High Temperature Dishwashers

  1. Obsessed with Undercounter Dishwashers

    Undercounter DishwasherCall us crazy, but the first thing that some folks here at Ice Machines Plus think about when they think of bars is the equipment behind the bar. We might not care that the bartender can make a flaming Bob Marley, or put out the rainbow drinks, but we do want to make sure that the bartender is able to serve all of his or her patrons in the best time with the best tools for the job. And one of the most important tools is the undercounter dishwasher.

    For those medium sized busy bars, one of the most potent tools that you can have on your side is the Moyer Diebel undercounter dishwasher. Having an undercounter dishwasher makes the whole experience of working behind a bar a little more workable – as you have near instant access to clean glasses.

    The Energy Star certification means that you’re not using as much water or power as the other dishwashers, and it runs 24 racks per hour. In less than three minutes, you can have a whole rack of clean glasses ready for you to keep serving those patrons.

    The coolest feature of the Moyer Diebel dishwasher is the on board booster heater that adds more heat to the equation. Not only do you get a good sterilization for your dishes, but you have more of a chance that all of the glasses will get clean. And a clean glass means a great drink.

  2. In Praise of the Dishwasher

    CMA DishmachineRunning a restaurant takes a lot of moving parts. It’s like a symphony of personnel, all of them doing their job (or jobs) to make beautiful kitchen music. There are a few folks who are players within that symphony who don’t necessarily get the praise that the concert master does. We’re talking about the dishwashers, the (sometimes) second tubas of the restaurant world.

    While these guys aren’t necessarily going to be the ones whose names are on the placard out front, they’re still very necessary to the functioning of the restaurant. Think about what would happen if you didn’t have clean dishes on which to serve those customers? It would shut down pretty quickly. To do their jobs properly, though, they need a fantastic dishwasher on their side.

    The CMA Dishmachines S-AH does the trick for medium sized restaurants. It finishes a rack every 1.5 minutes or so (40 an hour), giving that superperson of a dishwasher enough time to collect the dirty dishes from around the place. The CMA Dishmachines machine is suited for the job, as it’s rather easy to run and has features which make the unsung hero’s job of washing the dishes much easier than if they’d been doing it by hand.

    • Blocks food and scraps from clogging the drain
    • Purging system which cleans between runs
    • Top mounted controls which mean little crouching
    • Strainers to keep the lines clean

    It might be said that there are very few who like washing dishes, but this machine makes it as painless as possible and keeps the symphony making inspired music.

  3. The Bartender's Friend: Fagor Undercounter Dishwasher

    We recently had a real treat: an opportunity to stay at one of the hotels in the area.  Being a supplier to the restaurant business, we can’t help but notice how people run their bars, restaurants, and other food service areas. 

    Since it was a trip for pleasure, we didn’t ask for a tour behind the scenes. What we did notice, however, was that on the Friday night that we went to the hotel bar, he was the busiest man in the house.  He was taking care of folks for the playoff games, fielding questions from patrons, and simultaneously mixing drinks.  Another thing we noticed was that there was a huge pile of glasses piling up in his 3-area undercounter sink.

    Fagor Undercounter Dishwasher For that kind of volume, our friendly bartender might have benefited from a Fagor AD-21W Undercounter Glass Washer.  These machines do around 22 racks an hour, using .65 gallons of water for each run – much less than the undercounter sink.

    The Fagor Undercounter Glass Washer also has an attached booster heater, meaning that our wonderful bartender wouldn’t have to worry about sanitization and burning his hands in the process (something nobody, much less bartenders, wants to do). Since he was handling some of the dinner dishes that were coming back from the bar’s patrons, he could have loaded those into the warewasher as well. He might have been enamored by the fact that washing dishes would only take a couple of minutes. Also, the noise level isn’t too bad to drown out the sound of the patrons.

    Now, we’re not sure why our bartender didn’t have a Fagor undercounter dishwasher, but we imagine that there was a great reason.  He was definitely as efficient as his equipment would let him… now if only he could have done something about the $10 margarita! 

  4. When is it time to replace your commercial dishwasher?

    Champion Conveyor DishwasherYou might be taking great care of your commercial dishwasher, but there will come a time when all of the maintenance that you’re doing can’t keep up with the rate of deterioration.  It will become necessary to replace your commercial dishwasher sometime, but it will give you some warning signs before it gives up the ghost.

    There are three primary reasons to replace equipment:

    1. It’s breaking down too often
    2. It’s too old
    3. It no longer fits your needs

    When you buy a new dishwasher, you’re looking at a good ten years or so of service.  The warrantees last for a few years, but after a while the machine becomes a service liability.  Those parts and belts which were covered under service contract might not be covered anymore… and parts are expensive.

    You might be forced to weigh the use that you’re getting from the commercial dishwasher to the amount of trouble that it’s giving you.  While it might be the evil you know, wouldn’t you rather have a machine where there’s no evil at all?

