Hospital Ice

  1. Hospital Denying Patients Ice?

    Follett Ice MakerHospital ice. We never really thought about the costs of hospital ice and hospital ice machines until we read this article about a hospital in Cambridge denying ice to its patients to save money. The hospital itself blamed budget cuts on the need to eliminate ice from water jugs that are given to patients.

    So, patients are no longer able to get ice in their water jugs, even though having that ice helps the medicine go down. Will the Follett Nugget ice machine at the end of the hall go by the wayside? There are plenty of people who aren’t so sure that the removal of ice from the water jugs was a great move.

    A visitor to the hospital was left horrified and gobsmacked when she was told that a patient in the hospital couldn’t have ice. Someone who was undergoing cancer treatment. “Wards need to call patient catering and it is issued on a bag by bag basis. We are looking at how we save money across the trust. Currently 39,000 per year is spent on ice in water jugs,” said a spokesman of the hospital.

    We hope that those money-saving policies aren’t implemented here. Here in the States, it’s about the little things for patients. Patients who have elective surgery can choose the hospital that they wish to go to, and the availability of patient ice might just make the difference.

  2. Do You Know What's In Your Water?

    Water Picture Even when you do everything that you can to prevent disease from spreading, there are some bacteria that need to be hit hard with disinfectant if they get into your ice bin.  The VA Medical Center in West Palm Beach was recently subject to a water scare. Legionella was found during a routine water check. 

    Legionella is the precursor to Legionnaire’s disease, a disease that has been linked to many deaths.  Two areas of the hospital were affected: the Veteran Resource Center and the Community Living Center.  These two areas see a lot of traffic every day, a reason why we’re very thankful that the bacteria was found early.  “We want to make sure that the veterans, their spouses, visitors and all of our employees are very, very safe,” says the manager of infection prevention.

    How did they get rid of the bacteria?

    The first thing the hospital did was shut down the water fountains, the ice machines, and showers, effectively cutting off all access points to the potentially contaminated water.

    The next thing they did was take a super-chlorinated solution and run it through the pipes, thoroughly flushing it afterward.  After testing and retesting, the pipes were found to be clean.

    Whether you’re in a restaurant, a hotel, or what have you, the need for testing and making sure that people are safe should be the ultimate mission. This story is a testament to the power of testing the water that goes into the pipes every once a quarter.  While we believe that many of the contaminants are caught by the water filters, it always helps to make sure that other things haven’t gotten within the line. 

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  3. Hospital Ice Machine Saves 120 Hours Worth of Work

    Medical Nurse Helping Patient Having an ice and water dispenser available within the patient and family waiting areas saves hospitals both time and money. You’d be surprised at how much time can be saved in a year.

    Lipids online states:

    “…although it was only a 45-second interruption for them (the nurses) to get the water or ice, the interruption occurred an average of 27 times per day.  This may not seem like much until an annual rate is calculated: 45 seconds x 27 occurrences per day x 365 days per years = 120 hours of preventable waste.”

    We’re talking wasted time, wasted energy, and wasted resources.  Granted, there are times when the family or patient isn’t able to get ice, but if procedural changes can be made to make the field a little more efficient then let the water flow.

    Whether you’re looking at the Manitowoc RNS-12A Countertop Nugget ice machine or the Follett 7CI100A Nugget ice maker and water dispenser, simply having the addition of the ice and water maker in patient and family accessible areas instead of nursing areas makes it worthwhile.

    One of the biggest complaints that we’ve read about is that ice machines make a lot of noise.  Smaller ice machines don’t make as much noise as the larger ones, making them a perfect fit in the nursing environment. 

    Healthcare and ice machines make the perfect match, as there are so many therapeutic purposes for nugget ice, cube ice, and flake ice in the hospitals. Take a look through our available brands today and consider picking up a small unit for your nursing stations. It will be one less thing for your nursing staff to worry about.

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  4. What is the Best Hospital Ice Machine?

    Hospital PictureHospital ice machines serve important functions on the floors.  One moment, they might be used to satisfy a young child’s need to cool the pain from tonsillitis. The next moment, injuries and wounds might need ice to soothe swelling. Ice might also be needed to crunch on because of special dietary needs. 

    On The Hospital Floor

    In many cases, the job of the patient is to lay there and wait for the healing process to begin.  One of the best ways to pass the time is to chew on ice and drink lots of water (if possible), and nugget ice is the best ice for this purpose, hands down. 

