Prodigy Ice Machines

  1. A Quiet Ice Machine is Key for Hotel Guests' Rest

    Do Not Disturb Sign on Door KnobWhile recently browsing hotel reviews, we noticed a recurring trend coming to light - a lot of people are unsatisfied with their overnight hotel stays due to the noise created by an obnoxious ice machine! The negative reviews were varied – some complained about room cleanliness or poor room service, but the ice machine was the number one culprit when it came to ruining guests’ sleep time. Whether it was from a whirring condenser, the clanging of a malfunctioning machine, the sound of ice dropping in the middle of the night, or the noise made by people accessing ice - a room next to the ice machine was often conducive to a poor night of rest.

    For most hotel and motel owners (save for ski resorts and those in more temperate climates), the summer months bring the greatest influx of visitors. This is the time of year occupancy levels may diminish, so greater measures should be taken to ensure that, if people are considering an early fall getaway, they consider your location first. This is why you can leave nothing to chance in your hotel. A quiet ice machine will keep the noise down, and allow all of your guests an adequate night of rest. This will also help save your establishment from the often scathing reviews that follow a guest's unhappy stay. For most, this is the best time of year to consider replacing old equipment, as occupancy will start to fall a bit over the coming months.

    Man Sleeping Uncomfortably on Hotel BedIf you’ve ever heard an ice machine operate, you know that the noise can be deafening in some cases. The clang of the condenser as it kicks on can be startling, and the incessant whirring that follows is enough to keep one’s eyes open all night. There are a few ways to keep your ice machine quiet however. A remote air cooled ice machine lets you move the condenser to the roof or to a location outside the building. This way, the heat and noise created by your ice machine can be relocated as far away from your guests' rooms as possible. Remote air cooled condensers are available from every major ice machine producer, and they also help your ice machine create ice more consistently in adverse temperature conditions, and operate at a lower cost to your business. Many remote air cooled units are Energy Star qualified as well.

    Ice machines from Scotsman’s Eclipse Series or Manitowoc’s QuietQube Series are some of the quietest available, and must be considered if you are searching for a truly quiet ice machine. These units are like none other on the market, as they take the condenser and the compressor out of the ice making head, allowing the user to move them outside or to the roof of your building. This will allow your ice machine to operate up to 75% more quietly than a standard remote air cooled unit. If you’re looking for the best quiet ice machine, any from the QuietQube Series or the Eclipse Series will suffice. The only deterrent from these ice machines is that the compressor and condenser both must be purchased as separate entities.

    Indigo ice machines from Manitowoc allow you a great amount of versatility when it comes to the ice making process too, as they can be programmed to create ice when it is most desirable for your establishment and your guests. This way, ice machine noise can be cut out completely from overnight hours. If you choose to, you can allow your ice machine to operate only between 8AM to 10PM (or any other timeframe), so it is only creating ice and making noise when the majority of your guests are awake and active. (Scotsman Prodigy machines can also be programmed, but this features is available at an additional charge.) If you own or operate a high end resort and have the means to do so, you may want to consider offering personal, in-room undercounter ice makers for your guests’ private use. These usually operate more quietly, and run less frequently than the larger ice machine head and bin combination units. They also provide a convenience that cannot be matched by other hotels and motels.

    A quiet ice machine makes a great difference in the quality of your guests’ stay, but it is also important to place your ice machine in an area away from your guests’ rooms if at all possible. A hotel with thin walls and doors can be a horrific place to stay if the ice machine is rumbling and rattling away right outside the room. Foot traffic and the sound of people accessing ice from the machine at irregular hours can also cause a disruption if the ice machine is not placed in a reasonable location. By placing one ice machine in the hotel lobby, or in a dedicated, walled off area, your hotel can hope to avoid some of the inevitable disruptions that come in addition to simply the sound of your ice machine making ice.

    Hotel Ice Machine and Ice Dispenser from ScotsmanTake the current state of our nation’s economy and combine it with the United States government shutdown, and add in the lull that usually takes hold of the hotel industry this time of year, and you cannot afford to take any chances with poor online reviews. Nor can you risk your establishment’s reputation with something as simple as your hotel ice machine. At Ice Machines Plus, we can get you outfitted with a quiet ice machine for your hotel, and the best hotel ice dispenser for your establishment as well - whether you require the standard “push to dispense” ice dispensers, or something different, like room key or coin operated ice dispensers. If you want to ensure the quality of your guests' rest, you've got to make sure you've got the right ice machine.

