Indigo Ice Machines

  1. Give Your Manitowoc Ice a Tan

    We have been amazed with the rise of health inspections mentioning ice machines that have mold, dirt, slime, and other material in them.  This is especially shocking when we know that the newer machines like the Manitowoc ice machines have a wide range of features and attachments that make cleaning a snap.

    Give your Manitowoc Ice a Tan

    We are firm believers in cleanliness, as clean surfaces not only extend the life of your Manitowoc ice machines, but they keep your restaurants away from the negative spotlight that health inspectors can give.  While they don’t automatically come attached to the Manitowoc Ice machines, we’ve found that the Luminice Growth Inhibitor leaves the ice in the bin cleaner and fresher.

    Luminice Growth Inhibitors are installed directly into your Manitowoc ice machines so you don’t have to worry about where you’re going to find that extra space.  They use an ultraviolet light on the air within the ice bin which drastically slows down the growth of bacteria, yeast, and other particles which can cause troubles down the line.

    When those harmful particles are reduced, the cleaning process goes a bit faster.  Your staff is able to pay more attention to other parts of the restaurant rather than the ice machine.  The installation of a Luminice Growth Inhibitor doesn’t mean that a restaurant can give up on cleaning their Manitowoc ice machines altogether, of course.

    The only part which needs to be changed within a Luminice Growth Inhibitor is the UV bulb.  That should be changed every year for maximum effectiveness.    You don’t have to worry about changing out strange chemicals from your ice machine because there are none involved.

    Cleaning the bin of your ice machine

    Every week, the bin of your Manitowoc ice machine needs to be cleaned.   While the Luminice Growth Inhibitor might have been installed, a little extra protection never hurts.  Having slime in the ice machine can be embarrassing and unhealthy for all involved.

    • Using a clean paper towel, wipe down the surfaces of the ice machine. cleaning ice machines  Use an approved sanitizer, but stay away from the bleach, as it can sometimes react with stainless steel.  

    • If possible, you want to also clean any nozzles and tubes with the machine.  On some of the more advanced Manitowoc ice machines (like the Manitowoc Indigo series), there is a self cleaning process which will clear out the hoses and other moving parts.

    • Be sure to clean and sanitize the scoops in your ice machine, too.  Microorganisms can be passed on through your hands onto the scoop, and that bacteria can spread to make your patrons sick. Don't leave your scoop directly in the ice bin, but use an appropriate scoop holder mounted inside the bin. 

    Keeping your Manitowoc ice machines doesn’t have to be a chore.   Adding the Luminice Growth Inhibitor can severely hinder the growth of yeast, mold, and other bacteria.  That bad health inspection is not something that you want to risk, so why not clean your machine today?

  2. A Quiet Ice Machine is Key for Hotel Guests' Rest

    Do Not Disturb Sign on Door KnobWhile recently browsing hotel reviews, we noticed a recurring trend coming to light - a lot of people are unsatisfied with their overnight hotel stays due to the noise created by an obnoxious ice machine! The negative reviews were varied – some complained about room cleanliness or poor room service, but the ice machine was the number one culprit when it came to ruining guests’ sleep time. Whether it was from a whirring condenser, the clanging of a malfunctioning machine, the sound of ice dropping in the middle of the night, or the noise made by people accessing ice - a room next to the ice machine was often conducive to a poor night of rest.

    For most hotel and motel owners (save for ski resorts and those in more temperate climates), the summer months bring the greatest influx of visitors. This is the time of year occupancy levels may diminish, so greater measures should be taken to ensure that, if people are considering an early fall getaway, they consider your location first. This is why you can leave nothing to chance in your hotel. A quiet ice machine will keep the noise down, and allow all of your guests an adequate night of rest. This will also help save your establishment from the often scathing reviews that follow a guest's unhappy stay. For most, this is the best time of year to consider replacing old equipment, as occupancy will start to fall a bit over the coming months.

    Man Sleeping Uncomfortably on Hotel BedIf you’ve ever heard an ice machine operate, you know that the noise can be deafening in some cases. The clang of the condenser as it kicks on can be startling, and the incessant whirring that follows is enough to keep one’s eyes open all night. There are a few ways to keep your ice machine quiet however. A remote air cooled ice machine lets you move the condenser to the roof or to a location outside the building. This way, the heat and noise created by your ice machine can be relocated as far away from your guests' rooms as possible. Remote air cooled condensers are available from every major ice machine producer, and they also help your ice machine create ice more consistently in adverse temperature conditions, and operate at a lower cost to your business. Many remote air cooled units are Energy Star qualified as well.

