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  1. Ice-O-Matic ICE0520HA-CD40022 Air-Cooled Ice Machine w/ Hotel Dispenser

  2. Scotsman C0322SA-HD22B-1H Small Cube Ice Machine w/ Hotel Dispenser

  3. Hoshizaki Hotel Ice Machines

    hoshizaki hotel ice We work a lot with people in the restaurant industry, but we’re also pretty tight with folks who are in the hotel industry.  Hotel ice machines are crucial to keeping hotel’s guests happy for when they want to get a nightcap or simply want to have something for the soda that they’ve gotten from the vending machine.

    Most of the ice machines that go into hotels are mid-range ones. Usually, the more firepower that you’ve got in a machine, the more that you pay – and since hoteliers are purchasing in bulk, overpowered machines might not be feasible.  You don’t want to overdo it, as you’ll have a lot of the ice machine’s power going unused.

    One of the better machines for the end of the hall is the

  4. Ice-O-Matic ICE0320FA-CD40022 Ice Machine w/ Hotel Dispenser

  5. Scotsman C0322MA-HD22B-1H Medium Cube Ice Machine w/ Hotel Dispenser

  6. Do you have a Noisy Hotel Ice Machine?

    Old Ice MachineIt’s the little things that make a guest’s stay special and memorable. People, when they stay at hotels, want everything to go right. They want there to be a special experience rather than something run of the mill. Little changes can be made to make that happen, starting from the hotel ice machine.

    Hotel ice machines have the reputation of being the loudest things in the hotel, next to the compressors for the air conditioner. In most cases, the reason for the ice machine’s noise is that it has not been well maintained or looked after.

    Another reason for people hating the ice machines at hotels is that they are usually older than the hills, something that some hotels are proud of. “We’ve had this ice machine since the Reagan Ad

  7. Does Your Home Have an Ice Maker?

    Alfonso RibeiroAlfonso Ribeiro (the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos and previously Carlton on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) recently bought a house in Granada Hills for a little under $2MM. It’s got everything that he needs, including an ice maker. With its pool, basketball court, and recreation areas, the place is built for entertaining.

    Big beachfront homes are the name of the game today. When you’re thinking about tricking out your huge home with the TVs, hot tubs, and extraordinary amenities, there’s always room for the hotel ice maker on the property. Having several people partying on the pr

  8. Brewery and Ice Cream Company Make Paired Product

    New Belgium BrewingHave you heard of a food pairing as strange as this? A Colorado craft brewing company made a beer based off of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. In response, Ben & Jerry's decided to make a beer flavored ice cream.

    How is that for a tasty combination? It all started when New Belgium made a Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale. It starts with caramel malt and salt and uses cocoa and vanilla powder to give it the brownie flavor. Ben & Jerry's liked the riff off their popular ice cream flavor so much so much that they decided to use the beer itself to create a special run of Salted Caramel Brown-ie Ale ice cream.

    The companies are donating some of the profits from the sale of both items to

  9. Triathlete Uses Ice Baths Regularly

    Ice BathIt’s an amazing feat to run 20 miles in a morning, but it takes its toll on the body. Chris Mosier can attest to that, as he runs on the US national triathalon team. One part of his routine is to take regular ice baths. When he’s on the road, he is hitting the hotel ice machine with a vengeance.

    That’s his first stop after a run. He gets the tiny plastic bag and the small container that is available in the room, making several trips to get his tub at least somewhat workable to cool himself off from the room. Mosier has been through a lot, and the ice machine helps to soothe his aching body.

    What types of ice do other hotel guests need? Would a crushed ice

  10. Theater Cracks Down on Ice Noise?

    The Broadhurst TheaterWe've said many times on this blog that ice is essential for bartenders. Without the ability to control the temperature of a drink it cannot be perfect. Some drinks require the ice to be strained out. Others require that it stay in the glass. That last category is bothering some theater-goers in the UK though.

    The Broadhurst theater began the campaign after they had some rude cellphone users. At one show, no less than 15 cellphones went off during the performance. Unlike a loud movie theater, a play can be quite spoiled by one cellphone because a ring tone drowned out what a character said. They began to put notes in the play

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