    You can find out more about every hotel ice dispenser offered at Ice Machines Plus by following clicking here. This post breaks down everything that our hotel ice dispenser have to offer - from capacity to dispense rates to compatible ice machines. As always, give us a call if you have any further questions or concerns.

  2. Scotsman Ice Machines: Less to Own, Less to Operate

    Scotsman Prodigy LogoHave you ever bought a car at a price that seemed like a phenomenal deal at the time? The price was low, the car looked good, and you were happy to drive away with your fancy new piece of property. If so, what happened next? Did the car perform poorly? Did it devour gas and drain your wallet? Most importantly, did it live up to your expectations from the day you bought it? Speaking from experience, it is not often that these “bargain deals” provide you with anything more than a headache, and they rarely provide the quality for which you may have been searching. Thankfully, when it comes to ice machines, Scotsman is a brand that can be relied on to serve your business for years to come. Scotsman’s high quality ice machines cost less up front and less to operate – and they do it without sacrificing quality or ice making capabilities.

    Made in U.S.A LogoThere are a few reasons why Scotsman is able to keep their ice machine prices so low. First, Scotsman manufactures and produces all of their ice machines in the United States, so there is no cost to import them from another country. They are also simply, yet smartly designed. With some competitors, you may pay extra simply based on name recognition. If you purchase an ice machine with additional technological features, the price may also increase by a few hundred to a thousand dollars. We see these two issues in the case of Manitowoc, whose ice machines with comparable ice production cost far more than Scotsman’s. In terms of technological offerings however, Scotsman is second only to Manitowoc, yet Scotsman’s prices are far more competitive.

    While Scotsman ice machines cost less up front, their benefits extend far beyond the initial price tag. Scotsman has built a foundation based on efficiency and conservation. They have been associated with multiple charitable efforts, and their Prodigy ice machines are easily some of the most efficient around – requiring far less electricity and water during the ice making process than other ice machines.* Nearly all of Scotsman’s Prodigy ice machines are Energy Star qualified as well which allows owners to collect rebates in many areas of the country. When we talk about costing less to operate, we mean far less than the closest competitor. The rebates received on some ice machines can come close to nullifying the cost of operation completely, providing just another reason to choose Scotsman ice machines.

    [*Air cooled and remote air cooled models only. Scotsman water cooled ice machines actually require more water on average than any other ice machine provider. Read more about ice machine misconceptions and half-truths here.]

    Scotsman's Popular Nugget IceScotsman provides a great deal of options for those looking for a new ice machine. You can find a Scotsman ice machine that creates one of five different types of ice, so you can choose the one that best suits your establishment, no matter what it is you do. You can find undercounter ice machines for your home, countertop nugget ice makers for your health care facility, or ice machines that make over 2,000 pounds of ice on a daily basis. Scotsman offers thinner ice machines (22 inches wide) for those that do not have a lot of room to place an ice machine, and small undercounters that were designed to fit under standard bar counters, standing no more than 33 inches tall.

    It is easy to see that Scotsman has taken the principle of “Less is More” and turned it into a successful business model. Scotsman has learned to create ice machines that conserve water and energy without sacrificing ice production. From their ever popular nugget ice machines to their high output, 2,000 pounds per day cuber heads, Scotsman ice machines give you more of what you want while cutting the cost of operation and ownership. This is why Scotsman continues to be one of the biggest influences on the ice machine industry. If you need a new ice machine for your business, you would be foolish to ignore what Scotsman has to offer.

  3. Scotsman Hotel Ice Machines and Ice Dispensers: Few Do it Better

    Whether you choose to accept it or not, the following is true: The ice machine is one of the most important parts of the hotel, and can positively or negatively affect the outcome of your guests’ stay. If your hotel ice machine frequently runs out of ice, or keeps your guest up all night by rattling and clanging through the ice making process, you can undoubtedly expect to see your name listed among the various “Do Not Stay” Lists on travel websites across the internet. The web has given travelers the ability to better communicate and share personal insight regarding the hotel and motel industry. It would be foolish to let a bad review caused by your ice machine deter guests from booking a room at your establishment.

