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  1. Five Slushy Cocktails For Summer

    It's finally hot outside. Celebrate with the type of drinks which are perfect for patio season. We are talking frozen drinks of course. Although they were out of style for a while, 'ironic' frozen tiki style drinks are making a come back. The more elaborate and quirky, the better. Here are five of our favorites to wow your customers with during the hot summer months ahead:

    Simple and yummy! And for the Big Lebowski generation - definitely ironic. Combine Milk, Kailua and Vodka with ice. And you're done!

    Margaritas are pretty standard - but spicy margaritas offer a fun twist and are perfect for the summer months! Fresh mango puree, a little bit of chili paste (adjusted to your heat preference), agave syrup, tequila, and ice is all you need

  2. Throw Back Thursday - Antique Ice Machines

    The ice machine has come a long way since its inception in 1880! The first ice maker was produced and patented by in 1844 by John Gorrie as a device to cool down his patients. The first patented ice maker for food was filed by John Gorrie in 1851. Far from the large machines of today, early ice makers relied on relied on a mechanical compressor and, of course, no electricity. Only very small amounts of ice could be created by the earliest machines

    Before the invention of the ice machines, freezing water was harvested from lakes and rivers when available. This meant, of course, that only those living in cold climates would ever have refrigeration, and then only for several short months out of year. Home ice machines did not begin to be popular until the 1920s, when improvement to technology and the advent of electricity in virtually every household allowed this once lu

  3. Hot Dessert Trends in 2016

    Sometimes, your customers want something cold and sweet. And when they do, make sure you're giving them cutting edge options - the world has moved on from flourless chocolate cake and creme brûlée. It's totally OK to keep the classics on the menu, but stay on top of these upcoming flavor profiles to give them something that just maybe they haven't seen before:

    1/ Fusion. The 'cronut' may be a bit played out, but at the same time, it's a cool idea that customers will respond to well. Put a cake and a pie together, or a cookie and a brownie. How about an ice cream sandwich with unusual cookie combinations? Don't be afraid to be playful and give your hybrid a fun, quirky name when you have finished your creation.

    2/ Extreme milk shakes. Originally hailing from Australia, an extreme milk shake is an instagram worthy and fun focal point of your dessert lis
  4. Raw Bar for the Summer - the Best Oysters for every Taste

    Thinking about installing a raw bar? It's a great, upscale investment that is a visually appealing and appetizing anchor to your restaurant floor.
    Pick an ice machine that will make beautiful, crushed small ice to show off your oysters, and make sure you do your research on types of oysters before you buy - there are plenty to chose from!
    East coast oysters are higher in salinity (brinier) and tend to be larger, with a smoother shell. West coast oysters are smaller, with more jagged edges and a delicate, sweet flavor. No matter the coast, the flavor will depend drastically on the specific area from which the oysters are harvested. Therefore, offer your guests a variety of choices. East or west coast is up to you, but seasonality should come into play - oysters are best in the cooler months. Additionally, if you are based out of Cape Cod, or Washington well - it just makes se
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