Ice Storage

  1. Chicken Recall Due to Bad Ice Machine

    Poultry RecallHoly cow! Or should we say ‘holy chicken!” Sanderson Farms has had to recall over half a million pounds of chicken because it was fouled with metal shavings. Not only that, but during the production run, the ice machine malfunctioned, causing the chicken to be shipped with less than favorable temperatures.

    Officials aren’t sure how the meat was tainted with the shavings. These boxes were set to go to Georgia and Louisiana. There were warnings of this tainted meat issued to customers and they were asked to bring any chicken related illness to the attention of Sanderson Farms as well as seek medical attention.

  2. You're Gonna Need a Bigger Bin

    Cornelius We have many different ice machines here in our catalog, but sometimes a company needs a machine that’s a little more special. Something that doesn’t just make ice, but makes a LOT of ice. Like enough ice for huge institutional settings like schools, prisons, or hospitals. We have just the machine for you.

    The IMI Cornelius CCM1448WF2 Nordic Water Cooled 1458 Lb Full Cube Ice Machine is the machine for you. This is one big ice machine head. This low-noise, compact unit can pump out 1,458 pounds of ice every day. Every day! You’re gonna need a bigger bin.

    It is a water-cooled unit, so you may need to check your local restrictions on whether or not it can be installed. However, because it is water cooled you can install it in many places an air cooled machine can’t go. The oversized condenser doesn’t

  3. Key Points for Ice Bin Buying

    bin image - not ice One of the confusing parts about buying an ice machine is that the ice machine and the bin are normally two separate components. The reason for this is that different industries have different needs for storage.  An establishment which is fairly low volume needs a bin with less capacity than its higher-volume counterparts.

    When ordering a bin, you need to make sure that the ice machine you choose is compatible with it. A seal is formed between the machine and the bin to preserve the ice. The wrong combination could be costly.

    Another thing that differentiates a bin is whether or not an anti-microbial treatment has been applied to the surface. Some bins also have UV lights for additional protection. An ice scoop

  4. Start a New Revenue Stream With Your Ice Machine

    The ice machine that you’ve got in your restaurant, buffet, hotel or self-service convenience store can be the source for another revenue stream.  While we’re all about bagging the bag buying for commercial establishments, sometimes a customer just wants a bag of ice.

    And yes, while we’d love for everyone out there to purchase a hotel-grade Scotsman Ice C0530MA that produces 500+ pounds of ice every 24 hours for their son or daughter’s dorm room, we understand that that’s just not feasible. Selling ice bags becomes a natural outcropping of having an ice machine doesn’t it?  What about the people within the community who might need ice and don’t know where to turn?  These folks can look to you for excellent, reliably generated ice.

    And, well, that’s where the

  5. Hotel Ice Dispensers versus Ice Storage Bins: Which Suits You Better?

    Ice Dispenser vs Ice Storage Bin

    Having ice on hand for your hotel guests is one of the many things expected of you upon arrival at your hotel. Most people identify two things right away upon checking in: the location of the fire exits, and also important, the location of the ice machine. The size and quality of your ice machine should match the size of your hotel and the amount of ice that your guests typically require. Today, we’ll focus on which will suit your hotel, your guests, and your ice machine better: the ice dispenser or the ice storage bin. Both provide distinct advantages, and there are quite a few things to consider when deciding which would best suit your establishment.

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