    Fortunately, Scotsman provides ice machines that Bad Reviewoperate quietly and hotel ice dispensers which also keep noise to a minimum. Scotsman ice machines operate more efficiently than the competition as well, using less water and electricity to create more ice in the same period of time. This sort of efficiency has earned many Scotsman ice machines their Energy Star label. Energy Star appliances are synonymous with money saving as they often cost markedly less to operate. Scotsman’s Prodigy ice machines can be programmed to create ice based on your hotel’s expected occupancy levels as well, so your unit can rest on days where lower amounts of ice are required. This also means that you can extend times between service and cleaning, since the ice machine will not be working as frequently, and it will help increase the expected lifespan of your ice machine.

    Scotsman hotel ice machine on hotel ice dispenserScotsman hotel ice machines and ice dispensers were designed to be seen, not heard.  The ice dispensers were built with a modern, stylish look about them- not like some of the eyesores of the past. Scotsman provides two different hotel ice dispensers sizes that can be used with their ice machines. The HD22B was built to operate in conjunction with Scotsman’s 22 inch hotel ice machines. The HD30B measures 30 inches wide and perfectly accommodates any of Scotsman’s 30 inch ice machines. If you need to dispense ice to your guests, these hotel ice machines and ice dispensers should receive much consideration. The ice machines that are compatible with these ice dispensers make either half cubes or full cubes, though the half cubes tend to dispense with greater ease, minimizing ice clogs or jams.

    The size of your hotel or motel will be one of the greatest factors in determining which hotel ice machine and ice dispenser will be required in your establishment. The HD30B can store up to 180 pounds of ice in its self-contained storage bin, while the HD22 stores up to 120 pounds of ice. This ice is kept safe, and insulated at proper temperatures until it is required by your guests. Both units are equipped with an 11 foot power cord, so they can reside away from a wall outlet if necessary. Ice is accessed by your guests with ease, as they simply push Scotsman signature “push chute” to operate the machine and initiate the ice dispensing process. Scotsman hotel ice dispensers also feature an oversize sink area in order to accommodate a greater variety of ice buckets and containers.

    Scotsman ice machines and hotel ice dispensers operate quietly, create and dispense ice reliably, and consume water and electricity conservatively. These characteristics have made Scotsman’s ice making appliances a top choice among hotel owners as well as hotel guests. Don’t risk a scathing review from a disgruntled patron because they couldn’t fill up their cooler before spending the day at the beach, or because their night was ruined by an unruly, disruptive ice machine. Find the best hotel ice machine and ice dispenser for your hotel or motel at Ice Machines Plus.

  4. Ice Machine ENERGY STAR Partners Announced for 2013

    Energy Star LogoENERGY STAR has announced their award recipients for 2013, and many of the results are not surprising- not in the world of ice machines at least. Hoshizaki, Scotsman, and Manitowoc all took home accolades and acknowledgements this year. Hoshizaki and Scotsman were both named ENERGY STAR Partners of the Year, while Manitowoc Foodservice earned the “Sustained Excellence Award” for their continued commitment to, and production of ENERGY STAR qualified products. This is an especially celebrated year for ENERGY STAR, as 2013 marks their 20 year anniversary of setting the standard for energy efficiency across a wide array of spectrums.

    Over that 20 year period, ENERGY STAR estimates that their program has saved the American population over $230 billion and prevented over 1.8 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases from entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Scotsman estimates that the use of an ENERGY STAR qualified ice machine can save a business up to 15% on their energy costs, or approximately $170 a year, which adds up quickly over the lifetime of an ice machine. Scotsman’s Prodigy units are known for their conservation, using significantly less water and energy than other ice machines, making Scotsman a preferred partner of ENERGY STAR. Currently, Scotsman offers 35 ENERGY STAR qualified ice machines, with 26 of them meeting the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Tier-2 rated performance criteria. These ice machines go further- exceeding the energy standards set forth by ENERGY STAR.

    Hoshizaki was also named an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for their continued efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create more environmentally friendly products. As of today, Hoshizaki offers ice machines, warewashing equipment, refrigeration equipment, along with a variety of other products. As an ENERGY STAR partner since 2003, Hoshizaki is dedicated to the continuous improvement of their energy efficient products, both for their customers’ and the environment’s sake.

    Manitowoc Best in Class AwardManitowoc was not to be outdone by their competitors this year, earning the ENERGY STAR Award for Sustained Excellence. Manitowoc has been part of ENERGY STAR’s program since 2001, and boasts a gigantic selection of qualified products – over 550. Leading the way are their Frymaster and Manitowoc Ice brands, with one out of every three Manitowoc ice machines sold being ENERGY STAR qualified. The Sustained Excellence Award is the highest honor available from ENERGY STAR, and recognizes Manitowoc as one of the most progressive companies around, demonstrating leadership in the continued search for, and creation of energy efficient products. Manitowoc's Indigo ice machines are continuously highlighted for their conservative use of resources during the ice making process.

