Ice Machine Information

  1. New Compressor Optimizes Ice Cycle Performance

    The compressor is one of the many important parts of an ice machine. It's function within an ice machine is to compress low-pressure refrigerant vapor to high pressure vapor and then deliver it to the condenser. It is an important step in the ice making process.

    Emerson Climate Technologies has released their next generation compressors. The Copeland Next Gen C-Series Compressor for Ice (CSKIE) is a reciprocating hermetic compressor geared towards any business with ice machines. The new compressor is designed to optimize the ice cycle. Starting this year, the compressor will be in full production.

    How Well do they Work?

    Analyzing many of the popular ice machines on the market today, Emerson Climate Technologies and the Design Service Network at their test facility, initial testing concluded a 12% increase in efficiency over current models. This does, of course, rely on ice conditions.

    Ice machines are unlike walk-in or reach-in systems, which use fixed temperatures. Ice machines run in duty cycles at differing temperatures. The current compressors used in machines today operate optimally at a 20-degree evaporator and 120-degree condensing temperature. The CSKIE is designed to run during the ice cycle. This ensures that efficiency is maximized at optimal condition during the cycle with the longest run time.

    Dan Newlon, vice president of refrigerating marketing at Emerson Technologies stated, “When compressors are optimized for specific applications with niche temperature cycles, this eliminates the need for shoe-horning standard compressors to fit the niche and force it to work.”

    The CSKIE is available in 12 models between 0K BTU/HR and 20K BTU/HR and in both single phase and three phase.

  2. Aching Back? Get an Ice Machine Stand

    Ice Machine StandIf there’s anything that restaurant owners from all over the country will do, it’s mention that there is no space for their tools and equipment in the kitchen. Sometimes, there’s very little room to put the ice machine, and it ends up being stuffed into highly awkward places. For some, the ice machines are a bit too low, and workers have to crouch down to get the ice. That’s where ice machine stands come in.

    An ice machine stand can take the bending out of getting ice. One simply mounts the ice machine, whether you’re looking at a Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, or Scotsman, on the stand, and you’re good to go. Some of the stands even come with cabinets to really make the ice machines stand out (and make them significantly easier to get to).

    All of the stands are stainless steel, which means that they continue with the sleek looks of most commercial kitchens out there. Servers no longer have to contort to get to the nugget ice, they can simply go up to the ice machine and stand and get what they need.

    Stainless steel is extremely easy to clean – just wipe it down and you’re good to go. This is perfect for those restaurants who have an ice maker and dispenser, but little counter space. Try one if you're tired of stooping for ice.

  3. Praise for the Barback

    BarbackWe love going to busy bars and seeing how they operate. The bartender entertains the guests and makes sure that the drinks are delivered on time, but it’s the bar back that is often the true hero of the bar. They are the ones who keep it running smoothly by making sure that all of the ingredients are in place for a successful performance.

    If the bartender doesn’t have an undercounter ice machine, barbacks are the ones who are in the kitchen, speedily working their ice scoops and ice shovels at the combination ice machines to get their ice buckets back to the ice storage bins.

    These people are also responsible for making sure that the undercounter refrigerators are well supplied, cutting and preparing fruit, and getting everything in place. They’re the ones who wash the glasses, take the plates back to the kitchen, and wash everything.

    The barback’s position is a hands on apprenticeship with a lot of physical labor. They are the ones who make it happen so that the bartender looks good. This is the perfect position for those who want to learn the field, or be in a place where they can be the person behind the bartender.

  4. Club Raises Funds for Gym Ice Machine

    Ice TraysWhen you think about ice machines, you might think about the ice that you’re getting in bars or restaurants. Or, your mind might immediately turn to the convenience store nugget ice which is a huge draw for some of the convenience store chains around the area. But which other areas need ice?

    The Wilcox Quarterback Club in Wilcox, NM has another use for the ice machine. They recently bought an ice machine for the middle school so when someone got injured there wasn’t a mad dash to the high school gym or their cafeteria for ice. Applying ice is crucial in the early stages of an injury to prevent inflammation. Now the kids are thankful that they can get some relief for their bumps, bruises, and sprains.

    Not only does the Quarterback Club get ice machines, but they’re also responsible for fundraisers which get other important things for the athletics in their area. Scholarships, camps, and other programs are also rewarded by the program’s involvement in fundraising efforts.