    Ice machines from Scotsman’s Eclipse Series or Manitowoc’s QuietQube Series are some of the quietest available, and must be considered if you are searching for a truly quiet ice machine. These units are like none other on the market, as they take the condenser and the compressor out of the ice making head, allowing the user to move them outside or to the roof of your building. This will allow your ice machine to operate up to 75% more quietly than a standard remote air cooled unit. If you’re looking for the best quiet ice machine, any from the QuietQube Series or the Eclipse Series will suffice. The only deterrent from these ice machines is that the compressor and condenser both must be purchased as separate entities.

    Indigo ice machines from Manitowoc allow you a great amount of versatility when it comes to the ice making process too, as they can be programmed to create ice when it is most desirable for your establishment and your guests. This way, ice machine noise can be cut out completely from overnight hours. If you choose to, you can allow your ice machine to operate only between 8AM to 10PM (or any other timeframe), so it is only creating ice and making noise when the majority of your guests are awake and active. (Scotsman Prodigy machines can also be programmed, but this features is available at an additional charge.) If you own or operate a high end resort and have the means to do so, you may want to consider offering personal, in-room undercounter ice makers for your guests’ private use. These usually operate more quietly, and run less frequently than the larger ice machine head and bin combination units. They also provide a convenience that cannot be matched by other hotels and motels.

    A quiet ice machine makes a great difference in the quality of your guests’ stay, but it is also important to place your ice machine in an area away from your guests’ rooms if at all possible. A hotel with thin walls and doors can be a horrific place to stay if the ice machine is rumbling and rattling away right outside the room. Foot traffic and the sound of people accessing ice from the machine at irregular hours can also cause a disruption if the ice machine is not placed in a reasonable location. By placing one ice machine in the hotel lobby, or in a dedicated, walled off area, your hotel can hope to avoid some of the inevitable disruptions that come in addition to simply the sound of your ice machine making ice.

    Hotel Ice Machine and Ice Dispenser from ScotsmanTake the current state of our nation’s economy and combine it with the United States government shutdown, and add in the lull that usually takes hold of the hotel industry this time of year, and you cannot afford to take any chances with poor online reviews. Nor can you risk your establishment’s reputation with something as simple as your hotel ice machine. At Ice Machines Plus, we can get you outfitted with a quiet ice machine for your hotel, and the best hotel ice dispenser for your establishment as well - whether you require the standard “push to dispense” ice dispensers, or something different, like room key or coin operated ice dispensers. If you want to ensure the quality of your guests' rest, you've got to make sure you've got the right ice machine.

    You can find out more about every hotel ice dispenser offered at Ice Machines Plus by following clicking here. This post breaks down everything that our hotel ice dispenser have to offer - from capacity to dispense rates to compatible ice machines. As always, give us a call if you have any further questions or concerns.

  3. The Manitowoc NEO: The Next (Little) Big Thing is Here

    NEO LogoIf you look up the definition of the word ‘neo’ at, you will find that it means “ … ‘new,’ ‘recent,’ ‘revived,’ or ‘modified’…” . That is exactly what Manitowoc is introducing with their newest undercounter ice machine, the NEO – a revolutionary, state of the art ice maker. This machine is unlike any that has ever been created before. Manitowoc has in essence infused the technology of their Indigo ice machines with the compact convenience of an undercounter ice maker. The result was extraordinary – a smaller ice maker with a greater output, which used less water and energy than any of Manitowoc’s previous undercounter ice makers. It is fair to assume that the NEO will soon become the new standard for the undercounter ice makers of the future.

    As the old adage goes, if you were to rewrite the dictionary, you would want to place a picture of the Manitowoc NEO right next to the definition of the word “neo”. This undercounter ice machine will revolutionize the way we think about undercounter ice making. This is no surprise though- Manitowoc has been leading the technological revolution in the ice machine world for quite some time now. It helps greatly that they invest much of their time and money into creating the newest, most up-to-date ice machines in the world. For as successful as their appliances are, Manitowoc rarely rests on their laurels, and they continue to strive for perfection, even when their ice machines are so far ahead of the competition. Manitowoc reinvests much of their profits in their ice machines, to outfit them with the latest technology and to pass on a much finer end product to the user.

    Manitowoc NEO Control PanelManitowoc’s NEO was designed to offer a positive user experience, but it was also created to lower the cost of operation, and of course, continue Manitowoc's tradition of making high quality ice. Energy and water prices are on the rise, so Manitowoc created an ice machine that operates with at least 10% less energy consumption and uses a minimum of 25% less water than previously released undercounter ice machines. These stats not only allowed Manitowoc to offer an ice machine that is Energy Star qualified, but an ice machine that exceeds ENERGY STAR qualifications. The NEO’s overall conservative nature helped it earn its ENERGY STAR qualification, but its Delay Feature also helped – allowing users to delay the ice making of the NEO for 4, 12, or 24 hours. This allows the ice machine to rest and not create ice when it is not needed, saving you even more on water and energy costs, and providing your customers with fresh ice when it is needed. The Delay timer is also easily activated too, with a simple press of a button.