    This year marks an especially distinguished occasion for ENERGY STAR, as they celebrate 20 years of energy conservation, and pursue an endless commitment to creating and promoting efficient products, homes, buildings, and businesses. ENERGY STAR offers rebates in some areas for qualified appliances too. You can check whether any of your appliances qualify for this rebate on the official ENERGY STAR website- When shopping at Ice Machines Plus, be sure to consider an ENERGY STAR qualified ice machine if at all possible. It truly makes a difference for all parties involved- and even those that are not.

  5. Scotsman Ice Machines: Ice Making and Money Saving

    Save WaterIf you need a lot of ice, you are inevitably going to need a lot of water. With this in mind, we did some research to find out which ice machines are the most conservative in their water consumption. This article will be helpful for those that have high end ice needs (around 1,000 pounds per day) and are looking to cut costs where they can. Doing a bit of research, we looked at three cube producing ice machines that create around 1,000 pounds of ice per day. The ice machines assessed were the Scotsman C1030MA, the Manitowoc ID-1002A, and the Ice-O-Matic ICE1006A. What we found was an ice machine that will consume tens – possibly even hundreds – of thousands of gallons less than the others.

    All of these ice machines create around 1,000 pounds of ice per day. These ice machines may be used in large nightclubs like those found in New York City, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas, or in large bars and casinos. We assumed that these venues would create and use around 5,000 pounds of ice per week, as some days are busier than others and may not require as much ice to be produced. We looked at the daily, yearly, five year, and ten year water usages of these three ice machines, and noticed that the Prodigy ice machine, the Scotsman 1030MA, may end up saving your business hundreds to thousands of dollars over its lifetime.

    The Scotsman 1030MA consumes 184 gallons per 1,000 pounds of ice created. Manitowoc’s ID-1002A consumes 198 gallons of water for every 1,000 pounds of ice it creates, and Ice-O-Matic’s ICE1006A uses 227 gallons of water to create 1,000 pounds of ice. These values may not seem that far apart. Only 43 gallons separates the ICE1006A from the Scotsman 1030MA, but over time these numbers add up quickly. Over a year at this rate, the Scotsman C1030MA uses nearly 12,000 gallons less than the ICE1006A from Ice-O-Matic. While water rates vary across the country, it doesn’t take an accountant to realize that saving water equates to saving money.

    Those numbers simply show one year of ice production and the savings that can be expected with the Scotsman 1030MA. Over a five year period, the C1030MA will use almost 60,000 gallons less – and this is generally half to a third of your ice machine’s life expectancy. A good, well-maintained ice machine can last up to 15 years if cared for properly, and if you’re looking to save money, start by conserving over 100,000 gallons of water over the lifetime of your ice machine.


    Scotsman Prodigy ice machines are extra conservative when it comes to consumption of both water and electricity. Their frugal use of resources is what makes their value increase even further over time. You might expect an ice machine that creates ice using less water and electricity to lack in production a bit, but that is far from the truth. The Scotsman C1030MA has the highest maximum daily output of all these ice machines, with the ability to produce up to 1,077 pounds of ice in ideal conditions. Manitowoc’s and Ice-O-Matic’s ice machines produce 990 and 1,010 pounds of ice per day respectively. All of these ice machines are Energy Star qualified, but the C1030MA far exceeds Energy Star specifications.

    Scotsman C1030MA Energy Star Ice MachineScotsman’s passion for water conservation goes beyond creating a quality ice machine. They have also partnered with the Women for Water organization, providing water and educational opportunities for women around the world. You can read more about Scotsman and the Women for Water Campaign by following the link. The C1030MA from Scotsman is a great choice if you have higher end ice requirements, and don’t want to see an incredible rise in cost of ownership. All of Scotsman’s Prodigy ice machines show comparable savings with regards to water and electricity as well, so if you’re in the business of saving money, consider a Scotsman ice machine from Ice Machines Plus.