    Ice machines don’t have to be just the realm of restaurants and bars. Injuries happen everywhere, and there are plenty of people who need to have ice for various purposes. Patients in hospitals crunch on ice, where the office more productive when they are able to crunch and enjoy.

  5. Saipan Struggles to Get Ice after Disaster

    TyphoonThere are places in the world where the heat and the humidity get so unbearable during the summer months that the demand for having fresh ice cubes and fresh ice skyrockets. What if, though, there are entrepreneurs who step in, but they can’t supply enough ice to the rest of the population.

    That exact thing has happened for Saipan. One company makes ice which is supposed to take care of 40K people. It’s not enough, as they’ve had power and water issues for a very long time. 1,600 bags of ice put a damper in the amount of ice that people are able to purchase.

    Saipan ice production was crippled from a devastating typhoon which hit last year. There’s less being produced, but the prices have had to remain high just so the company can stay in business. The hardest hit part, however, was the energy supply.

    Unlike some establishments, the Saipan Ice and Water Company has to rely on a source of diesel power. While they’ve gotten some more priority in it, they still have the issue that it takes several drums of diesel fuel to operate the ice machines in the first place.

    So, when you’re thinking about the best icy drink that you’ve ever had, take a moment to think about the ice machines which produce it.

  6. Tips For Choosing Ice Bags

    Summer is in full swing and the yearly demand for packaged ice is at its peak. Convenience stores, catering companies, marinas, hotels and other packaged ice distributors benefit from the seasonal rise in ice sales, but packaged ice sells throughout the rest of the year as well, especially around holidays.

    If you sell or provide ice in bulk, it’s important to know a few things about ordering and purchasing wholesale ice bags. There are many options in terms of size, types, materials and printing, so we’re here to give you a few tips on choosing the right plastic ice bags for your needs.


    Quality Matters

    Poorly manufactured ice bags cause problems - they can be difficult to fill and if the plastic is too thin they often break, making a mess and costing money. There’s no point in buying substandard ice bags just to save a few pennies.

    Quality ice bags are not expensive and the extra hassle and waste associated with cheap or flimsy ice bags isn’t worth the small difference in price.


    Basic Options

    There are three basic styles of ice cube bags: open top, drawstring and on wickets for automatic or semi-automatic ice bagging machines.

    Open Top Ice Bags - This type of ice bag features an open or “plain” top which is closed with a twist tie. These bags are available in 5 lb, 8 lb,10lb, 20 lb and 50 lb sizes with pre-printed labels.

    Drawstring Ice Bags - Built-in cotton drawstrings make these bags easy to close securely. They are also available in the standard 5 lb, 8 lb,10lb, 20 lb and 50 lb sizes with pre-printed labels.

    Wicketed Ice Bags - Ice packagers with automatic or semi-automatic bulk ice bagging machines use this type of commercial ice bag which is attached a wicket that holds up to 250 bags. The bags are opened manually or by compressed air and filled while on the wicket. Standard sizes are 8 lb, 10 lb, and 20 lb with pre-printed labels. Ice distributors also use single wound or centerfold sheeting film roll stock for certain types of high-speed automatic ice packaging machines.



    There are a few federal regulations regarding commercial ice bags that ice sellers need to be aware of.

    The FDA classifies ice as a food product, so basic FDA Food Code rules regarding sanitation and safety apply. An overview of the FDA regulations can be found here.

    There are also a few regulations regarding ice bag labeling. Basically, you can’t make inaccurate or misleading claims on ice bag labels. In other words, if you label it as ice made from “spring water,” it must indeed come from such a source.

    FDA food labeling regulations also require ice bags to display the name and place of business of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor of the ice.

    At International Plastics, all our plastic ice bags and film meet or exceed FDA and USDA requirements.


    EVA Additive

    Quality commercial ice bags, including the ones we provide, contain an EVA additive. EVA is a copolymer resin additive that helps keep ice bags from becoming brittle in freezing temperatures and also from tearing or puncturing.


    Custom Printing

    Custom-printed ice bags are a great way to promote your brand. You can personalize a stock design or have us create a unique design for your business. Either way, it’s an easy and inexpensive advertising method. At International Plastics, we have a range of pre-printed designs to which you can add your business name or logo, or let our dedicated design staff help you create your own custom label.

