1. Scotsman CU1526SA-1 Small Cube Undercounter Ice Machine

    Small cube ice has a number of uses. It cools beverages quickly due to the high surface area to volume ratio. Small cube ice also will soak up the flavors of the beverage it inhabits, making it a favorite among those who love to chew ice. It will displace more liquid, saving money. Small cube ice is also ideal for bars serving blended drinks because it is less likely to clog blender blades.

    The Scotsman CU1526SA-1 is an air-cooled undercounter ice machine that produces small cube ice. Capable of producing up to 150-lbs of small cube ice per day and storing up to 80-lbs of ice, this unit ensures that you will have ice on hand. It is ideal for establishments with small to moderate ice needs.

    Features of the Scotsman CU1526SA-1

    At only 33” high and 26” wide, the CU1526SA-1 lends itself to numerous installation possibilities. It will install under most commercial counters and the front intake and discharge vent means no side clearances are necessary. This allows the unit to be installed between appliances or counters, as needed. A 115-volt power supply and an incoming water line are needed for installation.

    Scotsman's AutoAlert external indicator lights inform the user when regular maintenance and cleaning is needed. WaterSense technology helps to fight against scale buildup by voiding waste water and dirt deposits at the end of every freezing cycle. The removable top panel and door allow for quick access for cleaning and maintenance.

    The Scotsman CU1526SA-1 is energy efficient, requiring only 11.5 kWh of electricity and 18 gallons of water per 100-lbs of ice produced. The unit exceeds Federal energy efficiency regulations.

    When it comes to warranties, Scotsman has you covered there as well. The CU1526SA-1 has a 3-year parts and labor warranty on all components. The compressor and the condenser come with a 5-year warranty on parts.

    If your business needs a small-cube ice machine, the Scotsman CU1526SA-1 will fit your needs. Whether it is a private club, executive boardroom, or a humble breakroom, the Scotsman CU1526SA-1 is a machine you should consider.

  2. Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Gourmet Ice Machine

    Gourmet ice cubes are the perfect ice for people who understand that the ice used can make or break a drink. When it comes to top shelf and exclusive liquors, regular ice cubes sometimes just do not make the grade. Gourmet ice is clearer, denser, and larger than traditional ice. Due to the clarity of the ice, it is purer, imparting neither taste nor odor into the beverage. Because it is larger and denser, it melts more slowly so that the beverage does not become too diluted.

    The Scotsman CU50GA is a small undercounter ice machine. It is capable of making up to 65-lbs of gourmet ice cubes per day and can store up to 26-lbs of ice. Because the amount of ice produced is small, this unit lends itself well to executive board rooms, VIP suites, home bars, and other places with light ice needs.

    Features of the Scotsman CU50GA

    At just 34”-36” high and 15” wide, the unit lends itself to a wide array of installation opportunities. The unit is air-cooled and the intake and discharge vents are located on the front of the unit. This means that no side clearances are needed for installation. All that is needed is a 115-volt power outlet, an incoming water line. This unit utilizes a gravity drain. Clearances for the water line and power supply are needed at the back of the unit. The Scotsman CU50GA is even approved for outdoor installation, making it perfect for outdoor bars and patios.

    The user-friendly control panel on the Scotsman CU50GA will alert the owner/user to any changes in the machine's status. The CU50GA is Energy Star certified and is energy efficient. It uses just 14.4 kWh of electricity and only 34-gallons of water for every 100-lbs of ice produced.

    After every freezing cycle, the WaterSense technology flushes hard water and minerals from the machine after every freezing cycle. This helps to prevent scale build-up within the unit.

    The Scotsman CU50GA comes with an outstanding warranty package as well. A 1-year warranty is provided for parts and labor on all components. A 5-year warranty comes for the compressor and the condenser.

    If you have need of gourmet ice for your distinguished customers, staff, and guests, then you need a gourmet ice machine. With all of the benefits and the amazing warranty, the Scotsman CU50GA delivers.

  3. Scotsman CU2026SA-1 Undercounter Small Cube Ice Machine

    Small cube ice is popular for many reasons. First, it displaces more liquid than larger cubes, resulting in savings for you. This style of ice also lends itself well to soaking up the flavors of the beverage that it is placed in, making it a favorite style of ice among those who like to chew ice.

    The Scotsman CU2026SA-1 is an undercounter style ice machine that produces up to 200-lbs of small cube ice per day. The built in storage bin is capable of holding up to 80-lbs of ice. This ensures that your business will always have ice on hand.