  6. Upgrade Your Ice Machine: Lower Costs, Increase Profits

    The Right Ice Machine Will Save Your Business Money

    If there were an easy way to make your business more money, would you consider it? You don’t need to answer that question, because we all already know the answer. Having the occasional promotion or special is a great short term way to draw in customers and to generate a buzz or interest in your establishment. Long term however, you must consider the money you spend as well as the money you generate. In the bar or restaurant, you are required to purchase food, soda, beer, liquor, and supplies on a weekly to monthly basis. These purchases are inevitable, so to save money long term, more consideration must be given to the amount of money spent simply on the cost of operating your larger kitchen appliances or machinery – appliances like your ice machine.

    It is both a blessing and a curse that most electronics, machinery, and appliances are outdated within a year or two after they are purchased. Your ice machine is no different, and if you’ve owned your ice machine for five years or longer, there is a good chance that a newer, more energy efficient ice machine is available. Maybe your ice machine uses too much electricity, or requires a great amount of water in the ice making process. Perhaps you own a less-than-conservative water-cooled ice machine, which has caused your water bills to skyrocket because of its liberal use and waste of water. If you have a reliable ice machine, the time to upgrade may be a ways away, but now is definitely a good time to start considering your options.

    Scotsman Prodigy Ice Machine LogoIf we wish to view the latest improvements in ice machine technology, we need to look no further than Scotsman’s Prodigy ice machines and Manitowoc’s Indigo Series. Prodigy ice machines from Scotsman made their presence known in 2007 when they were announced as a finalist for the Foodservice Consultants Society International’s (FCSI) “Product of the Year Award”. It was easy to see why these ice machines were received with such high regards. The Prodigy line of ice machines had the ability to create more ice than competing cuber heads while using less water and less electricity. This type of efficient ice making caught the attention of many establishments very quickly, as those looking to cut costs were able to cash in with Scotsman’s ice machines’ extra efficient ice making capabilities.

    Manitowoc Kitchen Innovations Award 2011In 2011, Manitowoc’s latest ice machine joined the party, and went even further to improve the ice making process. Manitowoc introduced the Indigo Series as the latest in revolutionizing the way ice was created. Ice machines from Manitowoc’s Indigo Series went beyond simply being energy efficient. These ice machines brought more to the table. Manitowoc made their ice machines intelligent – with the ability to monitor themselves – and with ability to communicate to users any problems with the ice machine as they occur. Since they are monitored in real time, all problems can be dealt with swiftly, before they turn into bigger, more serious issues. This ends up saving users valuable time and money, as no establishment can function for a prolonged period of time without ice on hand. Manitowoc won the Kitchen Innovations Award in their first year on the scene due to their innovations in ice machine technology.

    Ice Machine Overflow- Won't Happen with Scotsman and ManitowocDon't let this happen to you- Control your ice machine's production rates!

    Both Scotsman’s Prodigy ice machines and Manitowoc’s Indigo ice machines also allow users to do something that no other ice machine can. They allow users to program the amount of ice they desire based on bin level or production level. Scotsman offers the optional Vari-Smart ultrasonic ice level control, while Manitowoc has available the Bin Level Control. With these options, you can program your ice machine’s production in advance, so if you are closed on weekends, or find that Mondays and Tuesdays do not bring the same amount of business as Fridays and Saturdays, you can adjust your ice production rate accordingly. Maybe during football season, your Sunday brunch crowd decreases a bit, and you lose some business to the sports bar across the street. With these accessories available from Scotsman’s Prodigy and Manitowoc’s Indigo ice machines, you can adjust your ice production levels accordingly.

    By reducing the cost of operating your ice machine, you can save an exorbitant amount of money over your ice machine’s lifetime. Nearly every Indigo ice machine from Manitowoc and Prodigy ice machine from Scotsman are Energy Star qualified as well. Although water-cooled ice machines are not eligible for Energy Star qualifications, both the air-cooled and remote air-cooled models are usually included. Energy Star appliances also qualify for government rebates in certain areas too, so be sure to check with Energy Star’s official website to find out if your ice machine (or other appliance) qualifies within the rebate program.

    The first thing we look at when making a major purchase is the price tag. However, many ice machines may cost a bit more up front, only to have you realize that the money spent is returned to you within the first year or two of ownership. Your ice machine will most likely be required to operate every day – in some cases for hours on end. It makes far more sense to have an energy efficient unit especially with the viable options available from Scotsman Ice and Manitowoc Ice.

