetAfter the major blizzard much of the country experienced through Winter Storm Jonas, ice cream may be the last thing on your mind. But we think that anytime is a good time for ice cream! After all, we're thinking about the cold all the time here at Ice Machines Plus. In celebration of the tasty treat, we wanted to share with you some information about the Turbo Air TIDC-47G ice cream dipping cabinet.

    A dipping cabinet is a special freezer for ice cream parlors. They hold round commerical ice cream containers so workers can dip their arms to gather scoops of yummy ice cream. This particular unit can hold eight 3-gallon containers and is about 47” long. To ensu

  10. True TFM-29AL Horizontal Chest Freezer

    True Chest FreezerYes, we talked about ice cream once already today, but we really can't get enough of it! If you own a store and want to sell small ice creams, or if you own a convenience store, then a horizontal chest freezer is a must for storing them. Whether you're selling drum sticks, Popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, or Klondikes, this is what you need to keep them cold and convenience for customers.

    One example of our horizontal chest freezers is the True TFM-29AL. This 30” horizontal chest freezer has an angled lid. Angled lids allow you to store more product and they also reduce glare in environments with bright lighting. It has a sliding door top and holds 6.3 cubic feet of product. Like most ice cream freezers, it stores

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