    It’s important for hospital facilities managers to choose the right ice machines for their hospitals. Nugget ice offers many benefits, being easier for patients to chew and slower to melt. The other blessing that these particular ice machines offer is that since the nugget ice is small and moldable, it works well for the cold compresses and ice bags which are sometimes necessary for patient’s needs.

    Having an ice machine right on the counter in the floor’s kitchen can be the right solution for patients who are needing some water.  A combined ice and water dispenser would be perfect for these functions. To prevent the spread of infection and contamination, we’d recommend an ice maker that uses touch-free dispensing and also produces enough ice so that even the busiest floors can have both fresh ice and water.

    The Scotsman MDT5N25A-1 523lb TouchFree Nugget Ice Machine and Water Dispenser fits all of those needs, taking up a little more than two feet on the counter.  It uses sensors to tell when there’s a cup or a mug waiting to be filled.

    In hospitals, ice machines are quite necessary tools for patient care.  It might be fun to chew on the ice, but there are also very distinctive dietary and care needs which are being taken care of.



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  5. What are the Certifications for an Ice-O-Matic GEMU090?

    Have you seen the certifications on the Ice-O-Matic GEMU090?  There are three certifications: NSF, ETL/Intertek, and ISO Certified 9001:2000.  What do those certifications mean? 

    NSF stands for National Sanitation Foundation, and its motto states that it is the health and safety company.  They conduct a series of independent tests on each piece of equipment which is up for certification, approving it only if they meet their stringent safety standards.

    An ETL listed mark, “is proof of product compliance to North American safety standards.  Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) across the US and Canada accept the ETL-Listed Mark as proof of product compliance to published industry standards.”  In other words, the Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 rises up to a different set of compliance and safety standards.

    ISO Certified 9001:2000 means that the product rises up to quality standards.  These standards were developed by the International Organization for Standardization.  The machines and the company, Ice-O-Matic are audited annually by outside folks to make sure that their work is up to snuff.

    Basically what you’re getting when you get a GEMU090 ice machine is a machine that has been through its paces not only on the company level, but it has had several individual and independent organizations rate and value it as well. 

    This machine is a workhorse, and, being certified as one of the top of the line, is a very good fit for several applications – including hospital ice, stadium ice, and more. For more information, take a look at the listing at this link.

  6. A New Ice Age: Are You Cashing in on the Nugget Ice Craze?

     Scotsman’s Nugget Ice Still Leads the Way.

    While it may no longer be a well-kept secret (or a secret at all anymore), it can safely be said that, when it comes to the various ice styles served in foodservice establishments everywhere, nugget ice (the ice used by Sonic Drive-In, among others) is the most sought after by customers throughout the foodservice industry. This is the only ice style that has a steady social following, and if you are even remotely familiar with social / internet marketing, you know there is nothing more desirable than having your customers do much of your promoting for you. Potential new customers are far more likely to listen to and trust information provided by friends and family than they are a company or brand that engages in shameless self-promoting.

    People Love Nugget Ice on TwitterSeveral restaurants already serve chewable, nugget style ice. Taco Time and Zaxby’s are a few of the more notable, and they are also receiving social exposure similar to Sonic. Go to Twitter and search “Sonic Ice” or “Zaxby Ice”, and you will see that the nugget ice served in these locations has accrued quite a following. Publicity like this is free, and genuinely heartfelt. You and your business will get exactly what you want by adding a nugget ice machine to your establishment – EXPOSURE! Not only do people enjoy this ice more, but they enjoy telling their friends and followers that they enjoy it! (See Image on Right). When was the last time you read a social post regarding boring, square ice cubes from your restaurant? Ever notice that no one seems to pay much attention to these cubes? That’s because they’re simple, standard, run of the mill, and somewhat boring.

    Sonic Ice on InstagramScotsman’s nugget ice is written about, blogged about, tweeted and re-tweeted, and the best part about it is, this ice style is not owned by any single restaurant chain. It can be yours in whatever line of business you are in. Nugget ice is beloved in hospitals, restaurants, health care facilities, and even in the comfort of your own home. We even found a blog post singing the praises of the nugget ice served in hospitals! When we call nugget ice “The Ice of the People”, we're not exaggerating. During the 2013 NCAA March Madness Tournament, we created a “Best Ice Ever” Tournament to run simultaneously in order to find the most popular ice in the country. While the response was decent at first, Sonic and Scotsman then got wind of the tournament, and they passed on the link to their followers and nugget ice absolutely crushed the competition! These are loyal ice lovers who take their devotion to Scotsman’s nugget ice very seriously.Our tournament went viral and people remained interested throughout the NCAA tournament!