    The Manitowoc NEO is a pioneer for functionality and convenience. It is also one of the easiest ice machines to operate and care for. Operated with a simple button, the power indicator remains illuminated when the ice machine is on, operating, and in ice making mode. A red wrench will light up when the ice machine requires service, so there is no guesswork if your machine begins to falter or fails. These features are enhanced by a completely removable, forward sliding storage bin, which allows full access to the NEO’s operating components. There has never been an ice machine easier to service than Manitowoc’s NEO. Even the scoop has been modified, reducing its bulkiness to allow for easier scooping and simplified access to the ice.

    While ice requirements vary by location, so too do the NEOs’ outputs. Manitowoc created four different sized versions of the NEO- the U-140, U-190, U-240, and the U-310. These ice machines can produce between 130 pounds and 320 pounds of ice per day. All of their self-contained bins hold 90 pounds of ice, except the U-310, which holds up to 100 pounds of ice. Manitowoc made additional bin space available inside the NEO in order to allow for more ice to be stored on hand when the bin is at maximum capacity.

    At times, it can be difficult to highlight certain ice machines. At Ice Machines Plus, we try to provide all of the information essential to making a smart purchase. We highlight the facts and make known the drawbacks. With the Manitowoc NEO however, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. For the newest undercounter ice machine that can offer your business a great deal of ice and some of the newest ice machine technology, consider the Manitowoc NEO in the Manitowoc undercounter section of Ice Machines Plus. An ice machine by any other name is simply old news.

  4. Ice Machine ENERGY STAR Partners Announced for 2013

    Energy Star LogoENERGY STAR has announced their award recipients for 2013, and many of the results are not surprising- not in the world of ice machines at least. Hoshizaki, Scotsman, and Manitowoc all took home accolades and acknowledgements this year. Hoshizaki and Scotsman were both named ENERGY STAR Partners of the Year, while Manitowoc Foodservice earned the “Sustained Excellence Award” for their continued commitment to, and production of ENERGY STAR qualified products. This is an especially celebrated year for ENERGY STAR, as 2013 marks their 20 year anniversary of setting the standard for energy efficiency across a wide array of spectrums.

    Over that 20 year period, ENERGY STAR estimates that their program has saved the American population over $230 billion and prevented over 1.8 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases from entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Scotsman estimates that the use of an ENERGY STAR qualified ice machine can save a business up to 15% on their energy costs, or approximately $170 a year, which adds up quickly over the lifetime of an ice machine. Scotsman’s Prodigy units are known for their conservation, using significantly less water and energy than other ice machines, making Scotsman a preferred partner of ENERGY STAR. Currently, Scotsman offers 35 ENERGY STAR qualified ice machines, with 26 of them meeting the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Tier-2 rated performance criteria. These ice machines go further- exceeding the energy standards set forth by ENERGY STAR.

    Hoshizaki was also named an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for their continued efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create more environmentally friendly products. As of today, Hoshizaki offers ice machines, warewashing equipment, refrigeration equipment, along with a variety of other products. As an ENERGY STAR partner since 2003, Hoshizaki is dedicated to the continuous improvement of their energy efficient products, both for their customers’ and the environment’s sake.

    Manitowoc Best in Class AwardManitowoc was not to be outdone by their competitors this year, earning the ENERGY STAR Award for Sustained Excellence. Manitowoc has been part of ENERGY STAR’s program since 2001, and boasts a gigantic selection of qualified products – over 550. Leading the way are their Frymaster and Manitowoc Ice brands, with one out of every three Manitowoc ice machines sold being ENERGY STAR qualified. The Sustained Excellence Award is the highest honor available from ENERGY STAR, and recognizes Manitowoc as one of the most progressive companies around, demonstrating leadership in the continued search for, and creation of energy efficient products. Manitowoc's Indigo ice machines are continuously highlighted for their conservative use of resources during the ice making process.

    This year marks an especially distinguished occasion for ENERGY STAR, as they celebrate 20 years of energy conservation, and pursue an endless commitment to creating and promoting efficient products, homes, buildings, and businesses. ENERGY STAR offers rebates in some areas for qualified appliances too. You can check whether any of your appliances qualify for this rebate on the official ENERGY STAR website- When shopping at Ice Machines Plus, be sure to consider an ENERGY STAR qualified ice machine if at all possible. It truly makes a difference for all parties involved- and even those that are not.

