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  1. Chip Warmers a Must for Mexican Restaurants

    Chip WarmerWhen you go to a Mexican restaurant, the first thing that you expect to be treated to is a bowl of chips and salsa. It’s become such an expectation that it becomes a strange experience when the restaurant doesn’t serve it, or they charge for the experience. Regardless of whether they charge or give it away, you can be pretty sure that there is a Carter-Hoffmann Bulk chip warmer somewhere in the back.

    Busy restaurants don’t play around with a single bag. They make gallons of chips and salsa for their patrons, pushing it out the door like it was nothing – in fact, there are restaurant

  2. How do you Purify your Water?

    Water PurificationThere are plenty of ways that you can purify the water that goes into your patron’s drinks. For commercial purposes, you want to use one of the water filter systems which attaches right onto the pipes. In fact, this is probably required by your local health code! Dirty water leads to dirty ice. While tap water might be clean, if your water isn't purified you'll end up with cloudy cubes.

    For home use, you can get clean water by using a point of use water filter. Think about this like a filter that’s attached right to the tap. The reduction of contaminants is impressive, with many of them reducing 99.99% of all pathogens, volatile organic compounds, and other items. No more chlorine!

    You can even filter the water that

  3. Over a Hundred Sickened due to Ice Machine

    Harmful ContaminantsWe all love the feeling of having a new ice machine at our facilities. Seeing the machine, whether it’s a Scotsman ice machine or a Hoshizaki ice machine, perform at its best is a sight to behold. To keep it running, the biggest priority is to make sure that it’s well maintained and cleaned – as has been proven again and again that contaminated ice can cause problems for everyone, from schoolchildren to the elderly.

    Anyone who consumes ice from a contaminated machine runs the risk of getting sick. It's a serious probl

  4. Ted's Montana Grill Impresses us by Ice Choices

    Ted's Montana GrillRecently, we went to Ted’s Montana Grill to have a couple of their Caesar salads. We didn’t get a good look at their ice machines to find out whether they’re Ice-O-Matic, Hoshizaki, or Scotsman ice machines, but we did get a sampling of their ice. My friend ordered water, and I ordered a soda. And, something fascinating happened.

    Each of us got different types of ice for our drink. One of us got the nice finely crushed ice, the other got the standard half-cube that you’ll see everywhere. It was wonderful, because the ice itself was tailored to the drink. That’s the primary reason that there are so

  5. Blend ALL the Drinks with the Vitamix 5201

    vitamixIf you own a bar, you already know you need ice. You also need a blender and only the best will do. If you have a very busy bar, you may have had to placate a customer while the blender is occupied, or juggle multiple blender jars. Wouldn’t it be great to just mix up those 10 daiquiris all at once?

    Now you can! Today we’re talking about the Vitamix 5201. Vitamix is a well-known commercial blender brand. These blenders can chew through ice like its nothing with its 4.2 HP peak output motor. This is an extra-large model that can blend 1.5 gallons, yes gallons, at a single shot! That’s 192 ounces! It also comes with a 64 oz. blender jar for smaller jobs.

    The Vitamix 5201 has a variable speed dial so bartenders can blend their drinks and smoothies to the consistency they prefer. The blender comes with an accelerator tool to

  6. Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines for Quick Serve Restaurants

    IceOMaticIce-O-Matic ice machines are at the top of their game for being the ice machine for health care, grocery stores, and churches, but they’ve also got a product line especially suited for the quick serve restaurant industry.  This is the ‘ground and pound’ part of restaurant service, where ice is paramount to customer satisfaction.  For larger locations, it’s not unheard of to have two or three machines on the floor because of their quiet-running brutal efficiency.

    The Ice-O-Matic ICE0500HA, is a half cube ice machine that crunches and tastes just a little better than the full cubes.  It fits neatly on top of its bin which can accommodate almost a full day’s worth of production.  These two pieces of equipment fit toget

  7. Ideas For Setting Up Your Ice Business

    Here at Ice Machines Plus, we’re always looking for ways to help out our fellow ice-loving entrepreneurs.  We talked a little bit about developing your own revenue stream using your already existing ice machine, but then it came to our attention that there might be some of you who want to set up an ice selling business from scratch.  We wanted to offer some ideas.

    Ice is a seasonal business, but there are always businesses who want to purchase ice year-round.  These include, according to Saad Abbo, a second generation ice-man (quoted in the Detroit Free Press), retail stores, party stores, supermarkets, and gas stations.  

    According to Abbo, the ice business thrives between Memorial Day to Labor Day.  They make a LOT of ice during the busy times and lay off

  8. Top 20 Blogs for Restaurant Owners and Managers

    One of the qualities of any successful restaurant owner is that they are constantly researching and learning new ways to make their restaurants better and more efficient.  To that end, we’ve gathered together some of the top resources for restaurant owners to gain inspiration, purchase products, have a few laughs, and more.  Following are the top 20 blogs for restaurant owners.

    Top 20 Blogs for Restaurant Owners and Managers



    MyGrubShop talks about restaurant ordering portals from the restaurant’s side.  There are also plenty of ideas about how you can maximize the profits from using these portals, as well as an interesting take about GrubHub.   The information and advice

  9. Buying a New Ice Machine: Before, During, and After

    When looking to buy a new ice machine, you must treat the experience like an investment more than anything else. This ice machine will be expected to produce ice for your home or business for the next five to ten years or beyond, with proper care. Choosing the wrong ice machine can be an expensive misstep. There are steps and measures that should be taken before, during, and after buying a new ice machine. These steps will help you find the perfect, new ice machine for you or your business, and assure you that the buying process runs smoothly. If you need a new ice machine, read this article carefully.

    Before You Buy a New Ice Machine

    new ice machine wrapped in red bow -Read and Research: There are hundreds of different ice machines available at Ice

  10. Your Restaurant Social Scene Just Got a Lot Bigger

    But first, this- If you're wondering, "Why am I about to read a blog post from an ice machine company regarding social media and the restaurant business?", let us explain. Most of us here have worked the majority of our lives in the bar and restaurant industry. With the development of our content and social media department at Ice Machines Plus, we are now able to share firsthand knowledge of the industry, and regarding the way we've seen social media grow not only in the foodservice industry, but in ours as well. (Many of the mistakes we note in this article were learned first hand.) Now, we hope to pass on a few of these lessons so your social campaigns can be more successful. Whether you need new restaurant equipment, or tips for a bit of added exposure in the social media world, we hope our site will be of some assistance.

    Social Media: Reshaping the Restaurant Landscape

    The days

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