1. What is a Kegerator?

    Kegerator - Draft Beer CoolerOfficially, they’re called draft beer coolers.  Their much-more fun name name is the kegerator.  Kegerators perform one of the most important functions within the bar: keeping draft beer cold for patrons. 

    Now, we understand that there are some places that still like their beer on the warmer side, but here in the US we’re definitely fond of the chilled suds. Nothing can beat the tastes you can get from craft beer on tap.

    Having a kegerator on hand makes it easy for your bar to choose from one of the many thousands of craft beer available on tap.  If you’ve got no idea which ones you should

  2. Empura E-49F Commercial Reach-in Freezer


  3. Sledding on Ice Blocks?

    Ice Block SledIt’s been unseasonably warm this winter, and for some, the miracle of sledding and sliding down hills has gone by the wayside. Well, there’s a way to get around the winter warms and recapture your childhood sledding dreams. It’s called ice blocking, and it’s a way that even those in the South can appreciate the joys of downhill sledding. All it takes is a freezer, a box, and a hill.

    Now, if you’ve got a group of people who want to enjoy the activity, you can use a commercial freezer. That way, you can freeze a lot of ice blocks for both you and your friends.

    What you’ll do is get a box that

  4. Strange Uses for Back Bar Coolers

    Bar Back CoolerWhen people see the name back bar cooler, they think that it’s solely for bars. That’s not the case, as there are plenty of applications where a back bar cooler can be used. It’s just a matter of looking for them.

    For instance, let’s go to the gym for a moment. Every gym has a place behind the counter which is on display. What if there were a cooler there behind the ‘bar’ which had energy drinks and a small sign which advertised those drinks for a dollar a piece?

    How about at the secretary’s area in places with large waiting areas? This would save people having to go out to the vending machines down the hall, and it might provide some extra cash for the Christmas party o

  5. More Food Violations in Illinois

    Walk-In CoolerRounding out the week, we’re going to talk a little bit more about refrigeration units and the types of health code violations that one can receive if they fall into disrepair.  This time, we’re going to Illinois.

    Proper food storage is incredibly important, as one restaurant learned.  Some of the violations that they accrued were ‘observed raw shrimp stored in a True cooler directly over ready to eat salsa’ and ‘cartons of raw eggs stored over sour cream, juice, and ready to eat dips in cooler.’ 

    Storing things properly in the walk in coolers or freezers is of utmost importance   There are so many restaurants which receive violations because they’re not putting t

  6. Why are True Refrigerators and Freezers Great?

    True RefrigerationRestaurant equipment is made all over the world, but sometimes you really want something that is made in the USA. If you want your refrigeration units to be built in America, look no further than True brand refrigerators. They are the best of the best. From 2001 to 2011, their refrigeration units were awarded Best in Class.

    Why are they so good? First is their rigorous quality inspection process. Every tester runs refrigerators for 4-6 hours and freezers for at least 16 to test for potential breakdowns.  During testing the temperature and systems are rigorously monitored. If you buy a new True refrigerator or freezer, you know you are getting a quality product.

    The shelving is made out of larger diameter steel for strength and is p

  7. Have you Checked your Freezer Lately?

    RotaryScrewCompressor When diners step into your restaurant, they are trusting you to give them the best that you have to offer.  They are trusting that the food that you serve is safe, and in turn, expect that the commercial refrigerators and freezers that you have in your restaurant are in perfect condition. If not, they could call the health inspector on you!  

    There are several reasons to be cited for improper temperatures for your walk-in cooler, but most of those are due to user error rather than the upkeep of your machine.  Here are a few ideas that you can use to help your commercial freezer pass the health inspection.

    Make sure that the seals are intact

    Every freezer has seals around the door and those seals aren’t infallible.  Unfortunately, these seals

  8. Advantages of Frozen Food

    Freezer Not only do we love our gourmet ice, but we’re pretty fond of our commercial freezers, as well.  Ever since refrigeration got good enough to build freezers humans have been freezing food for preservation.

    Do you know who had the big idea about using cold to preserve food in the West? It was Francis Bacon, the famous scientist. It also caused his death. While traveling through snow he was struck with the idea of  using cold to preserve meat. He got out of his carriage and went to a poor person's house to get a chicken. He had the chicken disembowled, then stuffed it full of snow so he could observe the effect.

    Unfortunately, he caught pneumonia soon after and his recovery room was very damp. This lead to his demise. Thank you, Mr. Bacon, for giving us the idea that cold slows down meat spoilage!

    What kinds of a

  9. Reminisce With a Metalfrio Milk Cooler

    Milk Cooler Some of the best memories that we have of school revolve around lunchtime in the cafeteria.  Getting to spend time with friends, talking about the day without having to think about the subjects learned in class, and finally getting a meal to prepare us for the second half of the day are just some of the memories. We also remember reaching into the school milk cooler and pulling out a little carton of whole milk, ready for drinking.

    Sometimes, there would even be chocolate milk.  And, while the carton would offer that paper flavor, the milk would be so soothing and satisfying if we got to it while it was still cold.

    Now that we’re adults, we don’t have time to truly romanticize the School Milk Coolers that we once delved into with tiny little fingers.  Times have changed, and technology has advan

  10. Does Your Bar Need a Commercial Glass Chiller?

    Beer Mugs Having a frosty mug handed to you at a bar can add a little something extra to the experience of drinking at the bar.  It always seems to be a more special experience when it’s cold and you can see the frost as they pour the libations into the chilled mug.  Have you ever wondered about how the bartenders get these glasses cold?

    There are commercial glass chillers for that.  This is something that falls into the equipment lists of every bartender in the land.  Each one of them has a glass chiller designed to hold a lot of glasses.  One of our favorite glass chillers happens to be one that can hold nearly 200 mugs inside.

    There are a number of wir

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