  5. 5 Tips to Keep Your Ice Machine Performing Well

    1. Clean and Sanitize Your Ice Machine Regularly

    Clean and Sanitize Ice Machine RegularlyAs with any major appliance, your ice machine will require regular care and cleaning. Ignoring this can cause irreparable damage to your unit, allowing slime, mold, and scale to build up inside the machine. Aside from the damage this can cause, it is also unsanitary for those consuming the ice produced by your machine. An ice machine that is not cleaned regularly may produce foul smelling ice that alters the taste of the beverages it cools. Some smaller, self-contained undercounter ice machines require you to simply push a button to initiate their cleaning cycle, while larger ice machine and bin combinations require slightly more complicated measures to provide a proper cleaning. While it may be a headache at times, cleaning and sanitizing your ice machine is something that should never be ignored.

    2. Go with the Technological Flow

    Manitowoc's Indigo TechnologyFor those born in the United States in 1960, the average life expectancy is around 69 years. For those born in 2010, the average life expectancy is around 79 years.[1] That means that today, American-born children can expect to live nearly 10 years longer than someone born 50 years ago. Medical and technological advancements are among the reasons that people are now living longer lives. With your ice machine, new technology is responsible for an improved design, and an increased life expectancy. Scotsman and Manitowoc ice machines have evolved to the point of near self-management. These ice machines have the ability to monitor their own operation, with the ability to visibly and audibly alert owners if the unit faces any problems. Data can also be transmitted remotely and viewed at a remote location. This way, a licensed professional can assist and fix the unit, should it ever run into any problems. All of these technological advancements help catch issues early before they become more serious, costly problems. In turn, they help keep your ice machine running strongly for longer periods of time.

    3. Consider the Surrounding Environment

    This aspect is often ignored by first time ice machine owners. They may order an ice machine with production rates listed around 500 pounds of ice per day, and then find that their ice machine makes 75% of what they expected because it operates in a cramped corner of a 100° kitchen. The way in which your ice machine’s condenser is cooled plays a great role in the consistency of your ice machine’s performance too. If your ice machine is going to be located in a warmer environment (the kitchen for example), you should consider a water cooled or remote air cooled condenser to provide more consistent ice production. An ice machine that is asked to regularly produce ice in extreme conditions, with little room for ventilation, will be under far more stress than one that operates with proper clearance, and in ideal temperature conditions (70 degree air, 50 degree water). Take great care to ensure a suitable operating environment for your ice machine, as this will improve the quality and consistency of the ice created, and increase the life expectancy of the unit.

    4. Select a Suitable Water Filter and Replace It Regularly

    Used and New Water Filter Next to Each OtherYour ice machine does not necessarily require a water filter to operate and create ice. By the same token, you are not required to bathe or brush your teeth daily either, but it sure makes a difference that you do. Adding a water filter will greatly improve the quality of the water used by your ice machine. It will filter out dirt and sediment, and improve the quality of ice that is created with harder water. Unfiltered and untreated water also tends to cause more internal problems for your ice machine, and can lead to slime and scale buildup in your unit as well. Generally, your water filter should be replaced every six months, but those forced to make use of inferior water may be required to change their water filters more frequently. The size of your ice machine’s water filter usually depends on your ice machine’s daily ice output, as machines that produce more ice use a greater amount of water in the ice making process.

    5. Consider the Ice Machine Warranty

    Good Warranty on Your Ice MachineTo get a grasp on the life expectancy of any new product, one must simply check the warranty. If you were to purchase a new car that boasted an ‘amazing, limited, six month warranty’, you would expect that something was amiss with the situation. The standard warranty with most cube producing ice machines is as follows: 3 years parts and labor coverage on the entire ice machine, 5 years parts and labor on the evaporator plate, and 5 years parts on the compressor. Ice-O-Matic takes their warranty a step further, providing 7 years of coverage on the evaporator plate with the purchase of an approved water filter, and when you replace it every six months. This is currently the longest warranty available in the commercial ice machine industry, and it speaks volumes about the confidence of Ice-O-Matic in regard to their ice machines. It also shows the difference an appropriate water filter can make in the life expectancy of your ice machine.

    If you’re going to be investing in a new ice machine, you should take measures to assure that you get the most out of it. Even though the latest and greatest technology may be just around the corner, it does not mean that your ice machine cannot live a long, fulfilling life. With these tips, you can ensure that your ice machine will continue to produce ice reliably for years on end.


  6. Manitowoc Ice Machines: The Best Ever?

    Manitowoc Ice Machine LogoThese days, everyone wants the best. We’re a country overwhelmed with rankings and standings, numbers and figures, and how much better one person, team, or product is than another. All we need to do is reference NCAA collegiate athletics, where we see power rankings, AP rankings, and coaches’ rankings used evaluate who is the best week after week. People obsess with being number one, but in the world of ice machines, Manitowoc ice machines have consistently outdone their competition year after year and they don’t show any signs of relinquishing the top spot any time soon.