    Your Hotel Bar will Love this Machine

    The CU2026SA-1 stands just 33-inches high, allowing it to be installed under most commercial counter tops. The only requirements are space at the back for the water line and power connections and an external drain to carry away water purged during the ice making cycle and melted ice from the bin. The front placed intake and exhaust vents mean that no side clearances are required for installation. The unit is air-cooled, reducing waste water.

    An AutoAlert indicator light alerts the owner or user to any issues with the machine. An easily removable top door makes maintenance and cleaning a breeze. Water Sense technology prevents scale build-up by purging impure water and mineral deposits from the machine after every freezing cycle.

    When it comes to warranties, Scotsman has you covered. The CU2026SA-1 comes with a 5-year parts warranty on the compressor and the condenser. A 3-year parts and labor warranty comes with the ice machine.

    If your business has need of small-cube ice to fit it's customer's needs, then the Scotsman CU2026SA-1 is a machine that you should consider. It is efficient, easily maintained, and will make enough ice to meet your needs.







  4. Scotsman CU50PA-1 Gourmet Undercounter Ice Machine

    When you have a high-end scotch or whiskey or any other beverage, the last thing you want is your final few sips to be watered down. You also don't want the tastes that can come with other kinds of ice to mingle with your drink. Gourmet style ice prevents just that. It is larger, denser, and clearer than other types of ice. This means that it melts slower for less dilution and does not impart tastes or odors into the beverage.

    The Scotsman CU50PA-1 ice machine produces a hard, clear, tasteless and odorless gourmet-style ice cube. This type of ice is ideal for high-end beverages and the discerning connoisseur as it imparts no taste or odor into the beverage as it melts. It also melts much slower than traditional ice, resulting in less dilution of the drink.

    A Perfect Gourmet Ice Machine for your Bar

    The Scotsman CU50PA-1 produces up to 65-lbs of gourmet style ice per day and the built in storage bin can hold up to 26-lbs of ice. The lower ice production makes this unit ideal for use in executive suites and for personal home use.

    The user friendly control panel of the CU50PA-1 will inform the owner or users of any status changes in the machine. The unit is Energy Star certified and approved for outdoor use, making it the perfect compliment to outdoor bar areas. The front intake and discharge vent opens up installation options as no side clearances are necessary. The 15-inch width lends itself to being installed between other appliances or in tight spaces.

    Additionally, the water-sense technology staves off scale build-up by purging hard water and dirt deposits after every freezing cycle.

    Scotsman also provides outstanding warranty protection on the CU50PA-1. A 1-year warranty on all parts and components is provided as well as a 5-year warranty on the compressor and the condenser.

    If you have an executive suite, indoor or outdoor home bar, or VIP lounge, you have need of gourmet style ice for your customers, guest, and yourself. The Scotsman CU50PA-1 is a machine worth your consideration.

  5. Scotsman C0322SA-HD22B-1H Small Cube Ice Machine w/ Hotel Dispenser

    Hotels need ice for their residents and temporary occupants. Since not every hotel provides a refrigerator in their rooms, they need to have ice machines with dispensers. These machines must be able to keep up with the demand that the customers place on them.

    The Scotsman C0322SA-HD22B-1H ice machine and hotel dispenser produces small cube ice. Capable of producing up to 366 lbs of this small cube ice every 24 hours and capable of storing 120 lbs of ice, the C0322SA-HD22B will be sure to meet the ice needs of your guests and staff.

    A Green Hotel Ice Machine

    The C0322SA-HD22B is also economical and environmentally friendly. It is air-cooled so that there is less water used during the ice-making process. The ice-maker itself is Energy Star certified and the dispenser is insulated with a polyurethane foam.

    The C0322SA-HD22B that simplify operation and maintenance. AutoAlert external indicator lights will inform the owner and operators of the unit's status. Scotsman's AquaArmor antimicrobial technology infuses the Agion metallic antiseptic compound into every surface that comes into contact with ice or water. This reduces the bacterial build up that contributes to slime and mold. A removable top panel makes cleaning the dispenser possible without removing the machine head.

    The push chute design allows for easy dispensing of ice and the width of the dispenser accommodates many different ice buckets. The Scotsman C0322SA-HD22B can be installed on each floor of the hotel or in hotel lobbies.

    Scotsman's warranties are outstanding as well. The C0322SA-HD22B comes with a 3-year warranty on parts and labor for all components. You will also get 5-years parts and labor on the evaporator. The compressor and condenser come with a 5-year warranty on parts. The dispenser has a 3-year warranty for parts and labor.

