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  1. Brunch - How to Create the Perfect Spread

    It's Mother's Day - the perfect day for brunch. Fun, relaxed, and usually involving an adult beverage (or two!) brunch is a Sunday favorite. Here are some tips on creating the perfect spread:
    For a buffet style brunch: fresh and simple is best! A raw bar, like the one pictured above, is a really lovely touch, but make sure you have the proper ice and refresh the spread often to keep things fresh and cold. Including an assortment of jams, jellies, and spreads to go with your pastries is also a nice touch. Another buffet tip - a Bloody Mary bar is a fun and interactive talking point to anchor your brunch spread!
    For a full menu brunch: a variety of choices is best to please your guests. Choose some sweet, some savory, and some traditional lunch items (sandwiches, cheeseburgers, etc) to make sure everyone can get what they want! Eggs benedict is an easy favorite an
  2. Bartenders Guide to Ice

    Ice does two things for drinks: makes them cold and adds water. Bartenders use different kinds of ice to control these factors. In general, the heavier the ice the faster a drink will get cold and the slower it will melt. Ice types with more surface area and lighter weight will melt faster. Shaking or stirring will speed both up. But it’s more complex than that.

    Water type – Impurities in water can affect the taste of ice and the overall drink, so most bars use filtered water. But trapped gases like oxygen can also make ice melt faster and look less appealing. Gourmet ice cubes use special freezing techniques to remove gases so ice is clear and very heavy.

    Cubed – Cubed ice is used in drinks served “on the rocks.” Large heavy cubes add just enough water to the drink to release flavor compounds without diluting the drink too much. However, they aren’t good for shaking o

  3. Things to Love About the U-Line CLR 2160

    We’re fond of all types of ice, from clear to nugget to flake, but we rarely talk about clear ice cubes.  Clear ice is used in the more ritzy drinks and for special occasions, and most of the machines which make clear ice do so in small quantities – making them perfect for private parties, stadium boxes, and corporate functions.

    We’re specifically talking about the U-Line CLR series of ice makers.  They take ice to the next level by making them almost absolutely clear, free from most imperfections.  These are definitely elite top-shelf ice cubes.

    The primary way that clear ice gets clear is by removing the impurities in the ice and creating the cube from the inside out rather than the outside in.   Water is constantly circulated over the building cubes to create those elusive clear cubes.

    The U-Line CLR2160 m

  4. Take Your Drinks up a Notch with Ice O Matic Ice Machines

    Bartenders, like all artists, constantly search for the latest and greatest in their craft.  They are bastions of innovation, striving to find that extra ‘something’ which will wow their patrons and increase their own income.  Recently, the more modern bartenders have been turning their creative eye toward ice and their commercial ice machine.  

    Ice can make the difference between ‘meh’ and ‘wow!’ for a patron.

    A bartender’s commercial ice machine is more than merely an appliance.  That Ice-o-Matic under counter ice machine might be responsible for delivering a cube which turns an ordinary night into magic.  It’s the bartender who makes it happen, using care, creativity, and passion to deliver the experience as well as the drink.

    New drinks are crafted all the time.  Substitutions which change the entire

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