    If you compare a Manitowoc ice machine to any other ice machine, you may be able to find a lower price from the competition. You may be able to find an ice machine that makes more ice as well. But with a Manitowoc ice machine, the quality and technology provided  is rivaled by none. As a trailblazer in the ice machine world, Manitowoc’s Indigo ice machines are now providing the latest and greatest technology, making owning a Manitowoc ice machine easier and cheaper than ever.

    Manitowoc Indigo Ice ScreenManitowoc ice machines are already the most popular in the United States. They have been the best-selling ice machine in the country for years now. It is easy to see why when you examine the features provided by their Indigo ice machines. These units are incredibly advanced, providing a small blue touch screen/ display panel that allows users to customize their Manitowoc ice machine for their exact purpose. Is your restaurant closed on Monday and Tuesday? Manitowoc ice machines can be programmed to create ice based on time of day, day of week, or to a desired bin level (note-bin level control requires additional feature). Whether you want to use these programming options to save money, or simply to provide your customers with the freshest ice at all times, only a Manitowoc ice machine will afford you the option to do so at no extra charge*.

    With a Manitowoc ice machine, the main focus is on creating the highest quality ice possible. But the overall construction of the ice machine is also incredibly important. Indigo ice machines from Manitowoc provide messages and alerts when issues arise with your ice machine. These are not like the standard, droning “beep beep beep” alerts that other ice machines provide. With an Indigo ice machine, your issue is displayed on the small monitor, so you can apply the right fix right away. If your ice machine requires further service, you can locate the nearest service technician by using the Indigo touch panel. This way, if you cannot fix the problem on your own, you can find the technician who can resolve it for you. As your Manitowoc ice machine continues to operate, all of the operation data is recorded, and can be transmitted remotely to a computer for further diagnostics if desired.

    Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of owning a Manitowoc ice machine can be found in their LuminIce™ Growth Inhibitor System. LuminIce has been independently proven to reduce the presence of yeast, sugar, and humidity inside the ice machine by providing “active air” inside the unit. A single UV light bulb keeps the air circulating inside the ice machine’s food zone, reducing the presence of yeast, bacteria, and micro-organisms. You never have to worry about the dreaded “slime in the ice machine”. Best of all, the LuminIce system does not require any chemicals to keep these hazards away. The UV bulb does all the work, and simply must be replaced once a year. The LuminIce System does not come standard with every Manitowoc ice machine however, and must be ordered separately.

    The benefits of owning a Manitowoc ice machine are seemingly endless. Cleaning and maintenance are hassle free, as all 22 and 30 inch ice machine heads can be serviced from the front, without tools. The swinging door provides access to the front facing evaporator plate, so the most important areas of the ice machine can be reached with incredible ease. Almost every air cooled and remote air cooled Manitowoc ice machine from the Indigo Series is Energy Star qualified as well, meeting or exceeding national energy standards.

    Manitowoc Ice Best in Class AwardOver the past ten years, Manitowoc ice machines have started to distance themselves from their competitors. They show few signs of stopping or letting up, recently introducing their latest undercounter ice machine sensation, the NEO – one of the smartest, most efficient undercounter ice machines (available soon). This is the first undercounter ice machine from Manitowoc that is equipped with features that were once available only with a Manitowoc ice machine head, but we will expand on this ice machine further when it becomes available. Hopefully by now, you’ve seen that a Manitowoc ice machine can be a great asset to your establishment. After all, Manitowoc ice machines didn’t become number one overnight. Manitowoc, like their ice machines, worked hard and provided consistent results year after year, earning every accolade they received along the way. They can truly be called the best ice machine ever.

    **Some ice machine companies offer this service, but offer it as an additional feature or an “add-on” with an additional fee.

  7. Manitowoc LuminIce Growth Inhibitor: Cleaner, Better Ice

    Manitowoc has received countless accolades for their ice machines over the past years. They have continued to expand on their excellence in the ice machine world. Manitowoc Indigo ice machines have revolutionized the way in which ice is created, allowing ice to be created faster, and more efficiently than in the past. These same Manitowoc ice machines can be further accessorized by the lesser known, but increasingly important LuminIce Growth Inhibitor System. This system helps keep your ice machine cleaner for longer periods of time, minimizing the growth of bacteria and mold, while helping prevent the dreaded slime in the ice machine. Your ice machine may face problems due to poor water quality, but the quality of your ice can also suffer if the interior of your ice machine is not treated properly. Manitowoc’s LuminIce system works to combat these issues.

