1. Empura E-49F Commercial Reach-in Freezer

    Anyone who has been involved in a busy restaurant or large-scale food operation knows that having enough food on hand is important. Empura has made the Empura E-49F commercial reach-in freezer match the standards of reliability that food service professionals have come to expect. This upright two-section solid door freezer boasts up to 49 cubic feet of frozen storage space.

    The E-49F measures 50” - 60” wide with 40 to 50 cubic feet of storage space. The stainless steel construction both on the inside and outside and 304 stainless steel floor makes it easy to clean and maintain and it means that the E-49F, like all of Empura’s commercial food service equipment, is built to last for years and can hold up to even the most demanding environment. The refrigeration system features a 3/4 horsepower compressor that is mounted on the bottom of the unit as well as the high density polyurethane foam insulation is CFC-free and will keep food cold between -10 and 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Empura has equipped both of the swinging doors on the E-49F to be self-closing doors with magnetic door gaskets to help keep the cold air inside the freezer cold. The doors can be locked and the recessed handles on either side are easy to grab. With no handles sticking out, there is no increased footprint and nothing to get in the way in a busy kitchen setting. The doors have the ability to stay open with a handy stay-open feature for when it needs to be restocked or large amounts of product need to be moved. The E-49F has a fan delay so it turns off the fan when the door is open to both save energy and to keep cold air from being blown out of the freezer. This equals greater savings for you in terms of lower energy and operation costs.

    Inside the E-49F are 6 heavy-duty wire shelves that are completely adjustable and are wide enough so that you can fit whatever you need to inside. Also included are 4 heavy-duty casters, 2 that can lock it in place until you need to move it. The doors feature key locks so you can keep your inventory secure.

    For pricing and availability, contact us today here at or talk to our customer service department toll free. is your Empura Refrigeration Equipment dealer and we have a price match , making sure that you get the best price. Call us today at 877-900-4423. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

  2. Sledding on Ice Blocks?

    Ice Block SledIt’s been unseasonably warm this winter, and for some, the miracle of sledding and sliding down hills has gone by the wayside. Well, there’s a way to get around the winter warms and recapture your childhood sledding dreams. It’s called ice blocking, and it’s a way that even those in the South can appreciate the joys of downhill sledding. All it takes is a freezer, a box, and a hill.

    Now, if you’ve got a group of people who want to enjoy the activity, you can use a commercial freezer. That way, you can freeze a lot of ice blocks for both you and your friends.

    What you’ll do is get a box that has the dimensions to suit you and fits in the freezer. Then, you want to put a trash bag into the box to protect it from the water as well as help the ice have a shape. The box only needs to be three or four inches thick to make a great sled otherwise it’s going to be too bulky. You can also add some rope into the mix, dipping it into the box before you freeze (it works well as a handle on the ice block).

    Once you have a block of ice, then all it takes is a nice sweet hill to slide down. You want something grassy that coasts to a stop (and not into traffic). Experiment with some of the hills around your area, and you might find your newest pastime!

  3. Strange Uses for Back Bar Coolers

    Bar Back CoolerWhen people see the name back bar cooler, they think that it’s solely for bars. That’s not the case, as there are plenty of applications where a back bar cooler can be used. It’s just a matter of looking for them.

    For instance, let’s go to the gym for a moment. Every gym has a place behind the counter which is on display. What if there were a cooler there behind the ‘bar’ which had energy drinks and a small sign which advertised those drinks for a dollar a piece?

    How about at the secretary’s area in places with large waiting areas? This would save people having to go out to the vending machines down the hall, and it might provide some extra cash for the Christmas party or something like that. There’s not much attention which needs to be paid to keep it going, and there’s always a little spot available behind the desk.

    Looking further, there could be a back bar cooler installed in the conference room, so that executives could have a drink while they were discussing the important things of the day. Maybe your suite at the local stadium could house a behind the bar cooler which provides excellent refrigerated goods.

    You see, there are limitless possibilities when it comes to placement of a bar cooler. A little bit of refrigeration can go a long way.

  4. More Food Violations in Illinois

    Walk-In CoolerRounding out the week, we’re going to talk a little bit more about refrigeration units and the types of health code violations that one can receive if they fall into disrepair.  This time, we’re going to Illinois.

