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  1. Countertop Ice Makers Offer Nugget Ice Anywhere

    Scotsman Leads the Way with the MDT Series

    If you’ve never considered the ways in which ice can positively or negatively affect your business, then you probably haven’t done a great deal of research. In our March Madness “Best Ice Ever” Tournament, we proved that there are clearly some ice styles that are preferred over others.  Nugget Ice (known affectionately as Sonic Ice and Hospital Ice by its followers) is the preferred ice of the people, and since it was created over 30 years ago by Scotsman Ice Systems, this ice has grown in popularity at an incredible rate. Scotsman now offers more countertop ice makers that make and dispense nugget ice than ever before, and owning one can be greatly beneficial to your establishment.

    Countertop ice makers differ from standard ice machines and undercounter ice makers in a few ways. They make, store, and dispense ice from one compact unit. Though they are smaller, they generally hav

  2. An Ice Machine for your Doctor's Office

    Waiting RoomEvery time we think about doctor’s offices, we think about the Ice-O-Matic ICE0606HA-IOD250. Yes, we know, a lot of letters that don’t necessarily mean anything to a doctor’s office. What those letters mean is that a lot of ice would be at your fingertips when you’re needing a little soda, a little water, and a lot of ice. For busy places, something like this would be perfect for the patients.

    What’s wrong with having a doctor’s office that has a break room? We’ve been to waiting rooms that have a coffee machine available to its patients, along with one of those funky K-cup machines. They might want to get a little i

  3. Ice Machines Help Injured Athletes

    Athletic InjuryHospitals, urgent care centers, and doctor’s offices aren’t the only places which need ice machines in order to keep up with the steady demand of injuries.  No, sports fields and stadiums also need to have great ice machines on hand to assist with any injuries that happen.

    Yes, there are some experts who say that icing an injury for long periods of time can impede the healing of the injury.  What’s also said is that a ‘brief application of ice or cryotherapy to dull pain after an acute injury continues to be recommended” (PHS Chiropractic, 2015)

    That means that there’s no small need for

  4. Hospital Ice Machine Saves 120 Hours Worth of Work

    Medical Nurse Helping Patient Having an ice and water dispenser available within the patient and family waiting areas saves hospitals both time and money. You’d be surprised at how much time can be saved in a year.

    Lipids online states:

    “…although it was only a 45-second interruption for them (the nurses) to get the water or ice, the interruption occurred an average of 27 times per day.  This may not seem like much until an annual rate is calculated: 45 seconds x 27 occurrences per day x 365 days per years = 120 hours of preventable waste.”

    We’re talking wasted time, wasted energy, and wasted resources.  Granted, there are times when the family or patient isn’t able t

  5. Flake Ice: The OTHER Ice Machine For Healthcare

    light blue water backgroundYesterday, we talked about the kind of ice machine that you’ll find on the hospital floor.  In the article, we highlighted the fact that nugget ice is the best possible ice for chewing and dietary needs.  Today, we’re going to look a little closer at the other type of ice machine that’s necessary in a hospital environment: the flake ice machine.

    When you think about flake ice, you should think about snow.  Think about how packable and moldable that snow is, and then envision a machine that can make that type of ice in quantity.  It’s necessary to have that type of ice on hand for a number of purposes.

    • Chills transplanted organs
    • Easily wraps around limbs
  6. The Magical World of Flake Ice Machines

    As a popular ice machine vendor, we’re constantly on the search for great things to do with our products.  After all, don’t you feel a tear come to your eye when you see nobody using the ice machine?  Well, maybe it’s just us. One unsung hero of the ice machine world is the flake ice machine.

    With all the acclaim that nugget ice makers get, the spotlight almost never shines on flakers.  These are the grocery store and buffet ice machines that work hard in the back to make displays, especially for seafood. Snow cone makers also use these machines to make tasty treats.

    Why use flake ice for this? Flake ice is quite efficient in cooling.  In fact, it cools significantly better than the rest of the ice cube types.  The flakes have a larger surface area, resulting in faster cooling. Also, you can pack a whole bunch of things in flake ice and have it stay true to its shape. 

  7. The Many Uses for Flake Ice

    Flake ice, for the uninitiated, is one of the most versatile ice types on the market.  Its application can be seen everywhere, from the tiny wilderness hostel to the giant urban hospital.  You can see flake ice in supermarkets and restaurants.  You can even see flake ice sold out of the backs of trucks.

    Flake ice is some of the best ice on the planet, but you don’t often see it in drinks.  Usually, what you’ll see in the cup is nugget ice – as that was designed for both its meltability and chewability. Flake ice tends to melt too quickly for most drinks, but in a hospital setting or in buffets flake ice takes center stage.

    Use Flake Ice in Wound Chilling

    Since ice flakes are so small, they’re also moldable.  If you’re wanting to chill a patient’s wound, flake ice makes a much better option over the ice packs filled with any other style of ice. Just pack it carefully around th

  8. A New Ice Age: Are You Cashing in on the Nugget Ice Craze?

     Scotsman’s Nugget Ice Still Leads the Way.

    While it may no longer be a well-kept secret (or a secret at all anymore), it can safely be said that, when it comes to the various ice styles served in foodservice establishments everywhere, nugget ice (the ice used by Sonic Drive-In, among others) is the most sought after by customers throughout the foodservice industry. This is the only ice style that has a steady social following, and if you are even remotely familiar with social / internet marketing, you know there is nothing more desirable than having your customers do much of your promoting for you. Potential new customers are far more likely to listen to and trust information provided by friends and family than they are a company or brand that engages in shameless self-promoting.

  9. Countertop Ice Makers: Know Your Options

    Author's Note: When I look for any new product, I always like to compare my options and get as much information as possible. While customer reviews are helpful, I find that opinions vary too often on the same product. This article reviews the facts about the four most popular countertop ice makers on our site, how they perform, and the price at which they are currently being sold (subject to change). This is to help you make the most educated choice possible, and if you have any further questions, please call us, email us, or leave them in the "Comments" area below.

    When it comes to finding the right countertop ice maker for your hospital or health care facility you have quite a few options. Every major ice machine provider has some sort of countertop ice maker to offer, but no two are exactly the same. We created this p

  10. Ice-O-Matic’s MFI0800A Saves the Day when the Power’s Away

    During the major October snowstorm about a year and a half ago, the bar at which I was employed offered use of our ice machine to our customers, as many were left without power for up to two weeks. We would fill coolers with ice for our customers and do our part to help out those who had lost power and could not store their perishable, refrigerated goods. While we had an ice machine that produced standard ice cubes, a larger flake producing ice machine would have been best for storing refrigerated products. An ice machine like Ice-O-Matic’s MFI0800A would have been ideal as it can produce nearly 800 pounds of flake ice on a daily basis.

    Hurricane Sandy Home DamageLast year’s east coast snowstorm was followed by Hurricane Sandy, which left a trail of devastation in its wake on the east coast. Recently, tornadoes in O

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