    The Scotsman C0322SA-HD22B is a model that was built with hotel use in mind. It will meet the needs of a facility that has moderate ice consumption.

  6. Scotsman C0322MA-HD22B-1H Medium Cube Ice Machine w/ Hotel Dispenser

    If you've ever been to a hotel, then chances are that you've used their ice machine. Hotels don't always provide refrigerators and freezers for their guests, so they must rely on ice machines and dispensers for ice. A busy hotel can tax an ice machine, but most ice machines are built to meet that demand.

    The Scotsman C0322MA-HD22B-1H is a machine that produces a medium-cube style ice. Capable of producing up to 356 lbs of medium cube ice every 24 hours, this machine will also hold up to 120 lbs of ice once produced. It is a combination of the Scotsman C0322MA ice machine and the Scotsman HD22B hotel dispenser.

    This Hotel Ice Machine is Green

    The C0322MA-HD22B is a “green” unit and has earned Energy Star certification. It is air-cooled, meaning that less water is used than water-cooled models. The dispenser utilizes a polyurethane compound to insulate the ice.

    The Scotsman C0322MA-HD22B combines a number of advantages to make it easy on the owner. AutoAlert external indicator lights keep the users and the owner updated on the machine status. AquaArmor technology has Agion, an antimicrobial compound molded into every component that makes contact with water or ice. The dispenser itself has a removable front panel so that the dispenser may be cleaned without removing the ice machine head.

    The warranty Scotsman offers cannot be beaten. The unit comes with a warranty covering 3 years parts and labor on all components, 5 years parts and labor on the evaporator and the condenser, and 3 years parts and labor on the dispenser.

    The Scotsman C0322MA-HD22B is a workhorse ice machine that lends itself to easy installation on each floor of your hotel or simply within the hotel lobby. When it comes to ice machines dedicated to hotel use, the Scotsman C0322MA-HD22B is worthy of consideration.

  7. Scotsman CU0920MA-1 Medium Cube Undercounter Ice Machine

    Full cube ice is probably one of the industry standards when it comes to restaurants, cafes, and cafeterias. The full cube's larger size displaces more liquid, but it also melts more slowly, meaning there is less dilution. This makes this style of ice ideal for many different applications.

    The Scotsman CU0920MA-1 undercounter ice machine is capable of producing up to 100 lbs of full-cube style ice per day, provided ideal air temperature and water temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 degrees Fahrenheit are met. The built in storage bin will hold up to 57 lbs of ice, ensuring that you will always have ice on hand.

    Features of the Scotsman CU0920MA-1

    Designed to fit under most commercial counters, the CU0920MA-1 stands just under 32” tall with the legs removed. Once the 6” tall legs are attached, it will stand only 37.5” tall, still allowing it to fit under counters. At only 20” wide, this space saving model will fit anywhere.

    The Scotsman CU0920MA-1 needs a 115-volt outlet, a potable water line, and a drain for installation. The drain is used to purge mineral-laden water at the end of the ice making process as well as to drain off any melting ice from the bin. The drain can be a gravity or condensate pump. If using a pump, allow for extra space at the back of the machine.

    If maintenance and cleanliness are a concern, there are no worries with the Scotsman CU0920MA-1. The electroless nickel evaporator plate is durable and reliable. The corrosion resistant exterior helps maintain sanitation and appearance. All surfaces that come into contact with water or ice are treated with AgION Antimicrobial compound, which helps to deter slime and bacteria build up.

    The Scotsman CU0920MA-1 is ideal for bars and restaurants serving sodas, juices, teas, and water. It is also idea for those “on-the-rocks” type drinks. The crystal clear, full-cube style ice produced by this machine melts more slowly, leaving your beverages tasting great and not watered down.

  8. Scotsman C0530SA-ID200B Countertop Ice Machine & Dispenser


    Scotsman Ice MachineFast food and short order restaurants are increasingly allowing their customers to use self-serve dispensers for drinks and ice. Convenience stores have also allowed customers to purchase ice-cooled beverages for years. These kinds of businesses have one need in common: countertop ice machines and dispensers.

    Scotsman covers these business needs with their Scotsman C0530SA-ID200B combination ice machine and dispenser. The bundle is made up of the Scotsman C0530SA ice machine and the ID200B ice dispenser, requiring the KBT44 installation kit to mount the two together. All are inclusive in this bundled package.

