1. Hoshizaki F-330BAH Undercounter Flake Ice Machine

    Flake ice has a variety of uses. Because of its ability to be molded into any shape needed, flake ice serves well in applications such as displaying seafood and produce. It also has uses in laboratories, where it can be packed around medical containers that require refrigeration. Flake ice can also be made to cover a larger surface area, resulting in more rapid cooling. Flake ice is also idea for health care use, as it poses less choking risk and also lends itself well to treating sports injuries.

    The Hoshizaki F-330BAH is an air-cooled undercounter flake ice machine. Capable of producing up to 330-lbs of ice per 24-hour period, its built in storage bin can hold up to 80-lbs of flake ice when filled to capacity. This ensures that your business will always have enough flake ice on hand to meet moderate ice needs.

    Features of the Hoshizaki F-330BAH

    The F-330BAH is a space saving 24-inches wide and only 39-inches tall. This lends the unit to being able to be installed anywhere. The intake and discharge vents are located at the front of the machine, so there is no need for side clearances. The bin door drops down to allow for convenient access to the ice. All that is needed for installation is a 115-volt power outlet, an incoming water line, and a drain.

    The F-330BAH has an automatic flush system to promote longer life and dependability of the ice machine. It is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. If hygiene and cleanliness are concerns, Hoshizaki has integrated H-GUARD Plus antimicrobial protection into all surfaces that contact water or ice. This helps to prevent slime and mold build-up in your ice machine.

    Hoshizaki also offers unparalleled warranty protection for its ice machines. The F-330BAH is protected by a 3-year warranty for parts and labor on the ice machine. The compressor comes with a 5-year warranty for parts.

    If your business needs flake ice, then the Hoshizaki F-330BAH undercounter flake ice machine is worthy of your consideration.



  2. Hoshizaki DCM-270BAH-OS Cubelet Ice Machine and Water Dispenser

    Ice and water. They go together like.... well, ice and water. While you can have other kinds of ice, water is perhaps the best known substance to freeze into cubes to cool drinks and dozens of other applications. Yet, sometimes you can't beat a glass of ice water when it comes to quenching thirst.

    The Hoshizaki DCM-270BAH-OS cubelet ice machine and water dispenser will do the job of providing both. Capable of producing 288-lbs of ice in a 24-hour period and with a built-in storage bin capable of holding 8.8-lbs of ice, this machine ensures you will always have ice on hand. The machine produces cubelet style ice, which is a nugget-style ice that is popular among those who like to chew ice. Nugget-style ice dispenses more ice into the container, meaning more liquid displacement. Nugget-style ice also absorbs the flavor of the beverage it is placed in.

    Great in Hospitals

    If sanitation is a concern, as it would be in hospital and doctor's office settings, the Hoshizaki DCM-270BAH-OS has you covered there as well. The machine is hands-free – a LED sensor remotely senses when a container is present and dispenses the ice and the water. Hoshizaki's CleanCycle 12 is a featured benefit of this model. Every 12 hours, this machine performs a 15 minute purge to rid itself of impurities. Additional bacterial protection is provided by the H-GUARD plus antimicrobial agent.

    Another innovative design feature is the stand, which sold separately, allows the DCM-270BAH-OS to be either floor or countertop installed. Being air-cooled, this model uses less energy and water than similar water cooled models. The Hoshizaki DCM-270BAH-OS uses only 12 gallons of water for every 100-lbs of ice produced. It uses only 5.3 kWh of power for every 100-lbs of ice produced as well, making this model energy efficient.

    When it comes to warranty, Hoshizaki offers an outstanding 3 years parts and labor on the ice machine and the dispenser. For the compressor, you get a 5-year parts warranty.

    The Hoshizaki DCM-270BAH-OS will provide your customers and staff with enough cubelet-style ice and water to meet all of their needs.

  3. The Hoshizaki F-801MWH

    Any manager of at a grocery seafood counter or sushi chef knows that having enough flake ice on hand to keep what is being offered fresh is a first priority. Seafood and meats require cold in order to stay fresh and safe. Hoshizaki has been a leader in ice machine technology for decades. The F-801MWH flake ice machine from Hoshizaki is a part of their Slim-Line Series and when paired with one of Hoshizaki’s ice storage bins, will be sure to have enough flake ice for even the busiest retail or restaurant operation.

    Features of the F-801MWH

    The F-801MWH can makes between 600-800 pounds of flake ice every 24 hours. It has standard flake ice heads for larger scale ice requirements. This ice machine is water cooled and uses less energy than similar air cooled units with its self-contained; two-process water cooled condensing system. Built in to this flake ice machine is Hoshizaki’s CleanCycle12® technology which automatically flushes the machine for 15 minutes every twelve hours in order to remove sediments in the water and give you the cleanest ice. It also helps optimize operation and extend the overall life of the machine.

    This flake machine requires 115V electricity, condenser supply line, an ice maker drain line, and condenser/return drain line for an open system or copper wire tubing for a closed loop system. Contact our friendly customer service number to get more information, specifications and current pricing. You can chat with someone live on our website or call us toll-free at 1-877-900-4423 Monday through Thursday from 8a.m.-12a.m., and Friday from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. EST.

