Nugget Ice

  1. Countertop Ice Makers Offer Nugget Ice Anywhere

    Scotsman Leads the Way with the MDT Series

    If you’ve never considered the ways in which ice can positively or negatively affect your business, then you probably haven’t done a great deal of research. In our March Madness “Best Ice Ever” Tournament, we proved that there are clearly some ice styles that are preferred over others.  Nugget Ice (known affectionately as Sonic Ice and Hospital Ice by its followers) is the preferred ice of the people, and since it was created over 30 years ago by Scotsman Ice Systems, this ice has grown in popularity at an incredible rate. Scotsman now offers more countertop ice makers that make and dispense nugget ice than ever before, and owning one can be greatly beneficial to your establishment.

    Countertop ice makers differ from standard ice machines and undercounter ice makers in a few ways. They make, store, and dispense ice from one compact unit. Though they are smaller, they generally hav

  2. What Separates Your Convenience Store from the Rest?

    Circle KPeople will shop at your convenience store for a number of reasons. The first, of course, is your location. Are you indeed convenient to the people you’re serving? But, how do people make the choice between one convenience store and another if it’s just as convenient to go to both? It honestly comes down to the little things.

    One of the convenience stores in our area serves a dynamite pizza, and they get plenty of patrons coming into their location because the food is just top-notch. Another thrives on having two types of countertop ice dispensers. They have a nugget ice dispenser and a full cube ice dispenser available so that their customers have the choice.

    In fact, a countertop ice dispenser can be paired wi

  3. Hospital Denying Patients Ice?

    Follett Ice MakerHospital ice. We never really thought about the costs of hospital ice and hospital ice machines until we read this article about a hospital in Cambridge denying ice to its patients to save money. The hospital itself blamed budget cuts on the need to eliminate ice from water jugs that are given to patients.

    So, patients are no longer able to get ice in their water jugs, even though having that ice helps the medicine go down. Will the Follett Nugget ice machine at the end of the hall go by the wayside? There are plenty of people who aren’t so sure that the removal of ice from the water jugs was a great move.

  4. Ice Chewers Love Crushed Ice

    Crushed IceTake a moment to think about all of those people who are chewing ice. They’re on, by the way, and there are recipes for creating the best cup of ice, stories about chewing ice, and places where the ice chewers of the world can unite. Get a crushed ice maker, and you can tap into the thousands of ice connoisseurs that might want to have YOUR ice.

    Having a crushed ice maker on the scene of your restaurant has the chance of boosting your profits. Right now, there is a bit of a rush to get residential ice machines that makes crushed ice, or nugget ice, but there are several crushed ice makers that are already on the market for commercial use.

    All of the major brands make some form of crushed ice maker, it just depends on the volume that you’re wanting. There is the

  5. Bartenders Guide to Ice

    Ice does two things for drinks: makes them cold and adds water. Bartenders use different kinds of ice to control these factors. In general, the heavier the ice the faster a drink will get cold and the slower it will melt. Ice types with more surface area and lighter weight will melt faster. Shaking or stirring will speed both up. But it’s more complex than that.

    Water type – Impurities in water can affect the taste of ice and the overall drink, so most bars use filtered water. But trapped gases like oxygen can also make ice melt faster and look less appealing. Gourmet ice cubes use special freezing techniques to remove gases so ice is clear and very heavy.

    Cubed – Cubed ice is used in drinks served “on the rocks.” Large heavy cubes add just enough water to the drink to release flavor compounds without diluting the drink too much. However, they aren’t good for shaking o

  6. Chew That Ice!

    Chew That Ice!Nugget ice is made for chewing.  As described by this article in Insider Louisville, “Nugget ice, like the kind you get from some gas station ice dispensers, is light and soft and the holy grail of ice for people who like to chomp on it.” 

    We’re all about getting people to purchase nugget ice machines for their restaurants and bars.  It’s refreshing to know that there are those out there who are creating new and improved alcoholic drinks for the wonderfully crunchy ice.

    Just think about it, margaritas definitely aren’t the same when you’re putting it with cube, half cube, or crescent.  It’s not right when you use flake ice for

  7. Crunch Ice Anytime with a Home Pearl Ice Machine

    pearl ice Having a pearl ice machine in your home means that you can get deliciously prepared crushed ice at any time of the day or night.  It means that you don’t have to worry about getting dressed to go down to the store or down to Sonic just to get a cup of cubes (yes, there are some people who do that).  By getting your own pearl ice machine you’re avoiding the middleman and taking control of your ice destiny.

    One of the ways to make your home office feel more like an office is to have an ice machine available there in conjunction with the ice machine that you have on the fridge.  Ice for your ‘work’ self and ice for your ‘home’ self.  For that true office feeling, put in an Ice-O-Matic G

  8. Do you Like to Chew Ice?

    Chewable Ice Some people just love to chew ice. Other people might find the sound annoying, but they can’t help themselves. It may seem like a compulsion. It may surprise you to know that this habit has been documented for at least 400 years! Medical texts from the 1600s talk about women who had compulsions to chew on cold things like snow.

    Dentists say that chewing on ice can be damaging to the teeth, and that’s what set Scotsman out on a quest. Scotsman wanted to develop an ice that was soft enough to chew without damaging teeth. In 1981, they figured out how to make soft pellet ice with a new type of machine. This type of ice has a higher liquid water content than cube ice. The extra water makes

  9. Try Nugget Ice in One of these 200+ Smoothie Recipes

    Smoothie Recipes There are several things that you can slip into smoothies, and nugget ice is one of the best.  No calories, takes up significant volume, and chills all at the same time.  And, if you’re using nugget ice in your smoothies, you’re already starting with a product that people love.

    Smoothies and slushies are really good for the summer months, but you can also find them around in the wintertime.  Very little can beat being inside and slurping on a wonderful slushie while watching the snow outside, in a warm room of course. 

    We’ve brought together several selections of smoothies that can call for nugget ice instead of regular cubes.  Experiment with the quantity until you find just the right b

  10. How to Increase Bar Profits with Your Ice Machine

    Bar PictureIce machines are the silent (or perhaps not so silent if they need repair!) partners behind the bar.  They are always there, producing pound after pound of ice for mixed drinks and cold buckets of beer.  Whether you have an undercounter ice machine that produces full dice cubes or a gourmet ice machine (or both), it’s always there for you. 

    How can your bar’s ice machine make your bar more money?

    1. Increases the volume of drinks

    It’s a well-known fact that bartenders will use a little more ice in the drink so that they can use a little less alcohol.  There’s quite a fine line between a great drink and a watered down one, and as a bar or restaurant owner, it’s best to skirt that line whenever possible.

    1. Crushed ice for slushies

    If you don’t already have a Spaceman USA fr

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