Hotel Ice

  1. Ice-O-Matic ICE0520HA-CD40022 Air-Cooled Ice Machine w/ Hotel Dispenser

    Hotel guests often need ice. Whether it's for general drinks or to fill a bucket full of ice to chill wine or champagne, ice is a necessity. Because not all hotels provide every room with a freezer to make their own ice, they need ice machines to do the job for them.

    The Ice-O-Matic ICE0520HA-CD40022 is a combination of the Ice-O-Matic ICE0520HA ice machine with the CD40022 Hotel dispenser.

    A Great Hotel and Motel Ice Machine

    This model produces up to 520 lbs of half-cube sized ice per 24 hour period. Each cube measures approximately 7/8” x 7/8” x 3/8” in size. Retailers love this size ice because the more ice, the less beverage needed to fill a glass. The smaller ice cube size also means fewer chances that the dispenser will jam. The built in ice bin will store up to 120 lbs of ice at a time, meaning that you will always have ice on hand for your guests.

    The ICE0520HA-CD40022 does require a 115-volt 60 Hz 1-phase power source. Also needed is an incoming water line and a drain to purge water left over after the ice production cycle.

    The CD40022 dispenser has a large dispensing chute and a push button activation feature. The dispensing area is wide enough to accommodate ice buckets used at a majority of hotels. The Turbo Dispense Technology incorporated into the dispenser allows for dispensing ¼ pound of ice per second.

    Additional attributes of this machine include the Harvest Assist technology, allowing for a shorter ice production cycle. Built into each surface that comes into contact with water and ice is the Pure Ice antimicrobial protection. This helps to ward against bacterial build up that can lead to slime and mold.

    Ice-O-Matic delivers with the warranty as well. The ICE0520HA-CD40022 comes with a 3-year warranty on parts and labor for the ice machine. Also included is a 5-year parts coverage for the evaporator and the condenser. The dispenser comes with a 3-year warranty for parts and labor as well.

    If your hotel business is in need of an ice machine, the Ice-O-Matic ICE0520HA-CD40022 is certainly a choice worthy of your consideration.

  2. Scotsman C0322SA-HD22B-1H Small Cube Ice Machine w/ Hotel Dispenser

    Hotels need ice for their residents and temporary occupants. Since not every hotel provides a refrigerator in their rooms, they need to have ice machines with dispensers. These machines must be able to keep up with the demand that the customers place on them.

    The Scotsman C0322SA-HD22B-1H ice machine and hotel dispenser produces small cube ice. Capable of producing up to 366 lbs of this small cube ice every 24 hours and capable of storing 120 lbs of ice, the C0322SA-HD22B will be sure to meet the ice needs of your guests and staff.

    A Green Hotel Ice Machine

    The C0322SA-HD22B is also economical and environmentally friendly. It is air-cooled so that there is less water used during the ice-making process. The ice-maker itself is Energy Star certified and the dispenser is insulated with a polyurethane foam.

    The C0322SA-HD22B that simplify operation and maintenance. AutoAlert external indicator lights will inform the owner and operators of the unit's status. Scotsman's AquaArmor antimicrobial technology infuses the Agion metallic antiseptic compound into every surface that comes into contact with ice or water. This reduces the bacterial build up that contributes to slime and mold. A removable top panel makes cleaning the dispenser possible without removing the machine head.

    The push chute design allows for easy dispensing of ice and the width of the dispenser accommodates many different ice buckets. The Scotsman C0322SA-HD22B can be installed on each floor of the hotel or in hotel lobbies.

    Scotsman's warranties are outstanding as well. The C0322SA-HD22B comes with a 3-year warranty on parts and labor for all components. You will also get 5-years parts and labor on the evaporator. The compressor and condenser come with a 5-year warranty on parts. The dispenser has a 3-year warranty for parts and labor.

    The Scotsman C0322SA-HD22B is a model that was built with hotel use in mind. It will meet the needs of a facility that has moderate ice consumption.

  3. Hoshizaki Hotel Ice Machines

    hoshizaki hotel ice We work a lot with people in the restaurant industry, but we’re also pretty tight with folks who are in the hotel industry.  Hotel ice machines are crucial to keeping hotel’s guests happy for when they want to get a nightcap or simply want to have something for the soda that they’ve gotten from the vending machine.

    Most of the ice machines that go into hotels are mid-range ones. Usually, the more firepower that you’ve got in a machine, the more that you pay – and since hoteliers are purchasing in bulk, overpowered machines might not be feasible.  You don’t want to overdo it, as you’ll have a lot of the ice machine’s power going unused.