  4. Hoshizaki Hotel Ice Machines

    hoshizaki hotel ice We work a lot with people in the restaurant industry, but we’re also pretty tight with folks who are in the hotel industry.  Hotel ice machines are crucial to keeping hotel’s guests happy for when they want to get a nightcap or simply want to have something for the soda that they’ve gotten from the vending machine.

    Most of the ice machines that go into hotels are mid-range ones. Usually, the more firepower that you’ve got in a machine, the more that you pay – and since hoteliers are purchasing in bulk, overpowered machines might not be feasible.  You don’t want to overdo it, as you’ll have a lot of the ice machine’s power going unused.

    One of the better machines for the end of the hall is the combination Hoshizaki ice machine which has both an ice machine head and a dispenser for the guests.  The bucket area is low enough for everyone on this. This machine is both ENERGY STAR certified and ADA Compliant.  It has a self-contained air-cooled condenser and produces crescent cubes for everyone who needs them at a nice 325 pounds of ice per day.

    A hotel doesn’t need to be without ice.  By installing this hotel ice machine, you can encourage your guests to stay a little longer. 

  5. Hoshizaki C-101BAH-AD Cubelet Ice Machine

    Hoshizaki Ice MachineNugget ice is a very popular form of ice among ice lovers. It lends itself well to chewing ice and absorbing the flavors of the beverage it is placed in. Because of its popularity, some restaurants and gas stations have made this type of ice their go-to for service. However, if you need ice on a smaller scale, there's an ice machine for you as well.

    Hoshizaki's C-101BAH-AD cubelet ice machine produces nugget ice for just this purpose. Capable of producing up to 92 lbs of ice in a 24 hour period and the built in storage bin will hold up to 22-lbs of ice. This makes it perfect for smaller scale use such as in residences or for break rooms in businesses.

    The space-saving design lends itself well to these types of installations. At only 15 inches wide and 31.5 inches tall, this machine can be installed just about anywhere. All that is required is a 115-volt power outlet and an incoming water line. As an exceptional addition, this model is also approved for installation outdoors, making it the perfect addition to an outdoor bar or patio. It's size means that it is approved by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    This model is made with fewer moving parts to help prevent the normal wear and tear that comes with ice machines. The stainless steel exterior makes it a perfect match for most other modern appliances, allowing it to blend in and be aesthetically pleasing.

    The unit's power switch is easily accessible without having to remove the panel and the water circuit is easily dissessembled to make cleaning a breeze. A swing side reversible door and front in, front out airflow also make the C-101BAH-AD easily installed just about anywhere, since there are no side clearances needed.

    The Hoshizaki C-101BAH-AD comes with a two year warranty on parts and labor, meaning that everything is covered should the unit need parts serviced or replaced during that time frame.

    Everything about the Hoshizaki C-101BAH-AD lends itself to being the perfect ice machine for small scale production at home, in the office, or in a breakroom.

  6. The Hoshizaki KM-101BAH Undercounter Ice Machine

    KM-101BAHThere are times when you may not need as much ice as a commercial machine can produce. For small offices or personal home, a smaller amount of ice is what's required. A residential undercounter ice machine is just what is needed.

    The Hoshizaki KM-101BAH undercounter ice machine produces Hoshizaki's signature crescent cube ice. It is air-cooled, using the air around the machine to keep the condenser cool.

    Measuring only 24 inches wide and 39 inches high, this model is one of Hoshizaki's smaller designs for an undercounter ice machine. Despite its small size, it is still capable of producing 115lbs of ice in a 24 hour period. Its internal storage bin can hold 53lbs of ice, meaning that nearly half of the ice produced can be held for storage.

    Whether in the home or the office, the Hoshizaki KM-101BAH will work as long as there is a 115—volt outlet to provide power. The front in front out airflow means that the unit can be fitted between other appliances or counters without worry about supplying airflow.

    Along with being Energy Star certified, the Hoshizaki KM-101BAH offers several functions that other undercounter ice machines do not. A stainless steel evaporator will resist wear and tear better than any other kind. The Cycle Saver and Ever Check features allow for a reliable, energy efficient ice machine that requires less maintenance.

    The unit comes with a warranty of 3 years parts and labor on the ice machine. The evaporator comes with a 5 year warranty on parts and labor and the compressor comes with a 5 year warranty on parts.

    The space-saving, energy efficient Hoshizaki KM-101BAH ice machine is idea for those who need smaller scale production of ice. An ideal fit for a residential installation or small offices or buildings, this ice machine is perfect for your needs.

  7. Hoshizaki AM-50BAE

    AM-50BAEIf you are a top end bar or club serving only top shelf drinks, you do not want just any type of ice. You want gourmet style ice. Gourmet style ice melts slower so as not to dilute the drink and only requires one or two cubes to chill the drink of choice.

    A great choice for this style of ice is Hoshizaki's AM-50BAE ice machine. It produces Hoshizaki's signature top hat style ice. This ice is perfect for those aged drinks most connoisseurs choose to drink.