    You’ve probably heard the saying, “a rolling stone gathers no moss”. If we take that saying at face value, that’s sort of how the LuminIce's “active air” works, inhibiting the growth of yeast and bacteria inside your Manitowoc ice machine. The internal UV light creates photoplasma, a gas that is ionized by UV light, and it in turn reacts with the microorganisms it encounters inside your ice machine. It disrupts these microorganisms and does not allow them to settle on the internal surfaces of your ice machine, keeping the food zone cleaner and more sanitary. Independent studies have confirmed that the LuminIce system significantly lowers the amount of yeast and bacteria buildup in your ice machine. Your ice will look better and taste better, and your ice machine will remain free from mold and slime- problems which can cause health issues, and cause markdowns on health and safety reports.

    Mold and Slime in Ice MachineJust as your car requires routine service and maintenance, so too does your ice machine. The LuminIce System from Manitowoc keeps your ice machine cleaner longer, so cleanings are not required as frequently, and they take less time to complete. This means your ice machine will face less downtime for maintenance and lower labor costs. With so many health inspectors taking to Twitter and Facebook these days to announce their findings, slime or mold in your ice machine can lead to the instant downfall of your ice machine. With risks such as E. coli and salmonella, a report of a filthy ice machine will make your customers avoid your establishment like the plague, even if you reconcile the situation.

    The LuminIce System from Manitowoc is only available on Indigo ice machines. It can be added at the time of purchase or added to an existing ice machine. The LuminIce System does not require any Manitowoc's Indigo Ice Machine. Can Be Fitted with LuminIce Growth Inhbitoradditional space to operate either, as it fits inside your ice machine, and power is supplied from the interior. This system does not require an additional outlet to operate. It also does not require any chemicals to work effectively either. This is one reason for the LuminIce System's popularity, as the owner is not required to purchase chemicals and maintain the LuminIce System over time. It operates simply, with a sole UV light bulb that must be changed once a year.

    Manitowoc’s Indigo ice machines stand out for many reasons, and the LuminIce Growth Inhibitor System is an excellent accessory to make sure your ice machine operates as efficiently as possible. For more information on Manitowoc's high quality ice machines, or the LuminIce Growth Inhibitor System, be sure to consult the ice experts at Ice Machines Plus, who are eager to assist and help with all of your ice machine needs.

  8. Manitowoc Remote Air-Cooled Ice Machines: Cool and Quiet

    The effect of continuous, oppressive heat on the human body is astounding. Excessive heat has been shown to increase stress, decrease productivity, and there is also a correlation between the crime rate and an increase in heat in many areas. Your Manitowoc ice machine reacts similarly, showing an inevitable decrease in production when the temperature of the air and water used by the ice machine increase. With a standard air-cooled Manitowoc ice machine, the problem may be cyclical, as the air released by the ice machine may be warmer, causing the temperature of the room in which it operates to increase.

    Manitowoc Ice Machines Provide More Consistent Production

    Manitowoc ice machines that are air-cooled, like all air-cooled ice machines, will increase the temperature of the room in which they operate, especially if it is smaller and without proper ventilation. This increase in temperature may cause your Manitowoc ice machine’s production to fall as well, but there is a way to stop this cyclical process altogether – consider one of Manitowoc’s remote air-cooled ice machines. These ice machines allow the condenser to be placed in a more suitable location, like outside, or to the roof of the building. This way, the ice machine is less affected by temperature swings, providing more consistent ice production. This will also save you money as your Manitowoc ice machine will not have to work as hard as if would while fighting to operate in undesirable conditions

    Manitowoc Ice Machines Create Better Working Conditions

    If you’ve ever stood next to a remote air-cooled condenser and heard it kick on and start whirring away as the ice machine makes ice then you already know what a nuisance these units can be. Moving them outside, and away from your building will help in many different facets of your business, especially if the ice machine is located in your kitchen. The kitchen temperature may increase with the use of fryers, ovens, and other heat-producing equipment. With the ice machine’s condenser outside, the noise is eliminated, and the heat is reduced, and your employees are allowed to operate in a more comfortable environment.

    Remote Air-Cooled Ice Machines from Manitowoc are More Energy Efficient

    Manitowoc Remote Air cooled condenser for ice machineAside from the more obvious benefits mentioned in the previous two sections, it is lesser known that remote air-cooled ice machines from Manitowoc are more energy efficient. In fact, most are ENERGY STAR qualified due to their efficiency. This is simply because remote air-cooled ice machines from Manitowoc do not use as much water as other models. Water-cooled models from Manitowoc consume and waste incredible hundreds of gallons of water per day to keep their machines cool. Manitowoc ice machines which are cooled remotely are also free to operate in more favorable conditions, as the temperature outside the building does not fluctuate as rapidly as it may inside.