    One of the better machines for the end of the hall is the combination Hoshizaki ice machine which has both an ice machine head and a dispenser for the guests.  The bucket area is low enough for everyone on this. This machine is both ENERGY STAR certified and ADA Compliant.  It has a self-contained air-cooled condenser and produces crescent cubes for everyone who needs them at a nice 325 pounds of ice per day.

    A hotel doesn’t need to be without ice.  By installing this hotel ice machine, you can encourage your guests to stay a little longer. 

  4. Ice-O-Matic ICE0320FA-CD40022 Ice Machine w/ Hotel Dispenser

    Hotels need ice for their residents and temporary occupants. Since not every hotel provides a refrigerator in their rooms, they need to have ice machines with dispensers. These machines must be able to keep up with the demand that the customers place on them.

    The Ice-O-Matic ICE0320FA-CD40022 is capable of producing 334 lbs of ice per day and combines this with a 22” wide dispenser. The ICE0320FA-CD40022 produces a full-size cube that measures 7/8” by 7/8” by 7/8” and melts slower than smaller sized ice. Capable of holding up to 120 lbs of ice at any one time, the ICE0320FA-CD40022 ensures you will always have ice on hand.

    Other Features of this Hotel Ice Machine

    When it comes to installation, the machine requires a 115-volt, 60Hz power source and a drain for the water coming from melted ice within the bin. Of course, there is also a need for an incoming water source.

    The ICE0320FA-CD40022 has a push activation feature and the wide mouth will accommodate most sized ice buckets. Ice-O-Matic's turbo dispensing technology allows for ¼ a pound of ice to be dispensed per second.

    The unit is air-cooled, meaning less water is used than water-cooled models. There's less need to worry about slime and mold with the Pure Ice built in antimicrobial protection. The Agion compound is incorporated into all surfaces that contact water and ice, decreasing the build up of bacteria that leads to mold and slime.

    When it comes to warranties, the ICE0320FA-CD40022 delivers. You will get a 3 year warranty for parts and labor on the ice machine, 5 years parts coverage on the evaporator and the compressor, and 3 years for parts and labor on the dispenser.

    If you are in need of a new ice machine for your hotel, the Ice-O-Matic ICE0320FA-CD40022 is certainly worthy of your consideration.

  5. Scotsman C0322MA-HD22B-1H Medium Cube Ice Machine w/ Hotel Dispenser

    If you've ever been to a hotel, then chances are that you've used their ice machine. Hotels don't always provide refrigerators and freezers for their guests, so they must rely on ice machines and dispensers for ice. A busy hotel can tax an ice machine, but most ice machines are built to meet that demand.

    The Scotsman C0322MA-HD22B-1H is a machine that produces a medium-cube style ice. Capable of producing up to 356 lbs of medium cube ice every 24 hours, this machine will also hold up to 120 lbs of ice once produced. It is a combination of the Scotsman C0322MA ice machine and the Scotsman HD22B hotel dispenser.

    This Hotel Ice Machine is Green

    The C0322MA-HD22B is a “green” unit and has earned Energy Star certification. It is air-cooled, meaning that less water is used than water-cooled models. The dispenser utilizes a polyurethane compound to insulate the ice.

    The Scotsman C0322MA-HD22B combines a number of advantages to make it easy on the owner. AutoAlert external indicator lights keep the users and the owner updated on the machine status. AquaArmor technology has Agion, an antimicrobial compound molded into every component that makes contact with water or ice. The dispenser itself has a removable front panel so that the dispenser may be cleaned without removing the ice machine head.

    The warranty Scotsman offers cannot be beaten. The unit comes with a warranty covering 3 years parts and labor on all components, 5 years parts and labor on the evaporator and the condenser, and 3 years parts and labor on the dispenser.

    The Scotsman C0322MA-HD22B is a workhorse ice machine that lends itself to easy installation on each floor of your hotel or simply within the hotel lobby. When it comes to ice machines dedicated to hotel use, the Scotsman C0322MA-HD22B is worthy of consideration.

  6. Do you have a Noisy Hotel Ice Machine?

    Old Ice MachineIt’s the little things that make a guest’s stay special and memorable. People, when they stay at hotels, want everything to go right. They want there to be a special experience rather than something run of the mill. Little changes can be made to make that happen, starting from the hotel ice machine.

    Hotel ice machines have the reputation of being the loudest things in the hotel, next to the compressors for the air conditioner. In most cases, the reason for the ice machine’s noise is that it has not been well maintained or looked after.