  7. Scotsman Nuggets (Ice, Not Chicken) in the Cafeteria

    Sure, chicken nuggets are delicious, but today we’re talking about nugget ice from Scotsman. This ice has found followers around the world, and now it can be available in your cafeteria with Scotsman’s nugget ice producing N0422 ice machine, and the ID150B ice dispenser. With these two combined, you can have a nugget ice machine, and a suitable dispenser to distribute ice to everyone who uses your cafeteria.

    Love the Nug Truck Delivers Scotsman's Nugget IceThe followers of nugget ice will go to great lengths to attain their favorite form of frozen water. In an attempt to appease them, Scotsman introduced the “Nug Truck” a few years ago. This truck travels from state to state, delivering nugget ice to the masses. Instead of going through the hassle of scheduling a visit from the truck, you can get all the nugget ice you want from the N0422- one of Scotsman’s nugget ice heads, and have these nuggets dispensed with the ID150B. Nugget ice is beloved because of its physical properties. It is small, chewable, cools rapidly, and retains the flavors of the drinks it cools.

    Scotsman’s N0422 can create up to 420 pounds of nugget ice per day, while the ID150B can hold and store up to 150 pounds of ice at any given moment. The ID150B operates with a simple push bar lever to dispense nugget ice, and was designed to dispense nugget ice with ease. Ice dispensers from other companies may not be equipped to dispense nugget ice, but with Scotsman’s ID150B, you will receive reliable dispensing whenever ice is needed.

    Nugget ice machines from Scotsman’s Prodigy Series are incredibly efficient, and the N0422 is no exception. These ice machines use up to 50% less water than standard cube producing ice machines, and require 15% less energy to operate. The N0422 is also covered by an industry leading warranty, with three years of coverage on all the ice machine’s parts and labor.
    Scotsman N0422 Nugget Ice Machine on ID150B Nugget Ice Dispenser
    People love nugget ice. It fits well in coffee, soda, juices, and water. With a nugget ice machine like the Scotsman N0422 on top of the Scotsman ID150B dispenser, you can offer this delightful ice in your building’s cafeteria. Scotsman ice machines are some of the most reliable on the market today, and if you need an ice machine, be sure to keep Scotsman in mind. At, we have the knowledge and the expertise to find you the right ice machine for your establishment, no matter the application. Ice after all, is what we’re all about.

  8. Scotsman Ice Machines: Prodigy Ice Machines Are Better Than Babies

    Scotsman Prodigy Ice Machine Earth Logo

    Some of the most difficult facets of child rearing come during the early years. One of them is the child's inability to communicate. The same cry may mean feed me, change me, pay attention to me, or play with me. While it takes time for attentive parents to decipher what the child actually requires, there is a lot less to learn when it comes to Prodigy Ice Machines from Scotsman. These ice machines were designed to alert users of their needs and performance at all times, so you're never left clueless about what your ice machine is doing. They, like most ice machines, also come with an instruction manual (something that cannot be said for children).

    The way in which Scotsman's Prodigy Ice Machines communicate with users is through their AutoAlert® Indicator lights. When all is well, the “power” and “ice” lights will show a steady stream of green. If there is ever a problem with the ice machine, the lights will start to blink red, instantly alerting the operator of a problem. If your ice machine requires cleaning or sanitation, the “clean/sanitize” button will illuminate itself to ensure that your Prodigy ice machine is always serviced within a reasonable amount of time.

    Without these indicator lights, you may be left in the dark if your ice machine runs into a problem. Some people do not realize how greatly scale and mineral buildup can adversely affect the performance of their ice machine. While the ice machine will not clean itself automatically, it does the next best thing by alerting you when a cleaning is required. While babies can do this by “radiating” a distinct scent, the AutoAlert® lights are a far better option provided by Scotsman's Prodigy Ice Machines.

    Scotsman Prodigy Ice Machines also can also be equipped with a few other optional features that make them even easier to manage. The optional Smart-Board allows operational data to be transmitted remotely, so diagnoses of problems can be made more quickly and accurately. The VariSmart sensor allows you to program ice levels for up to seven days in advance, so you will always have freshly made ice in the bin. By controlling ice production, your ice machine will also consume less water and energy- something Scotsman's Prodigy Ice Machines already do incredibly well. The cuber heads from the Prodigy Series create ice using less water and electricity than competing brands, and most air-cooled and remote air-cooled Scotsman ice machines are ENERGY STAR qualified as well.

    scotsman prodigy control panel   We all love children, but let's face it; we wouldn't want them to be responsible for the well-being of our businesses. That's why Scotsman ice machines are so highly revered by those who use them. Scotsman has available Prodigy cuber heads, Prodigy Flake Ice Machines, and their famous Prodigy Nugget Ice Machines. For more information on Scotsman, or on the other leading ice machine manufacturers in the industry, check out some of the additional content in our Ice Expert Center, or give us a call at Ice Machines Plus, at 1-877-900-4423.

