Ice Machine Care

  1. Need a New Ice Machine? Let Us Help!

    Do You Need A New Ice MachineIf your ice machine consistently looks like this, it may be time to find a new one for your business.

    If you own an ice machine, chances are you’ve asked this question at one point or another. Unfortunately, there is no simple, clear cut explanation for why your ice machine is not making ice. There are many factors that play a part in the ice making process, and there are a lot of things that can go wrong with your ice machine in its lifetime. Hopefully, with this guide, you will be able to identify the problem or problems facing your ice machine and you will be able to get your unit back to doing what it is supposed to do – making ice for you and your establishment. We separated these issues into two categories: External Factors and Human Errors. Some are easy to fix while some require add

  2. Hospital Finds Legionella in an Ice Machine

    LegionellaIce machines, with their cool, damp confines, can be a breeding ground for bacteria. This is why proper cleaning and maintenance of ice machines is vital to keeping such bacteria at bay. Growth of this bacteria can lead to mold and slime in the bin, and can also infect those who consume ice from the machine.

    In Brisbane, Australia, the Queensland Health is testing a hospital's water supply. This comes as a result of a patient testing positive for the legionella pheumophila bacteria. The bacteria causes legionnaire's disease, which can be deadly.

    Welsey Hospital had another similar incident back in 2013, when another patient died of legionnaire's disease.

  3. A Clean Ice Machine is Best

    Clean Ice Ice machines are almost mandatory in certain industries like restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes and certain kinds of processing plants. As important as they are, they often get neglected when it comes to scheduled maintenance. Following a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule not only ensures that your business provides a clean product, but also ensures that your investment will continue producing returns for many years to come.

    It goes without saying that one of the most important things to know when it comes to cleaning and maintenance is to know your ice machine. Different manufacturers and different types of machines require different cleaning and maintenance procedures. It is always important to follow your users manual when it comes to com

  4. Do you have a Noisy Hotel Ice Machine?

    Old Ice MachineIt’s the little things that make a guest’s stay special and memorable. People, when they stay at hotels, want everything to go right. They want there to be a special experience rather than something run of the mill. Little changes can be made to make that happen, starting from the hotel ice machine.

    Hotel ice machines have the reputation of being the loudest things in the hotel, next to the compressors for the air conditioner. In most cases, the reason for the ice machine’s noise is that it has not been well maintained or looked after.

    Another reason for people hating the ice machines at hotels is that they are usually older than the hills, something that some hotels are proud of. “We’ve had this ice machine since the Reagan Ad

  5. Changing your Filters? Clean your Ice Bin

    Water FiltersWe’ve been talking a bit about water filtration, contaminated ice machines, and other items this week. We’ve seen several reports of places around the country who are experiencing difficulties with their water lines, and broken pipes. In order to prevent contamination, it’s sometimes necessary to flush your plumbing system to get the potentially contaminated water out – whether you’re in a restaurant or at home.

    The easiest way to start flushing these is to turn them on full blast for at least fifteen minutes. There are both hot water and cold water lines. Run the hot water line first, emptying the hot water tank of the old water. Then, you want to tackle the cold water line. This includes all fixtures, including the kitchen and bathroom.

    After the hot water has run out, then it’s time

  6. How do you Purify your Water?

    Water PurificationThere are plenty of ways that you can purify the water that goes into your patron’s drinks. For commercial purposes, you want to use one of the water filter systems which attaches right onto the pipes. In fact, this is probably required by your local health code! Dirty water leads to dirty ice. While tap water might be clean, if your water isn't purified you'll end up with cloudy cubes.

    For home use, you can get clean water by using a point of use water filter. Think about this like a filter that’s attached right to the tap. The reduction of contaminants is impressive, with many of them reducing 99.99% of all pathogens, volatile organic compounds, and other items. No more chlorine!

    You can even filter the water that

  7. Three Things to Keep your Ice Machine Running Well

    Ice Machine MaintenanceOne of the easiest ways to discover that you need a new ice machine is to think back and see if you can remember the name of the technician who last fixed it. If you’re able to remember them, and then you’re able to remember the name of their family members and where they were the past weekend and you’re not friends with them, then maybe it’s time to think about replacing your ice machine.

    Ice machines, like other equipment, wear out over time. There are some things which you can do to keep them running just a little bit longer, and here are a few of them.

    Let the machine breathe – By g

  8. Storms Knock out Ice Production

    StormThe past couple of days have been hard for many areas throughout the country. Storms have hit and there have been some power outages. There were many places which have had trouble getting back up, but the people in these cities have really come through for each other.

    Take, for example, the people of Quincy, IL. They were hit, and the storms took out 88% of the city. There were a lot of folks who were unable to get to their supply of ice. When you’re coordinating the ice for walk-in coolers and other places, you need to have it on hand. Unfortunately, the iceman didn’t have any power, either.

    “We’re doing the best we can, but we don’t have any power either.” The ice delivery people with no ice. Fortunately, there were those places which did have some ice on hand – and they were able to service customers.

  9. Using Ice Safely at Home

    Home Ice MerchandiserDid you know that 80% of the ice that people buy from bags is purchased between Memorial Day and Labor Day? This is the unofficial summer season, and it's the busiest time for ice producers. Most Americans buy an average of 4 bags of ice a year. It's mostly used for cooling down drinks and and food. However, misuse of bagged ice can mean it's also used for spreading food poisoning around.

    We've talked about how the FDA considers ice from ice machines to be food. The FDA also considers bagged ice that is produced in one state and sold in another to also be food, and ice producers take that very seriously. But the end user also must be diligent. Here's what to do with bagged ice to keep you and your family safe:

    * Always use a

  10. More Mold in the Ice Machine!

    mold Once again it’s time to beat the drum on keeping your ice machine sanitized. Mold and bacteria would love to get a chance to grow in your machine. All that delicious water is waiting for them. You must stay on top of the problem or you could get a bad health inspection.

    It doesn’t take long for mold to develop. A bowling alley in Georgia received high passing marks on their last two health inspections. In fact, they even had a perfect score on the last one. But when health inspectors came for the next one, they got shut down. Why? They found mold in the ice machine and in a soda dispensing gun. Other problems found were toxic levels of sanitizer in a bucket and food stored uncovered in a walk-in freezer.


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