Remote Air Cooled Ice Machines

  1. When do you need a Remote Condenser Unit?

    remote condenser Have you heard the expression “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”? Sometimes a kitchen environment is way too hot for an ice machine. The hotter the area, the harder the machine has to work. At a certain temperature the ice machine just fails, and a busy kitchen can reach that temperature quite easily.

    The way to cool it down is to draw in cooler air from another source. If an ice machine must be present in the kitchen then that air must be drawn from outside. Remote condenser units are the answer. They help keep the machine cool enough to make ice even in the hottest of environments. However, installing one requires the help of an HVAC expert for siting and installati

  2. If It Must Be a Water Cooled Ice Machine, It Must Be...

    Water in GlassNowadays, water conservation is more important than ever. With a little research, you can find that around 780 million people lack access to improved drinking water supplies and 2.5 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation.¹ Those of us with access to clean water would be mindful not to waste such a precious resource. In the past, we’ve noted that water cooled ice machines are not only an expensive idea, but a wasteful one as well. Water cooled ice machines keep their condensers cool by using water and running it over the condenser and then purging it from the ice machine. In a single day, the largest water cooled ice machine may run through over 5,000 gallons of water or more when operating at maximum effort. That number adds up very quickly, especially if the ice machine is in use every day.

    We u

  3. Cheap Ice Machines (That Don't Sacrif-Ice Quality)

    Save Money with Cheap Ice MachineIs money a bit tight? Has your business been struggling a bit lately? Have you been putting off the purchase of a new ice machine due to monetary issues? You’re not alone in dealing with struggles like this, and replacing your old ice machine may not seem feasible, but if you’re looking for a reliable, cheap ice machine, without looking to sacrifice quality or ice production, you’ve got to give Ice-O-Matic a bit of consideration. Ice-O-Matic ice machines are the least expensive when compared to the competition, and a new ice machine is a far better option than throwing money into costly repairs of an old, outdated unit.

    Ice-O-Matic Mission Statement

  4. Manitowoc Remote Air-Cooled Ice Machines: Cool and Quiet

    The effect of continuous, oppressive heat on the human body is astounding. Excessive heat has been shown to increase stress, decrease productivity, and there is also a correlation between the crime rate and an increase in heat in many areas. Your Manitowoc ice machine reacts similarly, showing an inevitable decrease in production when the temperature of the air and water used by the ice machine increase. With a standard air-cooled Manitowoc ice machine, the problem may be cyclical, as the air released by the ice machine may be warmer, causing the temperature of the room in which it operates to increase.

    Manitowoc Ice Machines Provide More Consistent Production

    Manitowoc ice machines that are air-cooled, like all air-cooled ice machines, will increase the temperature of the room in which they operate, especially if it is smaller and without proper ventilation. This increase in temperature may cause your Manitowoc ice machine’s production to fall as well, but t

  5. Hoshizaki’s KM-1301SRH for the Big, Booming Businesses

    Success is something we can all appreciate. With success however, come more challenges and roadblocks. Let’s say you planned to open a large club and needed an ice machine that could produce over 1,000 pounds of ice per day. Hoshizaki provides a perfect ice machine in the KM-1301SRH. In a year or two, perhaps your business has doubled, and you want to expand, add an additional floor. Are you going to require another ice machine and bin from Hoshizaki? Maybe not. The KM-1301SRH is stackable, so you can double your ice machine’s production without needing to worry about finding more space for an additional ice machine to operate.

    As your success increases, your building may expand, and now so can your ice machines’ output. Look at New York City as an example. People flocked by the millions, and as space became an issue, the only feasible thing that could be done was done- build upward. With Hoshizaki’s KM-1301SRH, you can do the same thing- build up wit

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