1. Manitowoc Neo UY-0140A Half Dice Undercounter Ice Machine

    Half-cube style ice is effectively a very popular style of ice. Situated in size between full-cube ice and nugget ice, you get a bit of both worlds. Half-cube ice means more ice per container, resulting in more liquid displacement, saving you money. Since it is larger than nugget style ice, it melts less quickly than this style, resulting in less dilution.

    The Manitowoc NEO UY-0140A Half Dice undercounter ice machine will produce up to 132-lbs of ice per 24-hour period. The built-in storage bin will hold up to 90-lbs of ice, ensuring that you will always have ice on hand for your guest's needs.

    More about the Manitowoc NEO

    The NEO UY-0140A measures just 26 inches wide and 38.5 inches tall with the legs attached. This means that it can fit easily under most commercial counters, but it can also function as a stand alone model. The unit requires only a 115-volt power source,

  2. Manitowoc SM-50A Gourmet Undercounter Ice Machine

  3. Manitowoc RNS-12AT Countertop Nugget Ice Machine

  4. Manitowac RF-0266A Undercounter Flake Ice Machine

  5. The Manitowoc NEO UR-0140A

    Manitowoc NEO UR-0140A Air-Cooled 122 LB Regular Cube Undercounter Ice MachineFor anyone who’s ever owned or even tended bar, you know that it’s important to have enough ice on hand for your patrons. That’s true no matter how busy you are or what day on the calendar it is. These days, choosing the right under counter or stand-alone ice machine for your is just as important.

    One of the most versatile units for drinking establishments on the market is made by Manitowoc. With the NEO UR-0140A,  you can keep up with the pace at even the busiest of businesses. It’s Energy Star Certified and air cooled so that it uses up to 10% less energy overall. While some ice machines that are water cooled run with le

  6. Manitowoc RNS-12AT Countertop Nugget Ice Machine

    Nugget Ice MachineNugget ice is great for many different purposes. It's a great ice to chew on, and wonderful to apply to sprains, bruises, and strains. This makes it ideal for the healthcare industry. However, in the healthcare industry, sanitation is important as well. Touching the ice can cause contamination and spread bacteria among patients. Not exactly the ideal situation in hospitals, doctor's offices, and other healthcare businesses.

    The Manitowoc RNS-12AT countertop nugget ice machine and dispenser eliminates the need to scoop ice, protecting it from possible contamination. The operator simply places a container beneath the ice spout and a touch free sensor senses that a container is present and dispenses the ice.

  7. Manitowoc NEO UR-010A Regular Cube Undercounter Ice Machine

    NEO-UR-010ARegular cube ice is the standard in most cafes, restaurants, and bars. This type of ice is not as small as half-cube or nugget ice, but not as large as gourmet ice. It provides excellent cooling of water, juice, soda, and other beverages.

    The Manitowoc NEO UR-010A is an air-cooled undercounter ice machine that is revolutionary among its peers. The improvements this unit delivers allows it to use 25% less water and 10% less energy in comparison with previous undercounter models. The NEO line combines the technology of the Indigo line of ice mach

  8. Manitowoc QM-30A Ice Machine

    QM-30AThe standard, full ice cube is so versatile that it is used in many bars, restaurants, and other businesses. It is probably the standard when it comes to ice cubes in the industry. There are many machines that produce this kind of ice, but if you are looking for ease of access and saving space, consider the QM-30A ice machine from Manitowoc.

    The QM-30A is an undercounter design ice machine capable of producing 60lbs of ice per day and a storage capacity of 30lbs of ice. This makes it ideal for those who need ice, but on a smaller scale than some businesses need. It produces Manitowoc's standard dice cube, a versatile cube that can be used in a variety of beverages.

    The model is air-cooled, taking in and releasing air from the front. There ar

  9. Manitowoc Ice Machines

    Manitowoc Ice SnowflakeIn the recesses of any restaurant, you’re most likely used to seeing the huge Manitowoc ice machine along with its bin. It stands there like a majestic beast, proud, tirelessly providing full- and half-cube ice for your patrons. Large or small, these machines keep up with the demands that are placed on them.

    For instance, space is always at a premium within a restaurant. Everything past the front/back demarcation line becomes a work surface, and it’s often never enough. With a 22” wide space, the Manitowoc ice machine and bin don’t take up that much space. They go t

  10. Manitowoc Wins 2015 Best In Class by FES Magazine

    Best in ClassPeople in Wisconsin will most likely be celebrating this week, as they found out this month that Manitowoc Ice was just given a Best in Class by the Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Magazine. That wasn't the only award they received. The brands within the company cleaned up, receiving best in class in several categories.

    From the press release, “Our 15-peat winners are Frymaster and Manitowoc Ice.” 15 times winning the best in class award? Those machines are something, since they’re pitted against the best in the field.

    Foodservice operators, dealers, and consultants were asked to look at the equipment that they were using and evaluate it according to

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