Ice Machine Repair

  1. What are Some Common Ice Machine Problems?

    Ice machines have a number of things which can go wrong with them.  Most of the problems revolve around the water that has to flow through the machine to make it work. When water doesn’t flow correctly, or when deposits in water build up on parts, problems happens.

    Here are some of the common problems that happen with ice machines.

    Water leaking into the machine – This sometimes happen when there’s a leaky valve.  When it does happen, you will get large cubes that block up the system. Check for loose connections and bad clips.

    The room is too warm – When you’re using an air-cooled machine, you’re dependent upon the ambient temperature in the room to produce ice at optimum levels.  The higher the temperature of the room, the more the machine has to work and the less ice that you’ll get. If it is too warm for a long period, you could see more frequent breakdowns.

    The water temperature is too high – Sometimes, the temperature of the water is too high. Un

  2. Ranting or Raving? Sometimes It's About the Ice Maker

    We recently went to a pizza restaurant that made me sad.  It’s been in business for a few months and we were curious about it. That spot had seen a number of restaurants come and go in that location and we thought they must have been doing something right.

    Unfortunately, the quality was so poor we’re not even going to return in another couple of months just to see if it’s gotten any better, assuming it’s still in business.  There were a number of things wrong, but the real kicker was the ice machine. It looked like it had seen better days.  It was an undercounter Scotsman ice maker. We have no problem with this brand, but this particular ice machine had seen better days.

    There was a bit of water on the floor around it, like they had gotten ice out and some of it had spilled. That’s a contamination hazard, and a slip and fall hazard too. The other thing was that this undercounter S

  3. What’s wrong with this Crazy Ice Machine?!

    Ice machines are often taken for granted, right up until they go on the blink.  No ice can mean drinks aren’t served.  No ice can also mean that a hospital patient might not get that soothing relief for their tonsillectomy.  Ice machines need to be working at all times and any down time has to be minimized.   Waiting for a repair person to come out can be excruciating.  Companies like Manitowoc Ice know this and have come up with solutions to lower the down time and keep the ice flowing.

    Commercial Ice Machines get an Upgrade

    Manitowoc ice machine You have most likely seen the error messages on printers when they’ve run out of paper or are low on toner.  Ice machines can be a lot more complicated than printers, so Manitowoc Ice has started installing diag

  4. Broken Ice Machine? Here are Some Tips to Get By

    Ice is the backbone of the foodservice industry. There is not a bar or restaurant in the United States that cannot go about their day to day operations without a properly working ice machine. Unfortunately at times, your ice machine may not want to cooperate, can shut down, or malfunction, leaving you and your customers without ice for an extended period of time. While this is never ideal, there is no need to panic! Keep a level head, and follow these instructions to get yourself out of this unexpected predicament. Temporarily losing your ice machine does not mean your business must suffer over the next few days.

    Call an Ice Machine Technician

    While we are in the business of selling ice machines, we unfortunately do not make house calls or perform repairs, so the first thing that you should do is call an approved ice machine technician. Some ice machine issues are no more serious than a dirty or dusty condenser. Ideally, the problem and the labor

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