Stainless Steel Evaporators

  1. Why Hoshizaki Ice Makers Make the Best Hotel Ice Makers

    We believe that the easier an ice machine is to use, the better it is for our clients.  That’s one of the reasons that the Hoshizaki KM-320MAH-DB-130H is so high on our list of ice machines to love.

    You’re probably thinking, ‘well, they sell ice machines, that’s pretty typical to talk about ice machines.’  Yes, we sell them, which means that we have to know them inside and out.  We have to know what each ice machine brings to the table, and where they can’t compete with each other.

    Hoshizaki ice makers are thin

    The Hoshizaki ice machines make great hotel ice makers.  They’re slim, which makes the fit in tight spaces (tucked near the vending machines, perhaps?) and they’re extraordinarily easy to use.  Just press the button, and you’re getting enough ice to fill the bucket.

    Hoshizaki ice makers are environmentally conscious

    One of the other reasons that the Hoshizaki ice machines make the perfect hotel ice makers is that many of them are ENERGY STAR certified.  That ENERGY STAR rating means that you’re getting the most water and energy efficiency for the money.

    Saving money? The Hoshizaki ice machine has you covered.

    What’s even more, that ENERGY STAR rating means that you’re saving a lot of money compared to the non-ENERGY STAR-rated machines.  Depending on what you’ve started with, that could make for thousands of dollars.

    Personally, we like them because not only do they have all of those things, but they look cool.  These are some great ice machines for your hotel floors.   

  2. Tall, Slim, and Productive? Hoshizaki’s KM-600MAH is a Super Model

    What more could you possibly want from an ice machine? Hoshizaki’s high quality crescent ice is visible in a variety of different restaurants. The next time you go out to any foodservice establishment – from a fast food joint to a high class restaurant – take a look at the ice in the cup or glass. More than likely, you will observe Hoshizaki’s crescent cube floating in your beverage. The reasons for this go beyond the quality of Hoshizaki’s ice. Hoshizaki’s ice machines, especially the KM-600MAH, are some of the most reliable around, and with this model from the Hoshizaki’s Slim Line, the advantages have never been greater.

    We have said much about Hoshizaki’s stainless steel evaporator plate and the way it produces ice more consistently in high temperatures. A big enough deal has been made about how Hoshizaki’s ice is perfect for use in soft drinks and mixed drinks. It is ideally shaped, so a great amount of it can be fit in any glass or container, and its hard, slow-melting properties make it great for cooling drinks quickly without watering them down. The KM-600MAH adds just another wrinkle to the fold, as it measures only 22 inches wide. An ice machine this slim can fit almost anywhere you require ice in your business.

    Hoshizaki KM-600MAH Ice Machine on Optional BinSize matters much in our everyday lives.  We purchase larger cars to handle adverse weather conditions, and smaller cell phones and music players to fit better in our pockets. When it comes to restaurant appliances, smaller tends to be better, especially if production is not sacrificed. While Hoshizaki’s KM-600MAH measures less than two feet wide, it can still produce nearly 600 pounds of crescent ice on a daily basis. With production rates like this, the KM-600MAH makes a great fit in the average to above average sized restaurant. If your business continues to grow, or you require more ice, the KM-600MAH can be placed side by side with another ice machine for double the ice production.

    Not only does Hoshizaki’s KM-600MAH save space for your establishment, but it also will help save you money. The KM-600MAH is equipped with some of the latest advances in Hoshizaki’s ice machine technology. The CycleSaver Design allows this unit to produce the same amount of ice as other ice machines, but it does so while cycling less often per hour. This means the KM-600MAH operates using less energy in the ice making process. The EverCheck System monitors the ice machine’s performance and provides audible alerts if any problems arise. With all of these money and energy saving features, the KM-600MAH has clearly earned its ENERGY STAR qualification.

    The Hoshizaki KM-600MAH provides many benefits and advantages over the competition, and it’s no surprise that Hoshizaki’s ice machines are so wildly popular. The KM-600MAH is just another high quality ice machine produced by Hoshizai. Its slim stature and reliable ice production are just a couple of the qualities that make Hoshizaki’s KM-600MAH a true super model.