    Finding the Right Manitowoc Remote Air-Cooled Ice Machine

    There are a few things to consider when looking for the right Manitowoc ice machine for your business, but most importantly, you must know what your ice will be used for. Manitowoc ice machines that are required for a bar or restaurant will probably require Manitowoc’s dice or half-dice cubes. This is type is most commonly found in beverages in the foodservice industry. The half-dice cubes also tend to dispense better when placed on top of hotel ice dispensers or soda dispensers. Manitowoc also has a remote-air cooled flake ice machine available too, which can produce over a ton of flake ice per day (Imagine all that noise from the condenser as this ice machine churns out over 2,000 pounds of ice). Finding the right Manitowoc ice machine depends largely on the purpose for which you will use your ice.

    Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machines: Ever Heard of Them?


    Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machine Display Panel

    It should be mentioned that all of Manitowoc’s remote air-cooled ice machines that produce the dice or half dice cubes are from Manitowoc’s Indigo Series as well. Indigo ice machines from Manitowoc are well-renowned for their new technology. They allow the owner to program a customized ice making schedule for up to seven days in advance. They also feature a blue screen which communicates to users the operating status of the ice machine. Indigo ice machines from Manitowoc are some of the easiest to maintain as well, since they allow users to address minor issues before they become major problems.

    With so many options, you will surely be able to find the right Manitowoc ice machine with a remote air-cooled condenser. Consider improving your business by providing a quieter, cooler environment for both your employees, and your ice machine to operate, and save yourself a few dollars in the process as the cost of operating a remote air-cooled condenser is often less than a water-cooled or air-cooled ice machine. Manitowoc remote air cooled ice machines are always a viable option for the ice needs of almost any establishment.

  9. Upgrade Your Ice Machine: Lower Costs, Increase Profits

    The Right Ice Machine Will Save Your Business Money

    If there were an easy way to make your business more money, would you consider it? You don’t need to answer that question, because we all already know the answer. Having the occasional promotion or special is a great short term way to draw in customers and to generate a buzz or interest in your establishment. Long term however, you must consider the money you spend as well as the money you generate. In the bar or restaurant, you are required to purchase food, soda, beer, liquor, and supplies on a weekly to monthly basis. These purchases are inevitable, so to save money long term, more consideration must be given to the amount of money spent simply on the cost of operating your larger kitchen appliances or machinery – appliances like your ice machine.

    It is both a blessing and a curse that most electronics, machinery, and appliances are outdated within a year or two after they are purchased. Your ice machine is no different, and if you’ve owned your ice machine for five years or longer, there is a good chance that a newer, more energy efficient ice machine is available. Maybe your ice machine uses too much electricity, or requires a great amount of water in the ice making process. Perhaps you own a less-than-conservative water-cooled ice machine, which has caused your water bills to skyrocket because of its liberal use and waste of water. If you have a reliable ice machine, the time to upgrade may be a ways away, but now is definitely a good time to start considering your options.

    Scotsman Prodigy Ice Machine LogoIf we wish to view the latest improvements in ice machine technology, we need to look no further than Scotsman’s Prodigy ice machines and Manitowoc’s Indigo Series. Prodigy ice machines from Scotsman made their presence known in 2007 when they were announced as a finalist for the Foodservice Consultants Society International’s (FCSI) “Product of the Year Award”. It was easy to see why these ice machines were received with such high regards. The Prodigy line of ice machines had the ability to create more ice than competing cuber heads while using less water and less electricity. This type of efficient ice making caught the attention of many establishments very quickly, as those looking to cut costs were able to cash in with Scotsman’s ice machines’ extra efficient ice making capabilities.

    Manitowoc Kitchen Innovations Award 2011In 2011, Manitowoc’s latest ice machine joined the party, and went even further to improve the ice making process. Manitowoc introduced the Indigo Series as the latest in revolutionizing the way ice was created. Ice machines from Manitowoc’s Indigo Series went beyond simply being energy efficient. These ice machines brought more to the table. Manitowoc made their ice machines intelligent – with the ability to monitor themselves – and with ability to communicate to users any problems with the ice machine as they occur. Since they are monitored in real time, all problems can be dealt with swiftly, before they turn into bigger, more serious issues. This ends up saving users valuable time and money, as no establishment can function for a prolonged period of time without ice on hand. Manitowoc won the Kitchen Innovations Award in their first year on the scene due to their innovations in ice machine technology.

    Ice Machine Overflow- Won't Happen with Scotsman and ManitowocDon't let this happen to you- Control your ice machine's production rates!

