1. Different Ice Sizes for your Cocktail Needs

    Ice is one of many things in life taken for granted. Yes, there many different forms of ice such as shaved ice, cubed ice, dry ice, and so on but there are many different uses. One of the best way to put your ice to best use is dropping a few cubes inside of your favorite summer cocktail.

    The type of ice used can either make your beverage of choice, a hit-or-miss. Serving the best possible ice possible starts with the quality. Be sure to use high-quality water such as filtered water as opposed to tap water from your home’s facet. Ice cubes made from poor quality ice tend to melt quickly resulting in watered-down drinks.

    If limited dilution is your preference, be sure to use large rock cubes. This is perfect for whiskey lovers. A large, square cube is sure to impress your customers. If you're looking for something with 'wow' factor - try a perfectly spherical cu

  2. How to Act in a Trendy Bar

  3. Slow Food Popular in Costa Rica

  4. Drinks to Enjoy Anytime of Year

  5. Ice Bar Open for Just Two Weekends

    Ice BarHave you ever heard of a pop-up restaurant? It's a restaurant that's here today, gone tomorrow, and usually invitation-only unless you're lucky enough to stumble on it. There's also pop-up bars, and while this next bar isn't so much a secret, it is only around for a limited time.

    In Rockland, Maine and the Samoset Resort, an executive chef has created a frozen ice bar that's only going to be open for two weekends. He's calling it the Glacier Ice Bar & Lounge, and everything there is made of ice. One has to wonder what kind of ice machine they're using to make it all!

    It's a regular thing at the resort, but only for a very limited time. This

  6. Savory Cocktails

    Shrimp CocktailWhen you’re talking about drinks to serve at your bar, experimentation is the key. Everything is on the table when you’re thinking about ingredients for your drinks, too. For example, the Bourbon Trail from the Delmonico Steak House offers a delightful mixture of coffee liqueur, orange peel, and Buffalo Trace Bourbon. Essentially, if it’s got a flavor, it can be incorporated into the drinks.

    Do you add bacon into the mix when you’re talking about drinks and liqueurs? Put a little bacon gin, lavender syrup, crispy prosciutto, and more together to create something that’s not only drinkable, but some say that it’s on this side of heaven.

    While we haven’t seen any ramen broth cocktail recipes to spice up our time, we’re sure that there are some out there who have chos

  7. Qualities of a Great Bar

    Bar InteriorThe entertainment world is one place where it’s necessary to stay at the cutting edge. Never is this so prevalent as with the layouts of modern bars. To get the people coming, there has to be that mix of ambiance, food, and equipment. How do you keep the bar backs stocking the bar back coolers because the customers keep coming?


    We’ve seen bars all over the country (and the world), and we believe that the one thing that makes them seriously popular is that they have a theme or an idea that they are true to. For instance, one local Irish pub has great Irish food, lots of wood, and traditional favorites on the menu. It would feel extremely out of place if one were to see Asian food on the menu and J-pop playin

  8. Ice and the Bartender: Know Your Ice

    Know Your IceScience says that ice is water in its frozen state. At the most basic level, this is true. However, knowing the different kinds of ice and where they are used can make or break your duties as a bartender.

    With the exception of warm drinks, ice is second to alcohol when it comes to importance in a mixer. Ice not only cools the drinks, but as it melts, it becomes a part of the mixture. Where bartending is concerned, there are four different types of ice: cube, cracked, shaved, and block. Each has their place in the myriad of cocktails that can be made.

    Cubed ice is great for just about anything. From juice to soda to that echelon of the south – sweet iced tea. In the w

  9. Cocktails for Thanksgiving

    CocktailsThanksgiving conjures up images of turkey, stuffing, and green bean casserole, but what do some people do after the festivities? They head out and watch bartenders create drinks using ice from their undercounter ice machines. Here are some combinations for drinks that you might not have thought about.

    Identity Crisis

    Thanksgiving puts a mishmash of delights on a collision course. You can have your celebration any way that you choose, even create your own tradition. This drink brings together the blending of the cultures with Mezcal, Angostura Bitters, Agave Syrup, Lemon Juice, and dry sparkling wine. You can get the fizz, the smoky, and the sweet all together.

    Mix these ingredie

  10. What's Hot in Cocktails?

    Cocktail TrendsIt’s that time of year when you take a look at the new up and coming trends for the coming year. What’s hot? What’s not? What’s going to get your Manitowoc ice machines fired up this year? There’s a bunch.

    According to one of the bartenders at PABU in San Francisco, clear, hand-cut ice is becoming more of a thing because it adds to the aesthetic of a good cocktail. We’re all for that, most definitely, and we even have a clear ice machine for those who don’t want to hand craft their ice.

    You might also start seeing your vermouths and your sherries ending up on the rocks. It’s something interesting to start the bar-hopping adventure with, something that people love the

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