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  9. Scotsman Ice Machine Reviews

    For years, Scotsman's ice machines have been providing businesses with reliable ice production. Scotsman ice machines continue to be some of the most popular in the industry, with a wide range of models available. Scotsman offers ice machines that create cube, flake, gourmet, and most popular, nugget ice. This ice is famous for its chewable nature, and for its flavor retaining capabilities, and has found numerous followers around the country. This article will review in detail some of Scotsman's most popular ice machines, what you can expect from them, and how they will fit into your establishment.

    Scotsman's CU1526MA

    Scotsman CU1526 Undercounter Ice maker   Scotsman's CU1526MA is the smallest undercounter ice machines available to produce medium sized ice cubes. These cubes resemble standard playing dice in shape, and primarily see use in fountain sodas and mixed drinks. This ice style is perfect for bars and restaurants. This is one of Scotsman's Prodigy ice machines as well. One thing that sets Prodigy ice machines apart from the competition is their conservative use of water and electricity. These ice machines produce the same amount of ice as competing models, but do so using less resources. In doing so, the CU1526MA is ENERGY STAR qualified as well. This ice machines is air-cooled and will produce anywhere from 150-200 pounds of ice per day, depending on the temperature of the air and water surrounding the ice machine. Its internal storage bin can hold up to 80 pounds when filled completely.

    Scotsman's CU50GA

    Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter ice machine with gravity drain makes gourmet ice   Another one of Scotsman's undercounter ice machines, the CU50GA is constructed a bit differently than the CU1526MA, and it also produces a different type of ice. The CU50GA resembles a small, undercounter refrigerator, measures less than 15 inches wide, and stands just under 35 inches tall. This ice machine creates gourmet ice - a hard, clear ice cube that is composed entirely of water, while minerals and other impurities are filtered out. It works great in offices, board rooms, and executive suites. This ice is elegant, meant for special occasions as well, and complements scotch and other spirits very well. Unfortunately, the CU50GA does not produce a great amount of ice on a daily basis - only about 65 pounds per day. It also has the ability to store around 24 pounds of ice, making this ice machine from Scotsman better for more personal, intimate use. The CU50GA is also equipped with a gravity drain, not like its cousin the CU50PA which uses a pump to remove excess water. Both the CU50GA and CU50PA have been approved for outdoor use however, making them more versatile than most other ice machines.

    Scotsman's C0530MA

    Scotsman C0530MA medium ice cuber head   This ice machine head is one of Scotsman's most popular. The C0530MA cuber head can produce up to 560 pounds of ice per day in ideal conditions. This is generally adequate to service the needs of a mid-sized bar or restaurant. This unit is just the cuber head however, and an appropriate bin or dispenser must be purchased in addition to the ice machine head, if you do not have a suitable one on hand already. The C0530MA produces medium sized cubes, perfect for soft drinks and mixed drinks. As one of Scotsman's Prodigy ice machines, the C0530MA requires less water and electricity to produce the same amount of ice as similar cuber heads from other brands. These ice machine also make use of Scotsman's AutoAlert system, which reminds users of cleaning and sanitizing schedules, and alerts them of potential problems with their ice machine. This ENERGY STAR qualified ice machine also has other optional features available that allow users to program ice production rates for up to seven days ahead of time.

    Scotsman's F1222A

    Scotsman F1222 Flake ice maker head   This air-cooled, flake ice machine from Scotsman serves to create up to 1,100 pounds of flake ice in a 24 hour period. Flake ice, primarily used for seafood or produce displays in supermarkets or fish markets, is desired for its soft, malleable nature. This ice can be shaped and formed to fit around objects without causing damage to the products with which it comes in contact. As this ice comes in direct contact with the product itself, it allows the product to remain cooler while safely displayed. As one of Scotsman's Prodigy ice machines, the F1222A features the same AutoAlert system as the C0530MA, and some of the same optional accessories. Like any standard cuber or flaker head, the F1222A does require a bin to store the flake ice it creates.