    As we mentioned earlier, Scotsman offers a great deal of ice machines that provide nugget ice in different capacities. The standard nugget ice making head is the choice for most restaurants and quick-serve establishments. Nugget ice machine heads must operate with a suitable ice bin or ice dispenser beneath them to have a place for ice to be stored. In many hospitals, health care facilities, and cafeterias, Scotsman’s countertop nugget ice machines perform more than capably enough in most situations. Most of these ice machines operate via a hands free dispenser, so the operator is never required to touch the ice machine. This makes Scotsman countertop nugget ice machines a top choice, especially if they will be used and operated by a large number of people. They help minimize the spread of germs, bacteria, and illness. In the home, the GEMU090 is now the “go-to” option for those that want a high quality, commercial, undercounter nugget ice machine. The GEMU090 is sold by Ice-O-Matic, which is owned by Scotsman.

    Some may see serving nugget ice as a gimmick, but gimmicky or not, this ice has developed an immense following, and you can expect to improve your bottom line with the addition of a nugget ice machine from Scotsman. These ice machines may cost slightly more than Scotsman's standard cuber heads, but they will prove their worth as soon as your customers get word of the nugget ice you now offer in your establishment. They often require less water to create ice while using less or comparable amounts of electricity. The only purpose that nugget ice does not serve incredibly well is in alcoholic mixed drinks. Nugget ice does however accompany blended drinks exceptionally well, as it is soft, and breaks apart easily.

    Of course, you can always carry on serving the standard, solid ice cubes too. Scotsman has quite a few ice machines that will satiate the needs of those who would rather enjoy cubed ice. But with so much potential free exposure, you must ask yourself, “Can I really not benefit from a bit of added publicity?” Nugget ice may very well be the ice of the future, and those who do not adapt will be left behind, falling victim to the latest “Ice Age”. No one wants to fall behind or be left frozen in time. That is why you should strongly consider nugget ice from Scotsman’s ice machines.

  7. Countertop Ice Makers: Know Your Options

    Author's Note: When I look for any new product, I always like to compare my options and get as much information as possible. While customer reviews are helpful, I find that opinions vary too often on the same product. This article reviews the facts about the four most popular countertop ice makers on our site, how they perform, and the price at which they are currently being sold (subject to change). This is to help you make the most educated choice possible, and if you have any further questions, please call us, email us, or leave them in the "Comments" area below.

    When it comes to finding the right countertop ice maker for your hospital or health care facility you have quite a few options. Every major ice machine provider has some sort of countertop ice maker to offer, but no two are exactly the same. We created this page to help you sort through the differences and to find the best ice maker for your establishment. Whether you don’t have a lot of space, require a lot of ice, or want to have more ice stored in your storage bin, we have a countertop ice maker for your facility.  These are the four best-selling countertop ice makers available from Ice Machines Plus.

    All of these countertop ice makers are air cooled, and all of them make some form of nugget ice (despite some calling it by a different name). Scotsman is credited as the creator of nugget ice, and their ice is generally the most preferred out of all of these ice makers. They all provide distinct advantages and benefits however, so consider each one before making a decision.

    Scotsman Nugget IceWe’ll start with the Scotsman MDT5N25A, since Scotsman is credited with being the pioneer of the nugget ice frenzy, beginning nearly 30 years ago. When it comes to output, this ice maker is near the top, with the ability to produce up to 523 pounds of nugget ice in a 24 hour period. Like most Scotsman ice makers, the MDT5N25A uses the least amount of water and electricity when compared to the three other brands. Another desirable trait that the MDT5N25A features can be found in its consistent production when air and water temperatures increase. On warm days, or with a warmer water supply, the MDT5N25A will still produce ice consistently, something that not all of Scotsman’s ice makers do regularly. If there is one drawback to the MDT5N25A, it would be its size. This ice maker is among the largest of these four, so it may be somewhat difficult to find space for it to operate, especially when it requires six inches of clearance on the side as well.