  3. Hoshizaki Stainless Steel Evaporators: What’s Inside Counts

    You’ve probably heard this, or a similar saying before. Perhaps you’ve used it to explain the value of character and personality to a child, or maybe it has been important when choosing a new car. A flashy model may provide all the visual appeal in the world, but if there is no substance under the hood, the car will not last and will not be worth your investment. Hoshizaki keeps this in mind when constructing their ice machines, and they provide the only stainless steel evaporator in the ice machine industry. This sturdy, reliable construction allows for the most consistent ice making possible.

    Crescent ice cubes produced by Hoshizaki ice machinesAll restaurant equipment will succumb to wear and tear over time. It is inevitable. Your ice machine is no different. Over time, the evaporator plating of a lesser ice machine may flake or peel away. When this happens, ice may stick to the evaporator plate, leading to longer run times, and ice making cycles that are less energy efficient – not to mention decreased ice production. This problem however, never affects a Hoshizaki evaporator plate due to its high quality, stainless steel construction. Production remains reliable and consistent no matter how the external conditions change. As water runs over the stainless steel evaporator, only the purest, mineral-free water freezes, leading to the production of perfect, crystal clear crescent ice cubes.

    Hoshizaki Stainless Steel EvaporatorHoshizaki’s stainless steel evaporator provides much greater reliability when compared to other major brands. When conditions are not ideal for ice production, Hoshizaki ice machines with stainless steel evaporators are the least affected. If water and air temperatures rise, all ice machines suffer a production loss of some sort. Hoshizaki ice machines however, maintain the most consistent ice production. Some ice machines lose upwards of 30% of their production in these stressful conditions, but Hoshizaki’s ice machines generally show a loss around half of that number. Take a look at the first infographic on this page and you can see that the ice production of the Hoshizaki ice machine is far and away least affected when air and water temperatures increase.

    There are two minor drawbacks to a Hoshizaki ice machine with a stainless steel evaporator. Stainless steel does not conduct heat as well as copper does, so the evaporator plate on Hoshizaki ice machines cools slower and in turn, ice forms more slowly. This can lead to a higher cost paid for ice production. The durability of the stainless steel evaporator does not translate to energy efficiency in most cases. To combat this, Hoshizaki introduced their CycleSaver design. This design allows all KM models to produce the same amount of ice in half as many cycles when compared to competing ice machines.

    The stainless steel evaporator is standard with all Hoshizaki cuber heads. It should be noted that it is slightly more difficult to access the evaporator plate when compared to evaporators in other ice machines, but this is probably because there are so few problems with Hoshizaki evaporator plates. They require less maintenance and service, live longer, and produce ice more consistently. Because of their reliability, Hoshizaki backs their evaporators with a five year parts and labor warranty. Hoshizaki’s evaporators can also be cleaned with any ice machine cleaning fluid. Other evaporators must be cared for with nickel-safe cleaners, but this is not required due to Hoshizaki’s standard stainless steel evaporator plate.

    Hoshizaki KML-631MAH Ice MachineThe stainless steel evaporator offers many advantages, and guarantees more consistent ice production. Be sure to consider a Hoshizaki ice machine that makes use of a stainless steel evaporator next time you’re in the market for a new commercial ice machine. These ice machines truly prove that what’s inside is what counts the most – especially when it comes to your ice machine.

  4. Hoshizaki Ice Maker Reviews

    Hoshizaki logo   After receiving so much praise and feedback for our Scotsman ice maker reviews, we decided to extend our review section to include Hoshizaki ice makers as well. Hoshizaki provides ice makers unlike any other in the business. They are the only brand that offers the unique crescent ice cube, a hard, slow melting ice type that keeps liquids cool while melting slowly. Hoshizaki is also the only brand that includes a stainless steel evaporator plate in most of their models. This prevents flaking, and wear and tear on the evaporator, allowing it to last longer and perform more consistently over time. The following are six of Hoshizaki's most popular ice makers.

