1. Why Salad Is King and Why it Matters to your Business!

    Salad is fast leaving behind its humble roots as a small, perhaps wilted, side dish to the main course and becoming the star attraction of the dining experience! Health conscious consumers are craving fresh greens, vegetables, and low carb options, and restaurants across the country are catering with a variety of healthy options.

    Putting an emphasis on super greens, kale remains king of the game, but other micro greens such as arugula and seasonal watercress are key components to creating a salad that will impress. Regular romaine is fine, but offering different options will keep your customers happy (and healthy!) In addition, organic bibb lettuce is a gourmet option well suited to fine dining establishments. Sprouts, which can be easily grown in house, are another super food that the health conscious crowd will quite literally eat up.

    In terms of toppings,
  2. The Moffat Convection Oven Is No Slouch For These Foods

    Food PlateThe Moffat convection oven is no slouch when it comes to efficiently and accurately cooking foods.  Rather than having simple burners where the food is unevenly cooked (not a bad thing for certain applications), there are fans inside the chamber which evenly circulate the heat. 

    Where do you get the best results with a Moffat convection oven?

    • Meats

    Convection ovens are delightful for meats, as they give a good all-around cook.  Many of the ovens out there will switch between your convection and your conventional, so if you’re fond of the broiled flavor in the last few minutes, you can definitely do that.

  3. The Scotsman N0422A-1

    Nugget IceYour restaurant is planned from the ground up, yet there are many restaurant owners out there who will accept just any ice machine in their place. The type of ice that you serve in your drinks could be a differentiating factor.

    For instance, we’re quite fond of the Scotsman N0422A-1 Air Cooled 420 LB Nugget Ice Machine. Yes, that’s its formal name. In reality, this particular Scotsman ice machine is a workhorse which produces pound after pound of delicious, crunchable ice.

    Let’s take a look at some of the features of the N0422A

    • Produces up to 420 pounds of nugget ice per day.

    • Air-cooled cond

  4. Turbo Air Refrigeration

    Turbo Air RefrigerationTurbo Air is a newer refrigeration company but they are already turning heads. They formed in 1997 with the goal of becoming the most respected company in the refrigeration field. The way they plan to do that is through constant innovation.

    Some of their unique features include using stainless steel shelving in refrigerators. Refrigerator shelves made of PVC or enameled metal do wear out over time, but stainless steel will last the life of the refrigerator. They are also much easier to clean and sanitize in case of spills.

    Instead of a dial to control the temperature of the refrigerator, they use a digital display that shows the exact temperature. This lets restaurants know immediately if something is wrong with the

  5. Why are True Refrigerators and Freezers Great?

    True RefrigerationRestaurant equipment is made all over the world, but sometimes you really want something that is made in the USA. If you want your refrigeration units to be built in America, look no further than True brand refrigerators. They are the best of the best. From 2001 to 2011, their refrigeration units were awarded Best in Class.

    Why are they so good? First is their rigorous quality inspection process. Every tester runs refrigerators for 4-6 hours and freezers for at least 16 to test for potential breakdowns.  During testing the temperature and systems are rigorously monitored. If you buy a new True refrigerator or freezer, you know you are getting a quality product.

    The shelving is made out of larger diameter steel for strength and is p

  6. Is your Ice Scoop Scratched?

    ice-scoop There is an essential accessory to every ice machine. Most people never even think about it until it’s missing. It keeps ice from becoming dirty. It fills bins and glasses without complaint. We’re talking about the humble ice scoop.

    If you’ve been reading our blog, you’ve read many articles about what happens when employees scoop ice with their hands. That causes bacterial infections that could dirty the entire bin, make your customers sick, and give your restaurant a black mark on a health inspection. Scooping ice with a glass is almost worse. Ever try to find broken glass inside of a bin of ice? It’s impossible to get it all. The whole batch must be dumped so the bin can be cleaned.

    One of the brands of scoop we sell is Browne Foodservice. They come in several different sizes and materials, have

  7. Presto Equipment at Ice Machines Plus

    presto Ice machines are our main business, but we have plus in our name for a reason. We deal in several other kinds of restaurant equipment for our customers. Today, we want to highlight our Presto brand equipment. We sell Presto meat slicers and commercial mixers.

    No deli or sandwich shop could get away without owning a slicer these days. Adjustable meat slicers let restaurants slice meat to whatever thinness they need off of a larger hunk. Meat slicers also work well for many cheeses, though this depends on the cheese and the model. They are essential pieces of equipment for anyone who handles sandwich meats. We carry Presto’s 10” model and 12” model, plus a deluxe 12” model.

    Presto is also a well-respected brand for standing mixers. Any restaurant that needs dough needs a large-sized mixer for mixing it in larg

  8. Metalfrio Bar Refrigerators

    Metalfrio Metalfrio has been making refrigeration equipment for over 50 years.  They’re a well-respected worldwide brand.  These masters of refrigeration have been making many sizes of undercounter bar refrigerators for years, and we’re very thankful for them.  They’re a must for any barkeep who wants to keep their beer and condiments chilled.

    Metalfrio sells many types of bar refrigeration, and we sell two main types from their lineup. The first is a bottle cooler. Bottle coolers can fit under the bar or at the back of the bar. They’re designed to keep beer and wine cooler bottles cold and secure. All models have lockable doors and a removable bottle opener and lid catcher. They’re great for storing bottles of alcohol that every bar has but doesn’t need a fancy display for. We sell 50” an

  9. The Scotsman CU0515GA-1

    Gourmet Ice We have a fascination with gourmet ice. Clear, solid cubes of ice are far more attractive in a drink than ice from the gas station. Gourmet ice also melts much slower and keeps drinks colder longer, a benefit when drinking alcohol. How can you get your hands on this kind of ice?

    Try the Scotsman CU0515GA-1 Air-Cooled 84 LB Gourmet Ice Undercounter Ice Machine. This machine is perfect for any bar that wants high-quality ice. This self-contained machine can produce 84 pounds of ice per day and hold 24 pounds at a time in the integrated bin. It is made of stainless steel and quite attractive to the eye, and at only 28” high it can fit in many places other ice machines cannot. The legs are also height-adjustable.

    This machine is air-cooled,

  10. What we love about the Scotsman C0330MA

    Scotsman C0330maWe believe that every ice machine has a purpose over here at Ice Machines Plus. Each ice machine that we sell is special.  We talked a bit yesterday about one of Ice-O-Matic’s ice dispensers.  Today, we wanted to tell you what we love about the C0330MA paired with a hotel ice dispenser.

    • When you’re running a big hotel, you need a hotel ice maker that can keep up with the volume.  The C0330MA can produce up to 400 pounds of ice per day, which means that it’s just under 20 pounds of ice per hour.
    • The Scotsman C0330MA is paired with a bin that can hold up to 180 pounds of ice, so if there’s a run to the ice machines, this machine can handle it.  There are no lag times on ice even for
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