    Because the machine uses almost pure water and minerals are filtered out during the ice making process, top hat ice is crystal clear and will not add any tastes to the drink it is placed inside. Because of the style of ice produced, the machine is not meant for full bars or restaurant needs. However, it is a perfect fit for stadium suites, private suites, corporate offices, and private clubs.

    The air-cooled machine is capable of producing 55 lbs of ice in a 24-hour period and also provides a storage bin capable of housing 22 lbs of ice when at capacity. Its narrow 15” wide design allows for it to be installed into tight places. It is an undercounter ice machine and will fit beneath most standard counters.

    The model is approved for outdoor use as well, making it perfect for an elegant home outdoor bar or event. The water circuit is disassembled easily, making for ease of cleaning. The power switch is also easily accessible as well.

    The model comes with a two year warranty on parts and labor.

    If you are in need of such a machine to provide clear, dense cubes of ice that do not dilute top-shelf drinks, then the Hoshizaki AM-50BAE is a machine worthy of your consideration.

  8. Crescent Ice from Hoshizaki

    Crescent IceWe’ve talked a lot about full cubes, half cubes, ice sculptures, and flake ice, but we haven’t spent much time talking about the crescent ice that you can get from Hoshizaki ice machines. The crescent ice cubes are just the thing for those who want something a little bit out of the ordinary to serve their patrons.

    This crescent ice machine has a low profile, allowing it to fit in tight places like under stairwells and between other machines. Simply attach a bin to it, and you’re good to go. In the air cooled machine, there is also an antimicrobial agent protecting it from the natural growth of bacteria and fungus.

    The machine itself is vigilant, as well, employing the EverCheck Alert System. The Evercheck alert system beeps when certain conditions have been met and there’s something wrong with the functioning of the machine. By calling attention to itself, it allows users to keep the Hoshizaki ice machine running smoothly. The machine will beep up to seven times in succession, alerting users to conditions like improper voltage (seven beeps), a shorted circuit (4 beeps), and possible leaks (three beeps). Check the user’s manual for more information about the beeps that it gives.

    The Hoshizaki crescent ice machine also has a CycleSaver design, which is ultimately designed to help users save both energy and water.

    As it is made by one of the top ice machines manufacturers in the world, the Hoshizaki ice machine is second to none for those restaurants who have a mid-range volume.

  9. Hoshizaki's Undercounter Cubelet Ice Machine

    C-101BAH-ADIf you are like many people, you like to chew ice. Full sized cubes, or crescent shaped ice can pose a problem with being able to crunch the ice, however. So, what is the solution? You could use a hammer and a plastic baggy or a towel and pound the ice into bite-sized pieces. Or you could put it in a blender and give it a few pulses.

    Or... you could just get a residential ice maker that makes perfect, bite-sized ice.

    Consider the Hoshizaki C-101BAH-AD. This model is an under counter design perfect for at home installation and use. It produces Hoshizaki's cubelet ice, which is the perfect size for chewing. This type of ice is also referred to by many as nugget ice.

    The model, which stands 31.5” high and is only 15” wide is space saving while still delivering efficiency. It can produce up to 92 pounds of cubelet ice every 24 hours and has a bin with a storage capacity of 22lbs when completely full. The model is also conveniently approved for outdoor use.

    The design of the machine boasts a stainless steel exterior, so that it will match many popular modern kitchen or bar appliances. This machine was also designed to work with fewer moving parts, which cuts down on the possibilities of breakdowns and costly repairs. It also features a front in and out airflow, making it easily installed in many areas.

    The height of this machines meets the Americans with Disabilities height requirement standards.

    Among other positive attributes, this Hoshizaki machine's power button can be accessed without removing a panel. In addition to this, the water circuit is easily disassembled for easier cleaning.

    The product is also covered by a two year warranty for parts and labor.

  10. Hoshizaki Continues Tradition of Charity

    Girl Scout CookiesMany businesses engage in various charities, giving both time and money to differing causes. Some companies partner with various organizations and groups for long-term charitable contributions. More than fifteen years could be considered long-term and that is how long one company has been supporting the Girl Scouts of America.

    Hoshizaki America, Inc, recently made a donation to the Atlanta chapter of the Girl Scouts of America.

    Hoshizaki has long had a history with helping the organization. They have supported the Girl Scouts of America for more than 15 years. Many of the company's employees have volunteered time through giving back to the organization with volunteer opportunities and cookie sales. The company itself has made financial and equipment donations to the organization.

    Last year, donations to the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta allowed 10,377 girls to participate in the organization by providing them with financial assistance.

    A spokesperson for Hoshizaki America stated why the company supports the Girl Scouts of America:

    “... The Girl Scouts of America helps to provide girls with a place to discover a strong sense of self, connect with others in a changing world, and take action to make the world a better place. We believe we are both working towards a common goal.”

    Hoshizaki America, Inc, is a leading manufacturer, designer, and marketer of products for the food service industry. The company produces ice machines, refrigerators, freezers, and other equipment for the industry. Their corporate headquarters is located in Peachtree City, Georgia, with an additional manufacturing facility in Griffin, Georgia.

    Hoshizaki was awarded the 2015 Energy Star Partner of the Year award.

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