Stainless Steel Evaporators

  1. Why Hoshizaki Ice Makers Make the Best Hotel Ice Makers

    We believe that the easier an ice machine is to use, the better it is for our clients.  That’s one of the reasons that the Hoshizaki KM-320MAH-DB-130H is so high on our list of ice machines to love.

    You’re probably thinking, ‘well, they sell ice machines, that’s pretty typical to talk about ice machines.’  Yes, we sell them, which means that we have to know them inside and out.  We have to know what each ice machine brings to the table, and where they can’t compete with each other.

    Hoshizaki ice makers are thin

    The Hoshizaki ice machines make great hotel ice makers.  They’re slim, which makes the fit in tight spaces (tucked near the vending machines, perhaps?) and they’re extraordinarily easy to use.  Just press the button, and you’re getting enough ice to fill the bucket.


  2. Tall, Slim, and Productive? Hoshizaki’s KM-600MAH is a Super Model

    What more could you possibly want from an ice machine? Hoshizaki’s high quality crescent ice is visible in a variety of different restaurants. The next time you go out to any foodservice establishment – from a fast food joint to a high class restaurant – take a look at the ice in the cup or glass. More than likely, you will observe Hoshizaki’s crescent cube floating in your beverage. The reasons for this go beyond the quality of Hoshizaki’s ice. Hoshizaki’s ice machines, especially the KM-600MAH, are some of the most reliable around, and with this model from the Hoshizaki’s Slim Line, the advantages have never been greater.

    We have said much about Hoshizaki’s stainless steel evaporator plate and the way it produces ice more consistently in high temperatures. A big enough deal has been made about how Hoshizaki’s ice is perfect for use in soft drinks and mixed drinks. It is ideally shaped, so a great amount of it can be fit

  3. Hoshizaki Stainless Steel Evaporators: What’s Inside Counts

    You’ve probably heard this, or a similar saying before. Perhaps you’ve used it to explain the value of character and personality to a child, or maybe it has been important when choosing a new car. A flashy model may provide all the visual appeal in the world, but if there is no substance under the hood, the car will not last and will not be worth your investment. Hoshizaki keeps this in mind when constructing their ice machines, and they provide the only stainless steel evaporator in the ice machine industry. This sturdy, reliable construction allows for the most consistent ice making possible.

    Crescent ice cubes produced by Hoshizaki ice machinesAll restaurant equipment will succumb to wear and tear over time. It is inevitable. Your ice machine is no different. Over time, the evaporator plating of a le

  4. Hoshizaki Ice Maker Reviews

    Hoshizaki logo   After receiving so much praise and feedback for our Scotsman ice maker reviews, we decided to extend our review section to include Hoshizaki ice makers as well. Hoshizaki provides ice makers unlike any other in the business. They are the only brand that offers the unique crescent ice cube, a hard, slow melting ice type that keeps liquids cool while melting slowly. Hoshizaki is also the only brand that includes a stainless steel evaporator plate in most of their models. This prevents flaking, and wear and tear on the evaporator, allowing it to last longer

  5. The KML-631MAH from Hoshizaki: Keeping Your Athletes Hydrated

    With the school year once again upon us, we see the rise of autumn sports from the youth all the way up to the collegiate level. In high school, this was my favorite time of year. The afternoons became cooler, and our high school’s soccer and football teams always began with promise and expectations of success. I recall my freshman year, lugging the team’s water cooler (as all freshmen had to do at some point) down to the practice field or onto the bus for away games. While it was never fun, it was tradition, and it was required to keep our team hydrated.

    Hoshizaki KML-631MAH Low Profile ice machine   Our high school was rather large, one of the biggest in the state. So, to provide enough ice for all of our athletes, we needed a larger ice machine. When gym class was held outside, we also filled

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