    Ice-O-Matic’s GEMD525A is nearly identical to Scotsman’s MDT5N25A. They share the same physical features, output, water and electrical consumption, and dispense methods. The Ice-O-Matic GEMD525A sells for hundreds of dollars less than the MDT5N25A, and is the least expensive option among all of these ice makers. Ice-O-Matic ice makers do not enjoy the same popularity as the three other models mentioned in this article, but they are a subdivision of Scotsman Industries, so it makes sense that these two ice makers are similar and that the GEMD525A is built with the same lasting quality as Scotsman’s MDT5N25A. Again, the only major difference between the two is that Ice-O-Matic’s GEMD525A sells for a fraction of the price.

    Manitowoc SN-20AT Thin Ice MakerManitowoc, for most people, is the most well-known brand in the world of ice makers, but in the countertop category, they leave much to be desired. Manitowoc’s largest countertop ice maker is the SN-20AT, but it produces only 261 pounds of ice in a 24 hour period – 200 pounds less than any of the competitors. All three of the other countertop ice makers provide much higher outputs and they all offer larger countertop ice makers with GREATER outputs if desired. The most desirable characteristic of Manitowoc’s SN-20AT is its size, since it measures only 16.25 inches wide- nearly 10 inches slimmer than the other ice makers. This is because the Manitowoc SN-20AT features only one spout that dispenses both ice and water. That makes the SN-20AT the best choice for areas with spatial restrictions. Otherwise, in terms of height, electrical use, and ice output, the Manitowoc SN-20AT leaves a lot to be desired. Manitowoc’s nugget ice is also not nearly of the same quality as Scotsman’s nugget ice either.

    Hoshizaki’s DCM-500BAH-OS is similar to Ice-O-Matic’s and Scotsman’s ice makers in terms of size, ice production, and power and water usage. The biggest difference between Hoshizaki’s DCM-500BAH-OS and the rest is the price tag. This model is easily the most expensive, and while Hoshizaki is well-known for the high quality ice makers they produce, this unit does not exactly live up to the hype. It does not produce ice as consistently in stressful conditions as the Ice-O-Matic and Scotsman ice makers do. Hoshizaki’s DCM-500BAH-OS dispenses ice via their patented Opti-Serve dispense mechanism, and dispenses ice and water from two separate spouts, just like Ice-O-Matic and Scotsman.

    Hopefully, armed with these facts and statistics, you will be able to find the best countertop ice maker for your business or health care facility. Be sure to make use of the image below that has all of the aforementioned ice makers neatly organized in one are. Feel free to download and/or share it as well if you know of someone struggling to find the right countertop ice maker for their establishment.

    Countertop Ice Maker Buying Guide

    This image contains all of the information listed above in one downloadable image. Only from Ice Machines Plus.

  8. Ice-O-Matic’s MFI0800A Saves the Day when the Power’s Away

    During the major October snowstorm about a year and a half ago, the bar at which I was employed offered use of our ice machine to our customers, as many were left without power for up to two weeks. We would fill coolers with ice for our customers and do our part to help out those who had lost power and could not store their perishable, refrigerated goods. While we had an ice machine that produced standard ice cubes, a larger flake producing ice machine would have been best for storing refrigerated products. An ice machine like Ice-O-Matic’s MFI0800A would have been ideal as it can produce nearly 800 pounds of flake ice on a daily basis.

    Hurricane Sandy Home DamageLast year’s east coast snowstorm was followed by Hurricane Sandy, which left a trail of devastation in its wake on the east coast. Recently, tornadoes in Oklahoma have torn homes apart, leaving many to recover. With snow, you can find creative ways to store perishable food. But in summer's heat, the task can be a lot more daunting. For emergency service personnel, having a high quality flake ice machine on hand is a must. The MFI0800A is an ideal ice machine to have at your service in times like these. Flake ice is designed for storage, not for cooling beverages like other ice styles. Items stored in or on flake ice remain cooler for a longer period of time. It is also long lasting, and can be stored in coolers for days on end.

    This type of Ice-O-Matic ice machine sees frequent use in fish markets or for produce displays at the supermarket. In more extreme instances, the MFI0800A will greatly benefits those that require access to ice - especially in times of emergency. Ice-O-Matic's MFI0800A has a mid to high level output, with the ability to produce 768 pounds of flake ice on a daily basis, when air and water temperatures are ideal. The MFI0800A features an all stainless steel evaporator and auger to ensure reliable ice production every day. These features also ensure a long life for this flake ice machine from Ice-O-Matic. When faced with a disaster or an emergency situation, it will be nice to know that you have an ice machine that can be reliably counted on.