    Another reason for people hating the ice machines at hotels is that they are usually older than the hills, something that some hotels are proud of. “We’ve had this ice machine since the Reagan Administration,” is not something that you ever want to hear.

    Hotels are going over to the newer Energy Star ice machines all the time, because it saves them countless dollars over the life of the machine. By using up to 30% less energy and significantly less water, the Energy Star hotel ice machines just make sense.

    It’s in your hands. Do you want to have the ‘little things’ that happen in your hotel marked against you? Changing out the ice machines might be an excellent first step.

  7. Does Your Home Have an Ice Maker?

    Alfonso RibeiroAlfonso Ribeiro (the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos and previously Carlton on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) recently bought a house in Granada Hills for a little under $2MM. It’s got everything that he needs, including an ice maker. With its pool, basketball court, and recreation areas, the place is built for entertaining.

    Big beachfront homes are the name of the game today. When you’re thinking about tricking out your huge home with the TVs, hot tubs, and extraordinary amenities, there’s always room for the hotel ice maker on the property. Having several people partying on the premises means that there are tons of people who want ice: you’ll need a lot more than the standard ice maker.

    That’s where you can pick up a hotel ice maker. The smaller ones will produce a hundred pounds or more or ice, which makes it perfect for any small parties that you might have, impromptu or not. With the right filter, you can also make sure that the ice in the house is clean and pure. The ice is something that you don’t necessarily want to think about when you’re entertaining, right?

    It’s not unusual to love ice makers, that’s for sure. What type of hotel ice maker do you have in your home?

  8. Brewery and Ice Cream Company Make Paired Product

    New Belgium BrewingHave you heard of a food pairing as strange as this? A Colorado craft brewing company made a beer based off of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. In response, Ben & Jerry's decided to make a beer flavored ice cream.

    How is that for a tasty combination? It all started when New Belgium made a Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale. It starts with caramel malt and salt and uses cocoa and vanilla powder to give it the brownie flavor. Ben & Jerry's liked the riff off their popular ice cream flavor so much so much that they decided to use the beer itself to create a special run of Salted Caramel Brown-ie Ale ice cream.

    The companies are donating some of the profits from the sale of both items to a climate change charity called Protect Our Winters, which urges winter sports enthusiasts to help save ski slopes.

    Both items are sold in stores, and you can also taste the limited run ice cream in Ben & Jerry's ice cream shops. If you're out on a business trip, why not treat yourself? Chill your beer with ice from the hotel ice machine, grab a spoon, and make yourself some beer floats!

  9. Triathlete Uses Ice Baths Regularly

    Ice BathIt’s an amazing feat to run 20 miles in a morning, but it takes its toll on the body. Chris Mosier can attest to that, as he runs on the US national triathalon team. One part of his routine is to take regular ice baths. When he’s on the road, he is hitting the hotel ice machine with a vengeance.

    That’s his first stop after a run. He gets the tiny plastic bag and the small container that is available in the room, making several trips to get his tub at least somewhat workable to cool himself off from the room. Mosier has been through a lot, and the ice machine helps to soothe his aching body.

    What types of ice do other hotel guests need? Would a crushed ice machine do well right near the drink machine so that guests could truly enjoy their favorite soft drink and a smile? The half dice and the full dice hotel ice machines are great, but would they do well with nuggets?

    When you get into the room and wander down to the end of the hall, what type of ice would you prefer to see? To many, it doesn’t make a difference in the least, but to the ice lovers out there, it means the world.

  10. Theater Cracks Down on Ice Noise?

    The Broadhurst TheaterWe've said many times on this blog that ice is essential for bartenders. Without the ability to control the temperature of a drink it cannot be perfect. Some drinks require the ice to be strained out. Others require that it stay in the glass. That last category is bothering some theater-goers in the UK though.

    The Broadhurst theater began the campaign after they had some rude cellphone users. At one show, no less than 15 cellphones went off during the performance. Unlike a loud movie theater, a play can be quite spoiled by one cellphone because a ring tone drowned out what a character said. They began to put notes in the playbills telling patrons to silence their cellphones and to refrain from texting during performances.

    They also told bartenders at the theater not to serve drinks with ice in them. The sound of the ice shaking inside a plastic cup was enough to interfere with the experience. Candy was also prohibited due to crinkling wrappers.

    The current show they are producing is an adaptation of Stephen King's “Misery”. They wanted to preserve the suspenseful atmosphere for the 90 minute show and cracked down on any extraneous noise that might ruin the effect.

    What do you think? If you were at big casino hotel with a theater and you weren't allowed to bring in ice from the hotel ice machine for your drink, would you complain or would you be understanding? Let us know your thoughts.

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