    Manufacturers are constantly striving to better their own standards as far as energy efficiency and more.  The dishwasher that you got ten years ago will not be as efficient as today’s models.

    Also, your restaurant or bar might have grown to the point where you need to get something else because the dishwasher that you have no longer fits your needs.  While it’s a great reason, it’s still a reason to get another dishwasher.

    Getting another dishwasher doesn’t have to be a chore.  There are a few considerations for choosing a commercial dishwasher need to make, but they’re easy-peasy.  If you’d like some help choosing your next commercial dishwasher, let Ice Machines Plus help you. 

  5. Choosing the Perfect Commercial Dishwasher

    Dishwashers are the unsung heroes of the kitchen.  Try serving your customers food on dirty plates, and you’ll see how long it takes to scare off your clientele.  Finding the right dishwasher can be difficult, as there are many considerations to be had. 

    How busy are you?

    Everyone wants to have a busy restaurant, as the more business you bring in, the more money is brought in.  If you’re ultra busy, the dishwasher might not be able to keep up, if you’re slow, the washer is just sitting there.  When you think about the commercial dishwasher you want, think about the average number of tables you have each night.

    Space Requirements

    The type of dishwasher you choose will also depend on the space requirements that you have.  A conveyor dishwasher, though it is a great tool to have in your kitchen, might not be the best bet for someone who has a small kitchen or is just starting out.


    We’ll always suggest getting a dishwasher with a booster heater.  The heater will raise the temperature so that your dishes can be sanitized.  There are very few issues with using the heat, but hey must be considered: it makes the washer slightly more pricy, and plastic melts under the influence of serious heat.

    We’ve got some excellent commercial dishwasher choices over at Ice Machines Plus.  Yes! We have a lot more than just ice machines!

  6. High Temperature Dishwashers: The Basics and Benefits

    Washing Restaurant Dishes by HandIf you’re stuck in the Stone Age of dishwashing – i.e. still scrubbing with a sponge and washing dishes by hand – it may be time to consider your alternatives. Commercial dishwashers provide great benefits to any kitchen that serves food in large quantities on a daily basis. Not only does a high temperature dishwasher clean your plates and glasses, but it does so in a fraction of the time that a person could be expected to perform the same task. High temperature dishwashers also do not require dishwashing chemicals to be added to the water, so there is no chance for soap or chemical residue to be left on newly cleaned dishes and glasses.

    What is a High Temperature Dishwasher?

    A high temperature dishwasher is exactly what the name suggests -  a dishwasher that uses water that is heated to an extremely high temperature to clean and sanitize dishes and glassware. In doing so, there is no need for chemicals or dish detergent to be added during the dishwashing process. By not using chemicals, there is no need to purchase additional chemicals during the life of the dishwasher. This will save a bit of money over time, and you will never have to worry about running out of dish cleaning products.

    How Hot is a High Temperature Dishwasher's Water?

    Champion UH-200B High Temp Undercounter DishwasherHigh temperature dishwashers must meet NSF standards and heat water to an approved temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. In some cases, high temperature dishwashers require the addition of a booster heater to aid in this process. The booster heater is a device that ensures that your water is heated to the appropriate temperature between 180 and 195 degrees. While some high temperature dishwashers include a booster heater with the dishwasher, others do not, and they must be purchased separately. The booster heater elevates water temperatures by 40 to 70 degrees in the final rinse state to provide proper sanitization of dishware and glassware.

    What Benefits Does a High Temp Dishwasher Provide?

    There are a few benefits to owning a high temperature dishwasher. These dishwashers make dishwashing simpler for every party involved. They wash dishes at a faster rate than any person ever could. Since they wash glasses and dishes at such high temperatures, the dishes dry faster as well, so they are ready for use almost immediately after exiting the dishwasher. Using a commercial high temperature dishwasher is also more sanitary than washing dishes by hand, as the human error element is removed from the equation.

    Do High Temperature Dishwashers Have any Drawbacks?

    Champion 44-WS Conveyor DishwasherAs with any appliance, there are a few drawbacks that come with a high temperature dishwasher. First of all, since the water is so hot, there is an increased risk for scalds and burns to the users when operating the dishwasher, especially if it is a conveyor dishwasher. The hot water also makes soft and delicate plastics more likely to warp or permanently disfigure, as it can soften them and change their form. They also use slightly more energy than a standard chemical dishwasher, because chemical dishwashers are not required to heat the water to such great temperatures.

    Overall, the commercial, high temperature dishwasher is a great asset in any kitchen or establishment that requires large scale dishwashing on a regular basis. High temperate dishwashers cut down on dish washing times, clean and sanitize dishes effectively, and allow food to be served on your dishware almost immediately after being washed. We have recently added a variety of commercial dishwashers – including door type dishwashers, undercounter dishwashers, and the extra-convenient pass through conveyor dishwashers - to our website. Check out our selection of commercial dishwashers at Ice Machines Plus for your foodservice establishment, and get out of the dishwashing Stone Age.

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