    Hoshizaki AM-50BAE

    AM-50BAE   This Hoshizaki ice maker was designed for both commercial and residential use. It produces the elegant top hat ice, which is also known as gourmet or octagon ice. It melts slowly, and due to the way it is created, is almost entirely free from minerals and impurities. This ice and ice maker work well in offices, stadium and executive sweets, or for certain scotches and whiskeys. The ice is frozen in such a way that it will strictly cool the beverages in which it resides, and will not adversely affect the flavor of the drink. The AM-50BAE from Hoshizaki produces up to 55 pounds of ice per day and its self-contained bin can store up to 22 pounds of ice. Hoshizaki also offers this model available with a custom door overlay system, and the AM-50BAE can be outfitted with a custom cabinetry to fit in or stand out in any room. Hoshizaki’s AM-50BAE has also been approved for outdoor use as well, and with its small, compact size, this Hoshizaki ice maker can fit almost anywhere.

     Hoshizaki C-100BAF-ADDS

    C-100BAE   This Hoshizaki ice maker is similar to the AM-50BAE in terms of size and appearance. In fact, their dimensions are identical, and the C-100BAF-ADDS can also be fit with a custom overlay custom cabinetry (shown in photo on right). This ice maker has also been approved for use outdoors. After that, the similarities subside. Hoshizaki’s ice maker – the C-100BAF-ADDS – produces the chewable cubelet ice. This ice is also known as nugget ice, and is well-known for its ability to absorb the flavor of the beverages it cools, and when the liquid is gone, the consumer is left with a tasty, chewable treat to enjoy. The C-100BAF-ADDS can make up to 92 pounds of ice per day in ideal conditions*, and can store up 22 pounds of ice in its bin. This ice maker from Hoshizaki is also compliant with the American’s with Disabilities Act, as it conforms to stringent height requirements set forth by the ADA.

     Hoshizaki KM-515MAH

    The KM-515MAH from Hoshizaki (Bin Not Included)   This ice maker from Hoshizaki produces Hoshizaki’s famous crescent ice cube. While the two aforementioned ice makers qualify as undercounter ice makers, this is an ice maker head, and is designed for larger commercial operations, such as use in restaurants, bars, or nightclubs. The KM-515MAH makes up to 501 pounds of ice per day, perfect for a mid-sized bar or restaurant. Having used a variety of different ice types for mixed drinks, I can say truthfully that Hoshizaki’s crescent cubes perform most capably in mixed drinks, or when used to chill liquors in martinis. The KM-515MAH makes use of Hoshizaki’s stainless steel evaporator plate, and also the unique CycleSaver design. CycleSaver allows this Hoshizaki ice maker to create more ice, while consuming less electricity. For example, the KM-515MAH may make around 20 pounds an hour, and with two cycles it will create ten pounds of ice. A competing ice maker may require four cycles that create five pounds of ice each to match the output of this Hoshizaki ice maker. This sort of efficiency has earned the KM-515MAH its ENERGY STAR qualification as well.

    Hoshizaki KML-631MAH

    KML-631MAH   The ‘L’ in this ice maker’s name refers to the fact that it is considered a “low-profile” ice maker. What that means is that the KML-631MAH was designed for those businesses or establishments that do not have a lot of space from floor to ceiling in which their ice maker can operate. The KML-631MAH measures four inches shorter than ice makers from the KM Series, but does not sacrifice any ice making prowess in doing so. The KML-631MAH can create up to 575 pounds of ice when conditions are ideal*, and also utilizes the same cycle-saving design that is employed by the KM-515MAH, which is elaborated on above. It also makes use of the same stainless steel evaporator plate for increased machine longevity, and better over ice making performance. Like the KM-515MAH, this ice maker excels at producing ice for mid-size to large bars and restaurants.