    Ice-O-Matic MFI0800 on Storage Bin (Optional)Ice-O-Matic’s MFI-0800A measures only 21 inches wide, so finding space for it to operate is not incredibly difficult. Sensors in the MFI0800A reduce and eliminate machine failures in adverse water conditions, and eliminate no-water or low-water failures. The MFI0800A SystemSafe feature constantly checks the workload on the gearbox, and shuts down the system before problems get worse, which could lead to more costly problems and repairs. This way, you won't be faced with an ice emergency on top of your current emergency.

    If you're waiting for the next storm to realize that you and your community will need ice, you'll be waiting until it's far too late. That's why we have a variety of flake ice machines from Ice-O-Matic that are ready to serve you and the people you care about most. While even a year later, we on the east coast continue to repair from the damages of the most recent hurricane, it becomes clearer that ice has never been more important. Consider Ice-O-Matic’s MFI-0800A before Mother Nature strikes again, leaving more of us in the dark. No emergency service should be without the ability to provide ice to the people in their community when they need it most.

  9. Countertop Ice Makers Offer Nugget Ice Anywhere

    Scotsman Leads the Way with the MDT Series

    If you’ve never considered the ways in which ice can positively or negatively affect your business, then you probably haven’t done a great deal of research. In our March Madness “Best Ice Ever” Tournament, we proved that there are clearly some ice styles that are preferred over others.  Nugget Ice (known affectionately as Sonic Ice and Hospital Ice by its followers) is the preferred ice of the people, and since it was created over 30 years ago by Scotsman Ice Systems, this ice has grown in popularity at an incredible rate. Scotsman now offers more countertop ice makers that make and dispense nugget ice than ever before, and owning one can be greatly beneficial to your establishment.

    Countertop ice makers differ from standard ice machines and undercounter ice makers in a few ways. They make, store, and dispense ice from one compact unit. Though they are smaller, they generally have the ability to create a great deal of ice per day (500+ pounds) because they are constantly creating ice as it is dispensed. Most countertop ice makers dispense water too, and all of the following ice makers mentioned in this article are operated “hands-free”. Users simply place a glass or container beneath the appropriate spout and ice or water is dispensed automatically. Countertop ice makers are not flawless however, as they offer very limited storage space. These units cannot house hundreds of pounds of ice that commercial ice bins have the ability to store.

    The following countertop ice makers are perfect for cafeterias, offices, health care facilities, hospitals, and cafes. These units are incredibly versatile since they do not need a lot of room to operate effectively. Here are Scotsman’s top countertop ice makers:

    Scotsman MDT2C12A Countertop Cubelet Ice MakerMDT2C12A

    This countertop ice maker is classified as a “cubelet ice maker”. This ice form is similar to nugget ice in size, shape, and texture. Cubelet ice is a bit harder than nugget ice however, and is not as well known for its chewable nature. The MDT2C12A-1A can make up to 273 pounds of ice per day and stores 12 pounds of ice when filled completely.  Users can select whether they want this countertop ice maker to dispense ice, water, or a combination of both. Unlike other ice makers from the MDT Series, this unit features one spout that serves water and ice. Other ice makers feature two spouts, which allows users the freedom to choose their ratio of ice to water. The MDT2C12A-1A measures less than 16 inches wide, making it one of the slimmest countertop ice makers available*.


    The MDT5N25A is one of Scotsman’s most popular countertop ice makers. It makes up to 523 pounds of nugget ice on a daily basis and stores 26 pounds when filled completely. The MDT5N25A measures 26 inches wide and stands 41 inches tall.* Unlike the ice maker mentioned above, the MDT5N25A features two spouts – one for dispensing ice, one for dispensing water, so users can choose how much ice and how much water they desire. Hands-free countertop ice makers like this improve sanitation as well since the user is not required to touch the machine to access the ice or water they desire, making them an excellent addition in the doctor’s office or hospital.


    This countertop ice maker is the next step up from the MDT5N25A. There are only a few differences between the MDT5N25A and the MDT5N40A however. Both make the same amount of nugget ice per day (523 pounds). The MDT5N40 can store a greater amount of ice with its 40 pound storage capacity, and it measures only a few inches taller than the MDT5N25A at 48.5 inches. The two measure the same width- 26 inches wide.* The larger storage capacity of the MDT5N40A is helpful if your ice maker sees a lot of its use at one point during the day (say, at lunchtime, or to start the day.) This way, more people are served, and fewer are left waiting for ice to be created.


