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  1. Thieves Steal Ice Machine from Restaurant

    ThiefIt seems that thieves will steal just about anything. Usually, they are after money, televisions, and other high-end electronic equipment. However, in Philadelphia, two audacious individuals apparently walked out of a restaurant with two ice machines.

    On Monday, December 21st, two thieves walked into the Honey's on South restaurant, located at 21st and South Street. They claimed that they were there to take the two ice machines out for repairs. The restaurant was in the middle of the dinner rush at the time.

    The restaurant owner stated that the staff was busy dealing with a full dining room at the time and thought little of the supposed “repairmen.” One of the

  2. Ice Machine Leads to Home Remodeling

    Small Scotsman Ice MachineSometimes, remodeling a house starts with the ice machine. One couple out there wanted a Scotsman ice machine so that they could have the wonderfully delicious Sonic ice available anytime. With the change in the water filters and water lines, they then realized that they might as well take the plunge and remodel the whole kitchen.

    Then… it grew. If they were going to remodel the kitchen, they might as well take a look at the rest of the house. They decided to change up the rest of the house with painting the walls, adding new textures into the place, and even more. It was an adventure when they pulled in an interior designer.

    Yes, John and Minerva Esquivel began their journey to exquisite design with an ice machine.

  3. What's the Ice Machine at your Favorite Fast Food Restaurant?

    Fast Food Ice MachineThere are some of us at the office who love going to fast food restaurants. They’re terribly convenient, and some of these fast food options have healthier choices than the food that they serve at the office. One of the things that a lot of them do have is countertop Scotsman ice makers.

    The reason that so many folks choose Scotsman ice makers is because they have at least two sizes of cube available. You can get the full cube, of course, or you can get the small cube – sometimes called the half cube. These are much more crunchable than the others, making tiny rectangular cubes.

    The condensers on many of these countertop ice machines are air cooled, meaning that they’re going to be cooled by the air arou

  4. How do you Purify your Water?

    Water PurificationThere are plenty of ways that you can purify the water that goes into your patron’s drinks. For commercial purposes, you want to use one of the water filter systems which attaches right onto the pipes. In fact, this is probably required by your local health code! Dirty water leads to dirty ice. While tap water might be clean, if your water isn't purified you'll end up with cloudy cubes.

    For home use, you can get clean water by using a point of use water filter. Think about this like a filter that’s attached right to the tap. The reduction of contaminants is impressive, with many of them reducing 99.99% of all pathogens, volatile organic compounds, and other items. No more chlorine!

    You can even filter the water that

  5. Does Ice Selection Drive your Choice of Convenience Store?

    Convenience StoreWe have one person at the office who has admitted it, and there are most likely several more. They will go to a convenience store specifically for the ice that they serve out of their ice machine and dispenser. You see, they’re absolute fanatics about the nugget ice that they can get.

    Now, the crazier part is that there are distinct differences between the nugget ice. One nugget ice cube dispenser is not like the other one, if it’s from a different brand. Most of the customers that go into the store will just know that there are differences in the crunchability, but those who are in the ice game can tell the difference between Scotsman and Follett ice machines.

    Mom and Pop convenience stores everywhere know t

  6. What Makes an Ice Machine ADA Compliant?

    ADA15IMB-00The Americans with Disabilities Act has been a savior for the rights of disabled people. It mandates many improvements to equipment and buildings to allow handicapped people to have the same access as non-handicapped people, among other provisions. Some restaurant equipment is certified to be ADA-compliant including ice makers.

    What makes an ice maker ADA compliant? Let's take a look at the U-Line ADA15IMB-00 as an example. This machine is quite small at only 32” high and just shy of 15” wide. The machine opens from the front. The small dimensions make it easy for someone in a wheelchair to get ice from the ice maker.

    This ice maker would be a great addition in a home. It needs no drain line and only holds 25 pounds of ice, which is more than eno

  7. How to Get Along with your Bartender

    BartendersBeing a bartender offers great responsibility, as there is quite a lot more to do than simply get ice from the undercounter nugget ice machine. There is a mixture of people skills and technical skills required, skills which make the bartender stand at the forefront of any restaurant – they are the ones who make the show and provide the experience.

    Reader’s Digest offered some ideas for how you could better get along with your bartender – little tips and tricks which will make your bar experience that much better.

    Start a tab with your bartender. Really. They have a lot of work that they have to do, and they don’t want to be repeatedly swiping your card when they could just do it once. Make it

  8. Praise for the Barback

    BarbackWe love going to busy bars and seeing how they operate. The bartender entertains the guests and makes sure that the drinks are delivered on time, but it’s the bar back that is often the true hero of the bar. They are the ones who keep it running smoothly by making sure that all of the ingredients are in place for a successful performance.

    If the bartender doesn’t have an undercounter ice machine, barbacks are the ones who are in the kitchen, speedily working their ice scoops and ice shovels at the combination ice machines to get their ice buckets back to the ice storage bins.


  9. Where did that Hoshizaki Ice Machine in your Hotel Come From?

    Hoshizaki LogoWhen we’re thinking about hotel ice machines, the name of Kemmons Wilson comes to mind. He was the first one to offer ice to the guests. He decided that ice would be free in all hotels. And, through his Holiday Inn chain, he made that happen.

    Other hotels decided to keep up, because the ice on the floors was quite the selling point. On a hot day, guests would be ordering up the room service, but with Mr. Wilson’s idea, guests could get it themselves – leaving the kitchen to work on more lucrative ventures.

    If we flash forward to today, there’s a Scotsman, Ice-O-Matic, or Hoshizaki ice machine on every floor. There are specially made nooks for the hotel ice machine so that guests within the hotel aren’t bothered

  10. Combo Ice Machines from Manitowoc

    Office SpaceCombo ice machines from Manitowoc truly make the difference between frustration and satisfaction in churches, offices, and meeting spaces. Having a combo ice machine, one which produces 300-400 pounds of ice per day, can be a lifesaver for any caterers which come to your meeting space.

    You can get an office style ice machine with water dispenser, or you can get a hotel type combo ice machine if you’re filling lots of pitchers. In either instance, those who are in charge of food and drink have it just that little bit easier.

    What makes it a combo ice machine? It can produce both water and ice for your clients, your customers, a

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