    Proper food storage is incredibly important, as one restaurant learned.  Some of the violations that they accrued were ‘observed raw shrimp stored in a True cooler directly over ready to eat salsa’ and ‘cartons of raw eggs stored over sour cream, juice, and ready to eat dips in cooler.’ 

    Storing things properly in the walk in coolers or freezers is of utmost importance   There are so many restaurants which receive violations because they’re not putting things in the right place – something which takes only a matter of minutes to get right the first time.

    One of the best ways that we’ve found to keep track of it is to clearly label shelves.  That way, in the heat of the moment, restaurant workers can look and see the marked signs that will guide the way.

    As these violations are public knowledge, it becomes a matter of keeping the restaurant’s reputation intact.  Nobody wants to see the restaurant that they’re eating at score a D on their health inspection. 

  5. Why are True Refrigerators and Freezers Great?

    True RefrigerationRestaurant equipment is made all over the world, but sometimes you really want something that is made in the USA. If you want your refrigeration units to be built in America, look no further than True brand refrigerators. They are the best of the best. From 2001 to 2011, their refrigeration units were awarded Best in Class.

    Why are they so good? First is their rigorous quality inspection process. Every tester runs refrigerators for 4-6 hours and freezers for at least 16 to test for potential breakdowns.  During testing the temperature and systems are rigorously monitored. If you buy a new True refrigerator or freezer, you know you are getting a quality product.

    The shelving is made out of larger diameter steel for strength and is powder-coated. You won’t have to worry about shelves cracking or peeling. They are also environmentally friendly. Their Ecomate insulation uses no CFCs in manufacturing and will not off-gas these harmful chemicals. Even the fans are heavy duty. You shouldn’t have to even think about the fan for 15-20 years on your True unit.

    Simply put, our True brand refrigerators and freezers are among the best units you can get.  Be True to yourself and your kitchen.

  6. Have you Checked your Freezer Lately?

    RotaryScrewCompressor When diners step into your restaurant, they are trusting you to give them the best that you have to offer.  They are trusting that the food that you serve is safe, and in turn, expect that the commercial refrigerators and freezers that you have in your restaurant are in perfect condition. If not, they could call the health inspector on you!  

    There are several reasons to be cited for improper temperatures for your walk-in cooler, but most of those are due to user error rather than the upkeep of your machine.  Here are a few ideas that you can use to help your commercial freezer pass the health inspection.

    Make sure that the seals are intact

    Every freezer has seals around the door and those seals aren’t infallible.  Unfortunately, these seals deteriorate over time to allow the ambient warm air into the freezer.  This raises the overall temperature and leads to improper chilling temps.

    Check the thermostat

    While some believe that they have the right temperature for their chilling equipment, the best way to tell is to look at the safety manuals and regulations for the area.  The inspectors will tell you what they are looking for.  If the temperature is too high, you can manually lower it.

    Watch what you put in there

    There are some higher end organizations which will put their items to be chilled into a blast chiller before they take it to the resting place of the commercial freezer.  The reason is that they don’t want to risk thawing the food which is already in there. A pot of hot food put into a commercial freezer directly could raise the temperature just high enough to start an infection. 

    Keeping the right temperature for your commercial freezer is imperative, not only from an inspection point of view, but from a health point of view.  Talk about some refrigeration issues that you’ve seen in the comments.

  7. Advantages of Frozen Food

    Freezer Not only do we love our gourmet ice, but we’re pretty fond of our commercial freezers, as well.  Ever since refrigeration got good enough to build freezers humans have been freezing food for preservation.

    Do you know who had the big idea about using cold to preserve food in the West? It was Francis Bacon, the famous scientist. It also caused his death. While traveling through snow he was struck with the idea of  using cold to preserve meat. He got out of his carriage and went to a poor person's house to get a chicken. He had the chicken disembowled, then stuffed it full of snow so he could observe the effect.

    Unfortunately, he caught pneumonia soon after and his recovery room was very damp. This lead to his demise. Thank you, Mr. Bacon, for giving us the idea that cold slows down meat spoilage!

    What kinds of advantages will frozen food offer you?

    You can keep it around for longer

    When you freeze your food in the True 27” One Section Reach-in Freezer, you can preserve it for a long time – quite a lot longer than the normal refrigerated shelf life.  That means that you can overpurchase food for your restaurant and still have good stuff.

     You can take advantage of sales

    If you don’t have a place to put all of your loot, you’re left waiting until the next time to get a good deal.

