1. Hoshizaki F-330BAH Undercounter Flake Ice Machine

  2. Hoshizaki DCM-270BAH-OS Cubelet Ice Machine and Water Dispenser

  3. The Hoshizaki F-801MWH

  4. Hoshizaki Hotel Ice Machines

    hoshizaki hotel ice We work a lot with people in the restaurant industry, but we’re also pretty tight with folks who are in the hotel industry.  Hotel ice machines are crucial to keeping hotel’s guests happy for when they want to get a nightcap or simply want to have something for the soda that they’ve gotten from the vending machine.

    Most of the ice machines that go into hotels are mid-range ones. Usually, the more firepower that you’ve got in a machine, the more that you pay – and since hoteliers are purchasing in bulk, overpowered machines might not be feasible.  You don’t want to overdo it, as you’ll have a lot of the ice machine’s power going unused.

    One of the better machines for the end of the hall is the

  5. Hoshizaki C-101BAH-AD Cubelet Ice Machine

    Hoshizaki Ice MachineNugget ice is a very popular form of ice among ice lovers. It lends itself well to chewing ice and absorbing the flavors of the beverage it is placed in. Because of its popularity, some restaurants and gas stations have made this type of ice their go-to for service. However, if you need ice on a smaller scale, there's an ice machine for you as well.

    Hoshizaki's C-101BAH-AD cubelet ice machine produces nugget ice for just this purpose. Capable of producing up to 92 lbs of ice in a 24 hour period and the built in storage bin will hold up to 22-lbs of ice. This makes it perfect for smaller scale use such as in residences or for break rooms in businesses.

    The space-saving design lends itself well to

  6. The Hoshizaki KM-101BAH Undercounter Ice Machine

    KM-101BAHThere are times when you may not need as much ice as a commercial machine can produce. For small offices or personal home, a smaller amount of ice is what's required. A residential undercounter ice machine is just what is needed.

    The Hoshizaki KM-101BAH undercounter ice machine produces Hoshizaki's signature crescent cube ice. It is air-cooled, using the air around the machine to keep the condenser cool.

    Measuring only 24 inches wide and 39 inches high, this model is one of Hoshizaki's smaller designs for an undercounter ice

  7. Hoshizaki AM-50BAE

    AM-50BAEIf you are a top end bar or club serving only top shelf drinks, you do not want just any type of ice. You want gourmet style ice. Gourmet style ice melts slower so as not to dilute the drink and only requires one or two cubes to chill the drink of choice.

    A great choice for this style of ice is Hoshizaki's AM-50BAE ice machine. It produces Hoshizaki's signature top hat style ice. This ice is perfect for those aged drinks most connoisseurs choose to drink.

    Because the machine uses almost pure water and minerals are filtered out during the ice making process, top hat ice is crystal clear and will not add any tastes to the drink it is placed inside. Because of the style of ice produced, the machine is not meant for full bar

  8. Crescent Ice from Hoshizaki

    Crescent IceWe’ve talked a lot about full cubes, half cubes, ice sculptures, and flake ice, but we haven’t spent much time talking about the crescent ice that you can get from Hoshizaki ice machines. The crescent ice cubes are just the thing for those who want something a little bit out of the ordinary to serve their patrons.

    This crescent ice machine has a low profile, allowing it to fit in tight places like under stairwells and between other machines. Simply attach a bin to it, and you’re good to go. In the air cooled machine, there is also an antimicrobial agent protecting it from the natural growth of bacteria and fungus.

    The machine itself is vigilant, as well, employing the EverCheck Alert System. The Evercheck alert system beeps w

  9. Hoshizaki's Undercounter Cubelet Ice Machine

    C-101BAH-ADIf you are like many people, you like to chew ice. Full sized cubes, or crescent shaped ice can pose a problem with being able to crunch the ice, however. So, what is the solution? You could use a hammer and a plastic baggy or a towel and pound the ice into bite-sized pieces. Or you could put it in a blender and give it a few pulses.

    Or... you could just get a residential ice maker that makes perfect, bite-sized ice.

    Consider the Hoshizaki C-101BAH-AD. This model is an under counter design perfect for at home insta

  10. Hoshizaki Continues Tradition of Charity

    Girl Scout CookiesMany businesses engage in various charities, giving both time and money to differing causes. Some companies partner with various organizations and groups for long-term charitable contributions. More than fifteen years could be considered long-term and that is how long one company has been supporting the Girl Scouts of America.

    Hoshizaki America, Inc, recently made a donation to the Atlanta chapter of the Girl Scouts of America.

    Hoshizaki has long had a history with helping the organization. They have supported the Girl Scouts of America

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