    Both Scotsman’s Prodigy ice machines and Manitowoc’s Indigo ice machines also allow users to do something that no other ice machine can. They allow users to program the amount of ice they desire based on bin level or production level. Scotsman offers the optional Vari-Smart ultrasonic ice level control, while Manitowoc has available the Bin Level Control. With these options, you can program your ice machine’s production in advance, so if you are closed on weekends, or find that Mondays and Tuesdays do not bring the same amount of business as Fridays and Saturdays, you can adjust your ice production rate accordingly. Maybe during football season, your Sunday brunch crowd decreases a bit, and you lose some business to the sports bar across the street. With these accessories available from Scotsman’s Prodigy and Manitowoc’s Indigo ice machines, you can adjust your ice production levels accordingly.

    By reducing the cost of operating your ice machine, you can save an exorbitant amount of money over your ice machine’s lifetime. Nearly every Indigo ice machine from Manitowoc and Prodigy ice machine from Scotsman are Energy Star qualified as well. Although water-cooled ice machines are not eligible for Energy Star qualifications, both the air-cooled and remote air-cooled models are usually included. Energy Star appliances also qualify for government rebates in certain areas too, so be sure to check with Energy Star’s official website to find out if your ice machine (or other appliance) qualifies within the rebate program.

    The first thing we look at when making a major purchase is the price tag. However, many ice machines may cost a bit more up front, only to have you realize that the money spent is returned to you within the first year or two of ownership. Your ice machine will most likely be required to operate every day – in some cases for hours on end. It makes far more sense to have an energy efficient unit especially with the viable options available from Scotsman Ice and Manitowoc Ice.

  10. Manitowoc’s ID-0522A: Indigo - ing Thin

    If you know anything about ice machines, you know that Manitowoc’s Indigo ice machines provide some of the greatest advancements in ice machine technology to date. The Manitowoc ID-0522A is no exception to this fact, but it provides even greater advantages than other ice machines from Manitowoc’s Indigo Series. Specifically, the ID-0522A is one of the thinnest ice machine available right, measuring only 22 inches wide. It is eight inches narrower than its cousin, Manitowoc's ID-0530A. Although it is notably thinner, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing production due to its slim size. The ID-0522A still has the ability to produce up to 475 pounds of dice cubes on a daily basis – a great amount of ice production for a compact ice machine.

    Manitowoc’s ID-0522A IS Indigo

    Indigo ice machines are on the cutting edge of ice machine technology. These ice machines (including the ID-0522A) provide intelligent feedback regarding your ice machine’s operation for round-the-clock status updates on your ice machine’s performance. In doing so, you can be sure that the ID-0522A will operate free from problems. If an issue does arise, you will be notified of it immediately, giving you ample time to solve the problem. Nothing’s worse than walking into your bar or restaurant to start a shift and seeing an empty ice bin to start the day.

    One of the most unique features that the ID-0522A provides is its programmability. Manitowoc has equipped this Indigo ice machine with technology that allows users to program the ID-0522A to produce a set amount of ice every day. This can be helpful if you have days that are notably slower than others, or if your close your establishment on weekends or holidays. This saves money on operating costs, and provides the best, freshest ice for your patrons to enjoy. Indigo ice machines like the ID-0522A offer great benefits that few other ice machines can match.

    Efficiency is Key for Manitowoc’s ID-0522A

    Since Manitowoc’s ID-0522A can be programmed to create ice when it is needed, it is not required to operate at all hours of the day. This means that water is used less frequently, and less power is used while the ice machine is dormant. All of these features have combined to create an energy efficient ice machine that is ENERGY STAR qualified. Energy Star units like the ID-0522A are desirable as they qualify for discounts and rebates in some areas. This is an added incentive aside from their conservative use of resources like water and electricity.

    Manitowoc’s ID-0522A: Popular, and In Stock!

    It is well-documented that Manitowoc ice machines are incredibly popular across the United States. They are some of the most sought-after ice machines in the country. With such a high demand, it can be difficult to apprehend one of these ID-0522A ice machines in a reasonable timeframe. At however, we currently have the ID-0522A in stock and ready to ship out. This way, you aren’t left waiting for your ice machine as orders are processed and paperwork is filed. The ID-0522A will be shipped as soon as your order is placed – in many cases the same day the order is received.

    Manitowoc ID-0522 Thin Indigo Ice MachineIf you require a new ice machine for your bar or restaurant, consider the Manitowoc ID-0522A. This thin, energy efficient ice machine creates dice cubes that are perfect for mixed drinks, soft drinks, and iced coffees and tea. The ID-0522A is an excellent ice machine for small to midsized bars, restaurants, and cafes. Be sure to find an appropriate ice storage bin or ice dispenser to go with it as well, if you require one. As always, our Ice Experts are standing by waiting to help or assist you if you have any questions or problems. With Manitowoc’s ID-0522A, thin is Indigo.

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