    Scotsman's MDT5N40A

    Scotsman MDT5N40 Countertop Nugget Ice Maker   Now we get to the nugget ice that everyone loves! This is one of Scotsman's countertop ice machines, which also happens to be one of the most sanitary nugget ice machines around. The MDT5N40A features touch-free technology that senses when a user’s glass is present, and dispenses either water or ice automatically. There are no buttons to push as water and ice are dispensed from two separate chutes. The MDT5N40A produces up to 523 pounds of nugget ice per day when air and water temperatures are ideal, and the internal, self-contained bin stores around 40 pounds of nugget when filled to capacity. This ice machine is smaller, and fits well in the office break room or cafeteria. If you, your customers, or your employees love nugget ice, you'll love this countertop nugget ice machine. Scotsman also improved the operational noise produced by the MDT5N40A, decreasing the fan noise by about 25%. A smaller model is available in the MDT5N25A, with more information available here. (Note: The MDT5N40A has been replaced by the HID540A-1. The MDT5N25A has been replaced by the HID525A-1.)

    Scotsman NU130 (Discontinued)

    Scotsman NU130 Nugget Ice Maker   For years, this ice machine enjoyed great popularity among nugget ice lovers around the country. Unfortunately, Scotsman has discontinued the commercial NU130, but we still field many queries and questions regarding this quality undercounter ice machine. We at Ice Machines Plus now recommend the GEMU090, a comparable nugget ice machine from Ice-O-Matic. Scotsman is the parent company of Ice-O-Matic and the NU130 and the GEMU090 are nearly identical in terms of ice style, and storage capacity. You can find the Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 on our site if you want to provide the lovable nugget ice in your home or business.

    Hopefully these reviews have helped to educate you a bit more on some of Scotsman's most popular ice machines. For more information, check out some of our other posts in our Ice Expert Center, or give us a call at 1-877-900-4423 to find the perfect Scotsman ice machines for your establishment.

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  10. Scotsman’s Prodigy C0530MA-1A: Five Stars and Green Lights

    Five Star Rating for Scotsman Ice MachinesIf you’ve read any of the reviews related to Scotsman’s C0530MA-1A then you’ve probably seen quite a lot of praise and five-star reviews. The reason for this is more than just because Scotsman continuously puts out quality, reliable ice machines. It’s because when you get an ice machine from Scotsman’s Prodigy Series, like the midsize C0530MA-1A, you get the comfort of the green lights that let you know all is well and right with your ice machine’s operation. Since this Scotsman ice machine will flash yellow or red when an issue arises, it can be serviced in a timely fashion, with the right fix applied the first time.

    Scotsman C0530MA medium ice cuber head

    If you have children, or have been around a crying child that cannot yet speak, you know how frustrating it may be while trying to decipher what each wail means. If the child is not hungry, not tired, and not in pain, you may be at a loss for what to do, or what the problem may be. Thankfully, when Scotsman’s C0530MA-1A has a problem, it can communicate it to you immediately. The indicator lights in the top corner of the ice machine effectively tell you what is wrong, and what needs to be done to fix the issue. The C0530MA-1A will communicate when it is time to clean, descale, and sanitize your ice machine, but when all systems are go, you will see a steady stream of green lights.

    Scotsman Prodigy Lights all green

    The C0530MA-1A from Scotsman will produce around 550 pounds of ice per day in ideal conditions. It produces medium sized ice cubes, also known as full ice cubes, which are the standard cube-shaped ice cubes commonly found in mixed drinks, soft drinks, and other beverages. The C0530MA-1A is an air-cooled ice machine, meaning the condenser is cooled by the surrounding air. The air filter is easily accessible and removable from the side of the machine, so cleaning it is a simple task.

    As one of Scotsman’s Prodigy ice machines, the C0530MA-1A operates and creates ice using less water and electricity than other cubers. Scotsman’s Prodigy ice machines are some of the most resource-conservative ice machines on the market today, and in doing so, almost all air-cooled and remote air-cooled ice machines from Scotsman are ENERGY STAR qualified as well. If it’s efficiency you’re looking for, you’ll find it with Scotsman’s Prodigy ice machines.

    The C0530MA-1A is great for midsized bars and restaurants, and can also be used as a suitable ice machine in smaller hotels and motels. The C0530MA-1A is best suited for use on top of a bin or an ice dispenser (sold separately), which are all available on If you’re looking for quality, consistent ice production from an energy efficient, five-star ice machine, look no further than the Energy Star qualified Scotsman C0530MA-1.

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