1. How to Reduce Theft in your Restaurant

    Lots of people in and out. Lots of customers. Numerous people handling money. It's easy for restaurants to fall prey to theft and fraud. Here are some tips to reduce the fraud in your restaurant with tips from Winny Daud and Philipp Laque of Revenue Management Solutions:

    1. Identify where you are at risk. This can be any area where cash is exchanging hands or a lack of supervision is common. Where are employees issuing refunds for example? Is a supervisor or card required to issue a discount or void out an item? Establish a system of checks and balances to safeguard from this.

    2. Look for a pattern. Is there a particular server who always seems to be present when a high amount of refunds take place? Patterns like these can help stop fraudulent behavior and identify and dismiss the perpetrators.

    3. Make it known that you're watching. Whether by se
  2. Industry Trends from the National Restaurant Association

    The National Restaurant Association has released some of their new industry trends for 2016! Here are some of our favorite highlights to keep you current with your business:

    Guava: a long time staple of Latin American and Caribbean cuisine, the guava is going mainstream. Featured in multiple national lines, including a GS Gelato which was the recipient of a FABI award, guava is breaking out as an unusual flavor which almost any palate can appreciate. Guava empanadas, also known as pastelitos, are an easy and fun way to incorporate this trend into your restaurant menu.

    Craft Soda: big company names are getting behind a trend that the folks at Avery and Browns Soda have been doing for years: providing higher quality, lower batch soda options. Coca Cola recently released the Blue Sky line

  3. Vintage Cocktail Recipes to Try

    Customers have a new appreciation for the old: especially when it comes to cocktails! Here are some fun old school recipes to try behind your bar:

    1. Corpse Reviver #1

    1 oz Applejack
    1 oz sweet vermouth
    Pour into cocktail shaker with glass, stir well, and then strain into cocktail glass.

    2. Bee’s Knees

    .75 oz lemon juice
    .75 oz of honey simple syrup
    Add all ingredients to cocktail shaker, shake well and then strain into rocks glass. Garnish with lemon peel or twist.

    3. Mint Julep

    3 fresh mint leaves
    1 tablespoon mint simple syrup
    1 oz bourbon
    1 fresh mint sprig
    Crushed ice

    Place mint leaves and mint simple syrup in a chilled julep cup. Gently press leaves against cup with back of bar spoon to release the minty aroma. Fill the cup as tightly as you can with crushed i
  4. Perfect Beach Leftovers

    It’s beach season-- at any moment, the great weather might call us seaside. With no time to whip up the perfect lunch, what can we grab from the fridge that’s already beach-perfect?

    Make something for your customers that will be great tonight, and tomorrow, too. Or have a to-go item that’s so beach-friendly, beachgoers will stop by your restaurant before the lunch rush to get their favorites.

    Fried chicken
    Leftover fried chicken is the perfect beach food. Cold, savory, and satisfying-- it’s a classic. Keep it simple, or give your customers a flight of dipping sauces for the road. If you’ve got boneless wings around, try wrapping them in collard greens for an easy-to-eat and easy-to-love wrap.

    Fruit and Veggie Skewers
    Nobody wants to hack a melon apart in between subathing. Ball up cantelope, watermelon, or whatever other fruit is in season i
  5. Hot Dessert Trends in 2016

    Sometimes, your customers want something cold and sweet. And when they do, make sure you're giving them cutting edge options - the world has moved on from flourless chocolate cake and creme brûlée. It's totally OK to keep the classics on the menu, but stay on top of these upcoming flavor profiles to give them something that just maybe they haven't seen before:

    1/ Fusion. The 'cronut' may be a bit played out, but at the same time, it's a cool idea that customers will respond to well. Put a cake and a pie together, or a cookie and a brownie. How about an ice cream sandwich with unusual cookie combinations? Don't be afraid to be playful and give your hybrid a fun, quirky name when you have finished your creation.

    2/ Extreme milk shakes. Originally hailing from Australia, an extreme milk shake is an instagram worthy and fun focal point of your dessert lis
  6. The joys of Spring - Shaved Ice Season is almost here!

    With the spring season well underway, the hot weather is almost upon us once again. People, young and old, are seeking their summer favorites such as burgers, watermelon and most importantly, shaved ice! With the shaved ice phenomena trending as one of the season’s best cool-down treats, be sure to stock up on ice at all cost as well keep your ice machines fresh and ready for what the summer may hold. For those more concerned about the treat itself, the wait will be soon over. Nothing completes a hot summer day more than some shaved ice.

  7. The Importance of Shocking Produce for Freezing

    ShockingWe just passed the first day of fall, and that means farmers and gardeners will be in a rush to get their harvest in before the end of October when the first frosts hit and kill their plants. This is the time for major food preservation, whether that is canning, pickling, or freezing produce.

    Freezing produce is one of the most cost-effective and best preservation techniques there is, and yes, you will need some ice to do it. If you are going to freeze vegetables then you will need some ice. Why? Ripening. They will continue to ripen if you don't stop the process.

    The way to do that is to blanch and shock the plant. Say you're doing string beans. First, remove the string,

  8. How to Avoid Ice Cream Headache

    ice cream headache You can’t make ice cream without ice, or at least cold. A home ice maker has a bin for ice and rock salt and an inner vessel that holds the mix. A little churning and you get ice cream. But what happens if you eat ice cream too fast? You get something called a brain freeze.

    The technical term for this is a cold-stimulus headache. It can happen if you drink or eat too much of anything cold too quickly. Scientists believe that it happens when something cold passes quickly along the roof of the mouth. The blood vessels shrink in response to the cold, then expand rapidly after swallowing. This change triggers a nerve response.

    Your cheeks turning red on a cold day is a similar response. The cold shrinks the vessels in your cheeks, your body warms up and they expand larger than usual. This turns them

  9. Caterers Need Ice and Heat

    Cambro ICS125L191 Outdoor events offer additional challenges to the organizers, primarily because most of the tools and equipment necessary to really make it happen are inside.  For those outdoor wedding events and parties, caterers need to bring their ice and wares to the party.  You might not be able to bring the ovens and the full stoves, but you do have transportation options available. 

    The Cambro ICS125L191 storage bin has wheels on it so it can be pushed outside after being filled.  You can stock it full of ice and chill any bottles that you might have.  On the other hand, it’s also perfect for those who want to use it as a direct ice bin.  The bin itself is large enough so that you can buy yourself a little time between runs.  

    We’ve always been fond of this type of ice bin for ou

  10. The History of the Daiquiri

    Daiquiri What would a daiquiri be without ice? Juicy rum, that’s what. This basic drink is a staple in bars across the US. The daiquiri is traditionally made with white rum, lime juice, simple syrup, and cracked ice. We don’t know exactly who came up with the drink, but we know it first made its appearance around the Spanish-American War.

    Rum-based drinks used to be very low-brow drinks back at the turn of the previous century. Rum is a product of the Caribbean and was closely associated with sailors and lower-class people. Yet even before the daiquiri boomed in popularity there was a strong demand for the drink on Navy vessels. It was a favorite drink of Ernest Hemingway and John F. Kennedy. What finally made it popular was World War II.

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