     You can use exotic ingredients

    Many items from far away places are frozen and then shipped over.  If it’s frozen, that food retains the nutrients and other good stuff – as well as the flavor. 

    Fresh fruits and veggies are often difficult to get when it’s off season, but preservation by freezing makes sure that we can get great fruits and veggies year-round.  Don’t leave out the frozen food options when you’re making our menu. 

  8. Reminisce With a Metalfrio Milk Cooler

    Milk Cooler Some of the best memories that we have of school revolve around lunchtime in the cafeteria.  Getting to spend time with friends, talking about the day without having to think about the subjects learned in class, and finally getting a meal to prepare us for the second half of the day are just some of the memories. We also remember reaching into the school milk cooler and pulling out a little carton of whole milk, ready for drinking.

    Sometimes, there would even be chocolate milk.  And, while the carton would offer that paper flavor, the milk would be so soothing and satisfying if we got to it while it was still cold.

    Now that we’re adults, we don’t have time to truly romanticize the School Milk Coolers that we once delved into with tiny little fingers.  Times have changed, and technology has advanced to the point where the coolers themselves have accurate sensors and ways to keep everything inside cool and fresh.

    With the milk cooler in place, one can accommodate student bodies from the smallest to the largest. The 34” cooler can handle up to eight crates of milk, where the 58” cooler doubles that capacity.  The best part about these milk coolers is that there are casters on the bottom to allow for easy wheeling in and out of the kitchen.

    Think about your old cafeteria. Wouldn’t it be neat to go back to those nostalgic days where you didn’t have a care in the world?  With a milk cooler, you might just start dreaming of yesteryear. 

  9. Does Your Bar Need a Commercial Glass Chiller?

    Beer Mugs Having a frosty mug handed to you at a bar can add a little something extra to the experience of drinking at the bar.  It always seems to be a more special experience when it’s cold and you can see the frost as they pour the libations into the chilled mug.  Have you ever wondered about how the bartenders get these glasses cold?

    There are commercial glass chillers for that.  This is something that falls into the equipment lists of every bartender in the land.  Each one of them has a glass chiller designed to hold a lot of glasses.  One of our favorite glass chillers happens to be one that can hold nearly 200 mugs inside.

    There are a number of wire shelves inside of the chiller to keep the freezer’s contents organized, and most of the commercial glass chillers have an automatic defrosting system in case there is too much ice buildup.

    The chillers will conveniently fit underneath bar counters, working in conjunction with the bar washers and the kegerators.  One of these could possibly fit by your three sink undercounter sink. 

    If your patrons are looking for frosted mugs, then the commercial glass chiller seems to be the way to go.  They’re dynamic pieces of equipment which will add that something special to the experience. 

    Thanks go out to Dennis S Hurd on Flickr for the Creative Commons use of the picture.

  10. What Are You Putting Into Your Turbo Air TIDC-70W Dipping Cabinet?

    tidc-70wWe fully understand that you’re not thinking about ice cream sales right now, but we also know that this is the best time of year to get the planning for your summer ice cream shop in motion.  You might have just gotten the storefront, and you’re stocking it with the Turbo Air TIDC-70W Dipping Cabinet, but what do you put in the cooler?

    The ice cream dipping cabinet holds 12 3 gallon cans, so you’re not stuck with just chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.  The inside of it is illuminated enough so that your patrons are able to see the flavors without troubles or hassles (in case you want to have a dance party at the ice cream shop).  If it gets too chilly, you can manually defrost the inside, as well. 

    Here are a few flavors that we’re offering up as suggestions for your dipping cabinet.  We’d love to hear more about what you’ve got in mind for your ice cream shop.

    Cookies and cream – A great flavor to put inside of the cabinet.  Crush some Oreo cookies and then swirl it in with vanilla ice cream.  It’s a hit because there’s a little crunch to the creaminess of normal ice cream.

    Green Tea – Green tea ice cream gained popularity as more Japanese restaurants took to the American market.  Once the Japanese makers of green tea ice cream made it to the US, the flavor took off and can be seen in both ice cream shops and Japanese restaurants everywhere.

    Mint Chocolate Chip – One of our personal favorites, mint chocolate chip is made by combining chocolate chips with peppermint or spearmint.  This extraordinary flavor reigns supreme in ice cream, candies, and more.

    You can see that we’ve got a definitive love of chocolate here, but there are countless more flavors of ice cream that you can put into the mix.  What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

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