    Capable of producing 525 lbs of small ice cubes per day and storing up to 200 lbs of ice, this Scotsman model ensures that your business's ice needs are met. It dispenses smaller ice cubes, ideal for displacing more liquid and absorbing the flavor of the beverage the cubes are placed in. Customers who like to chew ice will love the ice this machine produces.

    The Scotsman C0530SA-ID200B is Energy Star certified, meaning that it requires less energy than some other ice machines to operate, resulting in savings to the owner. A width of 30 inches allows this model to be installed on nearly every countertop or tabletop surface.

    When it comes to ease of operation, this model truly delivers. The Scotsman C0530SA-ID200B notifies the owner of developments in status via its Auto Alert status lights. Protecting your customers and your ice from bacteria is built into this machine with AquaArmor antimicrobial technology built into every component that touches the ice or water. All parts for the dispenser are located behind a removeable plate for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

    When it comes to warranties, you are covered there as well. The Scotsman C0530SA-ID200B comes with a 5 year warranty for parts and labor on the evaporator and a 3 year warranty for parts and labor on the ice machine. Also included in purchase is a 5 year warranty on the compressor. The dispenser comes with a 2 year warranty for parts and 1 year warranty for labor.

    When it comes to countertop ice machines and dispensers, Scotsman delivers with the C0530SA-ID200B. When you choose this model for purchase, it will surely meet all your business and your customer's ice needs.

  9. Scotsman F0522A-1 Flake Ice Machine

    F0522A-1Flake ice has many uses in varying industries. It is useful in restaurant, grocery, and hospital applications. Flake ice cools things quickly and is easy to mold to a given shape, so it invaluable in these particular industries. If you need to make small amounts of flake ice, then Scotsman makes an ice machine that will be ideal to your needs.

    The Scotsman F0522A-1 Flake Ice Machine stands just 23 inches high and 22 inches wide, making it small enough to suit smaller restaurants and grocery stores that need ice, but do not have the space for a larger ice maker. This also makes it suitable to be installed in specific hospital areas, eliminating the need to travel to larger ice machines.

    Despite its small size, the unit is capable of producing up to 450lbs of shaved ice per 24 hours. The unit is air-cooled and features a self-contained condenser. This allows the Scotsman F0522-A to produce ice given while still using a minimal amount of water.

    In addition to its space saving and energy efficient draws, the unit assists the owner to help keep it in perfect working order. An external auto light external indicator lights called “Auto Alert” that keeps the status of the machine apprised.

    When it comes to preventing mold and slime, the Scotsman F0522A-1 comes with all surfaces that come in contact with water or ice pretreated with Aglon. This compound, which is molded into every part, helps to prevent the growth of contaminating pathogens like bacteria and mold. In addition, the unit features easily removable access panels. This allows for easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

    The unit comes with a 3 year warranty on all parts and labor, in addition to a 5 year warranty on the compressor.

    The Scotsman F0522A-1 is the flake ice machine capable of delivering the needs of flake ice to your business, no matter its patients or customers.

  10. Scotsman CU0415MA-1 Medium Cube Undercounter Ice Machine

    CU0415MA-1If you own an executive suite or spa, or perhaps an in-home bar for entertaining guests, ice is going to be a necessity. You will not require as much ice as a full restaurant or bar would require. However, you will want a clear ice cube that melts slowly and will not dilute premium beverages before they are fully enjoyed.

    Consider the Scotsman CU0415MA-1 undercounter ice machine. With it's compact design, the unit is easily installed in any manner of spaces.

    The unit is a self-contained air cooled ice maker capable of producing 58lbs of crystal clear full cube style ice in a 24 hour period. This is, of course, if optimal production air and water temperatures of 70 degrees for air and 50 degrees for water are met. A built in storage bin provides a capacity of 36lbs.

    The unit can be installed in nearly any space with access to a 115-volt outlet, provided that the proper incoming water line and drain are also available or installed. A drain is required to purge the water left over after the ice making process.

    At just 32” tall with the legs removed, the compact design of the Scotsman CU0415MA-1 meets ADA compliance standards with the ADA kit, sold separately. With the legs attached, the unit reaches 37.6 inches tall, allowing it to fit nicely under standard commercial countertops.

    The type of ice produced is crystal clear, dense ice that melts slower and reduces dilution of beverages. As an added benefit, the Scotsman CU0415MA-1 uses only 41 gallons of water and 12 kWh of electricity per 100lbs of ice produced. This makes it energy and environmentally efficient.

    The Scotsman comes standard with a 3 year warranty on all labor and components.

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