    Scotsman MDT6N90 Countertop Ice Maker

    This countertop nugget ice maker is essentially “The Big One” from Scotsman, with the ability to make over 700 pounds of nugget ice in a 24 hour period. The MDT6N90A best suits establishments where the ice maker sees non-stop, round-the-clock use. Hospitals and health care facilities that are required to be in operation 24 hours a day will benefit greatly from this ice maker. The MDT6N90A also has the largest storage capacity out of any of these ice makers, with the ability to hold up to 90 pounds of nugget ice when filled to capacity. It is not incredibly large either, measuring 35 inches wide and 45.75 inches tall.

    *Note- Scotsman recommends that all of these countertop ice makers have at least six inches of clearance at the back, left, and right sides to create ice effectively. This allows air to be taken in and released freely, and promotes more consistent ice making. All of these countertop ice makers operate via a 115V electrical connection.

    If you require a countertop ice maker for your business, these Scotsman units are at the top of the line. The nugget ice produced is a customer favorite, and your employees will undoubtedly love the upgrade from the boring, square cube. If you lack counter space, consider adding the stand that Scotsman provides for these countertop ice makers, the DMS21S-B. Scotsman’s countertop ice makers make a great deal of ice on a daily basis, and require very little space to operate. Very few countertop ice makers compare to those from Scotsman’s MDT Series.

  10. The Scotsman NU130: One Last Chance!

    Scotsman NU130 Undercounter Nugget Ice MakerIf you’ve been looking for Scotsman’s most popular undercounter nugget ice machine lately, you probably haven’t had much success. That’s because Scotsman discontinued production of the NU130 about six months ago. While they have not been producing any new NU130s, Scotsman DID make an interesting discovery while doing some spring cleaning a few days ago- the discovery of a few unsold, untouched NU130s. And Scotsman was good enough to us at Ice Machines Plus to let us offer them for sale on our site. Our quantities are extremely limited (in the single digits), so if you’re looking for an NU130, you’ve got to act as quickly as possible!

    The NU130 rose to stardom as Scotsman’s nugget ice increased in popularity. This ice has been around for more than 30 years now, gaining fans in every corner of the ice industry. Nugget ice became popular in hospitals and health care facilities – affectionately being referred to as “hospital ice”. Quick service restaurants like Sonic and Zaxby’s may not have realized how popular nugget ice would become, but when they added nugget ice to their beverages, they found that their popularity increased exponentially. (Note: If you want to see how popular nugget ice is, do a Google or Twitter search for “Sonic Ice”). With Scotsman’s NU130, you can have nugget ice in your own home, office, break room, or café – essentially anywhere you want it.

    Scotsman NU130 Inside ViewWhile the Scotsman NU130 was designed to service commercial establishments, it still makes an excellent addition to the home. It was designed with long-lasting commercial quality that is not found in many, lower quality, residential ice machines. The NU130 is small in stature, standing less than 35 inches tall, and no wider than 15 inches. These measurements allow it to fit almost anywhere you require ice, even outside as the NU130 is approved for outdoor use. The NU130 can create up to 125 pounds of nugget ice in a 24 hour period- the most of any undercounter nugget ice maker. This makes the NU130 the most desirable undercounter available (which is why we know our supply will not last).

    Buy Your Scotsman NU130

    The Scotsman NU130 will definitely not be around for an extended period of time, and we’re (fairly) certain that there will not be any more miraculous discoveries or hidden troves of this undercounter ice machine found in the future. So if you want an NU130 for your home, office, or business, you must act fast! Check out the NU130 from Scotsman on its product page, or give one of our sales representatives a call. They will be happy to help you with your purchase, or to find a suitable replacement for the Scotsman NU130.

    If you are in the unfortunate crowd, and once again missed the opportunity to purchase one of Scotsman’s NU130s, do not worry – you are not alone and you have other options. Ice-O-Matic, (who is owned by Scotsman) offers the GEMU090- an undercounter ice machine identical in size and stature to the NU130. The only difference between the two is that the GEMU090 produces less ice per day at 85 pounds. Otherwise, the GEMU090 from Ice-O-Matic is nearly a carbon copy of the NU130. Scotsman provides a few countertop ice maker dispenser options that produce nugget ice in greater quantities too. The MDT2C12A and MDT5N25A are essentially “do-it-all” ice machines that make ice, dispense ice, and dispense water. They both operate via a sensor as well, making them very sanitary options if the ice machine will be used by a multitude of people.

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