    Hoshizaki F-450MAH

    F450 Flake Ice Maker from Hoshizaki   Switching gears now, we have the F-450MAH which makes flake ice. This ice differs from top hat and crescent ice as it is more like ice chips, or the ice you would see in a snow cone. It is rarely used in beverages. Flake ice is used more for food displays and in medical facilities, to keep essential medical supplies and organs cold during transport. With the F-450MAH, you will receive up to 476 pounds of flake ice every day in ideal conditions*. This flake ice maker from Hoshizaki makes use of Hoshizaki’s CleanCycle12, which removes more sediment and produces cleaner ice than other ice makers. This is especially important as this ice often comes in direct contact with fresh fish and produce. Every 12 hours, the F-450MAH performs a 15 minute flush cycle to ensure only the highest quality flake ice is produced

     Hoshizaki DCM-500BAH

    DCM-500BAH from Hoshizaki   These two ice makers are incredibly similar in terms of the type of ice they create, and in their style and design. Both make Hoshizaki’s cubelet ice, but the DCM-500BAH produces almost double that of the DCM-270BAH, with the ability to make up to 535 pounds of cubelet ice per day. The DCM-270BAH makes up to 282 pounds of cubelet ice in a 24 hour period. The DCM-500BAH also stores more ice than the DCM-270BAH, with an internal bin that stores up to 40 pounds of ice. The DCM-270BAH stores less than a quarter of this, with a nine pound bin. The DCM-270BAH is the smaller ice maker of the two, which allows it to fit in a greater variety of locations. Both of these ice makers can be fit on optional stands as well, or set to rest and operate as countertop ice makers. Both of these ice makers are also composed of stainless steel, as is the auger, and both ice makers also dispense water as well. These ice makers fit well in hospitals, cafeterias, and other health care facilities. Like the F-450MAH, the DCM-270BAH and DCM-500BAH also make use of Hoshizaki’s CleanCycle12 design, creating the clean and sediment free ice with every ice making cycle.

    *NOTE: Ideal conditions defined as 70 degrees air, 50 degrees water. Ice production will vary as these temperatures increase.

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  5. The KML-631MAH from Hoshizaki: Keeping Your Athletes Hydrated

    With the school year once again upon us, we see the rise of autumn sports from the youth all the way up to the collegiate level. In high school, this was my favorite time of year. The afternoons became cooler, and our high school’s soccer and football teams always began with promise and expectations of success. I recall my freshman year, lugging the team’s water cooler (as all freshmen had to do at some point) down to the practice field or onto the bus for away games. While it was never fun, it was tradition, and it was required to keep our team hydrated.

    Hoshizaki KML-631MAH Low Profile ice machine   Our high school was rather large, one of the biggest in the state. So, to provide enough ice for all of our athletes, we needed a larger ice machine. When gym class was held outside, we also filled our coolers for quick and convenient hydration. With the KML-631MAH from Hoshizaki, you can meet all of your athletes’ ice making needs with an ice machine that produces up to 575 pounds of ice in a single day. Hydration is a key element to success in sports, and also necessary for healthy athletes. In late summer and early fall, athletes may still be performing in warm to hot weather, so it is even more important to have ice to keep their water cool.
    Water cooler on Fence
    Hoshizaki’s KML-631MAH will provide reliable, consistent ice production. This is because Hoshizaki provides a stainless steel evaporator plate for all of their cuber heads. The KML-631MAH is no different. A stainless steel evaporator plate will resist corrosion and scale buildup. Evaporators in other ice machines may chip, peel, or flake over time, but this is far less likely with the KML-631MAH from Hoshizaki. Because they resist this wear and tear, production is far more consistent in Hoshizaki ice machines.

    Hoshizaki ice machines like the KML-631MAH provide a long-lasting, solid, crescent cube, perfect to last and keep water cool for the duration of the match, game, or class, inside the water cooler. The exterior of the KML-631MAH is constructed of durable stainless steel, to ensure that your ice machine does not break down from wear and tear. As an air cooled model, this ice machine does not require water to keep the condenser cool. The water that this ice machine consumes is simply used for making ice. This Hoshizaki ice machine is also one of Hoshizaki’s low-profile models, and it measures only 26 inches tall, allowing it to fit in any locker room or office with height restrictions.

    Just as athletes must remain hydrated, they must keep cool as well. With the KML-631MAH from Hoshizaki, you can provide ice for water coolers, and also have ice on hand to treat minor bumps and bruises received during activities. Hoshizaki ice machines provide many options in the locker room, and should be considered heavily for your school. Just be sure to assess your ice requirements beforehand to find the ideal ice machine for the locker room.

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