  7. Scotsman C0330MA-1 Ice Machine

    Glass of IceImagine that you run food service at a hotel. You have two bars at the hotel, one at the roof of the building and one at the lobby area. Your kitchen is located on the first floor, but it’s more attached to the restaurant that you’re also running. Now, imagine if you didn’t have an ice machine behind the bar. You’d have to have runners scampering up and down the service elevators, trying to hit up the hotel ice machines, and going to the kitchen to get their merchandise.

    Having an ice machine behind the bar just makes sense for everyone involved. This, when put together with a supply of glasses and other dishes and an undercounter dishwasher, puts the control into your bartender’s hands. It also means that there’s a more efficient use of energy, as that’s one less thing that the barback has to go running for.

    The Scotsman C0330MA-1 Air Cooled machine might do just the trick for your upper and lower levels. Providing 330 pounds of ice a day, this medium production machine does quite well in a pinch, giving pound after pound of cube ice to the cause. You can team that up with the specialty ice maker like a nugget or clear ice maker, rounding it out for the different drinks.

    • Use less energy with the Energy Star certification
    • Lowered noise factors
    • Purges impurities every cycle, reducing the buildup

    So, while your restaurant duties are going on overdrive, getting ice is one less thing that you have to deal with. Your food service runs well, and the clientele smiles.

  8. Boil Order? Throw Out your Ice

    Boiling WaterOwning an ice machine can be a serious responsibility to communities throughout the country. We have recently been going through a series of floods and other disasters, and one of the biggest needs to have on the scene is clean ice and clean water.

    When a storm happens, there are occasionally the boil water alerts – which means that there’s the potential for contamination coming through the water lines, so everyone should boil the water before using it. This includes for soda, for drinking water, for cooking and more. The ice machines need to be taken out of commission, too.

    If your neighbor’s area is without power and yours isn’t, then that makes the perfect opportunity to use your ice machine to bag some ice and bring it to your neighbor. They need fresh water to be able to survive, if they haven’t found a way to get out of the situation that they’re in.

    This suggestion also goes for those out there who have an ice merchandiser. Power going out and boil water advisories make a great chance to be compassionate and kind to your fellow man. What do you think?

    Restaurant ice machines and hotel ice machines produce great ice, ice which is needed to be a Good Samaritan.

  9. One Size does not fit all with Ice Machines

    One Size Does Not Fit AllDifferent institutions need different types of ice machines. For instance, a church ice machine might need to have medium volume and a large bin which would be perfect for storing the ice when it wasn’t in use. The restaurant ice machine might need something that has a larger volume which can handle a high ice turnover. What’s one of the reasons our ice machines by industry page was prepared.

    In the perfect ice machine world, one size would fit all, and everybody would be happy. That isn’t the case at all. For instance, could you see one of those huge hotel ice machines taking up residence as an undercounter bar ice machine? Or, can you see that your hospital would be using only flake ice for its many patients?

    As mentioned, the volume for a church is different from a quick-serve restaurant, which is different from a hotel. Hotel ice machines need to have a dispenser so that the little ice tub can fit underneath the nozzle. Cube, flake, nugget? Where do you turn? Take a look at the ice machine buying guide and find out.

    The one thing that all of these ice machines need is to be cleaned and maintained. Check your owner’s manual to find out the requirements of keeping your ice machine happy.

  10. Rebates on Energy Star Ice Machines

    ENERGY STARWe’ve talked about ENERGY STAR requirements for ice machines in the past. We didn’t really touch on one of the biggest up-front benefits that you’ll receive for going with an ENERGY STAR certified ice machine in your restaurant, hospital, institution, or office: you can get money back.

    That’s right, there are real rebates given to you from ENERGY STAR for choosing to purchase machines that are compliant. That makes it even easier for you to go green and conserve water and power. There are only a few things which you must do in order to be compliant with the program and receive your rebate.

    • You must be replacing a non-ENERGY STAR machine with a certified machine.

    • The rebate will not exceed the price of the item.

    • The rebate must be applied for within 90 days of purchase.

    There are other qualifications and requirements that you must meet before you receive the excellent rebates. Just take a look, and you will be amazed at how many rebates that you might qualify for – as the ENERGY STAR label is fairly ubiquitous within our listings of ice machines.

    The best thing to do with your ENERGY STAR Certified ice machine is to make sure that it’s running in optimal conditions at all times. Make sure that it receives regular maintenance and that you follow the owner’s manual to the letter. That way, you can keep your ice machine giving and giving throughout the years.   

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